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Ye Ziyun

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Chinese 叶紫芸
Alias Yun'er
Character Information
Age 13(Start)


Tribe Human [2]
Gender Female [2]
Build Slender, Cute [2]
Hair Waist length, Purple [2]
Eyes Lavender [3]
Personality Kind, hardworking, curious, elegant, tsundede
Profession Holy Orchid Institute Student, Genius Class (former)

Heavenly Note Sect Disciple(Former)

Divine Feathers Sect Disciple



Soul Properties
Realm Cyan [8]
Form Ice Phoenix [9]
Attribute Snow Wind [9]
Spiritual Root 9 Grade Heaven [10]
Spiritualist Rank 3 - 4 Dao of Dragon (Light Novel)

Cultivation Nine Revolving Ice Phoenix [9]
Demon Spirit/s Snow Queen (former), unknow mutated God level Dragon Bloodline Demon spirit [12]
Home Glory City [2]
Family Snow Wind

Ye Mo (grandfather)

Ye Zong (father)

Ye Xiu (uncle)

Ye Hong (cousin)

Ye Han (adopted brother)

Ye Ziyun's Mother

Xue Yin(Aunt)

Unnamed Uncle
Sect Heavenly Note Sect (Former)

Divine Feathers Sect


Loves Nie Li (engaged)
Loved by Nie Li

Shen Yue

Master Ling Yun

Nangong Xianyin

Friends Nie Li
Xiao Ning'er (Renewed)
Chen Linjian
Enemies Sacred Family (exterminated)

Ye Han(deceased?) Sage Emperor

Light Novel Chapter 1 - Reborn
Manhua Chapter 1 - Rebirth

Note: Previously the translations had her name written as Ye Zi Yun

One of the students in the fighter apprentice class with Nie Li, very few know her background. She is a member of the strongest family in Glory City, Snow Wind Family. Her grandfather is the legend rank demon spiritualist Ye Mo, and her father, Ye Zong, is the current City Lord.[14] Her mother died when she was young, and because her father and grandfather have always been busy, she doesn't see them a lot.[15]

Appearance and Personality

She is described as an elegant beauty with purple hair and lavender eyes.[16]

She has a sweet and welcoming personality, though she can be competitive at times. She is not a very decisive person and does not always understand her own emotions.


Alternate Life

She was betrothed to Shen Yue of the Sacred Family, however after the demon beasts attacked and Glory City was abandoned, the marriage did not happen. At the time she was a 1 star gold rank demon spiritualist[17]. She fled with other survivors to the Endless desert to the east of the St. Ancestral Mountains. There Nie Li protected her and they were able to grow close as they struggled to survive. Despite his much weaker cultivation they became lovers for a short time until she died protecting the survivors from a demon beast attack.[14]

Current Life

Characters and Relationships Arc

Xiao Ning'er:

Ye Ziyun used to be friends with Xiao Ning'er, but because of her family's status they were seperated. She originally joined the fighter apprentice class in the hopes of reconnecting with Xiao Ning'er. However, Xiao Ning'er's cold and competitive nature makes it difficult for Ye Ziyun to approach her. [18]

Shen Yue:

Because of their fairly similar social standings, Ye Ziyun has practically grown up as an acquaintance of Shen Yue and has a fairly good impression of him[19]

Nie Li:

Nie Li gains her attention when Xiao Ning'er brings him breakfast, causing her to have a moment of jealousy. [18]

Gain a Cultivation Arc

Nie Li:

Nie Li displays an impressive knowledge about inscription patterns with a confident attitude in class.
When she saw Nie Li in the library she decided to ask him about some problems that she was having with two inscription patterns. He was easily able to answer her questions and even corrected one of the patterns.[15] When she asked the Inscription Master Xue Yin about the inscription pattern Nie Li drew she discovered that his skill was at the level of an inscription master. She was both impressed and confused by his knowledge.[20]

Sacred Family:

The Sacred Family's pride took a big hit when Nie Li reveled that one of the inscription patterns their ancestor claimed was actually stolen from an ancient book. This incident lowered many peoples opinions about the family including Ye Ziyun.[21]

Ice Phoenix form, Snow Wind
Manhua Chapter 31

Donghua Episode 19

Ye Ziyun's cultivation:

When Nie Li tests her cyan soul realm, he discovered that she has a snow wind attribute and one of the most powerful soul forms, the Ice Phoenix. Its cultivation speed would be about the same as the Winged Dragon form, but once stepping into Black Gold rank, the Ice Phoenix will hatch and the cultivation will advance by leaps and bounds. Nie Li gives her the Nine Revolving Ice Phoenix cultivation technique. Although this is not the most powerful technique it is one that will allow Nie Li to resurrect her should the need arise. Once she starts cultivating later that night, she jumps into bronze rank.[9]

Shen Yue:

Shen Yue approaches Nie Li when he is with Ye Ziyun at the library and tries claim to know her better than Nie Li. Nie Li shocks both of them when Nie Li reveals knowledge about her that he shouldn't know, including that she has a butterfly-shaped mark on her left chest.[9]The next day her opinion of Shen Yue drops drastically when she finds him attacking Nie Li with a group. She comes to Nie Li's defense and finds Shen Yue's actions disgusting.[22]

Xiao Ning'er:

Xiao Ning'er also comes to Nie Li's defense and is openly concerned and caring towards him. This makes Ye Ziyun feel uncomfortable.[22]

Visit the Ancient Orchid City Ruins Arc

Chen Linjian:

She is one of the friends of Chen Linjian that joins him to explore the Ancient Orchid City Ruins. Like Shen Yue, she has been acquainted with him since she was young.[23]

Nie Li:

After they pull up camp early and avoid a demon beast attack, Chen Linjian thanks Nie Li for the warning. Surprising Ye Ziyun once again. During this trip she grows closer to Nie Li, she finds that she can talk easily with him. When Huyan Lanruo starts showing interest in Nie Li she acts annoyed.[23]
After an attack by a group of Giant Blue Armed Apes, Nie Li and Ye Ziyun are separated from the group and end up discovering the underground palace and Emperor Kong Ming's crypt. She finds many small treasures in the crypt, such as bronze armor and a piece of Soul Stone. When Nie Li approaches what is thought to be the coffin of Emperor Kong Ming he is assaulted by a powerful soul force. Ye Ziyun rushes forward to help him. but is injured when she approaches.[24] Her actions show that he has started to become someone important to her. Realizing that he really does like her, she agrees to become his girlfriend after he becomes gold rank.[25]

Ye Ziyun's cultivation:

Nie Li gives her an abstruse gemstone to help with her cultivation and healing.[26] She later also finds a bone tooth anklet made from the bones of the legendary rank Snow Wind Giant Beast. This rare item enhances a person's demon spirit force.[27]

Join the Alchemy Association Arc

Ye Ziyun's cultivation:

After returning to Glory City, she continues to cultivate and grows stronger.

Placement Exam Arc

Ye Ziyun's cultivation:

At the annual Holy Orchid Institute Exam she displays an amazing soul force that exceeded the 500 limit of a primary soul crystal, causing it to explode.[28]

Nie Li:

She witnesses Nie Li's public acts to protect Xiao Ning'er and is upset. Though she is unsure of her own feelings, she does not like his close relationship with Xiao Ning'er.[29] After Xiao Ning'er displays her high level of progress during the exam, Ye Ziyun realizes that Nie Li must have helped her as well and feels a little resentment and competitiveness with her.[30] Ye Ziyun witnesses Xiao Ning'er's obvious feeling for Nie Li and questions why he chooses to chase her instead of accepting Xiao Ning'er's feelings, but he only claims that it is fate.[31]

Younger Generation Tournament Arc

Nie Li:

After hearing that the Heavenly Marks Family and Nie Li were going to participate in the tournament she was curious and a little concerned. She decided to go without telling anyone and watch from a corner of the stands.[32]
Despite her slight worry, she was fairly confident in Nie Li's ability and so she bet all her personal money on him in each of his fights. After Nie Li's fights she was surprised when Nie Li snuck up behind her. She loudly declared that she wanted to watch the tournament and that it had nothing to do with him. He called her on it and asked why she was leaving before the tournament was over then. As she is about to storm off he places a soul crystal in her hand containing a Snow Queen demon spirit for her.[33] Though she feels that it is too valuable a gift to take, she agrees to accept it if she owes Nie Li a favor.[34]

Life at the City Lord's Mansion Arc

Nie Li:

In order to protect Nie Li he was moved into the City Lord’s Mansion. Once there he sneaks into Ye Ziyun's courtyard. After offering to move in with her he goes into her room a gets in her bath. This upsets her, but at the same time, she really doesn't know how to respond.[35]

Ye Zong:

When her father unexpectedly shows up, he detects the presence of Nie Li and asks Ye Ziyun who is there with her. She tries to lie and say there is no one else, but he can tell she is nervous and he targets the person with his soul force. After Ye Zong attacks Nie Li she tries to protect him by getting in between them and even using her soul force as a shield. She also pleads with her father in an attempt to lessen his anger.[36] After that Nie Li tells Ye Ziyun to step away. He calls out Ye Zong for isolating his daughter and declares that given a year's time he will be able to defeat him. Ye Zong agrees to give him a year, however if he fails then he can no longer see Ye Ziyun. He also demands that she must reach gold rank.[37] This greatly confuses Ye Ziyun, as she does not understand why her father did not follow through with his threats to kill Nie Li.[38] Afterwards she lets Nie Li recover a bit from his injuries and then throws him out, despite his pleading to stay a couple of days.[39]

The Heavenly Sacred Border Arc

Ye Ziyun's Cultivation:

Ye Ziyun did not go to the Heavenly Sacred Border and continued to cultivate privately in her courtyard. It is most likely during this time that she was able to reach 5 Star Silver rank demon spiritualist.[40]

The Ten Thousand Demonic Beast Array Arc

Nie Li:

After Nie Li leaves she feels rather lonely, however she is astonished when Nie Li returns soon after. She initially tries to force him out but then finds out that Nie Li had managed to extort Ye Zong to let him and Nie Yu move into her courtyard.[41] She defends her father when Nie Li speaks ill of him and is surprised to learn about the Ten Thousand Demonic Beast Array. Like her father, she also believes in sacrificing for the greater good of Glory City and explains that to Nie Li.[40] She is grateful for his help with her cultivation she promises to do any three things for him. Nie Li takes advantage of the situation, and teases Ye Ziyun to the point where she thinks he will ask her to do something perverted. Instead, he simple asks that she speak with him more. However after realizing she had fallen into Nie Li's trap she angrily stamps on his foot and leaves, rather than keeping his first request.[42]

Xiao Ning'er:

After Nie Li had been living in her courtyard for about a week Xiao Ning'er came to visit. She was obviously upset at seeing that Nie Li had managed to get closer to Ye Ziyun which caused a rather awkward moment when they all met up. After Xiao Ning'er noticed that Nie Li was injured, he told both of them about how Ye Zong had thoroughly spanked him and jokingly asked if either of them would like to apply the medical cream. However, Xiao Ning'er agrees to it and Ye Ziyun quickly follows. The situation was a little strange and awkward, but after both girls applied the ointment they seemed to remember their friendship. Afterwards, Xiao Ning'er came regularly to visit both Nie Li and Ye Ziyun.[43]
After the Dark Guild's attack is over she and Xiao Ning'er take turns watching over the unconscious Nie Li. This gives them an opportunity to talk a bit. Xiao Ning'er tells her that even though Nie Li likes Ye Ziyun, she will not give up and will stay by his side.[44]

Dark Guild:

When the Dark Guild attacks the City Lord's mansion Ye Ziyun is in her courtyard with Nie Li and Nie Yu. Nie Li asks her to take his cousin and hide using the secret chamber in the courtyard. This passage also connects to her father's rooms. She doesn't want to leave him alone, but knows that she can do little to help. She is the one that tells Ye Zong that the attackers are after Nie Li and that he is heading to the Tai Yi Killing Array.[45]

Suppressing the Sacred Family Arc

Nie Li:

Three days after the attack Nie Li finally woke up. His soul realm had mostly recuperated by this point. Ye Ziyun told him about the Banquet for her elder brother and Nie Li immediately wanted to go.[46]

Ye Han:

When Nie Li, Ye Ziyun, and Xiao Ning'er arrived at the banquet, Ye Han came up to greet her and give her a gift. Despite the fact that the Frozen Jade Bracelet is a very nice and rare item, she still immediately refused. However, Nie Li grabbed the bracelet out of Ye Han's hands, saying that he accepts it on Ye Ziyun's behalf.[47]
Even though Ye Ziyun had always looked up to her adoptive big brother, deep down she also resented him. Because of his talent, Ye Zong always paid more attention to him, and Ye Ziyun felt like Ye Han stole her father from her.[48]

Shen Fei:

Ye Ziyun is a witness to the events that happen at the banquet. She sees the scene that Nie Li makes by threatening Shen Fei to make him leave, and the fact that Ye Zong not only ignores Nie Li's actions, but protects him from Shen Hong. She also hears him declare that Ye Han will not be the next City Lord. If Ye Ziyun does not want the position, then Nie Li will take it himself.[47]

Huyan Lanruo:

Afterwards, she leaves with Nie Li and Xiao Ning'er to escape Huyan Lanruo.[49]

The Ten Millennium Spatial Array Arc

Ye Ziyun is not at the Holy Orchid Institute on the first day of class and does not travel with Nie Li into the Ten Millennium Spatial Array.

Getting the Best of the Silver Winged Family Arc

Nie Li:

She has been worried about Nie Li's safety since he disappeared without a trace. However she is upset when she discovers that Xiao Ning'er has been with him this whole time. He immediately hands her the Blizzard Spiritual Gem as a gift for her. He then introduces her to everyone in the group. Though she knew of most of them from class she had never actually talked with them properly.[50]

Ye Zong:

When her father entered Nie Li greeted him as father-in-law, making her both embarrassed and worried about how her father would react. She was slightly dumbfounded when her father decided to ignore Nie Li. It was almost as though her father had accepted Nie Li. She was not even sure how she felt about Nie Li, he was being very presumptuous towards her.[50]

The Demon Horde Attacks Arc

Demon Beasts:

She is with Nie Li and helps with the preparations for the defensive lines against the Demon Beast Horde.[51] When the last of the lines are finally breached she fights alongside him and Xiao Ning'er. Suddenly she notices that something is wrong with Nie Li. He seems distracted and his actions have slowed. When two 3 Star demon beasts move to attack him and Xiao Ning'er she quickly throws up an ice defensive wall.[52]
She is only a 1 star gold rank and it is very difficult for her to fight off two 3 star gold rank demon beasts. However while she is struggling to do so, Nie Li is trying to quickly repair his soul realm. Xiao Ning'er is unable to help as she is busy fighting a 5 star gold Snow Wind Behemoth Lizard.[52]
After a few minutes the two 3 star gold demon beasts that she is fighting suddenly fall over. She realizes Nie Li has recovered and activated his Gravity Field. He then kills them with a Yin Yang blast.[53]

Xiao Ning'er:

Nie Li is holding the exhausted Xiao Ning'er and treating her injuries with his soul force. To Ye Ziyun both Nie Li and Xiao Ning'er are her best friends. She admires the way Xiao Ning'er is able to fully dedicate herself to Nie Li in a way that Ye Ziyun can't and she doesn't want to be what comes between them. At this moment she resolves to separate herself from Nie Li so that Xiao Ning'er can have him. Since they are both exhausted, Ye Ziyun takes Xiao Ning'er and retreats from the battlefield.[53]
Ye Ziyun takes her to her own courtyard to recuperate and wash the blood and dirt from their bodies. This reminds her of their past friendship and she once again decides to step back from Nie Li and support Xiao Ning'er's love. Suddenly Nie Li walks in, after hurriedly running over to check on their condition, seeing both of them partially dressed.[54] He quickly apologizes and leaves.[55]

Nie Li:

Determined to push him away Ye Ziyun went outside to talk with Nie Li. She says that it is improper for him to stay with her and demands that he immediately move out of her courtyard. She then ruthlessly points out the social gaps between them, making him angry, and he leaves.[55]

Taking down the Sacred Family Arc

Ye Zong:

In the middle of the night she is told about Ye Han's attack on her father. Because she is so close she arrives quickly and finds Ye Zong very weak. He desperately apologizes to Ye Ziyun for not being a better father and tells her that he regrets not spending more time with her.[56]

Nie Li:

When Nie Li arrives Ye Zong asks him to watch over his daughter. Nie Li informs Ye Xiu and Ye Ziyun that he can save Ye Zong. Ye Ziyun begs him and promises him anything if he can save him, completely forgetting the fight they had earlier. Nie Li assures her that he will not let Ye Zong die without witnessing their wedding.[56] He spends the next several hours using the Daoyin Technique to draw the poison out of Ye Zong's system.[57]
Ye Ziyun is once again grateful to Nie Li and is no longer sure she can give him to Xiao Ning'er, no matter how much she wants to remain friends. She apologizes for her earlier words and once again promises him anything she can do to repay him. She then takes the initiative to kiss him on the cheek at which point Nie Li pulls her into an embrace.[57]
When Ye Zong woke up to discover Nie Li holding his daughter he immediately went into a rage and started throwing pillows and insults at Nie Li. Making Ye Ziyun feel relieved at seeing her previously weak father back to his old self. After Ye Zong had calmed down he tells Ye Ziyun to take Nie Li to the treasure house of the Snow Wind Family and gives permission for them to take anything that will be useful for their protection.[57]

Snow Wind Family's Treasury:

At the treasury Ye Ziyun did not have any problem with Nie Li taking anything he wished. One of the first things he found was some Divine Guardian Rocks. After they were repaired he took three for himself and gave three to Ye Ziyun. He also found five repairable Legend rank forbidden technique scrolls. He kept two and gave Ye Ziyun the other three. Nie Li also found and took a mysterious egg covered in inscription patterns that he said that he wished to study. In the end Nie Li took hundreds of strange treasures.[58]

Nie Li:

That night Ye Ziyun went into Nie Li's room and removed her gown. She felt both guilty for treating him harshly earlier and grateful to him for saving her father. Her Aunt Xue always told her that men will not cherish things once they obtain them. She wants to give herself to Nie Li so that he will stop chasing after her and be able to accept Xiao Ning'er's feelings.[59]
Even though she is shaking and nervous she still climbs into the bed. However, Nie Li only places a quilt between them and tells her that he loves her, not Xiao Ning'er, and that will not change.[59] He then stays beside her as she sleeps. In the morning Ye Ziyun is incredible embarrassed and can not fathom what got into her to act that way. She does not understand why he is so dedicated to her.[60]
The day of the meeting for all of Glory City's experts, Ye Ziyun follows Nie Li into the secret chamber of the City Lord's Mansion. He then activates a barrier and traps her in there. She feels angry and betrayed. All she can do is wait until everything is over.[61]

Training in the Mountains Arc

Nie Li:

After Nie Li and her father locked her up she is mad at them and refusing to talk or see either of them. Even though she knows Nie Li has come to her door she decides not to talk to him. Only later when she finds a letter sitting there does she regret as he has decided to leave Glory City in order to train and check out the Dark Guild's base on his own.[62]

Into the Nether Realm Arc

Ye Ziyun's Cultivation:

While Nie Li was away from Glory city Ye Ziyun and the rest of his friends focused on their training. They also visited the Dark Ruins and some other places to train, making their cultivation soar leaps and bounds.[63]

Nie Li:

When Nie Li returned, Ye Ziyun made him promise that he would not leave Glory City without taking her again.[64]

Yu Yan:

Ye Ziyun was there when all of the other friends of Nie Li gathered in her courtyard. He then introduced everyone to the Spiritual God Yu Yan and explained to them who she is.[64]

The Group's Cultivation:

Nie Li then asked everyone to help in gathering demon spirits and some other materials. Two days later they returned to the yard and Nie Li uses the items to set down the Demon Spirit Devouring Technique array. This technique will release more then enough soul force and power of law for all of them to raise their strength by leaps and bounds. Ye Ziyun, and the rest of his friends, then start to cultivate within the activated array around him.[65]
Ye Ziyun's cultivation advanced very quickly as she moved through the levels of gold rank.[66] While still cultivating in the array she noticed strange lightning energy attacking her soul realm and merged with her demon spirit to defend against it.[67] Somehow this pure energy altered the original array and formed a Soul Array between Nie Li, Ye Ziyun, and the others. By the time she left the array she was able to become a 5 star gold rank demon spiritualist.[68]

Duan Jian's Revenge Arc

Ye Ziyun's Engagement:

Now that the engagement between Nie Li and Ye Ziyun has been agreed upon, the Heavenly Marks Family made a big show of bringing the betrothal gifts to the City Lord's Mansion. The Snow Wind Family elders unanimously agreed with the engagement. Ye Ziyun had little say on the matter and only felt confusion with the situation.[69]

Nie Li:

Nie Li travels with Duan Jian to the Abyss Prison Realm to complete his need for revenge. When he returns to Glory City, Nie Li gathered everyone together and tells them that they were going to leave tomorrow and head to the Nether Realm. He also asked Ye Ziyun to inform Ye Zong and Ye Mo about meeting with the Abyss Prison Families and moving them to Glory City.[70]

Luqian Sha and Luqian Mo:

When the group had almost reached the entrance of the Nether Realm, Luqian Sha and Luqian Mo, appeared. They are the two high level legend rank demon beasts that have spent the last 10,000 years guarding over Yu Yan in the Black Spring. Nie Li and Yu Yan start to fight Luqian Sha while Duan Jian and Luo Ming fight Luqian Mo.[71]
Ye Ziyun was not strong enough to help in the fight and just stands guard nearby, however she was able to provide Nie Li and Duan Jian with more soul force trough the Soul array.[71] Afterwards, everyone is shocked by the power of Nie Li's Draconic Bombs, Yu Yan apologizes for endangering everyone, and Nie Li searches the bodies.[72]

Exploring the Nine-Layered Deathlands Arc

Luo Xiao:

After arriving in the Nether Realm, the group heads to the entrance of the Nine-Layered Deathlands where they meet Luo Xiao.[73] They then head into the first layer of the deathlands in the search for Spiritual Origin Fruit, but get separated by a Fog of Misleading.[74]
Nie Li grabs onto Ye Ziyun's hand and they manage to stay together. Even though they are now fiancées Ye Ziyun still feels uncomfortable being so close to Nie Li, however she did not want to get lost. After several hours they finally were able to get out of the fog, but were unable to located the others.[74]

Cang Ming and Mu Ye:

Many high ranking experts from the Nether Realm where also drawn by the strong aura and were circling a muddy lake that it was at the bottom of. The strongest young geniuses of the Nether realm, Cang Ming and Mu Ye, decided to work together in order to secure the treasure and jumped in, only to provoke a Zombie Jiao-dragon.[74]
The treasure turned out to be a Scarlet Pearl embedded in its forehead. As the experts fought the terrifying demon beast, Nie Li and Ye Ziyun watched from nearby. When a stray corrosive attack came towards them, Nie Li had to use a Divine Guardian Rock to protect them, accidentally falling on top of Ye Ziyun and causing a slightly awkward moment.[75]

Wu Yu:

Among the many experts watching the fight against the Zombie Jiao-dragon, Nie Li and Ye Ziyun spotted Ye Han along with about twenty members of the Wugui Family. She immediately felt a great hatred for him for all that he had done.[75] When the Wugui Family members start approaching she readies her Blizzard Spiritual Gem in order to raise the strength of her snow wind attacks.[75]
After merging with her Snow Queen, She was able to utilize the abilities of her snow wind techniques to coordinate well with Nie Li. She used ice to restrict their moment, form a wall for defense, and create icicles to impale them with. She also coordinated with Nie Li's fanged panda to give him the best opening to attack. When Wu Yu ordered the Wugui family members to focus on attacking her, she formed a large blizzard to surround Nie Li and her. While Nie Li defended her, she rained down countless icicles on the attackers.[76] The battle ended quickly when Nie Li activated a legend rank forbidden technique scroll, Golden Shield, and took out both of the legend rank attackers with a Yin Yang Blast x10.[76]
After the battle, when Nie Li chased after Ye Han, Wu Yu took the opportunity to attempt to escape. Ye Ziyun chased after him and was about to strike him down with an ice sword thrown at his fleeing back. However, just as it was about to hit, it was intercepted by Tian Ling.[77]

Tian Ling:

At this moment Nie Li joins them. Since the Wugui Family is a vassel to Tian Ling's Northern Nether Family, he will protect Wu Yu. In this situation Nie Li decides to let the matter end here and leaves with Ye Ziyun.[77]

Ye Han:

After walking away, Nie Li then tells Ye Ziyun about Ye Han's probably death and she asks him not to tell her father. Despite all that he had done Ye Han was still like a son to Ye Zong.[77]

Cang Ming:

The various experts were still in the midst of fighting the Zombie Jaio-dragon when Nie Li and Ye Ziyun again looked at the lake. After a lightning attack of Cang Ming failed to penetrate the Jaio-dragon's defenses he brought out a terrifyingly powerful lightning spear and seriously injured it. After seeing such a powerfully attack Mu Ye let the Jaio-dragon escape into the lake. Cang Ming then continued to hunt the Jaio-dragon from the surface.[78]

Xiao Ning’er and Xiao Yu:

It is then that Xiao Ning'er shows up with a young man that she met named Xiao Yu. He is very handsome and extremely powerful. He comes across as perfect and annoys Nie Li to no end. Ye Ziyun teases Nie Li that he is jealousy over his closeness to Xiao Ning'er. Even though it is obvious from Xiao Ning'er's reactions around Nie Li that she is in love with him, Ye Ziyun’s personality wouldn’t let her actively pursue anything. Instead, she would rather sit back and let fate set her course. However, there is an awkward atmosphere around them.[78]
After traveling in to the depths of the first layer of the Nine-Layered Deathlands, the group followed some Demigod rank experts to a floating tomb guarded by a large skeleton that appears to hold a piece of the shattered Divine Spark of the Death God.[79] Nie Li and Xiao Yu decide to explore the Death God's Tomb and leave Xiao Ning'er and Ye Ziyun hidden outside. To make sure that they are safe, Xiao Yu gives them a Golden Scroll.[80]

Tian Ling and Wu Yu:

While Nie Li and Xiao Yu were in the tomb, Ye Ziyun and Xiao Ning'er were discovered by Tian Ling, Wu Yu, and about thirty others.[81] The group threatened them and demanded that the girls come with them. However, their attitudes change completely after seeing the Golden Scroll. They lowered their heads and begged the girls for forgiveness for their actions. Then they quickly left when the girls told them to go. This powerful reaction startled Ye Ziyun as she realized the there was more to Xiao Yu then she originally thought.[82]

Xiao Ning'er:

After facing the situation together. Ye Ziyun felt that she was once again closer to Xiao Ning'er, as she had been when they were children.[82] Ye Ziyun felt terribly guilty that Nie Li had chosen her despite Xiao Ning'er being in love with him. Ye Ziyun desperately wanted them to renew their friendship once again.[81]

Nie Li:

After Nie Li returns alone from the tomb they continued to search for the other members of their group.[83] Yu Yan shows up and gives Nie Li the Soul Mirror that she found. Nie Li also gives Xiao Ning'er the Scarlet Pearl from the Zombie Jiao-dragon.[84]
After two more days wandering the deathlands, everyone was finally reunited. At this time they had found eleven Spiritual Origin Fruits and decided to return back to the Jade Seal Family's camp at the entrance. They each ate a fruit and began to cultivate, becoming very close to legend rank.[84]

The Master of Nether's Disciple Arc

Luo Xiao:

When the door to the seventh layer of the Nine-Layered Deathlands opened, a crowed of hundreds of thousands of demigod, legend, and black gold rank experts rushed through. Ye Ziyun was there when Luo Xiao asked Nie Li to be careful and suggested that they enter towards the back of the line.[85]

Lord of Nether's servants:

After entering the seventh layer, a group of powerful cultivators appeared and announced the first test.[85] A water ball formed in front of each person. It was a test of soul force control called the Sphere of Reverse Images. To pass the test, one must feed the sphere soul force through small threads, making it grow at least one foot in diameter. However, the visible threads are fake. Nie li tells his friends that to pass the test they need to sense out the true threads. Ye Ziyun was able to make the sphere grow to five feet, passing the test.[86]
Once all those that passed were teleported to the eight layer, the Lord of Nether's servants told them that the second test would take place in the nearby Black Infernal Tower. Inside that tower are supreme black flames and all kinds of demon beasts. Although the demon beasts have been chained, they can still discharge powerful energy. They are to cultivate inside that environment for ten days. Those who can reach the Anatta Mental State of cultivation will have passed the test.[86]
The black flames can attack a person's soul realm directly. Ye Ziyun watched as several experts who did not have a strong enough soul, crippled their cultivation trying to force their was in. As they approached, Nie Li cautiously asked if everyone was alright. Because of their stronger then normal souls, Ye Ziyun, along with everyone else, said that they were fine.[87]

Duan Jian:

After entering the tower, Duan Jian's body ignited in black flames. Though it resembled what had happened to the cultivators whose soul were too weak, in actuality it was the exact opposite. Duan Jian's Black dragon body was so compatible with the black flames that it was absorbing them and strengthening his soul realm on its own.[87]

Ye Ziyun's Cultivation:

The group continued up to the second floor, where the pressure felt by the black flames was far greater. Since Duan Jian could easily cultivate by absorbing the flames without even trying, he instead stood guard to protect everyone. Ye Ziyun and the rest sat down and began to cultivate. She slowly absorbed the black flames, strengthening her body and soul.[87] As Nie Li's soul realm surged and broke through into Legend rank. The majestic wave of profound law energy flowed through the soul array, overwhelming her and causing her to jump directly to 2 star legend rank.[88]

Celestial Qilin:

Afterward the group also headed up to the third floor, where they found a terrifyingly powerful Celestial Qilin chained up.[88] Nie Li attempted to bargain with the demon beast in order to have it willingly integrate with Du Ze. The reason was because the Celestial Qilin would be the perfect demon spirit match for Du Ze's Attribute and Form. When the creature refused, Nie Li used some of Duan Jian's blood, which contains the energy from the powerful black flames, to form an inscription pattern around it. This pattern attracted more of the black flames to this location in the tower.[89]
After cursing and threatening each other, Nie Li and the Celestial Qilin finally seemed to come to an agreement. Nie Li stopped the black flame inscription pattern in exchange for some of the Celestial Qilin's blood. However, the demon beast tossed the basin of his blood short in the hopes of tricking Nie Li into coming close enough that he could attack him.[90] Nie Li first merged with his Fanged Panda and threw a Yin Yang Blast and Draconic Bombs at the Celestial Qilin, then he switched to his Shadow Devil. While the others distracted it with various types of attacks Nie Li was able to sneak close enough to grab the basin of blood and toss it to Du Ze. In a rage the Celestial Qilin rained dozens of lightning strikes at him. However, Nie Li simply used his void form to avoid them and make his way outside the reach of the demon beast.[91]
Now that he had its blood, Nie Li drew an array to restrained the Celestial Qilin so that it could not attack them. He then drew a Soul Seal to transform the demon beast's body and integrate it with Du Ze's soul Realm. The seal can only be removed by Du Ze, insuring that the Celestial Qilin can not harm him, and Du Ze promised to free him after fifty years.[91]

Nie Li:

After advancing up to the fourth floor of the tower Ye Ziyun could not stand the pressure from the black flames to advance higher. Along with everyone else in the group besides Nie Li and Yu Yan, she stayed to cultivate on this floor.[92]

The Lord of Nether:

After the test ended, Ye Ziyun and everyone else were teleported to the ninth layer. Once there, she met the Lord of Nether as well as the other six ambassadors.[93] The Lord of Nether then explained that they had all been chosen by one of the ambassadors as a disciple and will be heading to the Draconic Ruins Realm in three months to train. Once there they will not be able to return for five years. They must also form a Soul Seal with their new master to insure loyalty, as betrayal was considered a capital offense. Xiao Ning'er, Ye Ziyun, and Xiao Xue ended up forming a soul seal with Ling Yun from the Heavenly Note Sect.[5]

Leaving for the Draconic Ruins Realm Arc

Nie Li:

Before heading back to Glory City to say goodbye, Nie Li asked for everyone to go with him to the Endless Desert in search of the Desert Palace.[5] After arriving in the desert, Ye Ziyun became lost in thought. She started to recall strange "memories" of this place. When Nie Li asked if she was alright she told him about them. Suddenly images of her and Nie Li sleeping together came into her mind and she became embarrassed and slapped him. Her heart was in turmoil and confused over these strange memories.[94]
After searching for days for the mysterious Desert Palace. Nie Li entered a profound trance-like state which lead them to some ancient ruins that had long since been destroyed. Nie Li seemed to be confused and started to walk among the ruins when he suddenly fell unconscious. The group returned to Glory City where Nie Li remained in this coma for about a month. During this time, either Ye Ziyun or Xiao Ning'er remained at his side continuously, watching over him and trying to help him recover.[95] After Xiao Xue told her that Nie Li was waking up, she ran to his side. Even though Xiao Ning'er was hugging him, Ye Ziyun was not jealous and only thankful that he was alright.[96]

Demon Lord:

Suddenly, the loud sounds of a nearby fight drew their attention.[96] They found the Demon Lord attacking Ye Mo, destroying many of the buildings in the City Lord's Mansion. Ye Ziyun joined Nie Li, Ye Zong, and the others in supporting Ye Mo in suppressing the Demon Lord. However, after Nie Li started to attack with the Thunder God’s Meteorite Sword, the Demon Lord felt danger and changed his tactics. Instead of facing it head on, he evaded its strike and charged in close. He grabbed Ye Zong and overpowered him with the power of Hell.[97]

Ye Zong:

Ye Ziyun was only able to helplessly watch as her father bravely continued to strike out at the Demon Lord, only to have his right arm brutally ripped off. [97] She wanted to rush into to help him, but did not have the strength to stand against the Demon Lord. She knew that in order to protect Glory City, her father would happily throw his life away. The Demon Lord again demanded the Demon Spirit Stone that Ye Mo held, and proceeded to rip off Ye Zong's other arm. With no other way to save is son's life, Ye Mo threw the demon spirit stone to the Demon Lord. However, the Demon Lord then pierced through Ye Zong's chest, fatally wounding him. Knowing that his end was near, Ye Zong activated the Snow Wind Family's self destruction technique, turning himself to ice. This destroyed his soul, but allowed him to cause heavy damages to the Demon Lord as well.[98]
Ye Ziyun then watched as Nie Li executed a secret technique that quickly raised his strength and struck out at the Demon Lord. Everyone hastily moved out of the way as wave after wave of terrifying lightning energy struck the Demon Lord, destroying his arms, legs, and even his head. However, his life was saved by a Draconic Ruins Realm artifact armor as he quickly flew away.[98]

Ye Mo:

Nie Li told her that if they go to the Draconic Ruins Realm and become stronger, there might be some chance out there to revive Ye Zong. In grief, she clings to that slim bit of hope. Though they have never been particularly close, Ye Mo tries his best to comfort her, and she promises him that she will become strong enough to revive Ye Zong and get revenge against the Demon Lord. She could see how the loss of her father had weighed heavily on him and he seemed to have suddenly aged.[99]

Nie Li:

After a month they headed back to the Nine-Layered Deathlands, as it was time to separate and follow their individual masters into the Draconic Ruins Realm. Ye Ziyun hugged Nie Li and said a tearful goodbye. She was determined to become stronger in order to revive he father and stand by Nie Li's side.[100]

The Heavenly Note and Skyblaze Sects Visit Arc

Ye Ziyun was unable to travel with Xiao Ning'er and Xiao Xue to the Divine Feathers Sect because she was training in the Heavenly Note Sect's secret training ground, the Heavenly Cloud Domain.[101][10]

Becoming the Sect Master Arc

Nie Li:

After over a year in their separate sects, Nie li received the heaven defying Divine Phaseless Fruits from Emperor Tian Yuan, and refined a powerful Divine Elixir. He then used his many Sky Origin Divine Clan slaves to distribute the elixir to Ye Ziyun and his other friends.[102]
After becoming the Sect master of the Divine Feathers Sect, Nie Li had Lu Piao also send 200 Dao of Dragon Realm experts to support Ye Ziyun and Xiao Ning'er.[103]

Ying Yueru:

Knowing that she will soon be hunted down by the Sage Emperor's Deity servants, Ying Yueru decides to visit Ye Ziyun and Nie Li's other companions and give them advice.[104]

The Divine Feathers Sect's Rise Arc

Nie Li:

During this time, Ye Ziyun keeps in contact with Nie Li and works to build up her cultivation and power within the Heavenly Note Sect. She has become the sect master's disciple and is set to become the next sect master.[13]

Abilities and Equipment

With a cyan soul realm, Ye Ziyun's soul force is already 86 when Nie Li is reborn.[17] When here soul realm is tested it is discovered that she has a snow wind attribute and one of the most powerful soul forms, the Ice Phoenix. Its cultivation speed would be about the same as the Winged Dragon form, but once stepping into Black Gold rank, the Ice Phoenix will hatch and the cultivation will advance by leaps and bounds. Nie Li gives her the Nine Revolving Ice Phoenix cultivation technique. Once she starts cultivating later that night, she jumps into bronze rank.[9]

During the trip to the Ancient Orchid City Ruins, Nie Li gives her an abstruse gemstone to help with her cultivation and healing.[26] She later also finds a bone tooth anklet made from the bones of the legendary rank Snow Wind Giant Beast. This rare item enhances a person's demon spirit force.[27]

At the annual Holy Orchid Institute Exam she displays an amazing soul force that exceeded the 500 limit of a primary soul crystal, causing it to explode.[28] About a month after that, at the younger generation tournament, Nie Li gives her the god level growth demon spirit Snow Queen.[34] A few days after we see that she has integrated it into her soul realm, which means that she has reached silver rank.[35] It is later reveled that she has reached 3 star silver rank.[39]

During the next few days, she focuses on her cultivation and manages to reach 5 Star Silver rank demon spiritualist.[40]

While Nie Li and the rest were traveling within the Abyss Prison Realm, Ye Ziyun was able to breakthrough to 1 Star gold rank.[52]

Through her own training as well as the Demon Spirit Devouring Technique, Ye Ziyun reaches 5 star gold rank.[68]

During the trip to the Nether Realm, everyone's cultivation quickly advanced with the assistance of the Soul Array, reaching 4 Star Black Gold rank. After entering the Nine-Layered Deathlands, Ye Ziyun ate one of the Spiritual Origin Fruit which raised her cultivation near to legend rank.[84]

While participating in the Lord of Nether's Disciple Selection, she entered the Black Infernal Tower. Ye Ziyun was able to slowly absorbed the black flames, strengthening her body and soul.[87] When Nie Li's soul realm surged and broke through into Legend rank. The majestic wave of profound law energy flowed through the soul array, overwhelming her and causing her to jump directly to 2 star legend rank.[88]

Abilities Name Note
Snow Queen Ice Wall A defensive skill that forms a barrier out of ice.[52]
Icicles From a distance she can impale enemies on icicles.[76]
Bilzzard She can form a blizzard around herself in a wide area attack.[76]
Ice Sword She can form a Sword out of ice for fighting at a close distance.[77]
Soul Array She is one of the members in the mysterious array that connects Nie Li's soul realm and all of his friends. Using this they can share soul force and enhance each other's cultivation.[68]

Equipment Notes
Interspatial Ring [15] Storage space
Icy Snow Spider Demon silk rope[24] Strong rope used to catch her and Nie Li when they fell into the Underground Palace of Emperor Kong Ming.
Soul Stone Found on the remains of a child in the underground palace
Abstruse Gemstone [26] Given to her by Nie Li, promotes cultivation and healing
Bone Tooth Anklet


Found in the underground palace, made from a legend rank Snow Wind Giant Beast, enhances the demon spirit force.
Frozen Jade Bracelet


The bracelet was originally a gift from Ye Han that Nie Li accepted on her behalf.[47] At some later point he gave it to her.[79]
Blizzard Spiritual Gem [50] Given to her by Nie Li when he returned from the Abyss Prison Realm.
Forbidden Technique Inscription scrolls (x3)[58] A set of threes powerful legend rank techniques inscribed on inscription scrolls that she was given from Nie Li. They were found in the Snow Wind Family's treasure house.
Divine Guardian Rocks (x3)[58] A special rock with an inscription pattern that is placed on it. When it is activated it forms a small barrier. These were also given to her after being found by Nie Li in the Snow Wind Family's treasure house.

Trivia and Quotes

“No matter which one of us dies, the other has to bravely live on.” - Ye Ziyun (past life / dream) to Ni Li, Chapter 122

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