Ye Shuo

Manhua Chapter 13

Donghua Episode 10

Character Information
Age Elder [1]
Gender Male [1]
Profession Head Intelligence Agent [2]
Soul Properties
Spiritualist Rank Black Gold [1]
Relationships (Link)
Family Snow Wind [1]
Light Novel Chapter 175 – Gift
Manhua Chapter 12 - Red Blaze Scorching Explosion Inscription

A mysterious elder of the Snow Wind Family. He controls a powerful force and is considered the fourth strongest member. In truth he is in charge of gathering intel, assassinations, and interrogations for the Snow Wind Family.[3]

It was him that observed Nie Li in the fighter apprentice class when he revealed the truth behind the Scarlet Sunburst and gave him the library clerk position.[1]

The first time that he meets Nie Li is at the gathering of Glory City's experts after the Demon Beast Horde attacked. Nie Li and him almost immediately have an understanding of each other. Nie Li then offers him some Blood Crystals, which he readily accepts.[1]

He is stunned by the apparent faith that Ye Xiu has in Nie Li and the abnormal strength of his servant Duan Jian.[4]

When Nie Li brings out the captured Shen Ming and suggests using the Soul Refining Technique on him Ye Shuo volunteers to be the one to use the technique.[5]

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