Ye Sheng

Ye Sheng

Manhua Chapter 14

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Donghua Episode 10

Chinese 叶胜
Character Information
Age Elder [1]
Gender Male [1]
Profession Holy Orchid Institute Vice Principal [1]
Soul Properties
Light Novel Chapter 10 – Book of Divine Lightning Fire
Manhua Chapter 12 - Red Blaze Scorching Explosion Inscription

The vice principal of Holy Orchid Institute. He observed the new Fighter Apprentice Class along with the teacher Lu Ye and an unknown grey robed elder (later revealed to be Ye Shuo).[1] It was this elder that was impressed with the knowledge that Nie Li displayed and told Ye Sheng to give him a library clerk position. This job also gave him some protection from Sacred Family[2]

After seeing Nie Li's performance in the Placement Exam, he asked him to be put in the Genius Class. This was unusual, as Nie Li only displayed a strength of a 1 Star Bronze.[3]