Xue Yin

Xue Yin

Manhua Chapter 25

Character Information
Age Middle Age [1]
Gender Female [1]
Profession Inscription Master [1]
Soul Properties
Family Snow Wind [2]
Loves Ye Zong
Friends Ye Ziyun
Light Novel Chapter 18 – Inscription Master?
Manhua Chapter 25 – Wind Lightning Winged Dragon Technique

An inscription master that Ye Ziyun calls Aunt Xue. She is impressed by the inscriptions that Nie Li drew.[3]

Because of Ye Zong's work as City Lord, he has never had the time to be a proper father for Ye Ziyun. In his stead he appointed Xue Yin to watch over her. She has been Ye Ziyun's only friend for many years.[4]

She has been in love with Ye Zong for many years but unable to act on her feelings. Due to this she always told Ye Ziyun that: "Men always like what they can never obtain. If they’ve obtained it, they will not cherish it."[5]