Xiao Yunfeng

Xiao Yunfeng

Manhua Chapter 39

Xiao Yunfeng 2

Manhua Chapter 40

Chinese 肖云峰
Character Information
Age Middle Age [1]
Gender Male [1]
Profession Winged Dragon Family Patriarch [1]
Soul Properties
Spiritualist Rank Gold [2]
Family Winged Dragon

Xiao Ning'er (daughter)

Xiao Yi (brother)
Enemies Xiao Yi
Light Novel Chapter 25 – Winged Dragon Family
Manhua Chapter 39 - Winged Dragon Family

Note: Previously the translations had his name written as Xiao Yun Feng.

Xiao Ning'er's Father and Patriarch of the Noble Winged Dragon Family. He is struggling to hold on to his position as a few of the House Elders, including Xiao Yi, are working against him.[3]

He was originally pushed into arranging a marriage between Xiao Ning'er and Shen Fei by Xiao Yi. It was again Xiao Yi that pushed him into demanding his daughter's Purple Haze Grass when the value drastically jumped. However her great rise in cultivation rank, and demonstration of Soul Forming, upturned the balance of power.[4]

When she reached 2 Star Gold rank he offered to make her the Patriarch of the family, but she refused. It was obvious that she would no longer allow her family to decide her future.[5] After Shen Fei's unexpected arrival and defeat by Xiao Ning'er he assured his daughter that they would stand by her no matter what happens.[6]

When all of Glory City's experts were called to the City Lord's Mansion, Xiao Yunfeng had a chance to meet Nie Li for the first time. He could immediately tell from her actions that she had feeling for Nie Li. Despite the rumors that Nie Li is with Ye Ziyun he still thinks that he would be a good match with Xiao Ning'er. After all, it is not uncommon for nobles to have multiple wives.[7]

Nie Li then gives him some Scarlet Body Enhancing Pills, Soul Tempering Pills and Nine Transformation Pills as a gift. These are very valuable, so Xiao Yunfeng further sees this as Nie Li being interested in his daughter. When Shen Xiu comes over to provoke a fight and make the Winged Dragon Family lose face, he is unsure how to react. Even though the Sacred Family is being suppressed, he still does not have the strength to publicly stand up to them. However, Nie Li has no qualms with confronting her. He even orders Duan Jian to beat her and throw her out.[7]

Everyone is stunned when Duan Jian is not only able to take the black gold rank fighter Shen Yan's attack, but also take him down with only a kick. Xiao Yunfeng is extremely grateful to Nie Li for protecting his daughter when he could not. He takes the initiative to introduce himself and Xiao Ning'er to Nie Hai, the patriarch of the Heavenly Marks Family.[8]