Xiao Yi

Xiao Yi

Manhua Chapter 39

Chinese 肖翼
Character Information
Age Middle Age [1]
Gender Male [1]
Profession Winged Dragon Family House Elder [1]
Soul Properties
Family Winged Dragon

Xiao Ning'er (niece)

Xiao Yunfeng (brother)
Enemies Xiao Yunfeng
Light Novel Chapter 25 – Winged Dragon Family
Manhua Chapter 39 – Winged Dragon Family
Xiao Ning'er's Uncle and a House Elder of the Noble Winged Dragon Family. He is trying to wrench the house master seat from his brother, Xiao Yunfeng.[1] It was him that pushed for the engagement between Xiao Ning'er and the Sacred Family's Shen Fei.[2]

When he learns that Xiao Ning'er has purchased a great deal of Purple Haze Grass, he asks her to share it with the family as its value had recently skyrocketed. She tells him that she bought it on behalf of a friend and that she has already given it to him. When he suggested trying to get the Purple Haze Grass back from the friend, who had given her so much, she loses her temper and actually triggers Soul Forming.[1]

As Xiao Ning'er's talent continued to shock the elders, Xiao Yunfeng eventually offered to make her the Patriarch of the family, however she refused. When Xiao Yi tried to bring up her asking a favor of Nie Li she quickly refused that as well. He is also there to witness Shen Fei's confrontation at the Winged Dragon Family's house and Xiao Ning'er's beating of him.[2]

At the meeting of all of Glory City's experts, Xiao Yi met Nie Li and witnessed his influence first hand.[3]