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Tales of Demons and Gods Wikia
World Creator
Character Information
Age Timeless
Soul Properties
Spiritualist Rank Supreme [1]

An ancient expert far stronger than the Spiritual Gods. When he formed the Divine Continent he structured the Power of Law. This acts like a bottleneck, allowing very few cultivators of this Domain to reach the Heavenly Fate Realm. This also stops experts from other domains from being able to enter the divine continent. It is unclear why the World Creator decided to do this.[2]

Nie Li came to realize this after meeting Yu Yan and comprehending the power of law. He was able to get a glimpse and discovered that the structure of this world is actually made up of mysterious flowing inscription patterns. This proved to him that the essence of laws isn’t natural energy, but was created by some unknown supreme existence.[2]

When Nie Li touched Yu Yan's body, she could feel a striking power greater then that of a spiritual god within him. The only power she knows of that is greater, is that of the World Creator. This makes her wonder if Nie Li could have some connection to him.[2]

Yu Yan believes that the only thing that can break the supreme's seal on the Tiny World is a Godslayer artifact, like the Myriad Ancestor Sword.[1]