Underground Palace of Emperor Kong Ming
Location Information
Domain Divine Continent
Realm Main World
Region St. Ancestral Mountain Range
Ruin Ancient Orchid City Ruins

Nie Li found this previously undiscovered area of the Ancient Orchid City Ruins when he read out loud the words on the base of a ruined statue, causing him and Ye Ziyun to fall inside. The palace is a large maze like structure that is buried under the military grounds. Writing on the walls declared that it was also the tomb of the Sacred Empire’s Emperor Kong Ming. Nie Li was able to use his knowledge of Sacred Empire's Numerology to determine the general direction that they should travel.[1]

Base of the Ruined Statue
Manhua Chapter 59

Base of the Ruined Statue
Donghua Episode 32

The maze is very elaborate and has a variety of different traps however, by observing the cracks on the stone walls and the layout of the floor tiles, Nie Li could easily distinguished where the traps were. He discovered a great hall that held a stone coffin, presumably for Emperor Kong Ming. The hall was full of the bones of refugees hiding here when the city was destroyed. Among the remains, many valuables could be found.[2]

The coffin was covered in mysterious inscription patterns that even Nie Li did not recognize and it did not appear to be from the Sacred Empire Era. There was a powerful restriction that drove away anyone that got too close to the coffin.[2] However, he was not effected as much by the restriction force. This was because inside the coffin was a remnant of the Temporal Demon Spirit Book that resonated with his soul realm. Rather than a body, the coffin housed an expert’s un-dissipated soul force (Emperor Kong Ming's ?), as well as the remnant page and an abstruse gemstone.[3]

Kong Ming's Coffin
Manhua Chapter 63

Kong Ming's Coffin
Donghua Episode 34

After wandering the maze for several more days they were able to find the exit behind a hidden door by following the noise of Chen Linjian and his men digging through the military field. Behind this door was a treasure room filled with gold and rare items including the Shadow Devil Spirit Lamp Nie Li was looking for.[4]

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