The Thousand Illusionary Array is a powerful inscription pattern barrier that protects the Void Illusionary Divine Palace of the Draconic Ruins Realm. The door to the palace only opens for ten days once every six years. During that time many experts attempt to force their way through the rainbow colored barrier.[1]

The barrier has hundreds of hard to detect entrances that appear all around it, however the true difficulty come from trying to leave after entering.[2] Just as the name implies, the inside of the array consists of thousands of fluctuating illusions that disorient any that enter.[3]

After entering the Thousand Illusionary Array, Nie Li was able to lead Xiao Yu and Wu Yazi through the illusions to the door pf the palace. However, in order to enter second barrier around the Void Illusionary Divine Palace the Thousand Illusionary array had to first be broken. After Nie Li broke trough the array, whole mountains crumbled and shook.[4]

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