Manhua Chapter 118 p.2

This book was found by Ye Mo while exploring a deep cave outside of Glory City. He found it with the remains of a legend rank expert. The cave was very dangerous, but because the book gave off a mysterious and powerful aura, he grabbed it and escaped. Ye Mo then sent it back to Glory City with Ye Xiu, but none of the elders could decipher it.[1]

Ye Xiu decided to ask Nie Li about it. After glancing it over, Nie Li told him that it had a very powerful demon beast array from the Woodland Empire called the Ten Thousand Demonic Beast Array. When asked if he could set up the array around the City Lord's Mansion he said it would be exhausting and require a huge amount of time. Though Ye Xiu thought Nie Li meant that it would take years, he asked him to do it anyway, as the array could make a huge impact in the event of an attack. Nie Li says that if he was given the materials and 10,000 black gold rank demon spirits, he could have it built in two months.[2]

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