Ten Millennium Spatial Array

Origin Barrier that protects the Ten Millennium Spatial Array
Manhua Chapter 146 p.1

Manhua Chapter 146 p.2

A mysterious inscription pattern array that Nie Li found on some ancient constructs near the City Lord's Mansion in Glory City. At first, he only has a vague understanding of it. The array manipulates time and space in a similar way to how the Temporal Demon Spirit Book does so the possibility that they are connected is very likely.[1]

The array is protected by an origin barrier from the latter part of the Woodland Empire. It uses twenty three Stones of Light as the activation core. Once it’s activated, even a combination attack of ten Legend rank Demon Spiritualists could not beak it.[1]

Surrounding the barrier there are sixteen 6 meter tall dome-like towers carved with extremely complicated inscription patterns. By inserting a bit of soul force into the correct pattern on each pillar, Nie Li was able to open up the barrier. Inside was a separate "space" similar to the Heavenly Sacred Border.[2] This place is a Subsidiary Realm known as the Abyss Prison.[3]

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