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The Temporal Demon Spirit Book is a powerful and mysterious book that fell into the Draconic Ruins Realm along with a severely wounded Supreme Expert. On the edge of death he ran into the six ancient masters and attempted to steal their soul essences to treat his wounds, however they fought back and in the end were able to defeat him. Before he died, he tore the Temporal Demon Spirit Book to shreds. Most of the pages streaked across the sky and disappeared, however eight remained in their hands, which were divided amongst themselves.[1]

Nie Li suspects that it was the Temporal Demon Spirit Book that allowed him to be reborn back in time as his thirteen year old self. When he awoke the book was no longer with him.[2] He later traveled to the Desert Palace deep in the Endless Desert to find the book, but the palace was in ruins and the Temporal Demon Spirit Book was not there.[3] The book has its own intelligence and is constantly searching for its master.[4]

When he begins to cultivate his soul force, Nie Li discovers a mysterious "something" hiding within his soul realm. He does not know what it is, but does know that it wasn't there is the previous life. Because of this, he believes that it could be connected to the Temporal Demon Spirit Book.[5] When he reached gold rank he discovered that this form is actually a strange "vine." The vine is able to absorb an endless amount of soul force and nurture his demon spirits.[6] His theory is mostly confirmed when the vine blooms and causes the time and space under its petals to become stagnate. This is an ability that should only belong to the Temporal Demon Spirit Book.[7]

After meeting Yu Yan and discovering about the Time and Space Spiritual God, Nie Li suspects that the book is tied to him.[8] Because the book does not appear to be restrained by the same Laws as the rest of this world, Nie Li also believes that it is not originally a part of this world.[9]

After Yu Yan recovers her memories, she recalls that the Temporal Demon Spirit Book is hidden on the Tiny World. The seal hides its aura from the Sage Emperor. Though it is risky, she plans to use the Godslayer artifact, the Myriad Ancestor Sword, to break open the seal and reveal the book's location.[10] Even though the Temporal Demon Spirit Book is far more powerful than the Myriad Ancestor Sword, it is still able to conceal the book's aura from the Sage Emperor as long as they find it before he can.[4]

Nei Li is at first, unable to find the location, even by going back to where he found it originally, but after becoming enlightened as to the nature of space-time, he gains the ability to summon it, regaining its powers for his own use.

Remnant Pages

There are eight pages that were missing from the book in Nie Li's previous life. These remnant pages have the ability to nourish his soul realm just as the Temporal Demon Spirit Book did.[11] By allowing the vine to directly absorb one of the remnant pages, he is able to cultivate for the equivalent of twenty years in a moment. This is very similar to the Temporal Demon Spirit Book's ability in his previous life.[7] So we can supposed that the vine inside Nie Li might be a part of the Temporal Demon Spirit Book. About the eighth page, we know that during the endless desert journey, Ye Ziyun remembered her death in her previous life, this could be explained by the fact that she may have a page like Xiao Ning'er, seal in her body.

Page Found Manhua Chapter Novel Chapter
1 In coffin of Emperor Kong Ming in the Underground Palace below the Ancient Orchid City Ruins. The aura around the coffin it was sealed in kept others away, but because of the "something" in his soul realm he was able to approach it.[11] 63 38
2 Passed down from ancient times to the patriarch of the Heavenly Marks Family. Nie Hai gives this remnant page to Nie Li when he shows Nie Hai that he has another page.[12] 249.5 221
3 Given to Nie Li by Ancestral Master Daozang's intent in the Void Illusionary Divine Palace.[1] 395
4 Sealed by her grandfather in a mark inside Xiao Ning'er's body.[13] 473
6 In the possession of the Sage Emperor who used it to create the space-time seal.[1] 495
7 395
8 495

Nie Lie acquired the the book and the remaining pages not listed above in Chapter 495


The Temporal Demon Spirit Book has powerful inscription patterns engraved in it. By pouring ones soul force into the book, if their soul force is strong enough to resonate with a pattern, they can activate these separate abilities. Even with only a remnant page of the Temporal Demon Spirit Book, Nie Li is able to activate some of these abilities.[14]

Pattern Ability Used Manhua
1 An energy attack resembling a pillar of light Nie Li used this attack to defeat the Netherlamp Behemoth Demon Beasts in the Abyss Prison Realm.[14] Chapter 148.5 p6

Alternate Life

Nie Li discovered the Temporal Demon Spirit Book in the Desert Palace of the Divine Continent's Endless Desert, with eight pages missing. He was never able to find the missing pages, and because it was incomplete, Nie Li was never able to understand the writings contained within it.[11]

During his past life, Nie Li discovered the power of time related to the book, allowing him to stayed inside the "stationary space-time realm" within it for hundreds of years, training and reading millions of books. This is one of the reasons his knowledge of inscription patterns, alchemy, and cultivation methods is so vast.[15] While training in this separate space Nie Li was able to transcend legend rank to reach the Heavenly Fate Realm. After being reborn he discovered that this was because the space inside the book was not structured into the Power of Law.[9]

Since Nie Li always kept the book with him, when he was fighting with the Sage Emperor his blood covered the book. Most likely this is what triggered his return in the past.[2]