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This is a term used to classify the variety of ways for Cultivators to train their soul force. There are many different styles and types. It is important for a demon spiritualist to carefully choose a cultivation technique that matches their soul realm form and attribute, making the training more effective.[1]

A cultivation techniques include both martial arts and a meditation with chants. The meditation is used to absorb the energy from heaven and earth, known as qi (more info), and move it through the bodies meridians (more info) in order to strengthen their soul realms.[2] Even with just a little cultivation the body is greatly strengthened, allowing it to go without sleep for several days.[3] It also allows practitioners to develop an almost perfect memory.[4]

After reaching the first stage of soul force practice, the soul realm begins to strengthen and surge.[2]

Stages of Cultivation Notes
"heart and soul as one" first stage of cultivation[2]
"mind and body as one" silver rank demon spiritualist, forms a powerful six sense[5]
"virtuous as water" let go of emotional ties and distanced oneself from worldly affairs[6]

Known Cultivation Techniques:

Techniques Cultivators
Heavenly God Nie Li
War God
Void God
Heavenly Scarlet Lightning
Heavenly Qilin Du Ze
Holy Primal Chaos Lu Piao
Nine Revolving Ice Phoenix Ye Ziyun
Lightning Dragon Xiao Ning'er
Physique of Heavenly Marks Nie Yu
Ash Wolves
Revolving Spiritual Wood
Yang Spiritual
Seven Heart Ye Zong (former)
Myriad Dragonroars Xiao Yu & Ming Fei
Heaven’s Divination Ying Yueru, Ancestral Master Phaseless, Ancestral Master Profound Sky, & Venerable Witchfeather
Nine-Transformation Draconic Flames Li Xingyun
Skycloud Hierarch Skycloud, Venerable Flameless
Dharani Gu Heng
God Tongue Ancestral Master Daozang & Demon Lord
Sky Orgin Divine Clan Yun Mie & Xuan Yu
Divine Pulse Emperor Tian Yuan & Long Yuyin
Sky Annihilation Heart Chant Xiu Ming

These are techniques that uses Soul Force in a unique way. Many of these are very mysterious and rarely known. Unlike Cultivation Techniques, where a person only uses one, an individual might use many different special techniques. Many of these are considered forbidden techniques and are only used as a last resort.

Battle Inscription Patterns such as the Forbidden Technique scrolls used by Nie Li are usually special techniques which are activated through Inscription Patterns.[1]

Nie Li has a vast knowledge of these and uses them to surprise his enemies.[2]

Special Techniques:

Technique Used By
Secret Soul Nie Li
Soul Reversal Not used (mentioned by Nie Li)
Soul Separating Nie Li
Berserker’s Heart Unnamed Black Gold rank expert of the Dark Guild
Great Change Heavenly Calculation Emperor Kong Ming
Scarlet Body Refining Sikong Hongyue
Spiritual Constellation Demon Lord, Long Sha, Gui Sha
Soul Refining Not used (mentioned by Nie Li and Ye Shuo)
Demon Spirit Devouring Nie Li (his friends are part of it also)
Divine Blood Wu Yue
Soul Array Triggered by the Thunder God’s Meteorite Sword and the Demon Spirit Devouring Technique
Fog of Misleading Unknown
Heavenly God Nie Li
Divine Stream Nie Li
Heavenly Peace Mingyue Wushuang
Sound Gathering Heavenly Axis Realm expert of Gu Heng
Daozang Secret Command Not used (mentioned by Ancestral Master Daozang)
Gargantuan Intent Divine Technique Emperor Tian Yuan
Magic Note of Heaven and Earth Ying Yueru