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The Divine Continent domain has many subsidiary realms besides the main world. These realms are separate "spaces" and would best be described in the terms of a different "dimension." They come in many different types and sizes. These realms normally have one or more "door" that link to a location in the main world. Summoning type inscription patterns and arrays create a temporary doorway into one of these realms in order to draw out a powerful Demon Beast.[1]

Though the main world can have 36 Spiritual Gods, each of these subsidiary realms can only have one. There are 72 subsidiary realms in all.[2] Some of these realms are under complete human control with no demon beasts at all and are considered the last holdout of humanity if the main world is completely lost.[3]

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List of subsidiary realms:

Name Size Notes
Dreamcloud[3] Extremely Large, Slightly smaller then the Main World A realm under the human clan's control. It is a large and fertile land completely protected from the demon beasts by the Primal Family and their copy of the Amethyst Bamboo.
Abyss Prison[1] Small A realm which 13 families escaped into when the Age of Darkness began. This includes the Silver Winged Family, the Divine Flames Family, and the Black Dragon Family which Duan Jian is a part of.
Abyss[1] Large One of the most vast and dangerous realms. The Abyss Demon that the Dark Guild summoned came from here.
Heavenly Sacred Border[1] Extremely Small Though it is not stated outright, this is most likely a very small subsidiary realm.
Hell[5] The Demon Lord's Eight-Armed Darkhell Fiend comes from this realm.
Myriad Miles Rivers and Mountains Painting [6] Small This is a private subsidiary realm created by an ancient expert. It is filled with a rich amount of Heavenly Energy, as well as large quantities of spiritual herbs.