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Spiritual Lamp

Manhua Chapter 67

Donghua Episode 36

Also called Spirit Lamp. This is a powerful relic left behind by a legend rank demon spiritualist before the Age of Darkness.[1]

These lamps appear to be able to hold a demon spirit, like a Demon Spirit Stone. However, demon spirit stones only last for a short period of time before the demon spirit is lost. The Spiritual Lamp appears to not suffer from this limitation. One such lamp was found by Nie Li in the underground palace of Emperor Kong Ming in the Ancient Orchid City Ruins. This lamp is one of seven legendary spirit lamps that hold the last seven spirits of the extinct shadow devil demon beast. The lamp was formed after Snow Wind Empire was extinct, so it was most likely created during the Sacred Empire Era.[2]

Alternate Life

One of these was found by Chen Linjian's group in the previous life down a secret passage in theAncient Orchid City Ruins, near Glory City.[3] It was taken by Shen Yue and later auctioned off for 1,000,000 demon spirit coins.[2]