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Spiritual beasts are an ancient bloodline. Upon being born, they form a mutual connection with its master, called a Soul Brand. The connection should be secure and unwavering. Even in the Draconic Ruins Realm, spiritual beasts were very rare.[1]

The egg that Nie Li found in the Snow Wind Family's treasure house was in fact a spiritual beast, however upon hatching it already is very strong with a high Spiritual Wisdom. This has made the connection only vague and weak.[1] Nie Li has been slowly reforming Jindan with his own Heavenly Energy in order to apply his Soul Brand within Jindan's Soul Realm.[2]

Known Spiritual Beasts:

Name Rank Type of Beast Master Notes
Jindan Space-Time Bird? Nie Li
Driftcloud Crane[3] Grade 3 Auctioned off a previous year during the sect visits to the Divine Feathers Sect

Alternate Life

In his past life Nie Li owned a spiritual beast, so he already knows what kind of existences they are.[1]