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Sparkling Flying Knife Set

Mahua Chapter 166 p.1

Manhua Chapter 167 p.2

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Manhua Chapter 167 p.2

An attributeless set of three knives made out of Divine Crystals. Each of the knives has s a complicated enchanting inscription patterns carved on them. Their lethality is extremely high as they can easily break through the opponent’s defenses. However, they can only be operated by someone who has attributeless soul force, making them useless to anyone else.[1] Once Nie Li is able to get a closer look, he estimates that they were made by an expert approximately 10,000 years ago.[2]

Nie Li came across the Three Sparkling Flying Knife Set one the top level of the Divine Flames Family's store in the neutral trading town of the Abyss Prison Realm. He was able to haggle a price with Li Heng of 50 bottles of Soul Tempering Pills and 90 bottles of Scarlet Body Enhancing Pills.[1]

Once a person's soul force is injected into the flying knives, they will turn invisible. It will even be difficult for someone to track them with soul force. These powerful knives could even kill a Legend rank expert if they were careless.[1] When Nie Li tests them with his own soul force he discovers that they each have their own name and attribute. They are called the Scarlet Flame (fire), The Scarlet Chill (frost), and the Scarlet Void (possibly dark).[2]

He initially only has enough strength to control one knife at a time and the Scarlet Flame gives him the best control. He is able to kill a black gold fighter of the Silver Winged Family with a surprise attack from it. After attacking, the knife returns to his hand by using his soul force.[3]

Name Attribute Notes
Scarlet Flame Fire Flame attack. Easiest to control for Nie Li. He is able to kill a black gold rank fighter with a surprise attack with this knife even though he is only 1 star gold rank.
Scarlet Chill Frost Ice attack.
Scarlet Void Dark? Its attribute and ability is not clear. It appears to have a dark fog around it.