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Soul Realm

Manhua Chapter 27

Donghua Episode 34

Manhua Variant: Name is changed to "Soul Sea."[1]

A demon spiritualist can form a soul realm within their "energy center," or dantian. They are able to integrate captured demons within this soul realm and can then merge with their demon to gain strength and abilities greater than a regular fighter.[2]

There are seven different classes of soul realms. Each type represents a person’s unique personality and talents. By injecting their soul force into a soul crystal an individual can discover their soul realm type, attribute, and form as well as the amount of soul force they possess.[3] It is widely accepted that an individual's soul realm class determines their training potential. Chen Xiu claims that those with a red soul realm can not possibly reach a soul force greater then 600, which is equivalent to a 5 Star Bronze Rank.[4]

Though it is true that some realms are more difficult to train than others, trainees of all classifications can obtain relatively high ranks if they train diligently with a suitable cultivation technique.[5]

Soul Realm Ranking (according to Glory City)[6] Characters
Red weak/common

Nie Li

Lu Piao

Wei Nan

Zhu Xiangjun

Zhang Ming

Orange average
Yellow average Du Ze
Green genius/rare

Xiao Ning'er

Shen Yue

Cyan genius/rare Ye Ziyun

Ye Mo

Ye Han

Azure legendary
Indigo legendary