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Soul Forming

Manhua Chapter 41

Donghua Episode 24

Manhua Chapter 109.5

This is caused by having the ultimate pureness of soul force. A demon spiritualist that can soul form is extremely rare and normally it can only be done by a gold ranked genius demon spiritualist. Within every ten gold rank, there might not even be one that could reach the realm of soul forming. However, once a demon spiritualist gains the ability to soul form, his soul force would be extremely powerful. The future achievements are at least a black gold rank or above. Soul Forming appears to be triggered by very emotional or desperate situations.[1]

Characters that can use soul forming:

Name What triggered it
Xiao Ning'er After the value of purple haze grass went up, her family wished to take it from her. After she told them that she gave it to a friend they talked about retrieving it from him. She grew angry at them and refused to give them Nie Li's name.[1]
Nie Li After being caught in Ye Ziyun's courtyard half naked by her father, Nie Li was thourghly beat by him. In defense of his life and his relationship with Ye Ziyun, Nie Li stood up to Ye Zong.[2]