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Soul Form

Ice Phoenix form
Manhua Chapter 31

Winged Dragon
Manhua Chapter 25

Ice Phoenix form
Donghua Episode 19

Winged Dragon form, Wind Lightning
Donghua Episode 16

Manhua Variant: Name is changed to "Soul Sea Form."[1]

A person's soul form and attribute can be viewed by pouring one's soul force into a soul crystal. The form is determined by the shape, color, and movement of the soul force within the crystal. By observing this the most appropriate cultivation technique can be determined. A person's cultivation would progress a lot slower and their potential power would drop if they practiced the wrong technique.[2]

The soul form is independent of the attribute. The number of forms has not been stated and is most likely extremely varied. It is also possible to have no form.

Form Character Rarity Note
None[3] Nie Li Common[4] It is described as fragmented and disordered
Heavenly Thundercloud[2] Du Ze Uncommon[5] Manhua Variant: It is referred to as "Tian Lin," "Soul Sea," or "Thundercloud" Form.


Scarlet Sun[2] Lu Piao Common Manhua Variant: Name is changed to "Red Sun Form"


Winged Dragon[7] Xiao Ning'er Legendary A powerful form can work with almost any type of cultivation technique, however with a suitable attribute’s cultivation technique the rise in cultivation will be even more amazing.
Ice Phoenix[8] Ye Ziyun Legendary

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