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Manhua Variant: Name is changed to "Soul Sea Attribute."[1]

A person's soul form and attribute can be viewed by pouring one's soul force into a soul crystal. The attribute is determined by the shape, color, and movement of the soul force within the crystal. By observing this the most appropriate cultivation technique can be determined. Practicing an unsuitable technique would drop one's potential power level and slow the progress of cultivation.[2]

There are at least seven attributes (it is unclear if there are more then seven or if there are duel attributes as well). Usually a soul force has one of these, however it is possible for a person to not possess any attribute. Attribute-less soul realms are said to be the most unstable and most likely to change.[3]

Listed below are the currently known attributes as well as the characters and techniques that go with them:

Attribute Attack Type Characters Techniques Notes
Neutral[3] Nie Li Heavenly God

War God

Void God

Lightning Fire[2] Lightning and Fire Du Ze Heavenly Scarlet Lightning

Heavenly Qilin

Chaos[2] Lu Piao Holy Primal Chaos
Snow Wind[4] Ice and Wind Ye Ziyun Nine Revolving Ice Phoenix Manhua Variant: Name is changed to "Blizzard."


Wind Lightning[6] Lightning and Wind Xiao Ning'er Lightning Dragon
Sacred Flame[7] Fire Zhu Xiangjun
God[7] Wind Wei Nan
Holy[7] Zhang Ming
Dark[8] Corrosion
Gold[9] Defensive ?
Lightning[10] Lightning

Note Box: A Guess about Attributes

Manhua chapter 17


• There are a lot more attributes that we know of, especially considering that there are 108 Spiritual Gods who hold power over their respective elements/attributes.

Original Editor's thoughts/opinions:

• In chapter 14 it is implied that there are seven attributes, but since then it has mentioned more then just seven.

• More then likely there are seven single attributes, but that there are common duel attributes (i.e "Snow Wind" and "Lightning Fire").

• With a bit of research it seems that the system is a mixture of the traditional Chinese Taoist elements and the Buddhist Chakras. The Chakra colors also line up with the Soul Realm colors, but not the element colors. This is just me guessing. I welcome other thoughts or opinions.

Taoist Elements Element Color Buddhist Chakras Chakra Elements Chakra Color TDG Attributes?
Earth Yellow / Orange Muladhara (Root): Earth / Rock / Nature / Soil / Metal / Wood Earth Red Gold
Water Black / Blue Svadhisthana (Sacral): Water / Ice / Snow / Steam / Fog / Mist Water Orange Snow
Fire Red / Purple Manipura (Navel): Fire / Heat / Flame Fire Yellow Fire
Wood Green / Brown Anahata (Heart): Air / Wind / Magic / Sound / Music Air / Wind Green Wind
Metal White / Silver Vishuddhi (Throat): Aether / Light / Life / Lightning / Electricity / Energy / Magnetism Space Blue Lightning
Yin (Dark) Black Ajna (Third Eye): Totality / Cosmos / Balance / Black Magic Indigo Dark / Chaos
Yang (Light) White Sahasrara (Crown): Emptiness / Wisdom / Timeless / Notionless Violet Holy