Somehow the Demon Spirit Devouring Technique caused a reaction in the Thunder God’s Meteorite Sword. It formed an inscription pattern array special technique that linked Nie Li and his friend's soul realms.[1]

As long as they are not separated between dimensions, they will be able to sense each other’s existences, even if they are far away. If someone is in danger, they will all immediately sense it. If they are in the same realm and someone’s soul realm grows stronger, then through the resonance between the soul realms, everyone connected will also benefit from the growth and their soul force will also reach a higher level. Through this connection they were all able to feel the power of law inside Nie Li.[1]

As long as they aren’t far from one another, once a battle breaks out, any of them will be able to utilize the power from their soul realms dozens of folds more compared to their original power. Of course, the exhaustion in their soul force will also be dozens of folds more compared to the original amount.[1]

Although all of them form a network, the core is Nie Li. Since he is the core of this mysterious Soul Array, once he dies, the entire Soul Array will collapse. Also, Nie Li can remove the connection with anyone, can transfer anyone’s energy anywhere he wished and whenever anyone intends to utilize the energy, it has to be through him.[1]

When Duan Jian reaches Legend rank it has a strong impact on the Soul array. Through this connection each of the other members felt the effect of is soul force enhancing their cultivation.[2]

Members of the Soul Array:

1. Nie Li
2. Ye Ziyun
3. Xiao Ning'er
4. Lu Piao
5. Du Ze

6. Wei Nan
7. Zhang Ming
8. Zhu Xiangjun
9. Duan Jian
10. Xiao Xue
11. Nie Yu

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