This is the spiritual god that cultivates the law of snow wind.

Former Spiritual God

This unnamed god was a member of the human tribe. He is most likely dead. A portion of its Divine Spark can be summoned with an array that is placed on the walls of the City Lord’s Mansion.[1] However, in order to summon it they must expend a large amount of energy in the form of Sacred Spiritual Rocks.[2]

Once activated, it has the appearance of a white armored giant god with bronze eyes shrouded in a blizzard and wielding a giant ice axe. In the past it has been able to withstand attacks from the three legend rank snow wind demon beasts of the St. Ancestral Mountain Range.[1]

During the banquet where the Snow Wind Family finally moved against the Sacred Family the Snow Wind Spiritual God was summoned to counter the Shadow Devil summoned by Shen Yuan and the elders of the Sacred Family.[1]

Current Spiritual God

There is most likely no current Snow Wind Spiritual God. However, When Ye Mo meets with Nie Li for the first time he discovers that not only is Ye Mo cultivating the law of Snow Wind, but he actually holds a piece of the Snow Wind Spiritual God's divine spark.[3]

Alternate Life

During the Demon Beast Horde that destroyed Glory City the Snow Wind Spiritual God was summoned, but even it could not counter the number of demon beasts and was eventually overwhelmed.[2]

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