The most powerful of the three major families of Glory City. Much of their power can be attributed to the fact that Glory City's sole Legend rank demon spiritualist is a member of their family.[1] They are also one of the oldest, as their family is a branch of the Thunder Family.[2] The Thunder Family was the family of one of the five legend rank demon spiritualists, Ye Yan, that founded Glory City.[3]

The Snow Wind Family has had the title of City Lord for the last five generations. A large part of the reason they were able to stay the strongest is their willingness to adopt talented commoners into their family. The current legend rank demon spiritualist, Ye Mo was one of these.[4]

Family Members:

Name Family Positions Notes
Ye Ziyun Direct Descendant, 36th descendant generation[5] Student at Holy Orchid Institute
Ye Mo Ye Ziyun's Grandfather, Strongest Legend Rank Demon Spiritualist
Ye Zong (deceased) Ye Ziyun's Father, second strongest, Patriarch Glory City's Lord, 2 star Legend Rank Demon Spiritualist. Killed by the Demon Lord.
? (deceased) Ye Ziyun's Mother Considered one of the most beautiful women of her generation. Died when Ye Ziyun was young, most likely from being poisoned by Shen Hong.[6]
Xiao Die[7] Family Maid Works in the City Lord's Mansion
Ye Hong Ye Ziyun's cousin Student at Holy Orchid Institute in the Genius Class
Xue Yin Family Friend

Ye Ziyun's caretaker

An inscription master that Ye Ziyun calls Aunt Xue
Ye Yan Founder of Glory City,

Founder of Snow Wind Family

Deceased body, however his spirit is sealed within the Heavenly Sacred Border. His spirit was later bound within a soul puppet.
Ye Xiu Ye Ziyun's uncle, third strongest Black Gold Demon Spiritualist, Known as the third strongest
Ye Han (former, deceased?) Ye Ziyun's adoptive brother Was absent from Glory City for two years, traveling with Ye Ming. Later betrayed his family and was disowned.
Ye Ming (deceased) Elder Was absent from Glory City for two years, traveling with Ye Han.
Ye Shuo Elder, forth strongest A mysterious elder that controls a force behind the scenes.
Ye Gu Fifth Patriarch Mentioned in Donhua, Episode 53.
Ye He Seventh Great Elder Mentioned in Donhua, Episode 53.

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