Skysoul Institute
Location Information
Domain Draconic Ruins Realm
Realm Main World
Region Divine Feathers Sect

The Skysoul Institute is an extremely large school located in the Inner Division of the Divine Feathers Sect of the Draconic Ruins Realm. It is deep within a mountain range with a flourishing forest surrounding the buildings. It has millions of students, almost like an independent kingdom.[1]

The geniuses from the scattered cities and smaller realms would be recruited into the Skysoul Institute in order improve their cultivation once every ten years. When they first arrive, all prospective students will be evaluated to see the grade of their Spiritual Root. Those who do not have a 5 grade Man Spiritual grade or greater are not accepted into the institute unless they have a strong family background.[1]

Fighting is strictly prohibited, except for challenges in tournaments. There are severe punishments for those who don’t abide by those rules, even being locked up in the Frost Cellar.[1]

The classes are arranged according to spiritual root. Because there are so few of them, all thirty six of the first year students with a Heavenly Root are in the same class with Venerable Redsoul as the instructor. There are eleven female and twenty five male.[2] The classes meet once every three days for lectures, while they are to spend the other days training and practicing what they have been taught.[3]

At the end of every year, the few students that have demonstrated exceptional ability are able to move up to the next district. Whether a student changes their district or not, they continue to study at the institute until they are able to enter the sect as inner or outer disciples.[4]

Districts Ranking Spiritual Root of Disciples[5]
Central 1 Powerful geniuses of the East District
East 2 Those from the West District that demonstrate sufficient potential
West 3 Earth and Heaven Spiritual Roots
South 4 Above 5 Grade and below 9 Grade Man Spiritual Root
North 5 5 Grade Man Spiritual Root and below


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