One of the thirteen families that escaped from the demon beast riot that started the Age of Darkness by entering the Ten Millennium Spatial Array. In this dark Abyss Prison Realm they have built their homes on top of large trees and have many Thunderbirds throughout the village.[1] Due to the lack of a variety of demon spirits, their cultivation seems to be mostly that of fighters, however the Thunderbird wings give them some unique abilities.[2]

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They speak the language from the Woodland Empire.[3] In the past, had close ties with the Silverlit Family. They were allies and there were many marriages between them.[1] The founding patriarch of the family implanted the wings of a Silver Winged Thunderbird on his back, since then the highest noble members of the family naturally have had silver wings.[1] However, as they age their body slowly starts to reject the wings, resulting in death. Most Silver Winged Family members will not live past the age of sixty.[4]


They are one of the three most powerful of families in the Abyss Prison Realm, since they have a legend rank expert. The other families have been uniting together under the Divine Flames Family to stop them from conquering others. They are a violent and heartless people that thinks nothing of killing those that they deem useless. It seems that they look down on others and consider them weak.[5]

They regularly fight with five of the other families that live in the Abyss Prison Realm, including the Black Dragon Family.[1] People that they capture from the other families or from the many small villages have a Blood Imprint put on them and then are sent to work, in the family's Blood Crystal mine.[6]

When Nie Li and his friends escape from the Silver Winged village they set off a bunch of Flame Explosion inscription patterns that cause mayhem and destruction. A large section of the village was destroyed and many of the slaves escaped.[7] Because of this the Silver Winged Family started to be suppressed by the other families. Sikong Yi used a desperate forbidden technique to raise his strength, but once he was defeated by Duan Jian the Silver Winged Family was completely ruined.[8]

Known Family Members:

Name Family Position Notes
Sikong Hongyue Daughter of the Patriarch 5 Star Gold Expert, has silver wings
Sikong Yi (deceased ?) Sikong Hongyue's father, Patriarch Legend Rank Expert
Sikong Shou (deceased) Branch member, guard One of the head guards at the blood crystal mine.
? (deceased) Duan Jian's mother Killed by her own family for falling in love with Duan Yun, a member of the Black Dragon Family, and having Duan Jian.[9]
Sikong Jue (deceased) 5 star gold rank expert. Leader of the group escorting Nie Li and Duan Jian to the teleport array. Killed by Duan Jian.
4 Gold Rank Minions (deceased) Sent to escort Nie Li and Duan Jian. Killed by Duan Jian.
Young Slave Slave It is unknown what family he belongs to but it is most likely one of the enemies of the Silver Winged Family or a small village.[10]
3 Inscriptionist Brothers (deceased) Inscription Masters The trio of gold rank experts responsible for placing Blood Imprints on the slaves.[11]
3 Black Gold Experts (1 deceased) Elders One was killed by Nie Li's Scarlet Flame flying knife while the other two escaped with Sikong Hongyue.[12]

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