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Shen Xiu

Manhua Chapter 1

Manhua Chapter 1

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Manhua 71

Chinese 沈秀
Character Information
Age 20 [1]
Tribe Human [2]
Gender Female [2]
Build Tall [2]
Hair Brown [3]
Eyes Brown [3]
Personality proud, overbearing, arrogant
Profession Holy Orchid Institute Teacher(former) [2]
Soul Properties
Spiritualist Rank 3 Star Silver [2]
Demon Spirit/s Scarlet Flaming Fox [2]
Home Glory City [2]
Family Sacred Family

Shen Fei (nephew)

Shen Hong (brother)

Shen Yue {nephew)

Enemies Nie Li
Light Novel Chapter 1 – Reborn
Manhua Chapter 1 – Rebirth

A member of the Sacred Family, Shen Xiu is a 3 Star Silver Demon Spiritualist with a gold rank Scarlet Flaming Fox demon. When transformed, her facial features, teeth and nails became sharper, and a scarlet tail emerges from her back. After merging with a demon she gains its strength and fire abilities.[2] She is Shen Hong's sister and Shen Fei's and Shen Yue's aunt.

Appearance and Personality

Shen Xiu is very beautiful but her personality is full of pride and arrogance. She has a very condescending way of looking at anyone born as a commoner making her a strict and unyielding teacher in the fighter apprentice class at Holy Orchid Institute. She only agreed to teach the class because her nephew, Shen Yue was in it.[2]

She had a tall figure, was wearing a lavender dress that wrapped tightly against her body, giving an emphasis of her perky chest. She had a pair of slender, white legs, and wore exquisite make-up that made her look beautiful and elegant. Her eyes were full of pride and arrogance[2]


Alternate Life

As a member of Sacred Family, it is presumed that she is one of the people that fled and abandoned Glory City during the snow wind demon beasts attack.[4]

Current Life

Characters and Relationships Arc

Nie Li:

She agreed to a bet with Nie Li. In two months time, when the class is tested, if he is able to rise to bronze rank she will resign. If he can not then he will resign.[5]

Gain a Cultivation Arc

Nie Li:

She is repetitively put down by Nie Li as he openly contradicts her and proves her knowledge to be lacking. Even going to the extent to show that her family's famous Scarlet Sunburst Inscription Pattern was stolen from an ancient book. This enrages the prideful Shen Xiu and she goes out of her way to try and get him expelled.[6]

Placement Exam Arc

Nie Li:

Nie Li, Du Ze, Lu Piao, Zhang Ming, Zhu Xiangjun,and Wei Nan mostly stopped even going to class. Shen Xiu ignored this and just waited for the exam to be rid of them. However, at the exam they all showed incredible skill. Nie Li further humiliated her by getting exactly 100 strength and 100 soul force, just receiving Bronze rank and winning their bet. The bet was well known, so Shen Xiu could not go back on it and immediately resigned. For this she holds a lot of resentment and swears to herself to get revenge.[7]

The Ten Millennium Spatial Array Arc

Ye Han:

When Ye Han returns to Glory City Shen Xiu approaches him. She was a former classmate of his and could see his resentment of Nie Li, who in only a few days, has completely replaced him. She offers to help him regain the City Lord's seat as well as Ye Ziyun, if he helps the Sacred Family take down the Snow Wind Family.[8] Even though he does not appear to want to join the Sacred Family, at this point he does not see any other choice and agrees.[9]

Taking down the Sacred Family Arc

Ye Han:

After Ye Han attempts to assassinate Ye Zong, he tells her what he did. She believes him and tells her brother Shen Hong that it is likely that Ye Zong is dead and the Snow Wind Family is hiding it. She then snuck Ye Han out of the City and got him to the Dark Guild.[10]

Xiao Ning'er:

Shen Xiu wishes for nothing more then to strike back at Xiao Ning'er after learning about how Shen Fei was beat up by her. While at the meeting of Glory City's experts at the City Lord’s Mansion she sees Nie Li and Xiao Ning'er with the Winged Dragon Family and decides to strike. She is also asked by Shen Hong to go with Shen Yan and test the abilities of the young man who is with Nie Li, Duan Jian.[11]
She directly walks over to the Winged Dragon Family and confronts Xiao Ning'er. She calls her shameless and berates her for trying to break the marriage contract. Her words are very vicious and she does not allow Xiao Ning'er any room to respond.[11]

Nie Li:

Nie Li is standing right there and will not allow Shen Xiu to continue. He defends Xiao Ning'er and tells Shen Xiu to leave or he will beat her. She is still only a silver rank demon spiritualist and can be easily suppressed by Nie Li. When she still refuses to back down, Nie Li tells Duan Jian to beat her and then throw her out.[11]

Duan Jian:

She backs up behind Shen Yan, who is a black gold rank fighter.[11] But Duan Jian does not hesitate to approach. After Shen Yan's attacks do no damage to him, he strikes out with a kick and defeats Shen Yan with one blow. He then slaps Shen Xiu, causing her face to badly swell. Luckily for her, Shen Hong stepped in and deescalate the situation in order to get her out of there.[12]

Battle Between Families:

When the fighting breaks out she is beaten and then captured.[13]


  • Shen means "liquid" (沈).
  • Xiu means "show, beautiful, elegant, excellent, handsome" (秀).