Shadow Devil

Manhua Chapter 67

Donghua Episode 36

A now extinct powerful demon beast. Those who integrated with a Shadow Devil Demon Spirit were all extremely powerful assassins. Even Legend rank Demon Spiritualists would have a hard time guarding against them.[1]

Demon Spirits

It is said that after the age of the Snow Wind Empire, only seven shadow devil demon spirits remained. Each of these was said to be locked in a spiritual lamp and held together in a temple. However, the lamps were later stolen by thieves. One of these lamps was found by Nie Li in the underground palace of Emperor Kong Ming in theAncient Orchid City Ruins.[2]

As a demon spiritualist, Nie Li wanted the shadow devil as the first of his demon spirits that he can hold it in his soul realm when he reaches silver rank. Although the Shadow Devil is not particularly strong in its fighting capability, it is a very mysterious demon beast with many unique abilities.[2] When Nie Li reaches silver rank he successfully integrates the Shadow Devil into his soul realm.[3] It's an assassin type creature that uses its void-form to make surprise attacks.[4] It also has a God level growth rate.[5]

Abilities Notes
Void-form When in this form Nie Li is almost undetectable, but he cannot interact with or attack others.[3] Unlike most stealth abilities attacks have no effect on someone in this form, but their speed is vastly reduced[4]
Bone Sickles A meter long razor sharp blade grows out of each arm.[3]


The Dark Guild are known for using a Shadow Devil summoning technique. When summoned the Shadow Devil has an appearance like a large shadow with red eyes. It has vicious sweeping claws that strike down everyone within reach. During the meeting of Glory City's experts, Shen Yuan and the other elders of the Sacred Family used this technique. By doing so it was like confirming the fact that they had betrayed Glory City.[6]

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