These are locations in the Divine Continent and other Domains where humans and Humanoids have been able to survive against the Demon Beasts.

Settlement Size Strengths Weaknesses
Glory City
  • 2 Cities
  • 6 Villages
  • Millions of people
  • Mostly unified
  • Lots of food
  • Lots of preserved knowledge
Abyss Prison Realm
  • 13 separate families with their own towns
  • Many small villages
  • Hundreds of thousands of people
  • Lots of rare ore
  • Safe from the Demon Beast Horde
  • Lost knowledge of most Alchemy
  • Lack of food
  • Low variety of demon beasts to hunt or use as demon spirits
  • Lack of unity
Heavenly Fate Plateau
  • Small village
  • Few thousand people
  • Safe from the Demon Beast Horde
Nether Realm
  • 15 Cities
  • Thousands of people
  • Hundreds of thousands of people from Humanoid races
  • Safe from the Demon Beast Horde
  • Extremely strong cultivation
  • Lack of good food and resources
  • Lacks unity/survival of the fittest
  • Lost knowledge of most Inscription Patterns
Draconic Ruins Realm
  • Thousands of cities
  • Billions of people
  • Relatively safe within the powerful Sects
  • Able to cultivate beyond Demigod rank
  • Regular battle with the Demon God Sect
  • Higher level of cultivation means less safety for those with lower ranks

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