Scarlet Pearl

Manhua Chapter 257 p.1

Also called a "Red Pearl," "Red Jewel," or "Scarlet Gem."

Some type of mysterious and powerful treasure that was found embedded into the forehead of a Zombie Jiao-dragon inside a lake on the first layer of the Nine-Layered Deathlands in the Nether Realm.[1] Even Nie Li is unsure of what it is or it abilities, however an extremely pure aura emits from it. Because of this, many experts, including Cang Ming and Mu Ye, band together in an attempt to kill the Zombie Jiao-dragon and claim the Scarlet Pearl.[2]

The Zombie Jiao-dragon is able to draw on the power of the pearl to increase its power during its fight. After a lengthy battle the zombie Jia-dragon is unexpectedly saved by Xiao Yu's interference. He then removes the pearl and offers it to Xiao Ning'er, but is quickly refused. Instead Nie Li shamelessly takes it. He later gives it to Xiao Ning'er himself.[3]

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