Scarlet Ghost

Manhua Chapter 147 p.1

A 1 star silver demon beast that resembles a monkey. It doesn’t have any hair on his body and it’s skin is a scarlet color. It has sharp pointy ears, short arms with long and slender claws, and bulging blue eyes.[1]

It is considered a fairly weak demon beast, however it swarms in large groups with even thousands surrounding a target. Nie Li and his friends ran into such a horde within the origin barrier surrounding the Ten Millennium Spatial Array.[1] Nie Li used the battle inscription pattern known as Blood Burst Magic Bottle to help them fight off the swarm that attacked.[2] It appears that these Scarlet Ghost's are more aggressive because some expert sealed Blood Crystals inside of a few.[2]

The Netherlamp Behemoth is a natural predator of the Scarlet Ghost.[1]

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