Purple Haze Grass

Herbal Bath

Herbal Bath with Purple Haze Grass
Manhua Chapter 28

Purple Haze Grass Donghua

Donghua Episode 18

Purple Haze Grass is a type of herb that takes three years to mature. With his knowledge of Alchemy, Nie Li knew that Purple Haze grass had many more uses beyond the insect repellent use that it was being used for. After buying up much of the market at a low price, he sent a letter into the director of the Alchemy Association describing sixty different uses, almost half of them were extremely valuable. Once word of this was spread the price of Purple Haze grass skyrocketed.[1]

Known uses:

  • Originally the use was to burn it in order for the smoke to repel insects.[2]
  • When refining Soul Assembling Pill and Spiritual Enhancing Pill, by adding a little Purple Haze Grass in it could increase the effect of the pill by 30%.[1]
  • By combining Purple Haze Grass and 5 other herbs and taking a herbal bath with them, one could nourish the soul force.[1] This also nourishes the skin, which is gives a beautifying effect.[3]
  • It is extremely toxic to Giant Blue Armed Ape and can be used to poison them.[4]
  • Purple Haze Grass with Tiger Gaze Grass can enhance breast size and perkiness.[5]