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Tales of Demons and Gods Wikia

Also called "Law Energy."

This is the extremely pure type of Soul Force that is used by those that cultivate a law. Every law has its own energy and when it is cultivated by an individual it fuses with them. It is with this that the Spiritual Gods are able to break through into the Heavenly Fate Realm.[1] However just cultivating the power of law is insufficient by itself to reach this higher level.[2]

Sensing the power of law is an extremely difficult process. It can take decades of time to empty yourself and let your heart become pure and clean like the heavens and earth. The power of law will then sense your sincere heart and accept you.[2]

After comprehending it and deconstructing the power of law. Nie Li discovers that, at its heart, the power of law is actually made of flowing inscription patterns. Each law is formed by their own mysterious inscription patterns and work together to create the world's structure. This is why it is so difficult in the Divine Continent to break into the Heavenly Fate Realm. In his previous life Nie Li was able to by-pass the laws by studying inside the Temporal Demon Spirit Book, a realm outside of this imposed structure.[3]

Known Laws:

Law Known Owners Power/Ability
Darkness (ex) Spiritual God of Darkness
(Current) Nie Li
Darkness wing
Death (ex) Spiritual God of Death
(Current) Nie Li
Bone armour and weapons, energy/stone hands, ropes that can absorb another's energy, black ravens, bone walls, ghoul summon
Earth Spiritual God of Earth
Fire Yu Yan Wall of flames, Fireball
Gold Gold Spiritual God
Hell (ex) Spiritual God of Hell
(Current) Demon Lord
Black chains
Ice (ex) Spiritual God of Ice
(Current) Zhu Long
Ice dragons
Light (ex) Spiritual God of Light
(Current) Nie Li
Light wing
Lightning / Thunder Spiritual God of Lightning / Thunder Maybe he created the Thunder God’s Meteorite Sword
Nether Ming Fei Black spears
Primal Chaos Spiritual God of Primal Chaos
Snow Wind Spiritual God of Snow Wind

Ye Mo is starting to learn this law

Time and Space Time and Space Spiritual God Maybe he created the Temporal Demon Spirit Book