Nine-Layered Deathlands
Location Information
Domain Divine Continent
Realm Main World
Region St. Ancestral Mountain Range
Settlement Nether Realm

A dangerous area that is in the Nether Realm. It is an ancient battlefield where the human and demon beast spiritual gods fought for thousands of years. The miasma from the countless number of corpses has turned the entire area into a deathland. There are innumerable treasures scattered around there.[1] It is rumored that one can find Spiritual Origin Fruits here.[2]

The deathlands are made up of nine separate layers that get progressively more dangerous as you go up them. The last three layers are the Master of Nether's private domain. He has complete control over them and can change these three layers at will. It would normally take months to travel through the layers, but there is a short cut that can be opened to directly enter the seventh layer.[2]

Layer Notes
1 It was here that the Jade Seal Family found a treasure map.[1] Nie Li and his group discover the Zombie Jiao-dragon and the Death God's Tomb here also.
7 Start of Master of Nether's private domain. Special short cut door allows people to directly enter this layer.[2] This is were the first test of the Lord of Nether's Disciple Selection is held.
8 During the disciple selection, this level was of the Flaming Wastelands and held the Black Infernal Tower. The second test was held here.[3]
9 This layer resembles a garden. Ming Fei and the other ambassadors from the Draconic Ruins Realm watched those that entered the Disciple Selection trials from here.[4]

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