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Nie Li

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Manhua Chapter 1

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Chinese 聂离
Pinyin Niè lí
Character Information
Age 13 (start)
16 (current)
100's of years(mentally, reborn)(see refs)

Tribe Human [2]
Gender 17px-Male.png Male [2]
Build Average height, Handsome [5]
Hair Orange [6]
Eyes Blue(Manhua)


Personality clever, determined, patient, shrewd, wise
Profession Holy Orchid Institute Student, Genius Class (former)

Holy Orchid Institute Library Clerk (former)

Alchemy Association Senior Master

Nether Realm Senior Inscriptionist

Skysoul Institute West District student (former)

Skysoul Institute East District student (former)

Demon League Captain

Sect Master of the Divine Feathers Sect









Soul Properties
Realm Red Soul Realm

Colorless realm (true realm)

Form Disordered

Vine with unknown starry sky

Attribute Neutral [16]
Spiritual Root 8 Grade Heaven (Public)

Black Grade (True)

Spiritualist Rank 3 - 4 (or higher) Dao of Dragon (Light Novel)

5 Fate Heavenly Fate Realm (Manhua)

Emperor (Past life)



Fighter Rank Steel physique of the Thunder God’s Meteorite Sword [23]
Cultivation Heavenly God

Power of Law (Light, Darkness, Death)
(Law of Time and space)

Demon Spirit/s Shadow Devil

Fanged Panda

Bloodwing Saint Jiao-dragon


Spiritual Beast/s Jindan [29]
Relationships (Link)
Home Glory City [2]
Family Heavenly Marks

Nie Ming (father)

Xiao Yun (mother)

Miao Ling (aunt)

Nie Kai (uncle)

Nie Yu (cousin)
Sect Divine Feathers Sect [30]
Loves Ye Ziyun(fiancee)

Xiao Ning'er (fiancee)

Loved by Xiao Ning'er

Ye Ziyun
Huyan Lanruo
Yang Xin
Xiao Yu
Long Yuyin (Fiancee in 5 years agreement)
Yu Yan

Master Ying Yueru(former)

Ming Fei(former)
Venerable Redsoul(former)
Hierarch Skycloud(current)

Students Long Yuyin [34]
Friends Du Ze
Lu Piao
Wei Nan
Zhu Xiangjun
Zhang Ming
Xiao Ning'er
Ye Ziyun
Chen Linjian
Xiao Xue
Duan Jian
Yu Yan
Xiao Yu
Gu Bei
Li Xingyun
Long Yuyin

Yan Yang
Mingyue Wushuang

Enemies Sage Emperor

Sacred Family (exterminated)

Dark Guild

Demon Lord (temporarily cease-fire)

Wugui Family (exterminated)

Murong Yu

Long Tianming

Venerable Flameless
Light Novel Chapter 1 - Reborn
Manhua Chapter 1 - Rebirth

After dying at the hands of the Sage Emperor, Nie Li wakes up back in his thirteen year old body. Given a second chance to save his loved ones, he is determined to stop the Sacred Family from betraying Glory City, and causing the attack that not only destroyed his home but killed all of his friends and family.

Nie Li is a member of the Heavenly Marks Family, a declining and weak aristocratic family. His initial talent is considered by others to be poor and is lacking in culture and social position. However, he retains all the knowledge he gathered while roaming the Divine Continent in his past life. Using that, he plans to cultivate himself to far greater heights in this life.[35] He also gathers allies who protected Glory City in his previous life. With his massive amount of knowledge, he helps his friends and family become stronger so that they can have a better chance at survival. These include: his best friends Du Ze and Lu Piao; Du Ze's followers Zhang Ming, Zhu Xiangjun, and Wei Nan; his past love Ye Ziyun; and Xiao Ning'er.

Appearance and Personality

His appearance is not really described in the novel beyond his pretty good looks and that he is a little shorter then Shen Yue. The manhua shows him as having orange spiky hair that reaches past his shoulders and blue eyes. His hair is often tied up into a pony tail.[6]

He has a very calm and determined personality. Though his appearance is that of a thirteen year old, he truly has the mind of someone far older and more experienced. This often times confuses those around him. After losing everyone he cared for in his previous life, he swore to himself that he will protect them in this one.

After experiencing countless near death experiences in his previous life, Nie Li doesn't fear death. Almost nothing makes him afraid after his rebirth. Thus, he is able to handle almost every kind of situation that surfaces. Beside being a master tactician, he is good at reading the hidden intentions of those sly and cunning people he meets. Although he has a vicious tongue, he usually only uses it against his enemies, but does occasionally tease those who are close to him.

Nie Li is the only person so far in the story seen equipping more than one Demon spirit, making others question how he can do that. Nie Li has also seen many of the treasure chests in the world in his past life. Therefore, something completely useless to someone might become a treasure to Nie Li as he has the knowledge of how to properly use it.

In his alternate life, Nie Li used to be a timid and cowardly youth. However, he changed while traveling and facing life and death struggles together with Ye Ziyun. This happiness was short lived as Ye Ziyun died soon after protecting him from a demon beast's attack.


Alternate Life

Tiny World

Nie Li lost his friends and family when a demon beast horde attacked and destroyed Glory City. He was only a student at the time and had only reached the Rank of 3 Star Bronze Rank fighter.[36] He was one of the few thousand survivors that fled Glory City.[35] They first came upon the Heavenly Fate Plateau and then later went into eastern Endless Desert.[37] While struggling to survive there, he became lovers with his childhood crush, Ye Ziyun. Unfortunately, she died shortly afterward while trying to protect him.[35]

Awhile after Glory City's destruction, he returned and visited the Heavenly Sacred Border.[38] He also visited the Black Spring and discovered extremely profound and complex inscription patterns, but did not understand them.[39]

Afterwards, he continued wandering the world, meeting people and reading every book he could to become stronger. Even with his inadequate beginnings, his hard work allowed him to transcend Legendary Rank as a demon spiritualist.[35] His weapon in this life was the powerful Purple Mist Sword.[40]

He trained in a stationary time space for hundreds of years within the Temporal Demon Spirit Book and was able to read thousands of books. He mastered seven languages, alchemy, inscription patterns, demon beast knowledge, history, and cultivation methods.[41] Because he was in a separate world, outside of the laws that govern this world, he was eventually able to use the Power of Heaven to go beyond Legend Rank and the Heavenly Fate Realm.[42]

Draconic Ruins Realm

About a hundred years after the fall of Glory City, Nie Li was able to travel to the Draconic Ruins Realm where he was found to be only moderately talented in cultivating the Power of Heaven, with a 7 grade Earth Spiritual Root.[43] He watched as the Divine Feathers Sect was pulled apart by internal power struggles.[44] However, he could not do anything because he was an outsider and a newcomer to the clan. Soon after, Nie Li's teacher (Ying Yueru) is killed by Long Yuyin, from the Dragonseal Family, who is one of the causes for the fall of the Divine Feathers Sect.[45] Because he promised his master not to pursue revenge, he did not massacre the Divine Feathers Sect. Instead, he caused a huge ruckus and beat all the experts of the Sect to the ground.[46]

After Nie Li became a peak expert of the Draconic Ruins Realm he met a mysterious masked woman named Xiao Ning (Xiao Ning'er), who he grew close to and lived with for many years. However, she eventually died in battle, leaving Nie Li alone again.[47]

At this time the Sage Emperor was the absolute supreme existence, whose influence covered multiple realms. After performing calculations on the natural law, the Sage Emperor suspected Nie Li would become his enemy. He began to take actions against him.[48] While Nie Li was already on the edge of exhaustion and surrounded by six Deity Rank Demon Beast Generals, he was forced to watch as the Sage Emperor erased the souls of his loved ones, who Nie Li had planned to resurrect.[49]

In the end, Nie Li's cultivation was finally able to surpass that of the Sage Emperor, however by that point he had thoroughly lost all meaning to his own existence and died in unjust anguish.[49] After dying, his mind was returned back in time to the age of thirteen by way of the mysterious Temporal Demon Spirit Book, keeping all of his knowledge, wits, and intelligence but not his own cultivation and strength.[35]

Current Life

Characters and Relationships Arc

Sacred Family:

Nie Li is a student in the Holy Orchid Institute's Apprentice Fighter class. With his contempt of the Sacred Family, Nie Li has no qualms about dismissing his teacher from the Sacred Family, Shen Xiu. He even goes so far as to bet that he will raise his soul force from 5 to 100, becoming a Bronze ranked demon spiritualist by the time of the test in two months. If he fails he will resign from the school, but if he succeeds then Shen Xiu will resign.[36]

Du Ze, Lu Piao, Zhang Ming, Zhu Xiang Jun, and Wei Nan:

When he calls out Shen Xiu on her disregard for the commoners, he gains many friends. Du Ze and Lu Piao along with three other students, stand up with him in the back of the class.[36] He is able to use his knowledge of alchemy to hunt Horned sheep with them and earn enough money to support their cultivation.[50]

Xiao Ning'er:

Nie Li knew that Xiao Ning'er had been bedridden for two years in the past life. He is able to diagnose her with Arctic Disease. He warns her of its effects and she asks him to treat the disease with the Daoyin Technique before it gets any worse. This broke the distance between them and allowed them to become friends, whereas they were not in the last life[51].

Ye Ziyun:

Though Nie Li has deep feelings for her, the relationship between them is that of just strangers. However, she is impressed with his knowledge of inscription patterns in class. So whenever she has questions about inscription patterns she asks him. His answers show knowledge beyond that of an inscription master and earns her respect.[52]

Gain a Cultivation Arc

Sacred Family:

Nie Li further insulted the Sacred Family by publicly revealing that the inscription pattern that they claimed had been created by the family's founder was actually stolen from the Book of Divine Lightning Fire. This is a clear violation of the demon spiritualist's code of conduct.[41] An unidentified grey robed elder (later revealed to be Ye Shuo[53]) gave him the position of library clerk (Manhua Variant: Name is changed to "Collection Deacon."[54]), both in order to allow him access to the knowledge he displayed talent with, and protect him from the Sacred Family. The position pays him 300 demon spirit coins a month.[55]
Shen Yue grows angry with Nie Li when he talks with Ye Ziyun. He attacks Nie Li, however even with his superior strength, Nie Li easily defeats him with his knowledge of acupuncture points and soul force control. This publicly humiliates Shen Yue.[52]

Du Ze, Lu Piao, Zhang Ming, Zhu Xiang Jun, and Wei Nan:

Nie Li purchases six primary soul crystals. Using these, he is able to see the form and attribute of each of his friend's soul realms and gift them with a powerful cultivation technique that suits them. With Nie Li's library clerk position, the group starts to meet and practice their cultivation techniques regularly in the school's library.[56] A short time after this he was also able to get them elixirs and herbs to further aid in their cultivation.[57]

Disordered form, no attribute
Manhua Chapter 17

Nie Li's Cultivation:

Nie Li's own soul realm was revealed to be attributeless and disordered. He chose to train with the Heavenly God cultivation technique. This technique will have a very slow and steady cultivation rate as compared to the others, but it's potential is even higher.[58] After he had been cultivating for awhile Nie Li found that within the disordered and scattered clouds of his soul form there was something hidden.[57] His soul form also began to take on a spherical shape.[59]
One of the benefits of this cultivation technique is its efficiency. When absorbing a Soul Assembling Pill, an ordinary person is only able to absorb a tenth of it at most. However, with the Heavenly God Cultivation Technique, Nie Li could fully absorb the pill.[57]

Xiao Ning'er:

Nie Li continues to treat her Arctic disease. Because they have become friends, he also asks her to get a primary soul crystal so that he can see her soul form and attribute and give her an appropriate cultivation technique. He is very surprised at her Winged Dragon soul form and knows that in the future she will be a very powerful ally. At this point, Xiao Ning'er has developed some feelings for Nie Li, despite him being upfront with her about his feelings for Ye Ziyun. Her support and confidence in him are unrivaled. He also asks her to secretly buy as much Purple Haze Grass as she can and she does so without questioning his reasons.[60]

Ye Ziyun:

She grows close to Nie Li after he answered her questions about inscription patterns. She was both impressed and made curious by his amazing knowledge.[52] He also offers to test her soul realm and discovers that she also has a very powerful soul form called the Ice Phoenix. His deep need to protect her life causes him to give her the Nine Revolving Ice Phoenix Technique. Though there are stronger cultivation techniques, this one will give Ye Ziyun the chance to be revived if her body is killed, since Nie Li doesn't want to experience the feeling of losing his lover ever again.[61]
Shen Yue approaches Nie Li when he is with Ye Ziyun at the library and claims to know her better then Nie Li. Nie Li shocks both of them when Nie Li reveals knowledge about her that he shouldn't know, including that she has a butterfly-shaped mark on her left chest.[57]

Alchemy Association:

After buying up much of the Purple Haze Grass, Nie Li sends a letter to the Alchemy Association to announce the many valuable uses of the grass. In this way, he corners the market. This gives him enough money to buy elixirs, herbs, armor, or other supplies to support himself and his friend's cultivation.[57]

Shen Yue:

A few days later Shen Yue and a group of his minions spot Nie Li as he is returning from the Secret Treasure Pavilion and attack him. Nie Li, however, is able to use secret soul techniques to not only avoid any danger but to draw public attention to the fight in order to make the Sacred Family look bad.[62]

Visit the Ancient Orchid City Ruins Arc

Chen Linjian:

Nie Li knew about the trip to the Ancient Orchid City Ruins that Chen Linjian was planning from his memories, and also knew that they would find a Spiritual Lamp on the trip. Wanting the artifact for himself, he proves himself to be a reliable source of information to Chen Linjian and gets invited to join the trip. When on the journey to the Ancient Orchid City Ruins Chen Linjian became further impressed with Nie Li, and starts to consult with him before making decisions.[63]

Sacred Family:

During the trip to the Ancient Orchid City Ruins the Sacred Family had three people follow Nie Li in order to kill him. However ,Nie Li was able to sense the presence of the assassins and turns the situation around, leading to the death of one and injuries to the others. He also later dismisses Shen Yue in a competition of archery in front of not only Ye Ziyun but also Chen Linjian. Later the Dark Guild appears, which might have been connected to the previous incident, as the Sacred family has some connection to them.[64]

Huyan Lanruo and Chu Yuan:

On the four day trip to the Ancient Orchid City Ruins a friend of Chen Linjian and very beautiful two Star Silver Rank demon spiritualist named Huyan Lanruo took an interest in Nie Li. This caused another member of the travel group, the 3 Star Bronze Rank demon spiritualist named Chu Yuan to become jealous. He challenged Nie Li, thinking that it would be an easy victory only to overwhelming lose to Nie Li's powerful soul force control. When he could not win he attempted to cripple Nie Li by overflowing his soul realm in order to cause it to burst. not only was Nie Li able to endure this attack, but he was able to close off his soul realm, capturing a piece of Chu Yuan's soul force instead. Unfortunately for Nie Li, this fight also evoked a deep curiosity about him within Huyan Lanruo which led to her following him around and trying to seduce him.[65]

Ye Ziyun:

She is one of the members of Chen Linjian's group that explores the Ancient Orchid City Ruins. During this trip she grows closer to Nie Li as they are separated from the main group while fighting a group of Giant Blue Armed Apes and end up exploring the underground palace and Emperor Kong Ming's crypt together.[66] At one point she becomes very injured while trying to protect Nie Li. Her actions have shown that he has started to become someone important to her. He gives her an abstruse gemstone to help with her cultivation and healing. Realizing that he likes her, she says that when he reaches Gold Rank she will become his girlfriend.[67]

Nie Li's Cultivation:

Nie Li was able to use his fight with Chu Yuan to capture a part of Chu Yuan's Soul Force and forcefully integrate it into his own soul realm. This almost immediately allowed him to breakthrough to 1 Star Bronze Rank. At this time he heard a dragon roar and felt that the thing hiding in his soul realm grow stronger. This thing was not there in his previous life so he believes that it might be connected to the Temporal Demon Spirit Book.[65]
In the underground palace and crypt of Emperor Kong Ming, when Nie Li opened the stone coffin a un-dissipated spirit force from a great master was released. This force was drawn into a the hidden part of Nie Li's spirit realm and will slowly be integrated into his own soul force. He also discovered a remnant of the Temporal Demon Spirit Book.[68] The "something" in his soul realm reacted to it and his soul force leapt up to 150.[67]
Shorty afterward he also acquired the Shadow Devil Spirit Lamp, which held a shadow devil spirit that Nie Li plans to make it his first demon spirit when he reaches silver rank. Though not the strongest the shadow devil is very mysterious with unique abilities and martial arts.[69] Soon after returning from the Ancient Orchid City Ruins Nie Li reached 2 Star Bronze Rank.[70]

Join the Alchemy Association Arc

Sacred Family:

After returning from the Ancient Orchid City Ruins, Nie Li sees the members of the Dark Guild that hunted him in the Ancient Orchid City ruins. After asking Xiao Ning'er who they are he learns that they work for the Sacred Family, all but confirming his earlier suspicions. In order to fight the Sacred Family and the Dark Guild, Nie Li decides he needs to make an equally powerful ally.[71]

Alchemy Association:

Nie Li decides to join up with the Alchemy Association in order to protect himself and strengthen Glory City as a whole. He easily completes the master level alchemy exam and gains a meeting with Gu Yan the president of the Alchemy Association and Yang Xin the director of the Alchemy Association.[72] At that point he reveals some of his abilities and gifts them with five of the most powerful elixirs that had been lost in the Age of Darkness, however he lies about him having a master that is behind him in order to not have to explain his knowledge.[73] He also negotiates to receive 30% of the profits from the sale of the elixirs.[74] This amount of money is over a million demon spirit coins daily and should be more than enough to support his Heavenly Marks Family.[75]

Placement Exam Arc

Shen Fei:

At the time of the Holy Orchid Institute Exam, Nie Li stands up to Shen Fei in defense of Xiao Ning'er. To the onlookers it appears that Xiao Ning'er and him are more than just friends. Shen Fei responds by challenging Nie Li to a fight in the Sacred Family's upcoming younger generation fighting tournament a challenge which Nie Li accepts.[38]

Shen Xiu:

During the test Nie Li scores exactly 100 strength and 100 soul force, further rubbing his winning of the bet in Shen Xiu's face. This humiliates her and forces her to resign. In spite of Nie Li's minimal score in the exam Ye Sheng(vice-principal) promotes him to the genius class.[7]

Du Ze, Lu Piao, Zhang Ming, Zhu Xiang Jun, and Wei Nan:

Du Ze, Lu Piao, and Nie Li's three other friends all displayed amazing advances in cultivation at the exam. Most of the other students at this point have realized that this is because of their association with Nie Li and started to approach him. From those that did, he picked 26 that he remembered as being loyal to Glory City in his last life.[76]

Xiao Ning'er:

Even though Nie Li claims that his actions were only to protect her, it is obvious to all that she has deeper feelings for him. She also declares that she will pass the Heavenly Sacred Border test in order to escape from Shen Fei. This reveals publicly that she does not like his advances and that he is using his family's power to pressure her.Cite error: Closing </ref> missing for <ref> tag

Manhua Chapter 86 p.1

Nie Li's cultivation:

After returning home, Nie Li decides to use a method called Miracle Meridian Hands to force a breakthrough to Silver Rank.[77] Although it was extremely painful and damaging to his meridians, Nie Li was able to break through and become a Silver Rank demon spiritualist. He then was able to integrate with the Shadow Devil Demon Spirit trapped in the Spirit Lamp. Now that Nie Li had integrated a demon spirit his soul force cultivation will grow even faster and he will gain several new abilities and fighting techniques. Immediately after merging Nie Li had gained a meter long sickle-like weapon on each of his arms. He also gained the ability to use void-form, when in this state he is completely invisible and undetectable but can not affect the world around him.[78]

Dark Guild:

Using his new demon spirit Nie Li was able to discover three Dark Guild assassins sent to kill him before they attacked. The ones sent included the same leader that had been at the Ancient Orchid City Ruins, Deacon Yun Hua, a 5 Star Silver Rank demon spiritualist, and two 1 Star Silver Rank fighters, Liu Qing and Liu Yan. After sending Nie Yu for help, Nie Li was able to take down the two fighters individually with sneak attacks using his new demon spirit.[79] After being injured, Deacon Yun Hua escaped. Even when Elder Nie En, a 3 Star Gold Rank Fighter arrived and gave chase, he was unable to capture Deacon Yun Hua.[80]

Enforcement Elder Nie Wei:

After the Dark Guild attack, Nie Li was brought in front of the Patriarch to testify as to what happened. However the incident quickly turned into Elder Nie Wei wanting to punish Nie Li for angering the Sacred Family. He announces that Nie Li should get 100 strikes by a cane as punishment, as he has personal grudges with Nie Li's branch of the family and so treats them unfairly.[81]

Patriarch Nie Hai:

Unlike Nie Wei, Nie Hai is a fair and just man, who does not involve himself in inner family squabbles. He already is siding with Nie Li, as he does not wish to punish him that harshly and he can already tell that there is more to Nie Li. However, after the Director of the Alchemy Association, Yang Xin, arrives he is certain that Nie Li has a strong connection to them and that he can not risk angering either them or Nie Li. To appease them he dismisses Nie Wei as Enforcement Elder and gives the position to Nie En. He also makes Nie Ming the Public Hall In-charge and Nie Kai the Farm Hall In-charge for the Heavenly Marks family.[82]

Director Yang Xin:

That night Nie Li warns Yang Xin that the Dark Guild assassins were most likely sent by the Sacred Family. She then agrees to look into the connection between the Dark guild and the Sacred Family. She also says she will provide several Gold Rank Fighters and Demon Spiritualists to protect Nie Li.[83]
Afterward she decides to have some fun in teasing Nie Li thinking that, no matter how smart he may be, he is still a thirteen year old kid. Nie Li decides that her will tease her back and not let her look down on him. This confuses and embarrass her.[83] A few days later she tries once again to tease him in order to get more elixir formulas. Nie Li does give her the the Spirit Pacifying Pill, Detoxifying Spirit Pill and Flame Type Cold Resistance Pill. However he, once again, teases her back and she leaves in a rush.[84]

The Treasure Auction Arc

Patriarch Nie Hai:

Nie Hai wants to keep Nie Li close so he invites him to go with him to the Hong Yue Auction House's Treasure Auction. He offers to spend money on Nie Li, but Nie Li refuses saying that he can pay for himself. At the auction house, the patriarchs of the other four Aristocratic family in the northern area of Glory City are also there. Li Yuan(Li Yuan Family) and Chi Feng(Tian Kui Family) are friendly with them while Jiang Ming(Silver Tiger Family) and Lei Zhuo(Tie Men Family) are not.[85] During the auction, Nie Li does not give Nie Hai very much respect and even teases him a bit. Nie Hai came to the auction determined to gain some elixirs for the young cultivators in the family, but simply does not have enough money.[86]
Once the auction begins Nie Li throws money around without restraint, spending over two million demon spirit coins. He gets many items including: a Primary Dark Jade, an interspatial ring with two hundred square meters in storage space, an elixir storage jade bottle, and a Gold Rank suit of armor. He has accumulated millions of demon spirit coins from his dealing with the Alchemist Association.[87] This gives the other Aristocratic families the impression that the Heavenly Marks Family is doing very well. However, this is Nie Li's private money and Nie Hai can not compel him to give any of it to the family.[86]

Nie En:

When the Soul Nurturing Pills and Soul Concentrating Pills go up on auction, Nie Li does not bid on them. Nie En asks Nie Li if he can borrow some money in order to buy some for the family. Nie Li has a good impression of Nie En from his past life, as he had often protected his family. Because of this, Nie Li instead offers Nie En five thousand Soul Nurturing Pills, six hundred Soul Concentrating Pills and one hundred Soul Tempering Pills as a gift.[88] At first he asks Nie En to distribute the elixirs to their branch of the family only, but Nie Hai pleads with them to share them. Eventually they agree to give half the pills to the rest of the family.[89] Nie Li then tells them he has the Scarlet Body Enhancing Pill as well. Nie En offers Nie Li the chance to look through the Heavenly Marks Family's treasury in exchange for it, and Nie Hai readily agrees. Nie Li gives each of them one Scarlet Body Enhancing Pill.[90]

Manhua Chapter 97 p.1

The Nightmare Demon Pot:

The last item in the auction is the Nightmare Demon Pot. Though no one other than Nie Li actually understands it's purpose, they do understand that it is powerful. The Major and Noble families as well as the Alchemy Association all have representatives at the auction to bid on it. Nie Li asks Yang Xin to win the auction, no matter the cost, and he will repay them. A mysterious grey robed individually tries to compete with her but she still wins the Nightmare Demon Pot.[91] After the auction, she gives the pot to Nie Li but refuses his money when he says it is a gift for his "master." They also agree to set a tail on the mystery bidder to see who he is.[92] Nie Li then goes to a nearby merchant hall and purchases a lot of demon spirits.[93]
After returning home he starts refining demon spirits nonstop by using the Nightmare Demon Pot. After a few days he starts to run out of them so he sends Nie Hai and Nie En out to get more. He keeps on doing this until he gets some demon spirits with a god level growth rate. In the end he manages to form three demon spirits that have this: an Abyss Tiger, a Scarlet Demonic Leopard, and a Fanged Panda. Though these are their basic forms, they have slight mutations from the refining process. Nie Li decides to keep the Fanged Panda for himself because he sees that it is alive and give the other two to Du Ze and Lu Piao.[94] He later also makes demon spirits for Ye Ziyun, Xiao Ning'er, Wei Nan, Zhu Xiang Jun and Zhang Ming.[95]

Nie Li's Cultivation:

Nie Li had no problem integrating with the Fanged Panda. After integrating with it, Nie Li is able to see some of the creature's memories. This is unusual as the consciousness is usually lost when the demon beast dies. This allows Nie Li to get a quicker understanding of the Fanged Panda's abilities. His soul force also surged when integrating with it, allowing him to break through to 2 Star Silver Rank.
He goes into the back mountain to test out his new abilities, which include a strong palm strike(Thunder Strike), a field skill that allows him to control gravity in the 5 meters around him(Gravity Field), and a long range twin energy blast (Yin Yang Blast). He also then "feeds" the Fanged Panda enough soul force to raise it up to silver rank.[96]


Nie Hai, Nie En, Nie Ming, Nie Kai, and most of the other elders come to visit Nie Li. Nie Hai has told them to treat Nie Li with the same respect as they treat him, but the elders are still rather skeptical as to his reasons. They not only see the Patriarch treating Nie Li as an equal, but also hear how he is providing a hundred million demon spirit coins to the family. During the meeting they decide to have the Heavenly Marks Family compete in the upcoming Younger Generation Tournament. Nie Li declares that he will be one of the three participants from their family.[97]

Heavenly Marks Treasury:

Because of the powerful elixirs that Nie Li gave to Nie Hai, he agreed to take Nie Li to the treasury and pick out the things he wants. However, when they get there the treasury is practically empty, as anything of value has been sold to finance the family during the last few years. Still, the truly valuable things remain since no one knows what they are. Nie Li finds a pair of Soul Weapon katars, a blueprint of a bird Soul Puppet, and a black pearl.[98]

Note: Katars are punching daggers which have a horizontal bar so that when held in a fist the blade sits over the persons knuckles.

The Younger Generation Tournament Arc

Shen Ming

Shen Ming is surprised to see Director Yang Xin sitting with the Heavenly Marks Family and walks over, with Shen Fei, to greet them. He does not understand why the Alchemy Association is going to such great lengths to protect such a family.[99] Nie Li provokes Shen Fei into almost attacking him when he mentions Xiao Ning'er. He is introduced to Nie Li who suggests they make the competition more interesting by placing a bet. When Shen Ming only bets 50 million demon spirit coins Nie Li mocks them.[100]

Shen Fei:

In order to get the most from the bet, Shen Ming tells Shen Fei to only win after twenty moves. However, both Shen Ming and Shen Fei have greatly under estimated Nie Li. Shen Fei starts the fight without merging with his Scarlet Black Tiger spirit, putting himself at a sevrer disadvantage. Nie Li, on the other hand, is able to quickly merge with his Fanged Panda. Though everyone thinks it is a trash spirit, Nie Li is able to knock down Shen Fei with a single slap.[101]
After that, Shen Fei attempts to merge with his demon spirit, but Nie Li interrupts the merging by slapping him again. He then tries a second time, but while surrounding himself in scarlet flames. Despite that, Nie Li starts kicking him and would not allow him to complete the merging. Although this is considered shameless, there is nothing against it in the rules. Nie Li also took this opportunity to kick Shen Fei in his privates, saying that Shen Fei will no longer be able to play around with women. Shen Ming has no choice but to surrender the match, and the bet, as Shen Fei is just getting beat up in front of everyone.[102]

Shen Ning:

During the tournament, Shen Ning fought in the second round against Nie Li with a bet of 100 million demon spirit coins. He immediately merged with his Scared Scarlet Bear demon spirit and began his attack with a ranged flame meteor attack. It appeared as if Nie Li was desperately running from his attacks, however, no matter what he did Shen Ning could not hit him.[103]
In a final attack, he leapt into the air in order to use the extra momentum to hit Nie Li with a powerful attack However, Nie Li activated the Gravity Field ability of his Fanged Panda, this made the gravity affecting Shen Ning many times greater and caused him to plummet forcefully into the ground. Initially, the crowd thought it was an extremely strong attack by Shen Ning, but after the dust settled they only found him to be gravely injured and unconscious. Once again, this was seen as a lucky win by Nie Li, since the activation of Gravity Field is not obvious except to those in its range.[104]

Shen Xiao:

In the third fight, Shen Ming desperately bet 300 million demon spirit coins. He didn't want want to take any chances and ordered Shen Xiao the chance to eat two Demon Spirit Strengthening Pills. These elixirs would forever cripple his Scarlet Dragon Eagle, but with such high stakes Shen Ming was not willing to leave things to chance.[105]
Now that Nie Li was no longer hiding his abilities, he fought Shen Xiao straight on, displaying his true power. Shen Xiao started the fight with a powerful flame breath attack, but Nie Li countered with his yin yang blast. This surprised everyone as the attack actually pushed Shen Xiao back. As they continued to fight both the spectators and Shen Xiao could tell how great Nie Li's skill actually was.[106] Shen Xiao was knocked unconscious when Nie Li slipped past a large flame pillar and slammed him into the ground with a thunder strike.[107]

Ye Ziyun:

After hearing that Nie Li was going to fight in the tournament, Ye Ziyun was a little worried so she secretly came to watch. Despite her slight worry, she was fairly confident in Nie Li's ability and so she bet all her personal money on him in each of his fights. After Nie Li's fights, Nie Li startled her by sneaking up behind her. She loudly declares that she wanted to watch the tournament and that it had nothing to do with him. He calls her on it and asks why she was leaving before the tournament was over then. As she is about to storm off, he places a soul crystal in her hand containing a Snow Queen demon spirit for her. Though she feels that it is too valuable a gift to take, she agrees to accept it if she owes Nie Li a favor.[107]

Yang Xin, Nie Hai, and Nie En:

After being invited to the tournament they enjoy watching Nie Li's fights. Though they did not fully understand Nie Li's power beforehand, they still bet their own money on him to win. Afterwards they were concerned about his safety and got extra guards to protect him.[108]

Life at the City Lord's Mansion Arc

Dark Guild:

After revealing his strength at the tournament and angering the Sacred Family further, the Dark guild was in constantly seeking to take his life. Nie Li was no longer safe in the Heavenly Marks Family's lands. However, now that he was known to be an unparalleled genius, it was natural for him to be moved into the City Lord's mansion. This is one of the only places that the Dark Guild can not reach.[108]

Ye Ziyun:

Now that he is so close to Ye Ziyun's home, Nie Li could not resist the urge to visit her. Because she lives in the most protected area of the mansion, Nie Li uses his void form to sneak past the guards and enter her courtyard. Once there he teases her, saying she must be lonely so he should move into this courtyard with her.[109] He then enters her room and even undresses and gets into her bath.[110]

Ye Zong:

At this moment Ye Ziyun's father, Ye Zong, decided to visit her. Nie Li attempts to sneak out using his void form, but with the strength of a 5 Star Black Gold, Ye Zong was able to detect Nie Li.[111] In anger at finding a half naked boy in his daughter's private rooms, he lashes out violently at Nie Li with his soul force. The difference in strength between them is too great and there is little that Nie Li can do but try to defend from the attacks. Ye Ziyun also tries to protect Nie Li with her soul force and attempts to calm her father's anger, but to little effect. In this desperate situation Nie Li's soul force surges and he is able to use soul forming, creating six wings on his back and flying off the ground.[112]
Though he has no chance in a fight, he refuses to back down and calls Ye Zong out for being a poor father to Ye Ziyun. In anger, Ye Zong once again bombards Nie Li with soul force, knocking him down and covering his body in wounds. Nie Li then declares that if Ye Zong tries to kill him that before that happens, he will use the Soul Reversal Technique to teach Ye Zong a lesson. He also says that if given a years time, he would be able to defeat Ye Zong in a fight. At these words Ye Zong laughs and says that he will take him up on that. If he fails to defeat him in one years time then he can no longer see Ye Ziyun. He also says that she must reach Goldrank.[113] After Ye Zong leaves, Nie Li is very confused as to why his life was spared and can only figure that Ye Zong knows about his contributions to the Alchemy Association.[114]

Nie Li’s Cultivation:

After five days of training in his new home he was able to break through into 3 Star Silver Rank.[115] During his fight with Ye Zong, Nie Li was able to using soul forming. He also suffered some internal injuries and his soul realm was cracked. However, once he was healed, all of this lead to great advancement in his cultivation so that he is almost a 4 Star Silver Rank demon spiritualist.[114]

Nie Yu:

Nie Li brought his younger cousin, Nie Yu, with him when he moved into the mansion so as to watch over her cultivation.[108] When he returned to his room after visiting Ye Ziyun, Nie Yu told him that she had reached 2 Star Bronze Rank.[116]

Du Ze, Lu Piao, Zhang Ming, Zhu Xiang Jun, and Wei Nan:

After receiving permission from President Gu Yan, they came to visit Nie Li.[116] They had heard about his performance at the younger generation tournament and told him that Xiao Ning'er had already entered the Heavenly Sacred Border. Nie Li decided to join her and disguised himself as Wei Nan so that the Dark Guild would not recognize him. Before he left he gave each of them a god level growth rate demon spirit. Du Ze and Lu Piao followed him to the Holy Orchid Institute.[117]

Heavenly Sacred Border Arc

Ye Sheng:

When Nie Li asked to enter the Heavenly Sacred Border the vice principal, Ye Sheng, readily agreed. Nie Li had demonstrated genius skill at the younger generation tournament and had obviously hidden his skill during the test at the school. He was also worried about Xiao Ning'er, who had yet to come out. Lu Piao and Du Ze waited outside while Nie Li entered into the Heavenly Sacred Border realm.[117]

Ye Yan:

The spirit of Ye Yan, one of the founders of Glory City, has been sealed within the Heavenly Sacred Border for hundreds of years to guard it. He is amazed when he sees that Nie Li has two demon spirits at the same time and thinks that Nie Li is worthy to become his student. However, Nie Li declines his offer saying that Ye Yan has nothing that he can teach him. Ye Yan becomes angered by his words and tries to prove him wrong by showing him five powerful cultivation techniques. Though they are very strong as compared to what Glory City has they are nothing to Nie Li. He points out the flaws in the Revolving Spiritual Wood, Yang Spiritual, and Ash Wolves techniques.[118] Afterwards, Nie Li questions him about the soul attributes, which Ye Yan cannot answer, further angering him.[119]
Since he can get nowhere with Nie Li, Ye Yan then goes over to Xiao Ning'er and offers to teach her. He requests to look at her cultivation technique, but she politely declines saying that it was a gift.[119] Nie Li calls him out for trying to manipulate Xiao Ning'er and says that he will only show him the cultivation technique if the spirit shows them where the Thunder God’s Meteorite Sword is. Although at first Ye Yan refuses Nie Li eventually gets Ye Yan to bet him that he can subdue the sword. At first he offers Xiao Ning'er's cultivation technique, but Ye Yan demands instead that he wants Nie Li's Heavenly God technique if he fails, and Xiao Ning'er's technique just to show them where the sword is. If Nie Li does subdue the powerful sword then Ye Yan also agrees to follow him. After the spirit agrees Nie Li gives him Xiao Ning'er's Lightning Dragon technique.[120]

Xiao Ning'er:

As she follows Nie Li, waves of powerful illusions and a murderous aura from the sword attack them. Though this gives Nie Li no trouble, Xiao Ning'er has difficulty until he helps her fight it off. As they get closer to the divine weapon the powerful soul force also grows stronger causing her to immediately breakthrough into 5 Star Silver Rank. Nie Li then hands her a god level growth rate Heavenly Lightning Sparrow demon spirit and tells her to integrate with it, which she does.[121]

The Thunder god's Meteorite Sword:

As he approached the Thunder God’s Meteorite Sword the malicious wave of murderous aura struck out at him but he was able to pass through it by using the Shadow Devil's void form. Once he was close he bombarded the sword with his soul force. The millions of demon spirits within the sword came out to attack him, but his Fanged Panda defended his soul realm while allowing one demon spirit at a time to approach. As they entered his soul realm Nie Li crushed and absorbed them. He then used these demon souls to bind and subdue the Thunder God's Meteorite Sword.[121] After claiming the sword, a sound wave pulsed throughout Glory City that only those above Black Gold noticed. Though the source was unknown to them it was a very terrifying power that drew all of their attention.[40]

Nie Li's Cultivation:

When Nie Li entered the Heavenly sacred Border his soul realm violently pulsed and grew by a third. This was extremely painful and almost caused him to pass out. His two demon spirits also rapidly grew.[118] After approaching the Thunder God's Meteorite Sword he defeated it by constantly subduing and absorbing the demon spirits that were housed within it. This method also allowed his soul force to jump up to that of a 5 Star Silver Rank demon spiritualist.[121]

Xiao Fei Fei:

Now that the sword has an owner, Ye Yan's soul will naturally dissipate unless it bonds to something else. Since he had agreed to follow Nie Li if he won the bet, Nie Li used his soul puppet blueprints to make a bird form soul puppet and attached Ye Yan's soul to it. He then renamed him Xiao Fei Fei. Though Ye Yan felt this entire situation was insulting, there was nothing he could do.[40]

Sacred Family & Dark Guild:

After Nie Li and Xiao Ning'er exit from the Heavenly Sacred Border, they join Du Ze and Lu Piao and head back to the City Lord's mansion. On the way a group of 27 dark clad people lead by Shen Ming attack them. Nie Li is able to hold his own in the fight against the now Gold Rank demon spiritualist Deacon Yun Hua and actually knocks him out with a close range Yin-Yang Bomb. He then uses Gravity Field to restrict the 23 silver Rank experts as Xiao Fei Fei occupies the three Gold Rank experts.[122] The group of is quickly defeated, with Lu Piao knocking out Shen Ming. Afterwards Nie Li decided to take the two leaders (Shen Ming and Yun Hua) to the Alchemy Association to be "questioned."[123]

The Ten Thousand Demonic Beast Array Arc

Ye Xiu:

After returning to the City Lord's mansion Nie Li continued to cultivate until he was visited by Ye Xiu. He wanted to show Nie Li a mysterious and powerful book that Ye Mo had found in a cave. He also recognized Xiao Fei Fei as a Soul Puppet. Nie Li immediately could see that the book had a strong defensive formation called the Ten Thousand Demonic Beast Array. He said that he could lay down this formation around the City Lord's Mansion given the necessary materials and demon spirits, in two months, however Ye Zong himself had to ask him.[124] He also said that Ye Zong had to agree to allow him to move into Ye Ziyun's courtyard.[125]

Ye Zong:

When he heard of Nie Li's demands Ye Zong flew into a rage, however just as he was about to once again attack Nie Li, he was stopped by Ye Yan. He recognized his ancestor from his own visit to the Heavenly Sacred Border and was further infuriated by the thought that Nie Li had dared trap his ancestor's spirit in a soul puppet.[126] However, Ye Yan declared that he had willingly became a soul puppet and announced that they should treat Nie Li the same as they would him. Not having any other choice, he agrees to let Nie Li and Nie Yu move into Ye Ziyun's courtyard. However, he also secretly moved into another building in the courtyard in order to watch over the situation.[127] After Nie Li moved, Ye Xiu put him directly to work on the Ten Thousand Demonic Beast Array.[128]

Ye Ziyun:

Living in the same courtyard allowed him to grow closer to Ye Ziyun. He knew from his past life how lonely she was. That night he approached her while she was cultivating even though he could feel the presence of Ye Zong watching them. He dismisses Ye Zong as a poor father, but Ye Ziyun defends him. Just like her father, she is willing to make any sacrifice for the sake of Glory City.[129]
She is very thankful for all that Nie Li has done for her and Glory City. She mentions the cultivation technique and the Snow Queen demon spirit that Nie Li gave her, revealing to the eavesdropping Ye Zong that her rapid growth is thanks to him. She embarrassedly asks Nie Li what she can do to repay him, thinking that he will ask something indecent. Nie Li just uses this to tease her a bit, but ultimately just asks her to talk with him.[130]

Tai Yi Killing Array:

After a week Ye Zong was told that one of the eight smaller arrays that make up the Ten Thousand Demonic Beast Array was completed. He decided to inspect it and see if it really was worth the huge investment that he was making. Nie Li put down the strength of a Black Gold Rank demon spiritualist and purposely provoked Ye Zong into testing the array.[131] This was how Nie Li planned on getting revenge on Ye Zong for beating him up before. Nie Li bet that if Ye Zong could not break the array then he would no long interfere in Nie Li's relationship with Ye Ziyun. However, if he does succeed with breaking it then Nie Li will stay away from Ye Ziyun.[132]
Nie Li expertly controls the array and gives Ye Zong no chance of winning. The demon spirits flawlessly work together to gang up on him and cover for each other's flaws. Had Nie Li been trying to kill him, Ye Zong would have been long dead. At one point Nie Li uses the demon beasts to hold him down and sit on his head repeatedly. After two hours of desperate battle, Ye Zong finally admits defeat. However, he refuses to stand by his bet and immediately picks up Nie Li by his leg and smacks his bottom over and over again, venting his frustration.[133]

Xiao Ning’er:

As Nie Li returns to Ye Ziyun's courtyard he can barely walk. Once there, he finds Xiao Ning'er has come to visit with some food she made, only to find out that he has moved in with Ye Ziyun. This obviously upsets her and causes an awkward silence between Nie Li, Ye Ziyun , and Xiao Ning'er. She notices that he is injured and he tells them how Ye Zong smacked his bottom. He then jokingly asked if either of them would like to rub cream on it, to which they both agreed.[134]

Dark Guild:

That night the City Lord's Mansion was attacked. Nie Li correctly figured that they were after him and, after ensuring Ye Ziyun and Nie Yu's safety, headed towards the killing arrays in order to fight them off.[135] Despite the high stealth ability of his Shadow Devil, he was spotted by one of the Black Gold Rank demon spiritualist sent to capture him.[136] The Dark Guild member who spotted him was integrated with a Meerkat, so his speed was even greater then Nie Li's. Even still, Nie Li was able to ward off his attacks using void form and the Thunder God’s Meteorite Sword.[137] Once he reached the Tai Yi Killing Array, Nie Li was easily able to defeat the Black Gold Rank demon spiritualist.[138]
After passing control of the Tai Yi Killing Array to Ye Zong, Nie Li headed to the Divine Thunder Killing Array in order to help defeat the Abyss Demon. He knew that it would be difficult for the array alone to restrain it. In combination with the Thunder God’s Meteorite Sword, the array was able to make devastating lighting attacks. He was able to kill the Abyss Demon, which made the smaller demons and the Dark Guild members retreat. However, the sword completely drained his soul realm. In response to this, the remnant page of the Temporal Demon Spirit Book activated and started to pour its very pure soul force into Nie Li. Even so, the forced draining of his soul realm caused him to fall unconscious.[139]

Suppressing the Sacred Family Arc

Ye Ziyun:

After a few days, Nie Li's soul force recovered and he woke up to find Ye Ziyun and Xiao Ning'er by his side. After hearing that Ye Ziyun was leaving to go to the Banquet for Ye Han her adopted brother who had just returned after a long time away, he decided that he wanted to go with her.[140] Ye Han tries to offer a very rare Frozen Jade Bracelet to Ye Ziyun, but she refuses. Ye Ziyun feels like Ye Han has stolen her father's affection from her, so she acts cold towards him. However, Nie Li knows how helpful to her cultivation the bracelet would be and quickly grabs it, saying that he accepts it on her behalf.[141]

Shen Fei:

After Shen Fei sees Xiao Ning'er is with Nie Li, his anger flares and he tries to publicly put down Nie Li because of his poor appearance and family. However instead of engaging him with words, Nie Li decides to use this opportunity to sever the ties between the Snow Wind and Scared Families. He draws out the Thunder God’s Meteorite Sword and directly severs a table in half. This causes a huge uproar and gets everyone's attention.[141] He then demands that Shen Fei leave or he will beat him up then and there. After seeing that his father cannot help him, Shen Fei decides to leave.[142]

Ye Han:

Nie Li sees Ye Han as a complete mystery, since he has no knowledge of him from his past life's memories. Even at their first meeting, he can tell that Ye Han is a very smart and calculating person that sees him as a threat. He feels like Ye Han is hiding his true self. Ye Han calls Nie Li out for causing a scene and being "presumptuous" in the City Lord's Mansion. In response, Nie Li declares that Ye Han will not be the next City Lord. If Ye Ziyun does not want the position, then Nie Li will take it himself.[141]

Shen Hong:

At this point everyone notices, including Ye Han, that Ye Zong is ignoring Nie Li's actions. This is the same as condoning them, and shows how much influence Nie Li has. Shen Hong attempts to use the situation to strike out at Nie Li, but he is stopped by Ye Zong saying that this should be dealt with between the children.[141] After the shame of his eldest son leaving with his tail between his legs, Shen Hong also leaves. This whole event served Nie Lie's purpose to publicly sever any social ties between the two families.[142]

Huyan Lanruo:

Once again, Huyan Lanruo starts to follow around and bother Nie Li so he leaves the banquet with Ye Ziyun and Xiao Ning'er shortly after the uproar.[142]

Ye Zong:

That night Ye Zong and Nie Li had their first good conversation. Ye Zong seems to have acknowledged Nie Li's strength and contributions to Glory City, earning some respect from Nie Li. Ye Zong tells him that he has decided to pass the City Lord position to Ye Ziyun.[142] Ye Zong also thanks Nie Li for helping his daughters cultivation.[143]
Nie Li then reveals that he wanted to pressure the sacred Family into acting recklessly so that they can be caught. He also hints at the possibility of the Sacred Family letting in the demon beasts from their position of being in charge of the west wall. Ye Zong also asks Nie Li to protect his daughter if the war with the Sacred family does break out. They make several plans on how to deal with the Sacred Family including removing all of them from positions within the city guards.[143]

The Ten Millennium Spatial Array Arc

Ye Han:

On the first day of the new school year, in front of the genius class, Ye Han challenged Nie Li to a fight. He demanded that Nie Li stay away from Ye Ziyun.[144] Though Ye Han's Golden Horned Land Dragon overpowers Nie Li's Fanged Panda, all of his attacks are avoided or countered. Enraged by his inability to land a hit on Nie Li, he is able to trigger the first mutation. In order to counter his rise in power, Nie Li used his Katar soul weapon.[145]
Nie Li used his knowledge to make precise strikes and hit Ye Han where his defenses were the weakest, defeating him. He understood that, as far as Ye Han was concerned, Nie Li had taken everything from him, and though he tried to make it clear to Ye Han that he cannot defeat him, Ye Han will most likely seek revenge.[146]

Xiao Xue:

After the fight, Nie Li, Du Ze, Lu Piao, Xiao Ning'er, and the three minions go to investigate a nearby ancient construct. Nie Li remembers that in his past life, Ye Mo had started to solve the mysteries around it and that the Dark Guild had interfered. Once there, they meet Xiao Xue who has been searching for Lu Piao. She introduces herself as his fiance and is easily welcomed by the group.[147]

Demon Beasts:

As soon as Nie Li gets close, he is able to recognize the construct as the Ten Millennium Spatial Array. It did not take long for him to figure out how to enter the origin barrier that protects it by using the inscriptions on the surrounding columns. After the group enters the barrier they find themselves in the Abyss Prison Realm, an endless dark forest filled with dangerous demon beasts. This differs in the manhua as the place they arrive at appears to be a huge stone plain with no trees and pouring rain. Almost as soon as they arrive they are attacked by Scarlet Ghosts. Though not very strong individually, Nie Li knows that they tend to swarm in huge numbers and immediately told everyone to run. He then merged with his Shadow Devil and quickly struck down any Scarlet Devils that got too close.[148]
In the distance Lu Piao spotted a light that Nie Li believed to be a Netherlamp Behemoth demon beast. Everyone was growing tired and would soon be overwhelmed by the Scarlet Ghosts, so Nie Li told them to move towards the dangerous Netherlamp Behemoth. This giant demon beast scared the hoard of Scarlet Ghosts away. Even though it is a very large and slow demon beast, it uses hundreds of extremely fast and strong tongues that secrete a mild hallucinogen when it coils around its victims. Xiao Xue was caught by the tongues but was quickly cut free by Lu Piao. The group rushed to get out of the range of the beast while Nie Li aimed his Yin-Yang blasts at the Netherlamp Behemoth's mouth. Xiao Ning'er was caught by the tongues and rescued by Nie Li. In order to escape, Nie Li was able to use the Temporal Demon Spirit Book's remnant page to activate an energy attack that severely injured the Netherlamp Behemoth. Shortly afterwards the Netherlamp Behemoth was killed and taken away by an unknown Flying Fish demon beast.[149]

Xiao Ning'er:

After being caught by the Netherlamp Behemoth's tongues she thought for sure that she was dead. She fell under the effects of the creature's hallucinogen. After Nie Li cut her free, she was in a half dreamlike state, and desperately clung onto him. After a few minutes, the effects of the hallucination wore off and she embarrassedly let go of Nie Li and thanked him for saving her.[150]

Blood Crystals:

Nie Li used some of the Scarlet Ghost's blood to make Blood Burst Magic Bottles. After being thrown they cause a large explosion, killing hundreds of Scarlet Ghosts and keeping them from getting close to the group. While attacking them this way, they discovered that some off these demon beasts had Blood Crystals in them. This makes these Scarlet Ghosts stronger and more aggressive. These Blood Crystals are also useful for cultivators, so they hunted the Scarlet Ghosts until they each had a crystal.[151]

Emperor Kong Ming:

While traveling deeper into the space the group came across a strange monument that gave off great pressure. Only Nie Li could approach it. He found the monument was covered in ancient texts that told of Emperor Kong Ming's accomplishments. The last line of the text was scraped off, so Nie Li used his soul force to read Kong Ming's intent. The memories of the monument told Nie Li that Kong Ming had left a ten word chant that had profound insight towards the martial path. The chant was “Infinity has no beginning, no beginning can have no end.” After gaining some insight from this chant, Nie Li's soul force surged and strengthened his two demon spirits.[151]
He then saw that Kong Ming had used the Great Change Heavenly Calculation Technique to forsee that five great cultivators would be able to comprehend a portion of this chant. He said that these five would kill each other in order to devour the other's knowledge, until the last one would come to see him.[151]

Demon Lord:

The last memories that Nie Li was able to see showed a man vandalizing the monument by scraping off the profound chant. He called himself the Demon Lord. He was not able to gain any insight with the chant and decided to keep others from seeing it either. However, after scraping it off he discovered that he could no longer remember the chant himself. This is likely some type of punishment or security measure placed on the monument by Emperor Kong Ming.[151]

Sikong Hongyue:

After Nie Li returned, the group continued to move towards the village. When they got close, Nie Li told them to wait so that he could check out the situation with his Shadow Devil. When he got close he saw a terrible situation where slaves were being beaten to death while being used to mine blood crystals. When he was discovered by Sikong Hongyue he immediately recognized her as a member of the Silver Winged Family by the silver Thunderbird wings on her back and decided to give her the fake name of Lei Zhuo and said that he was a member of the Silverlit Family. She decided to take him to meet her father.[152]

Sikong Yi:

When Nie Li met Sikong Yi he could immediately tell that he is a Legend Rank expert, but that his life would soon end. Like the rest of his family he is a violent man that looks down on others and is quick to execute them. However, Nie Li was able to convince him that he could cure the early death faced by all members of the Silver Winged Family as their body slowly rejects the wings. He also offered Sikong Yi Tianfang grass to relieve his pain, however it is also highly addictive. Though it is apparent that Sikong Yi did not trust Nie Li and planned to get rid of him once he got the cure, Nie Li intended to make full use out of the Silver Winged Family in the meantime.[153]
Nie Li then goes to retrieve the rest of the group and bring them to the Silver Winged Family's village. They see a young man with Gold wings being whipped to within an inch of his life. In the manhua the young man is shown to have black wings with Gold highlighting along the outer edge of the wing. Though Nie Li wishes to save the man, he can not be too obvious about it, so he asks Sikong Yi if he can use the youth as a test subject for the cure. Nie Li also tells Sikong that he needs 23 Stones of Light in order to be able to return to the outside world so that he can collect herbs for the medicine. This way Sikong Yi will do the work of collecting the stones for him.[154]

Duan Juan:

Nie Li and the others were placed in a courtyard where they could be watched and the youth, named Duan Jian, was brought to them. Nie Li offered him a way to get revenge on the Silver Winged Family by awakening his dragon blood and forcing a jump in his abilities. Nie Li warns him that it will be very painful, however Duan Juan readily agrees and swears loyalty to him. Nie Li then uses Acupuncture to start the process.[155]

Getting the Best of the Silver Winged Family Arc

The Group's Cultivation:

Over the next ten days the group focuses on cultivating and waits while Duan Juan suffers through the process.[155] After it is over, Duan Juan's strength indeed has surged from his previous 3 Star Gold Rank to nearly Legend Rank. While everyone else has managed to reach Goldrank[156]
With the help of the blood crystals, Nie Li gathered and compressed his soul force and restrained himself from breaking into Gold Rank until his soul force suddenly surged and caused a large and sudden break into 1 Star Gold Rank.[156]

Sikong Hongyue and Sikong Shou:

When Nie Li comes out of the courtyard to see what progress has been made in the search for the Stones of Light, he walks by the mine and witnesses a member of the Silver Winged Family, named Sikong Shou, whipping an old man and his teenage grandson while Sikong Hongyue watches over. Nie Li can clearly see the enjoyment they get from the cruelty. Nie Li tries to intervene, but there is little that he can do. Sikong Hongyue sees his concern as weakness. He learns that all the slaves have a Blood Imprint, which will kill them if they try to escape. In the end he secretly passes a cultivation technique to the teenager in the hope that it will give the Young slave a chance.[157]
At this point Nie Li judges that the Silver Winged Family need to be stopped. To achieve this he starts to place hidden Inscription Patterns around the village.[157]

Xiao Ning'er:

Xiao Ning'er comes to Nie Li to ask some questions about the next step on her Lightning Dragon Technique,"Death of the Dragon Roar." She has never heard of six of the meridian points, since they are hidden under the normal ones. The atmosphere becomes slightly awkward as Nie Li shows her where the points are and they recall his time treating her Arctic Disease.[157]

Sikong Yi:

Sikong Yi calls for Nie Li as soon as the Stones of Light are found. However, when Nie Li says he will take the stones and head back right away, Sikong Yi refuses.[157] He instead insists that Nie Li's friends stay with him and that Nie Li should have an escort of five GoldRank experts. Nie Li agrees, but asks that Duan Juan also come so that he can test the medicine. Sikong Yi agrees and the group heads out the next day.[158]

Sikong Jue:

The next day Nie Li met with Sikong Jue and four other Gold Rank experts. After showing Nie Li the Stones of Light that he carried, and threatening the bound Duan Juan, they headed out towards the teleportation array. However, after traveling for just a few hours, the escorts were already tired from the constant attacks by the Scarlet Ghosts, and Nie Li decided that it was the most opportune time to attack.[158]
Duan Jian then releases his true strength, breaking the chains that bind him. He easily kills the four weaker GoldRank experts with simple punches. Sikong Jue attempts to escape but Nie Li stops him, by merging with his Fanged Panda and hits him with his Yin Yang Blast. In desperation Sikong Jue then forcefully swallows Blood Crystals in order to get a burst in strength, however Duan Jian was still able to overpower him. In the end, Duan Jian kills him by using one of his Black Dragon Family's abilities, a black flame attack called "Raging flames of the Black Dragon."[159]

Duan Juan:

After getting his first taste of revenge against members of the Silver Winged Family, Duan Juan once again pledged his loyalty to Nie Li. Nie Li asked Duan Jian to explain the situations with the families and learned that there is a neutral trading town run by the Divine Flames Family. He decided to go there to gain information and items before he returned to destroy the Silver Winged Family.[160]
Nie Li and Duan Jian both used Cloud Paste to hide their appearance before going into the town. Since food has the most value in this realm Nie Li gave Duan Jian an interspatial ring full of it and told him to trade it for Blood Crystals and another valuable ore called Dragon’s Soul Stones.[160]
He later gave Duan Jian some of these stones to help his cultivation, as he has a dragon type nature. Even though Duan Jian has a near Legend Rank fighter strength, his cultivation is still only around a Gold Rank. He also bought the Black Flame Sword at the Divine Flames Family's store for 200 Soul Concentrating Pills and gave it to Duan Jian.[161]

Poor Old Man:

Nie Li came across an old man who was so desperate for food to feed his family that he was willing to sell his family's treasure, a Blizzard Spirit Gem. Because he did not understand the items worth he was only asking for a little food, but Nie Li gave him 25 bags of food and more than five pounds of meat.[160]

Li Heng:

After purchasing the Black Flame Sword with so many high ranking elixirs, the members of the Divine Flames family that ran the shop wanted to gain Nie Li's favor, as alchemists are hard to come by in this realm.[161] He negotiates with Li Heng to purchase a set of seven Legend Rank Forbidden Technique scrolls for a bottle of Soul Tempering Pills (a bottle appears to be 100 pills as stated in Chapter 50). He then purchases the attributless Sparkling Flying Knife Set for 50 bottles of Soul Tempering Pills and 90 bottles of Scarlet Body Enhancing Pills.[162]

Nie Li's Cultivation:

After making his purchases Nie Li and Duan Jian check into an inn and cultivate for several days. Nie Li restores the forbidden technique scrolls with a Clearance Potion and studies his new powerful flying knife set. Each of the three knives is covered in mysterious inscription patterns and hold powers from a different attribute.[163]

Mysterious Old Man:

As Nie Li and Duan Jian are leaving the village they happen upon a strange old man. He looks poor and weak, but is giving off a strong killing intent. He is acting unpredictable and crazy. Nie Li can hear him mumbling Emperor Kong Ming's insight from the monument. He may be one of the other four experts that Kong Ming predicted would seek out and kill each other. Whether he is or not Nie Li can tell that the old man's cultivation is far above him and does his best to avoid and not gain attention from him.[163]

Silver Winged Family's Village:

Once they reached the Silver Winged Family's village, Nie Li activated the hidden Flame Explosion inscription patterns that he had previously placed around the village. While the series of explosions rocked the village; Du Ze, Lu Piao, Xiao Ning'er, and the others met up with Nie Li and Duan Jian at a predetermined location.[164] Rather than attempt to escape from the village like Sikong Yi would expect, Nie Li had them hide out close by in the woods.[165]

Three Inscriptionist Brothers:

Nie Li then once again separates from the group, as he wishes to give the slaves a chance by freeing them from their Blood Imprint. He sneaks over to the Blood Crystal mine, where none of the Flame Explosions had been placed, and using his void form infiltrates the guard tower. Inside the tower he is able to quietly take out the silver Rank guards with his Shadow Devil's sickles.[165]
At the top of the tower he finds the three GoldRank inscription masters that control the slave's Blood Imprint. They have placed dozens of protection inscription patterns on the tower to protect themselves from the outside. However, Nie Li places more Flame Explosion patterns on the inside of the tower and then triggers them by shooting a Yin Yang blast. The tower is completely destroyed by a series of explosions, killing the Inscriptionists and freeing the slaves.[165]

Sikong Shou:

Now free from the blood imprint, much of the slaves former strength has returned. Though the guards are still stronger, the slaves greatly outnumber them. The head guard, Sikong Shou, is able to kill many of them but is eventually surrounded and killed.[166]

Sikong Hongyue:

Just as Nie Li is about to leave, Sikong Hongyue shows up. Her strength is too much for the slaves, so Nie Li decides to reveal himself, knowing that she will not be able to resist chasing after him. He leads her deeper into the woods, away from the mine. After catching up to him she strikes out with her heavy sword, but he is able to defend with the Thunder God’s Meteorite Sword. This surprised her as she did not expect him to show such strength. She then uses a low level Scarlet Body Refining Technique to raise her combat abilities.[166]
However, at that moment Duan Jian arrives. Duan Jian is the one who has been greatly wronged by the Silver Winged Family and is determined to get revenge now that his strength is close to a Legend Rank fighter. In order to end the fight quickly he takes on her attack directly and lands a heavy kick on her. She is gravely injured, but before he can finish her off three Black Gold Rank experts arrive. Nie Li is able to kill one of them with a sneak attack from his Scarlet Flame flying knife. The other two Black Gold Rank experts grab Sikong Hongyue and retreat. Even though Duan Jian wants nothing more than to chase them, Nie Li tells him that it is too dangerous and that they should escape.[166]

The Teleportation Array and the Old Man:

After hiding out in the woods and learning more about the thirteen families in this realm, Nie Li decides it is time to return to Glory City. However, just as they are about to activate the teleportation array, the mysterious old man shows up again. He comes out of nowhere and walks by the group while staggering and mumbling. Though the others do not understand, Nie Li can hear him saying Kong Ming's insight over and over again. Nie Li is truly terrified that this old man has gone crazy and could strike out at any moment. However, he just passes them by. Nie Li does not hesitate to place the Stones of Light and return to Glory City. Duan Jian decides to go with them, as he has nothing tying him to this place except his revenge.[167]

Ye Ziyun:

Nie Li immediately headed to the City Lord's Mansion after he returned. When he arrived Ye Ziyun ran to see him, but then she pouted and immediately turned to leave. Nie Li stopped her and gave her the Blizzard Spiritual Gem. The atmosphere seemed a little awkward as Nie Li introduced her to the rest of the group. Though she knew of most of them from class she had never actually talked with them properly.[168]

Ye Zong:

When her father entered Nie Li greets him as father-in-law. Though everyone is startled, Nie Li knows that Ye Zong has no choice but to bear it because of the contributions he has made to Glory City. Nie Li then further pushes the issue by giving him a bunch of the blood crystals. Even though Ye Zong hesitates to accept them, Nie Li entices him with valuable information about the Abyss Prison Realm. By accepting the crystals and the information it is practically the same as accepting Nie Li as his son-in-law.[168]

Demon Lord:

Nie Li then asks Ye Zong and Ye Xiu if they have every heard of some one called the Demon Lord. Ye Zong tells Nie Li about an incident that happened hundreds of years ago when a young boy was taken in by an old man. Later the old man was killed by the cruel Red Jade Family, a formerly powerful family in Glory City. The boy then disappeared only to return later and single-handedly wipe out the family. He called himself the Demon Lord and founded the Dark Guild.[169]

Duan Jian:

At this point Ye Zong notices Duan Jian and asks who he is, as he can partially tell how powerful he is. He is surprised when Duan Jian states that he is a servant of Nie Li.[169]

Sacred Family and Dark Guild:

Once everyone else has left, Ye Zong and Ye Xui tell Nie Li that they now have the evidence on the Sacred Family and also know where the Dark Guild has a division in the City.[169] Nie Li proposes that they invite the experts to the City Lord's Mansion as the Ten Thousand Demonic Beast Array will give them an advantage while the rest of the Sacred Family and Dark Guild members in the City can be taken down.[170]

The Demon Horde Attacks Arc

Ye Xiu:

A few days later Nie Li is awakened by the warning alarms for a Demon Beast Horde and rushes to find out what they are dealing with. Ye Xiu tells him that it is only a few million strong with mostly lower Rank demon beasts, with the strongest being Black Gold Rank. He then tells him that they are mostly made up of Snow Wind Types and will hit the south wall in about five hours. Nie Li asks if he can have 500 normal fighters to command. Ye Xiu trusts his judgment and gives him 1,000 normal fighters to command.[170]

Defense of the City Walls:

In the five hours before the horde arrives Nie Li had the troops dig two long trenches as well as many smaller holes outside the southern city walls. He then filled the trenches with Red Oil. Next he had them fashion bamboo spears and then filled them with a Berserk Potion. When the demon beast horde finally arrived Nie Li asked Ye Xiu to tell Ye Zong to not order the attack and instead let the demon beasts approach the walls.[171]
When the demons run through the many potholes, the red oil splashes up on them and ignites. Because the horde is mostly made up of snow wind type demon beasts, fire type attacks are more effective. In response to the flames, the horde attempts to go around to the east and west however the trenches full of red oil block them. These are ignited with fire arrows and form a fire wall that is 5 meters tall and thousands of meters long.[172]
After the red oil, the demon beasts come to an area with a highly unstable explosive liquid. The explosions are strong enough to kill several Gold and Black Gold Rank demon beasts. Next, the fighters threw the spears into areas with densely packed demon beasts. The spears exploded and the demon beasts that inhaled the berserk potion inside them started to attack each other.[172]
At that point about 10% of the demon beast horde had been killed. When the Beasts finally reach the bottom of the wall, more of the red oil is poured down on top of them and lit on fire. This mostly stops the lower ranked demon beasts, however several of the more powerful Gold Rank ones made it up the wall.[173]

Powerful Family Patriarchs:

These defensive lines had a huge impression on all of Glory City's Patriarchs. This was a completely new way of fighting that they had never thought of. The demon beast horde was already damaged, yet they had not even had to fight. Ye Xiu then told them that this was all Nie Li's doing. He did this because he knows that if they are aware of Nie Li's contributions now then they will be more willing to accept his opinions and actions in the future.[172]

Nie Li's Cultivation:

Thousands upon thousands of snow wind demon beasts died at the foot of the city wall. Because of the unique properties of Nie Li's soul realm it started to absorb the high concentration of released soul force into his soul realm. This threw his soul realm into complete chaos in the middle of the battle. His actions became slow and he was racked with pain. He had to quickly refine the mass of soul force so that he could once again enter the battle.[173]

Xiao Ning'er and Ye Ziyun:

Xiao Ning'er quickly realizes that something is wrong with Nie Li and rushes to his side as two 3 Star Gold Rank demon beasts move to attack him. Ye Ziyun sees this as well and forms an ice wall to protect both of them. While Nie Li is refining his soul realm he is unaware of the battles taking place around him as both Xiao Ning'er and Ye Ziyun guard him from Gold Rank demon beasts.[173]
When he finally finishes refining the new soul force he has broken through to 2 Star Gold Rank and a 5 Star Gold Rank Snow Wind Behemoth Lizard is bearing down on him. He is able use his Scarlet Flame flying knife to kill it in one strike. He then quickly merges with the Fanged Panda and activates Gravity Field to help Ye Ziyun's battle with the two 3 Star Gold Rank demon beasts. He then finishes them off with a Yin Yang Blast.[174]
He rushes to Xiao Ning'er's side and picks her up. She is unconscious from exhausting her soul force but not seriously wounded. He starts to heal her with his own soul force and then asks Ye Ziyun to take her and retreat from the battlefield so that they can both recover.[174]

Long Range Attack:

After over a third of the demon beasts have died they suddenly pull back, away from the city walls. It is now obvious that the horde is under the control of a Black Gold Rank demon beast that has unlocked its Spiritual Wisdom. Since they were not making any progress with the normal methods the leader had pulled them back and commanded the larger demon beasts to start collecting large boulders to hurl at the city wall.[174]
Not having any ideas of his own, Ye Xiu asked Nie Li if he had a way to counter this move by the demon beasts. Nie Li told him to bring out the large crossbows and gave him some of the Blood Burst Magic Bottles. Since the start of the horde's attack, Nie Li had put the Alchemy Association to work making thousands of them. Though some of the boulders were still thrown, the number was greatly reduced. Seeing this attack has also failed, the demon beast horde once again fell back.[175]

Black Gold Demon Beasts:

The last move of the demon beast horde was to directly charge with their most powerful members. There were only a handful of Black Gold Rank demon beasts, but each of them were very powerful and it would take many Black Gold Rank fighters and demon spiritualists teaming up to take one down. In this charge the city wall was finally breached.[175]
Just like Ye Zong, Nie Li heads towards the demon beast with spiritual wisdom, the Snow Wind Great Ape. When he arrives he hides nearby and watches. He can see that Ye Zong is already in a bitter battle with it while Shen Hong is nearby ready to sabotage him at a critical moment. Ye Zong is obviously having a lot of difficulty and can not take down the Snow Wind Great Ape on his own, but when they start getting close to the Ten Thousand Demonic Beast Array the Great Ape realizes something is wrong. It lets out a roar and all the Black Gold Rank demon beasts in the city retreat.[175]
Nie Li decides to use Raging Flames of Explosion, one of the seven Legend Rank forbidden technique scrolls that he acquired in the Abyss Prison Realm. to deal a serious blow to the Snow Wind Great Ape.[175] He then continues to stealthily strike out at Black Gold Rank demon beasts with his Scarlet Flame flying knife until the demon beast horde finally scatters.[176]

Lu Piao, Du Ze, Xiao Xue, Dian Jian, and three minions

After seeing the destruction of the demon beast horde Nie Li reaffirms to himself that he will save his friends, family, and Glory City from the same fate they suffered in his previous life. Everyone agrees that they need to work hard to get stronger.[176]

Ye Zong:

After the battle is over Ye Zong meets up with Nie Li to thank him. Nie Li has gotten to know Ye Zong a lot more and they seem to have come to a mutual understanding.[176] Ye Zong attempts to give Nie Li the Demon spirit from the Snow Wind Great Ape. Since he believes that Nie Li's master struck it down with the Legend Rank fireball it seems only right to give it to him. Nie Li does not need the demon spirit, so he instead tells Ye Zong to keep it as his dowry.[177]

Ye Ziyun:

After running over to Ye Ziyun's courtyard to check on her and Xiao Ning'er's condition he mistakenly walked in on them only partially dressed. Though he greatly enjoyed the sight he quickly apologized and left. After awhile Ye Ziyun came outside. She is acting unusually cold and hostile towards him, even though he apologized for earlier. Instead she says that it is improper for him to stay with her and that he must immediately move out of her courtyard. She ruthlessly points out the social gaps between them, making him angry, and he leaves.[178]

Taking down the Sacred Family Arc

Heavenly Marks Family:

Nie Li travels back home with Nie Yu and Duan Jian. He is relieved to see everyone is safe and leaves those two there while he goes to visit the Alchemy Guild.

Yang Xin:

He asks director Yang Xin to continue the production of the potions used during the battle in preparation for a still larger horde and she agrees. She then asks him to stay and visit with her. She is lonely and would like some company while she drinks. They get quite drunk and listen to each other talk about the world outside of Glory City and their hopes for the future.[179]

Ye Zong:

During the night Nie Li is woken up and is rushed to the City Lord's Mansion. When he arrives he learns about Ye Han's attempted assassination of Ye Zong. Ye Zong believes that he will soon be dead and asks Nie Li to watch over Ye Ziyun in his absence. When Nie Li learns that Ye Zong was poisoned by the Draconic Tongue Herb, he tells Ye Xiu and Ye Ziyun to not worry as he can remove the poison.[180] He then spends the next several hours using the Daoyin Technique to draw the poison out of Ye Zong's system.[181]
Ye Ziyun take this time to apologizes for her earlier words to Nie Li and once again promises him anything she can do to repay him. She then takes the initiative to kiss him on the cheek, at which point Nie Li pulls her into an embrace.[181]
When Ye Zong woke up to discover Nie Li holding his daughter he immediately went into a rage and started throwing pillows and insults at Nie Li, while Nie Li calls him ungrateful for him having saved his life. After Ye Zong has calmed down he tells Ye Ziyun to take Nie Li to the treasure house of the Snow Wind Family and for Nie Li to take anything that he believes may be useful to protect them.[181]

Snow Wind Family's Treasury:

At the treasury Ye Ziyun did not have any problem with Nie Li taking anything he wished. One of the first things he found was some Divine Guardian Rocks. After they were repaired he took three and gave Ye Ziyun three. He also found five repairable Legend Rank forbidden technique scrolls. He kept two and gave Ye Ziyun three. Nie Li also found and took a mysterious egg covered in inscription patterns. He found that the egg reacted to his remnant page of the Temporal Demon Spirit Book making it likely that it is a Space-Time Demon Beast In the end Nie Li took hundreds of strange treasures.[182]

Ye Yan:

After leaving the treasury, Ye Yan approached Nie Li to tell him that he had found the Dark Guild's base. It is located in a a large and deep crypt (later discovered to be an entrance to the Nether Realm) and there are traces of the humanoids called Troglodytes and Dark Elves.[183]

Ye Ziyun:

That night Nie Li was cultivating in his room when Ye Ziyun came in and removed her gown. She said that she felt both guilty for treating him harshly earlier and grateful to him for saving her father. Her Aunt Xue always told her that men will not cherish things once they obtain them. She wanted to give herself to Nie Li so that he will stop chasing after her and be able to accept Xiao Ning'er's feelings. She then climbs into the bed. Though Nie Li is deeply affected. He places a quilt between them and tells her that he loves her, not Xiao Ning'er, and that will not change. He then stays beside her as she sleeps.[183] In the morning she is highly embarrassed and makes Nie Li swear that he will never mention this in the future, and he agrees.[184]
Before the meeting of all of Glory City's experts, Nie Li takes Ye Ziyun to the secret chamber of the City Lord's Mansion and traps her within the barrier there. Though she may hate him for this, he and Ye Zong both agreed that this was what was best for her. They fear that she would be a prime target of the Sacred Family if she was nearby when the fighting began.[53]

Xiao Ning'er:

Xiao Ning'er visits to tell Nie Li that she thoroughly beat Shen Fei and is afraid that the Sacred Family may retaliate. Nie Li just laughed and told her not to worry as they would move against the Sacred Family very soon.[185]

Huyan Lanruo:

As with any event like this Nie Li spends a good portion of it trying to escape from Huyan Lanruo's pursuit. He tries to be very blunt with her and eventually angers her enough to leave him alone.[185]

Ye Shuo

When Nie Li arrived in the main hall he met Ye Shou for the first time and almost immediately they came to an understanding of one another. Ye Shou told Nie Li that it was him that had visited the fighter apprentice class at Holy Orchid Institute that day and heard him defy the Sacred Family. He was also the one that gave him the library clerk position. Nie Li also gives him some Blood Crystals to further win him over.[53]

Nie Hai and Nie En:

Nie Li makes sure to greet the members of the Heavenly Marks Family and then warns them to be careful as there will be trouble tonight.[53]

Duan Jian:

Nie Li specifically points out Shen Hong to Duan Jian. He most likely cannot defeat Shen Hong, but with his Legend Rank body he can delay him. This will give Nie Li the chance to activate the Ten Thousand Demonic Beast Array.[53]

Xiao Yunfeng:

Nie Li then greets Xiao Yenfeng. This is the first time they have met and Xiao Yenfeng has already heard a lot about Nie Li so he is very respectful. Nie Li gives him some Scarlet Body Enhancing Pills, Soul Tempering Pills and Nine Transformation Pills as a gift.[53] When Xiao Yunfeng tries to tell him this is way too much, Nie Li just says that Xiao Ning'er is his good friend.[186]

Shen Xiu:

When Shen Xiu comes over to the Winged Dragon Family and starts berating Xiao Ning'er for having no shame and trying to break the wedding contract, Nie Li can not just sit quietly by. He tells Shen Xiu to stop trying to bully Xiao Ning'er or he will not hesitate to beat her. When she still refuses to back down, Nie Li tells Duan Jian to beat her and then throw her out.[186]

Duan Jian:

Duan Jian does not hesitate, even when the Black Gold Rank fighter, Shen Yan attempts to block him. With Duan Jian's physique, Nie Li knows there is nothing Shen Yan can do that would harm him. Even his Flaming Palm has no effect. After Duan Jian lands a heavy kick on Shen Yan, Nie Li tells him not to kill him. Then Duan Jian proceeds to slap Shen Xiu, knocking her back and causing her face to swell.[187]
Shen Hong stepped in at that moment and de-escalated the situation by apologizing to Duan Jian and asking him to not pursue the matter. Nie Li signals Duan Jian to stand down and Shen Hong retreats with his injured family members, but not before trying to recruit Duan Jian.[187]

Ye Xiu:

After the incident, Nie Li continues to warn Lu Piao, Du Ze, and the others and then return to the upper area with Ye Shou and Ye Xiu. Ye Xiu then asks him if he would host the banquet in Ye Zong's absence and Nie Li agrees. Even still, he is in no rush to start anything and just wishes to buy as much time as possible while they wait for Ye Zong to finish with his strikes against the Sacred Family's and Dark Guild's bases.[188]

Shen Hong

Frustrated that the meeting had yet to begin, Shen Hong finally asked directly why they hadn't started yet and where Ye Zong was. In response Nie Li answered that there was no rush and until Ye Zong arrived he would act as host. Shen Hong attempted to get a rise out of the other patriarchs by putting Nie Li down, only to find that Nie Li's recent defensive tactics against the demon beast horde had already earned their respect.[189]
When that did not work Shen Hong suggested that the Snow Wind Family was unfairly suppressing his Sacred Family due to the conflicts between Nie Li and their younger members. But Nie Li is able to brush that off easily as Ye Zong would never bother about such petty squabbles. Seeing no other method, Shen Hong directly stated that he had heard that there was an assassination attempt on Ye Zong and that the reason that he was not appearing was because in truth he was dead. This finally succeeded in shaking the other patriarchs as Ye Zong had yet to show himself. It was Huyan Xiong that spoke up at that moment and assured the worried patriarchs that Ye Zong was fine and would join them soon. Shen Hong then even accused Huyan Xiong of being a part of the assassination plot. But Nie Li interjected what would be the point of that when the assassins would only die when Lord Ye Mo returned.[190]

Shen Ming:

Nie Li then went on the attack by bringing out the captured Shen Ming and suggested using the Soul Refining Technique on him. But Shen Hong makes the argument that even if Shen Ming has been kicked out of his family, he still could not use such a method against him.[191]

Yun Hua:

Nie Li then brings Yun Hua forward. Shen Hong has no such reason to not allow them to use the Soul Refining Technique on him. However, just then he suddenly dies. He was branded by the Soul Shackle method which Shen Hong activated by make a few secret seal signs. Though he thought that he was very hidden, the other patriarchs noticed Shen Hong's movements and have now started to suspect what the Snow Wind Family has said is true.[191]

Battle Between Families:

In truth Nie Li is not to worried about Shen Ming or Yun Hua, as all of this is just a method to stall for time and give Ye Zong a chance to return. However, Shen Hong has begun to suspect this now and announces that he and his family will leave.[191] When he starts to walk towards the door Ye Xiu orders the guards to stop him. Huyan Xiong soon follows by ordering the Huyan family to also stop them. Then, to everyone's surprise Chen Zhenlong, the patriarch of the Divine Family, orders the same of his family.[192]
However, Shen Hong continues to play the victim and swears that his family has always been loyal. When he receives a message that his and the Dark Guild's base have been attacked he announces that the Snow Wind Family is working with the Dark Guild and attacking everyone's families, causing the other patriarchs to hesitate from joining against them.[192]
At the start of the fighting Nie Li guessed correctly that Shen Hong would move to quickly kill him so he ran towards the Ten Thousand Demonic Beast Array. Even though he could not out run Shen Hong, he was able to use a Divine Guardian Rock and his Scarlet Flame flying knife to protect himself. He then tricked Shen Hong with a feint and continued to head towards the array.[192]
When two Black Gold Rank experts of the Dark Guild attempted to cut him off, he was forced to use one of his Legend Rank inscription scrolls, Setting Sun’s Thunderstorm, instantly killing both of them and further injuring Shen Hong. Shen Hong finally integrates with his Sacred Flaming Condor and flies towards Nie Li. But Nie Li is done playing with him and orders Duan Jian to stop him. Shen Hong is now trapped in a battle with Duan Jian and can no longer escape, attack Nie Li, or help the other members of the Sacred Family.[193]

The Shadow Devil and Snow Wind Spiritual God

In desperation, Shen Yuan lead the Sacred Family's Black Gold Rank elders and used the Dark Guild's Shadow Devil summoning technique. Though this succeeded in forcing the other families back, it also confirmed that the Sacred Family had indeed betrayed Glory City.[193] In response to the Shadow Devil's summoning, Ye Xiu activated an inscription pattern carved onto the wall of the main hall of the City Lord's Mansion. This summoned the stronger Snow Wind Spiritual God which was able to destroy the Shadow Devil.[194]

Gui Sha:

Just as the Snow Wind Spiritual God was about kill the Sacred Family elders he was stopped by Gui Sha, who introduced himself as one of the leaders of the Dark Guild and offers to spare the Snow Wind Family if they bow down to the Dark Guild. Though he appears to be Legend rank, Nie Li can tell that he is actually only Black Gold Rank with some nice treasures. Using these treasures he is able to suppress the Snow Wind Spiritual God. Nie Li had not used the Ten Thousand Demonic Beast Array since it had been necessary, however with Gui Sha's arrival Nie Li now moves to activate it.[195]

Ye Zong:

Ye Zong arrives at this moment and directly confronts Gui Sha using the Traceless Snow Wind Technique to approach him. At this point it is obvious to everyone that Ye Zong has broken into Legend rank. He is able to overwhelm Gui Sha within the first few moves. This causes Gui Sha to choose to escape instead by using a vortex known as a Spatial Door of Darkness. After a few of the Sacred Family's elders escaped, he starts to make a second door for himself, but it is stopped by Nether Phantoms from the Ten Thousand Demonic Beast Array. He then integrates with his Bloodthirsty Devil, but even still can not withstand the attacks from the array.[196]

Long Sha:

Gui Sha is rescued at the last minute by Long Sha. He is able to stop Ye Zong and the Snow Wind Spiritual God with two stones that exploded with a formless energy that exploded. He recognized Nie Li's strength and again asked him to visit the Demon Lord. He also brings up the Spiritual Constellation Technique. Nie Li then activates the killing array at its full power and strikes at Long Sha.[197] He is barely able to survive by using his Golden Winged Dragon and sacrificing several Legend Rank treasures, then escapes.[198]

Training in the Mountains Arc

Ye Yan:

Nie Li has decided to leave Glory City in order to train and check out the Dark Guild's base. He only has three months until he will face the Demon Lord and needs to raise his strength as quickly as possible. He gives Ye Yan several letters for his friends and family to let them know. Ye Yan asks if he should go with Nie Li, but he tells him no.[37]

Ye Ziyun:

He personal goes to deliver the letter to Ye Ziyun, but can not bring himself to knock on her door. For one, she is still mad at him for locking her in the secret chamber, and for two, he does not know if he could leave after seeing her. Instead he leaves the letter in front of her door.[37]

Yun Ling:

After traveling for ten days, Nie Li found the Heavenly Fate Plateau just as he remembers it in his previous life and visits Old Man Yun’s Congee Shop. Yun Ling is the waitress and she and her father provided for Nie Li in his previous life. [199] Because of this he wishes to do a little to repay her in this one, so he offers to trade with her some nice clothing for only 200 of the local currency, coppers.[200]
He also asks her to help spread the word that he is willing to trade ten Purple Smoke Rocks for a bag of rice or five catties (6.7 pounds) of meat. To them these rocks have little value, so he is being very generous and using this as a way of giving them food. In this way Nie Li was able to gather thousands of the Purple Caltrop Rocks in only a few hours.[200]
After awhile people start do become greedy and try to hold out for more food for the rocks, but Nie Li simple tells them that he is done and will not be trading anymore.[201]

Xiao Kaung:

The second son of the chief, Xiao Kuang, shows up and tries to bully Nie Li into paying a "tax" of five hundred bags of rice. Nie Li is not even the slightest bit intimidated and instead tells him, and the others standing around, about Glory City. After hearing this, Xiao Kaung's attitude completely changes as he tries his best not to offend Nie Li.[201]

Xiao Yang:

Xiao Yang is a very clever young man. When her hears Nie Li's offer to trade ten Purple Smoke Rocks for food, he was immediately curious about what value the rocks could hold. However, Nie Li refused to tell him.[200] After listening to Nie Li talk about Glory City he asks how far away it is from them. Nie Li decides to not only tell them, but offers to draw them a map and invites them to visit.[201]

Nie Lie's Cultivation:

Nie Li then heads deeper into the Heavenly Fate Plateau to a spot with the greatest amount of direct sunlight and sets up an Array with a few hundred of the Purple Caltrop Rocks. When in direct sunlight the stones emit a toxic purple smokey soul force. Using the array, Nie Li refines the smoke as a way of enhancing his Cultivation. However, the toxin is very painful and causes him to feel as though he is being pierced by thousands of needles. Using this technique, Nie Li was able to raise his Soul Force from 2 Star Gold Rank to 3 Star Gold Rank.[202]
After this breakthrough his soul perception became greater. He was able to even sense the souls in the plants and insects around him. This is a different Dao(path) of cultivation then his previous life.[203]

Xiao Lang:

Xiao Lang is a viscous man that has killed and robbed many people. In his previous life he was responsible for the death of many of the refugees from Glory City. He brought seven thugs with the idea of stealing from Nie Li. They first surrounded him and then demand that he hand over his valuables or they will kill him.[203] Nie Li does not plan on showing Xiao Lang any mercy after what he did in his last life and immediately merges with his Fanged Panda.[204]
He then activates his Gravity Field, making the hammers that Xiao Lang wields extremely heavy. In response Xiao Lang attempts to throw one of them at him, but Nie Li uses his Thunder Strike to blow it away. After this initial exchange all of the thugs tried to attack Nie Li at once, but were easily pushed back. Then Xiao Lang attempts a flying leap with his remaining hammer. Nie Li responds with a Yin Yang Blast that hits him in the chest and sends him flying, killing Xiao Lang on impact.[204]

7 Thugs:

After seeing Xiao Lang's death, the remaining attackers wanted to escape but Nie Li stopped them. He told them that if they came with him to the Black Spring he would spare their lives. One of them decided to make a run for it out of fear but was instantly killed by him. Even though the remaining six thugs were terrified of going to the Black Spring they could see they had no other choice at this point.[204]
Along the path to the Black Spring they first had to walk through an eerie forest filled with Black Oil trees. These trees emit toxins that resemble a light black fog and over time slowly poison any living creature. Nie Li gives them each a temporary elixir that will stave off the poison for half an hour. After getting through the forest there is an highly poisonous marsh. Nie Li orders the thugs to cut down trees to form a bridge of planks (like this) as well as gather vines to make several thousand of meters of rope. After five hours they completed these tasks and Nie Li gave them a stronger antidote and let them go.[39]

The Black Spring:

After propelling down the cliff face of the black spring Nie Li reached the platform that he remembrances from his past life.[39] There are three lightning sealing inscription patterns and six Sacred Flame offensive inscription patterns placed by someone greater then Legend rank. He had to slowly break his way slowly through the offensive patterns to reach the sealing ones. After three hours Nie Li is able to break through them and the wall opens up to reveal a cave.[205]
The passage way of the cave was also covered with offensive inscription pattern traps that Nie Li had to carefully avoid. Any of these patterns would be strong enough to kill him. At the end of the passage is a large room with a pond of the black spring water. The pond is covered in another, even stronger barrier array. Near the pond he found the remains of the six Legend Rank or greater experts that set up the barrier. They each had their own powerful armor, weapons, and interspatial rings full of valuables. From the deterioration of these items he can tell that these remains might have been here for ten thousand years. It is in one of these rings that Nie Li finds the Wind Spirit Armour.[205]

Yu Yan:

It turns out that the barrier of the Black Spring holds the spirit of the Spiritual God of fire, Yu Yan. She explains to Nie Li that she was bound here tens of thousand of years ago after her Divine Spark was scattered. Since then she has been reforming her power and body within the Black Spring. To Nie Li this opens up a whole new way of reaching beyond Legend Rank to the Heavenly Fate Realm. In his past life he was able to reach such a realm only by entering the Temporal Demon Spirit Book and cultivating the Power of Heaven. He now understands that in this world there is a still a path to the higher realms, but only through the cultivation of the Power of Law. Though he is told that it is difficult to cultivate law, he is not worried with his high level of comprehension.[206]

Nie Li's Cultivation:

The first step is to strengthen his body by soaking in the water of the black spring. The water is infused with a part of Yu Yan's divine spark. When he enters the water he finds it full of an extremely pure soul force. Instead of being overwhelmed by the energy, he is able to constantly absorb it into his soul realm. No matter how much he cultivates, his soul realm can not be filled. This nourishing of his soul force causes the vine in his soul realm to further strengthen and sprout four more leaves in addition to the previous one. He was able to quickly advance and already break through into 4 Star Gold Rank.[207]
As the vine absorbed more and more of the power of law Nie Li sunk further into the black spring, where the power of of an even greater concentration. The vine then grew a sixth and seven leaf. It appears that the vine is able to use the massive amounts of the power of law to grow these mysterious "leaves" and each time it does his soul realm is once again emptied. This has allowed him to absorb enough power to cause a Legend Rank expert to explode. When he moved closer to the depths of the spring and Yu Yan's body the intense power of law caused two more leaves to grow.[207]

Comprehension of Laws:

After entering the black spring to cultivate the power of law, Nie Li was able to travel deep into its depths. Once there he found a ball of intense fire energy with the reforming divine body of the goddess Yu Yan inside.[207] Out of innocent curiosity at finding something even he does not fully understand, Nie Li sets to studying her divine body. By touching it he was able to have insight to the profoundness of the power of law. When he got out of the water Nie Li tells Yu Yan that he knows a way to help her reconstruct her body, but she does not believe him.[208]
After studying the structure of her body he has a deeper understanding towards the power of law, so when he attempts to sense the power of light for the first time it is not surprising that it overwhelming.[208] It seems like he is very sensitive to the power of law and can easily sense and comprehend it. After suffering some fear and damage from too much power too fast, Nie Li takes some time to slowly comprehended and deconstructed the power of law. At its heart, he finds that the power of law is actually made up of flowing inscription patterns. Each law is formed by such mysterious inscription patterns and together create the world's structure.[24]
Now that he has the basic understanding of the law of light he is able to deconstruct as well the law of darkness. He continues his cultivation and is able to break into 5 Star Gold Rank. At this time, his demon spirits are also enhanced. He can control light energy with his right hand, while the darkness energy is on left. This is very similar to the two energies that sit in the Fanged Panda and make up his Yin Yang Blast. The law of darkness also improves the shadow devil's void form and combat abilities.[24]

Yu Yan's Body:

After watching Nie Li's striking rise in power over twenty days, Yu Yan finally agreed that he might be able to help her reconstruct her divine body. He explains that the fundamental part of laws are inscription patterns and that he can reconstruct the inscription pattern in her body and it will naturally start to grow stronger. However the power of law is drawn from the surroundings, without leaving the Black Spring it will be hard for her to continue to cultivate her power. After she agrees, Nie Li is able to reform the fire inscription patterns within her body and her soul is able to integrate with it.[209]
Using inscription patterns for the law of fire Nie Li constructs a fake aura to mimic Yu Yan, he then uses his law of darkness to hide her true aura while she hides in his sleeve. In this was Nie Li was able to smuggle Yu Yan past the Legend Rank demon beasts that stand guard over her in the abyss of the Black Spring. They then immediately leave the Heavenly Fate Plateau to put some distance between them and the Legend Rank demon beasts.[210]

Dreamcloud World:

Yu Yan tells Nie Li about the subsidiary realms that the human tribes are held up in. The largest and safest is the Dreamcloud World. In order to open a teleportaion array to it, she tells him that they need Dreamcloud Rocks. Her interspatial ring has some, but it was hidden tens of thousands of miles away.[210]

Into the Nether Realm Arc

Dark Elves:

After leaving the Heavenly Fate Plateau, Nie Li decides to check out the underground world that the Dark Guild is based out of. After traveling thousands of meters underground through a tunnel and passing through a barrier he is almost immediately attacked by some Dark Elves. They believe him an easy target and are quickly scared off when shown otherwise. This is a world where it is survival of the fittest and only the strong walk the streets freely.[211]

Luo Jian:

Almost immediately after entering the closest city, Blackrock, Nie Li is approached by Luo Jian. He realizes that Nie Li must be new to Blackrock and wants to recruit him for the Jade Seal Family. Nie Li has already learned that they are one of the strongest human tribe families in this city. Further more they say that they want to unify and expand the space that the human tribe has. Nie Li already sees them as potential allies for Glory City so he agrees. They are currently on bad terms with the Blood Demon Clan over a treasure map found in the Nine-Layered Deathlands.[212]
Nie Li has already gotten the impression that those that can write high level inscription patterns are rare. So he makes sure to mention to Lou Jian that he is an inscriptionist. They way he sees it this will raise his worth to the Jade Seal Family.[213]

Luo Xiao:

When he met the patriarch of the Jade Seal Family, Nie Li had a good impression of him. Luo Xiao came across as strong but also courteous and not over bearing. He gave Nie Li the chance to display his skill as an inscriptionist. Even though Nie Li only carved a silver Rank inscription, his knowledge towards laws made it even more powerful.[213] He was easily able to impress Luo Xiao who was smart enough to know that Nie Li had come there for a reason.[214]
Nie Li said that he would inscribe items with inscription patterns for the Jade Seal Family to sell. He would take 70% of the profit and the rest would go to them. He also wanted their protection and help if he had any problems. Luo Xiao readily agreed to this. In the future Nie Li hoped that the Jade Seal Family can stand with Glory City against the Dark Guild.[214]

Nie Li's Cultivation:

After striking a deal with the Jade Seal Family, Nie Li was given a place to stay and continued to work on his cultivation. The dynamically opposed forces of light and darkness clashed violently in his soul realm causing a great deal of pain. By using Acupuncture he was able to seal some of his important acupuncture points to reduce the stress on his soul realm while he refined them.[214] He then was able to use his vine to control them. This vine is a very mysterious thing and he is not quite certain where it came from or why it can absorb so much energy. By feeding the laws into his vine he also felt his demon spirits grow.[215]

Jade Seal Family:

Nie Li asked Luo Xiao to keep an eye on the Dark Guild and Ye Han. He discovered that Ye Han had joined the Wugui Family and that they are on the move, but nobody knows why. After hearing this news Nie Li had a bad feeling, it seems that Ye Han has revealed Glory City's existence to an even greater power then the Dark Guild. He quickly tells Luo Xiao that he must leave. Though Luo Xiao is not happy about it, he simply asks if he can send bodyguards with him, and Nie Li agrees. He ends up with Luo Ming and two other Legend Rank experts. He also received the 600 million Demonic Crystal Rocks from the sale of the items he inscribed.[215]
As he approaches the exit from the Nether Realm, Nie Li found thousands of experts. Luo Ming confirmed that they are from the Wugui Fsmily. This confirmed Nie Li's worse fears that Glory City has been exposed. He tells Luo Ming about Glory City and that they have to hurry there.[216]

Ye Mo:

Near the exit Nie Li ran into Lord Ye Mo. Nie Li told him who he is and that Glory City is in danger.[216] As they are hurrying towards Glory City Nie Li catches Ye Mo up on all that had happened with the Sacred Family and Ye Han. He also called Ye Mo "grandfather-in-law" and gave him some insight into the structure of laws.[217]

Ye Zong:

Once they arrive at Glory City, Nie Li gets to enjoy watching Ye Mo lecture Ye Zong for his poor judgement with Ye Han. On top of that, Nie Li has managed to win over Ye Mo's support for his future marriage to Ye Ziyun. It has been decided that after this crisis with the Wugui Family is over the engagement will be made official.[218]
After Ye Mo leaves, Ye Zong shows Nie Li the letter from Ye Han and they discuss measures to take in preparation. Since it is important for them to raise their strength has quickly as possible, Nie Li gives Ye Zong some insight into the Power of Law as well.[219]

Ye Ziyun:

Nie Li went to see Ye Ziyun after returning and promised that he would not leave Glory City without taking her again.[219]

Yu Yan:

Nie Li then gathered all of his friends together and introduced them to the Spiritual God Yu Yan. He explained to them that her original strength is greater then a Legend Rank so that they understood to treat her with great respect.[219] Even still he was a little slow as Lu Piao managed to slightly anger her by first trying to touch her and then thinking dirty thoughts, which she could read.[220]
He then asks them to help him gather demon spirits and other materials to set down a powerful array. After they leave he explains that using the Demon Spirit Devouring Technique he will be able to quickly enhance his cultivation, but it will also cause great pain, is dangerous, and will make future cultivation more difficult. However, he feels that he has no other choice as Glory City is facing too many powerful threats and Yu Yan agrees to support him.[220]
While waiting for the other to return he comes up with a way to store his Yin Yang Blast. This attack is very powerful, but also extremely slow. By using Dragon’s Soul Stones, Nie Li is able to store the power of light and darkness to be used in the future. He names these Draconic Bombs.[220]

The Group's Cultivation:

Two days later everyone returns to the yard and Nie Li uses the items to set down the Demon Spirit Devouring Technique. This technique will release more then enough soul force and power of law for all of them to raise their strength by leaps and bounds. The main focus of the technique will be Nie Li in the center, with his friends cultivating within the activated array around him.[220]
When activated, Nie Li transforms into his Fanged Panda and starts to forcefully devour the gathered demon spirits. As he does his soul realm fills and then painfully expands continuously.[220] In this way he broke through to 1 Star Black Gold Rank. The Fanged Panda's strength also started to grow exponentially to the point that Nie Li feared losing control of it.[221]
After five days he advanced to 2 Star Black Gold Rank, while the Fanged Panda reached 5 star Black Gold Rank. Nie Li could feel his control slipping so he began to feed more and more of his soul force and the power of law into the vine in his soul realm, using it to restrain the Fanged Panda.[221]
The array had an unexpected effect on the Thunder God’s Meteorite Sword. It started to absorb the soul force and power of law on its own. When Nie Li attempted to probe the mysterious energy of the sword, his soul realm received a sudden and violent series of lightning attacks. However, the vine in his soul realm was able to absorb this lightning energy. The others also felt this lightning energy and merged with their demon spirits to defend against it.[222] Somehow this pure energy altered the original array and formed a Soul Array between them.[223]

Wugui Family's Attack:

Nie Li noticed the arrival of the Wugui family, but he sees that they are trapped in the Ten Thousand Demonic Beast Array. Since he is not needed, he continues to cultivate with his friends in the Demon Spirit Devouring Technique array.[224]

Duan Jian's Revenge Arc

Nie Li's Engagement:

Now that the engagement between Nie Li and Ye Ziyun has been agreed upon, the Heavenly Marks Family made a big show of bringing the betrothal gifts to the City Lord's Mansion. Though many were unhappy about it, they could not argue with the fact that Nie Li had proven himself worthy of her. Nie Li and Ye Ziyun did not participate in these official proceedings.[31]

Demon Beast Egg:

Nie Li suddenly remembered about the space-time demon beast egg. Yu Yan also did not know anything about the egg and worried that it could be dangerous.[31] Even still, he decided to try injecting the power of law into it, but he does not have enough. The egg greedily absorbs everything that Nie Li gives it. Though it doesn't hatch, he feels that he has established a stronger connection with it.[225]

Ye Yan:

When Ye Yan shows up to tell Nie Li about the competition to find the Master of Nether's disciple he is dismissive of Yu Yan. This annoys her and Nie Li quickly explains who she is to him.[225]
He goes on to tell Nie Li that not only will this competition delay the Wugui Family from attacking in the near future, but it is also a huge opportunity for him. He has great potential and would be a good candidate to become the disciple. The disciple would inherit all of the Nether Realm and could guarantee Glory City's safety. Nie Li agrees and decides to gather his friends to go with him. Yu Yan also says that she will go.[225]

Duan Jian:

When Nie Li asks Duan Jian if he will go to the Nine-Layered Deathlands with him to meet the Master of Nether, Duan Jain asks if he can first return to the Abyss Prison Realm to get revenge on Sikong Yi. Nie Li agrees and and says that he will go with him. Yu Yan, Luo Ming, and the other two Legend Rank bodyguards also come with them.[225]
Nie Li stands on the sidelines and watches Duan Jian's fierce battle with Sikong Yi. He knows that he can not interfere in this as Duan Jain must do this to calm the anger in his heart. Even still, he is very worried about him and hopes that Duan Jian can come to terms on his own. Duan Jian is able to pull on his connection with Nie Li through the Soul Array to draw on more power.[226]
Just as Duan Jian was about to strike Sikong Yi with his sword and kill him, Sikong Hongyue jumped in front of him and blocked the blow with her sword. Even though she was barely able to block the strike and she was hurt, she still desperately stood her ground. Duan Jian saw his past self in the way she was determined to protect her father. Even when he offered to let her go if she moved, she was steadfast and refused. If he wants to kill Sikong Yi, he will have to go through her.[227]

Mysterious Old Man:

During the fight both Nie Li and Yu Yan can feel the powerful aura of the crazy old man he saw last time he was in the Abyss Prison Realm. This worries him as he is definitely not able to face him if the old man wished to attack.[226]
Before Duan Jian strikes down Sikong Yi and Sikong Honyue a mysterious voice speaks to Duan Jian. It tells him that he has already defeated his enemy and gotten his revenge. Only by letting go of the hate in his heart will he be able to grow as a cultivator. Duan Jian decided that the voice spoke truthfully and choose to walk away. Sikong Hongyue yelled in anger at him as this was like taking pity on them. However, all he said was that he did not wish to dirty his hands and left them to other families.[227]
Though Nie Li is still worried about the old man, he is also glad that Duan Jian was able to let go of the vengeance that he carried. Even still, he decides no to take the risk and chooses to immediately head back to Glory City.[227]

Li Heng:

Before they leave Li Heng greets Nie Li. Nie Li tells him and the rest of the gathered leaders from the families that he would send someone to them within a few days to discuss leaving the Abyss Prison Realm.[227]

Nie Li's group of friends:

After returning to Glory City, Nie Li gathered everyone together and told them that they were going to leave tomorrow and head to the Nether Realm. He also asked Ye Ziyun to inform Ye Zong and Ye Mo about meeting with the Abyss Prison Families and moving them to Glory City.[228]

Nie Yu:

When Nie Li returns to the new Heavenly Marks Family home he is greeted by Nie Yu. Nie Li tells her that he will be leaving and that she is too young to come with him. Although disappointed, she listens to him. She is the only member of the Soul Array that is not going to the Nether Realm.[228]

Nie Hai:

Nie Hai is very impressed by Nie Li and so takes out a mysterious rare item that has been passed down by the patriarchs of the Heaven;y Marks Family. This item happens to be another page of the Temporal Demon Spirit Book. Nie Li shows him the page that he already has saying that it holds a great secret. Because of this Nie Hai agrees to give Nie Li his page.[229]

Luqian Sha:

When the group had almost reached the entrance of the Nether Realm, Luqian Sha and Luqian Mo, appeared. They are the two high level Legend Rank demon beasts that have spent the last 10,000 years guarding over Yu Yan in the Black Spring. Nie Li and Yu Yan start to fight Luqian Sha while Duan Jian and Luo Ming fight Luqian Mo.[230]
Nie Li quickly merges with his fanged panda and attacks with a Yin Yang blast and Gravity Field. While Luqian Sha uses brute strength and water based attacks to strike back. Nie Li is unable to damage Lugian Sha with his normal attacks and is Yin Yang blast is too easy to avoid. After transforming into his Scarlet Shark form, Lugian Sha was able to capture Yu Yan. Nie Li then attacked with two Draconic Bombs, destroying Luqian Sha's right arm and allowing Yu Yan to escape.[230] While he was still stunned, Nie Li then finished him off with six more Draconic Bombs.[231]

Luqian Mo:

In anger he transforms into his Ghastly Chameleon form, which resembles a lizard man covered in spikes, and charges at Nie Li. He is able to avoid Nie Li's Yin Yang blasts and spits a net of venom at him. Nie Li then switches to his Shadow Devil and uses void form to escape. When he reemerges, he once again starts to throw Draconic Bombs.[231]
Luqian Mo was able to continuously dodge them, so Nie Li also threw some fakes. After figuring out some were fakes, Luqian Mo was more lax and was gravely injured by a real one. Once injured, it was impossible for him to continue dodging, and he was killed after being hit by a few more. Afterwards, Yu Yan apologizes for endangering everyone. Nie Li searches the bodies and finds a Green Poison Pearl, the Legend Rank Silvermoon Long Sword, and a Black Dragon Scale. He keeps the pearl, gives Du Ze the sword, and gives Duan Jian the dragon scale.[231]

Nie Li's Cultivation:

During the trip back to the Nether Realm Nie Li moves into 3 Star Black Gold Rank. This is largely due to the effects of Duan Jian's Legend Rank cultivation through the soul array. He also spends his free time feeding move power of law into the space-time demon beast egg.[232]

Exploring the Nine-Layered Deathlands Arc

Luo Xiao:

After returning to the Nether Realm, Nie Li and his group meets up with Luo Xiao near the entrance to the Nine-Layered Deathlands. Luo Xiao is worried about Nie Li and tells him that it is too dangerous for him to enter the Nine-Layered Deathlands. In order to reassured him, Nie Li tells him that he is only there to observe. Luo Xiao explains about how the selection process has worked in the past and tells him that the door to the seventh layer will open in three days. He also gave Nie Li a VIP token of the Divine Seal Auction House so that if their are any issues he could be protected by it.[232]

Lu Piao:

Lu Piao then tells Nie Li that he heard about other young cultivators going into the first layer of the deathlands looking for Spiritual Origin Fruits. After learning from Yu Yan how beneficial the fruit would be for their cultivation Nie Li decides that they are going to head into the first layer themselves.[232] However, shortly after starting their trip the group gets separated by a Fog of Misleading.[233]

Ye Ziyun:

Nie Li grabs onto Ye Ziyun's hand and they manage to stay together. After several hours they finally were able to get out of the fog, but were unable to located the others. Nie Li felt a strong and pure energy coming from a nearby treasure and headed that way with Ye Ziyun.[233]

Cang Ming and Mu Ye:

Many high ranking experts from the Nether Realm where also drawn by the strong aura and were circling a muddy lake that it was at the bottom of. The strongest young geniuses of the Nether realm, Cang Ming and Mu Ye, decided to work together in order to secure the treasure and jumped in, only to provoke a Zombie Jiao-dragon.[233]
The treasure turned out to be a Scarlet Pearl embedded in its forehead. As the experts fought the terrifying demon beast, Nie Li and Ye Ziyun watched from nearby. When a stray corrosive attack came towards them, Nie Li had to use a Divine Guardian Rock to protect them, accidentally falling on top of Ye Ziyun and causing a slightly awkward moment. After watching the Zombie Jiao-dragon transform, Nie Li determined that it would be too risky to attempt to claim the pearl.[234]

Wu Yu:

Among the many experts watching the fight against the Zombie Jiao-dragon, Nie Li and Ye Ziyun spotted Ye Han along with about twenty members of the Wugui Family. When confronted by the young master of the Wugui Family, Wu Yu, he does not back down at all. Instead, despite being out numbered, he demands that they turn over Ye Han to him.[234]
Wu Yu, however, ignores him and orders his group to attack. Nie Li immediately merges with his Fanged Panda and uses a Thunder Strike on the first one that gets close. Ye Ziyun also merges with her Snow Queen demon spirit. Nie Li was able to rely on her to restrict the attacker's movements, giving him opening to use his powerful techniques. When Wu Yu ordered the Wugui family members to focus on attacking her, Nie Li brought out his katars and defended her while she formed a large blizzard to surround them and rained down icicles on them.[235]
At this moment the two Legend Rank members of the group attacked with the Wugui Family's special technique Gauzing Sky Slash. Nie Li then used one of his Legend Rank forbidden technique scrolls, called the Golden Shield. Since those inside of a golden shield can still attack out, Nie Li began building up his power to use a Yin Yan Blast x10 filled with the power of the law of light and darkness.[235]

Ye Han:

After the battle, Ye Han was scared and desperate to escape. He decides to run towards a nearby chasm, while swearing that even in death he will get revenge. When Nie Li got too close, he threw out some Venom Sting Wasps to delay him. However, Nie Li understood the weakness of these demon beasts and was able to quickly destroy them. When Ye Han reached the endless abyss, he jumped. Since Nie Li could not capture him, he instead shot him with a Yin Yang Blast as Ye Han fell. Nie Li believes that Ye Han must be have died at this point. After joining back up with Ye Ziyun he tells her what happened.[236]

Tian Ling:

After the battle, when Nie Li chased after Ye Han, Wu Yu took the opportunity to attempt to escape. Ye Ziyun chased after him and was about to strike him down with an ice sword thrown at his fleeing back. However, just as it was about to hit, it was intercepted by Tian Ling. At this moment Nie Li joined them. Since the Wugui Family is a vassel to Tian Ling's Northern Nether Family, he will protect Wu Yu. In this situation Nie Li decides to let the matter end here and leaves with Ye Ziyun.[236]

Cang Ming:

The various experts were still in the midst of fighting the Zombie Jaio-dragon when Nie Li and Ye Ziyun again looked at the lake. After a lightning attack of Cang Ming failed to penetrate the Jaio-dragon's defenses he brought out a terrifyingly powerful lightning spear and seriously injured it. After seeing such a powerfully attack Mu Ye let the Jaio-dragon escape into the lake. If he could not have the Scarlet Pearl he didn't want Cang Ming to have it. Cang Ming then continued to hunt the Jaio-dragon from the surface. The lightning spear even worried Nie Li as the attack could be considered at the Heavenly Fate Realm level.[237]

Xiao Yu:

It is then that Xiao Ning'er shows up with a young man that she met named Xiao Yu. He is very handsome and extremely powerful. He comes across as perfect and annoys Nie Li to no end, possibly out of a slight jealousy from his closeness to Xiao Ning'er. Nie Li finds him very suspicious and is on guard against him, especially when he asks to travel with them. Even though Nie Li tries to refuse, since he insists, he has no choice but to agree.[237] When the group comes upon their first Spiritual Origin Fruit, Nie Li is worried that Xiao Yu will want it, but he claims to have no interest in it.[238]
After awhile, Xiao Yu brings up the fact that he knows that Nie Li is a Senior Inscriptionist, as well as that he has two types of Law energy. Followed by a statement that he meant no harm and was only a little interested in Nie Li. The fact that so many of his secrets were known by this stranger made Nie Li very threatened. To top it off, Xiao Yu also showed his interest in Xiao Ning'er and called Nie Li out on the fact that he had already chosen Ye Ziyun and had no claim on Xiao Ning'er. His mysterious actions, overwhelming power, unclear motive, and confusing words all add to Nie Li's distrust of him.[238]
When the continuing battle between the Zombie Jiao-dragon and Cang Ming once again draws near. Xiao Yu unexpectedly pulls out a jade hair pin a shoots it towards them, knocking the overwhelmingly powerful lightning spear out of Cang Ming's hands like it was nothing. This frightens Cang Ming and he abandons his fight and leaves. This display of power thoroughly shocks Nie Li.[238] Xiao Yu then removes the Scarlet Pearl from the Zombie Jiao-dragon's forehead. He offers the pearl to Xiao Ning'er, but she immediately refuses it. Nie Li then shamelessly insists on taking it.[239]
When Nie Li questions Xiao Yu's sometimes odd behavior, such as being unconformable with being close to or touching Nie Li, he claims that he has mysophobia, a fear of being dirty. Nie Li memorizes a family emblem embroidered on a piece of silk of Xiao Yu's in the hopes of figuring out who he is later.[240]

Crypt of the Death God:

After traveling into the depths of the first layer of the Nine-Layered Deathlands, the group followed some Demigod Rank experts to a floating tomb guarded by a large skeleton that appears to hold a piece of the shattered Divine Spark of the Death God.[239] The large skeleton viciously protected the entrance to the tomb as in simultaneously fought off the 40 - 50 Demigods Rank experts. Nie Li and Xiao Yu decide to explore the tomb and leave Xiao Ning'er and Ye Ziyun hidden outside. To make sure that they are safe, Xiao Yu gives them a Golden Scroll.[240]
In order to sneak inside Xiao Yu covered himself and Nie Li in a two meter square piece of cloth with the Shadow Misleading inscription pattern. This allowed them to get close to the door, but was very awkward, as Xiao Yu would get angry every time Nie Li touched him. From being this close to Xiao yu, Nie Li kept on getting a more feminine impression of him and started to question if he is really a guy. The door itself was sealed by over 300 complex inscription patterns, only adding to their frustration and bickering. After a while Nie Li took over and quickly disarmed them. Turns out there were actually only five foundational patterns and all the rest were just there to hide the answer. Xiao Yu then used a set of Nether Realm stone keys to open the door and quickly enter.[241]
Xiao Yu leads them down the narrow staircase into the tomb while avoiding the many inscription pattern traps. At one point they are attacked by Ghouls, which he quickly destroys with a lightning Divine Guardian Rock. While the shield was activated they decided to quickly run ahead and let it protect them from the traps, however they were dragged into a space distortion.[242]
Using the power of his Yin Yang Blast x10, Nie Li was able to break the distortion and they reappeared within the tomb, but this time in a flowing river. The walls around the river were covered in murals depicting the battle between the human and demon beat spiritual gods. It also showed a place that Nie Li knew from his previous life, another Domain called the Draconic Ruins Realm.[242]
After freeing themselves from the river, Xiao Yu asked Nie Li if was interested in participating in the test to become a disciple of the Lord of Nether. He tried to entice him with information about the benefits, such as visiting the Divine Feathers Sect. Nie Li was almost certain now that Xiao Yu has a conection to the Lord of Nether, as it was obvious that he had visited the Divine Feathers Sect in the Draconic Ruins Realm.[243]

Death God:

Suddenly the walls themselves turned into large stone hands and began to attack them. Xiao Yu was able to defend against them with his palm strikes, but the law of death was slowly overwhelming him. Having discovered that the tomb itself was the body of the Death God, Nie Li took this opportunity to start attacking the walls with his Yin Yang Blast until he able to break through. They were able to escape the stone hands only to find themselves in a vast area with the large black heart of the Death God and many of the already captured experts being drained of their energy. However, Xiao Yu was able to use his Frost Chaos Sword to cut the tethers and free them.[44]
While Xiao Yu freed them, Nie Li countered against the Death God's law energy with his own laws of light and darkness, forming a shield. However, the Death God's cultivation was still much higher then Nie Li's and soon began to overwhelm him. The death aura began to rapidly corrode his body and penetrate into his soul realm. Nie Li felt horrendous pain tearing his mind as he continued to manipulate the Laws of Darkness and Light to crush the Law of Death within his body. Just as he was about to succumb. Suddenly, the vine in his soul realm began to rapidly absorb the law of death, even pulling it away from the Death God.[44]

Nie Li's Cultivation:

While being bombarded with the overwhelming power of the law of Death, Nie Li was able to absorb it using the vine in his soul realm. This opened his mind to an even deeper understanding of the power of law and he was able to comprehend another form. This deeper comprehension enhanced his current law energy, resulting in an even purer form of light and darkness law. This new understanding manifested itself in the form of wings, one white and the other black.[44]
With his weakened state, Nie Li realized that if he was able to comprehend the law of death and seize it, the Death God would die. The Death God could feel Nie Li stealing away his law of death and desperately struck out with attacks, eventually slamming him between two incredibly strong scarlet hands. Though Xiao Yu, the experts, and the Death God all thought he had died, in reality Nie Li was wrapped up in his wings. The Laws of Darkness and Light constantly revolved around him. When the huge palms slammed into him, Nie Li had instantly sucked his surroundings dry the of the Law of Death, taking the energy into himself. Since the pair of hands were formed from the Law of Death, Nie Li’s actions naturally carved a hole into them. As Nie Li continued to comprehend the Law of Death, he gradually grasped the core of it. Both of his arms sprouted pieces of bone spikes, like arm guards.[244]
Now that Nie Li comprehended the law of death to a greater extent then even the Death God himself, all of his attacks were useless. The law of death was completely under Nie Li's control. As he absorbed it, the bindings holding the experts and Xiao Yu disintegrated, freeing them. After destroying the last hold of the Death God, his heart, the tomb began to gradually vanish.[245]

The Experts:

After saving them the demigod experts gratefully thanked Xiao Yu and Nie Li and asked if there was anything Nie Li wanted in return.[245] Nie Li only stated that he had some difficulties with the Wugui Family and the Dark Guild and they immediately offered to deal with them for him. Two of the experts, members of the powerful Dragonchant Family and Fiery Elf Clan, also asked him to visit their families in the future.[246]

Space-Time Demon Beast Egg:

During his fight with the Death God, the egg absorbed a large amount of death energy and was showing signs of being closer to hatching.[246]

Ye Ziyun and Xiao Ning'er:

Nie Li then returned to were the two girls were waiting and they continued to search for the other members of their group.[246] Nie Li gives Xiao Ning'er the Scarlet Pearl from the Zombie Jiao-dragon.[247]

Yu Yan:

When Yu Yan found them she explained that she had been busy burying the remains of humans that died in the ancient battle against the demon beasts. She also gave Nie Li a Soul Mirror that she found. Though she understands the basic ability of the soul mirror to suck out and hold a person's soul, Nie Li knows that it holds far greater abilities as well.[247]

Du Ze, Lu Piao, Duan Jian, Wei Nan, Zhang Ming, Zhu Xiangjun, and Xiao Yue:

After two more days wandering the deathlands, Nie Li and his group of friends finally reunited. At this time they had found eleven Spiritual Origin Fruits and decided to return back to the Jade Seal Family's camp at the entrance. They each took a fruit and began to cultivate, causing Nie Li to finally reach 5 Star Black Gold Rank.[247]

Xiao Ning'er:

Suddenly Xiao Ning'er shows up at Nie Li's tent with a bowl of soup. She is so nervous that she quickly spills the soup. She quickly becomes embarrassed when she realizes the her top has become see through after getting wet and leaves. Xiao Ning'er's actions seem odd and Nie Li does not quite understand why she was acting so nervous.[247]

The Master of Nether's Disciple Arc

Luo Xiao:

When the door to the seventh layer of the Nine-Layered Deathlands opened, a crowed of hundreds of thousands of demigod, Legend, and Black Gold Rank experts rushed through. Luo Xiao asked Nie Li to be careful and suggested that him and his friends enter towards the back of the line.[48]

Yu Yan:

Yu Yan, who is still hiding in Nie Li's sleeve, warns him to hide his talent during the test. Since it is unclear who is friend and who is foe, it would be best to only show enough skill to be chosen as a disciple.[48]

Lord of Nether's servants:

After entering the seventh layer, a group of powerful cultivators appeared and announced the first test. Surprisingly the test was designed to harmlessly eliminate the majority of participants.[48] A water ball that Nie Li recognized appeared. It was a test of soul force control called the Sphere of Reverse Images. To pass the test one must feed the sphere soul force through small threads, making it grow at least one foot in diameter. However, the visible threads are fake. Nie li tells his friends that to pass the test they need to sense out the true threads. Nie Li hid his skill and only made the sphere grow to two feet, passing the test.[248]
Once all those that passed were teleported to the eight layer, the Lord of Nether's servants told them that the second test would take place in the nearby Black Infernal Tower. Nie Li recognized this place as the Flaming Wastelands. Inside that tower are supreme black flames and all kinds of demon beasts. Although the demon beasts have been chained, they can still discharge powerful energy. They are to cultivate inside that environment for ten days. Those who can reach the Anatta Mental State of cultivation will have passed the test.[248]
The black flames can attack a person's soul realm directly. Nie Li watched as several experts who did not have a strong enough soul, crippled their cultivation trying to force their was in. As Nie Li and his friends approached, he cautiously asked if they were alright. Because of their advanced cultivation techniques, they each have an extremely strong enough soul and are having no problems.[249]

Duan Jian:

After entering the tower, Duan Jian's body ignited in black flames. Though it resembled what had happened to the cultivators whose soul were too weak, in actuality it was the exact opposite. Duan Jian's Black dragon body was so compatible with the black flames that it was absorbing them and strengthening his soul realm on its own.[249]

Demon Lord:

The group continued up to the second floor, where the pressure felt by the black flames was far greater. Though unsure why, Nie Li got a strange and dangerous impression from a pale youth already cultivating there.[249] After Nie Li started to cultivate the Demon Lord, Cang Ming, Mu Ye, Hua Huo, and some others all headed to the higher floors.[250]

Nie Li's Cultivation:

Since Duan Jian could easily cultivate by absorbing the flames without even trying, he instead stood guard to protect everyone. Nie Li and the rest sat down and began to cultivate. He slowly absorbed the black flames, strengthening his body and soul. In this way Nie Li quickly reached a very slight Anatta Mental State.[249] In this profound state of mind, along with his three law energies, and Kong Ming's insight into the way, Nie Li's soul realm surged and finally broke through into Legend rank. The majestic wave of profound law energy flowed through the soul array, overwhelming the rest of the group and bring them also into Legend rank.[250]

Celestial Qilin:

Afterward the group also headed up to the third floor, where they found a terrifyingly powerful Celestial Qilin chained up.[250] Nie Li attempted to bargain with the demon beast in order to have it willingly integrate with Du Ze. The reason was because the Celestial Qilin would be the perfect demon spirit match for Du Ze's Attribute and Form. When the creature refused, Nie Li used some of Duan Jian's blood, which contains the energy from the powerful black flames, to form an inscription pattern around it. This pattern attracted more of the black flames to this location in the tower.[251]
After cursing and threatening each other, Nie Li and the Celestial Qilin finally seemed to come to an agreement. Nie Li stopped the black flame inscription pattern in exchange for some of the Celestial Qilin's blood. However, the demon beast tossed the basin of his blood short in the hopes of tricking Nie Li into coming close enough that he could attack him.[252] Nie Li first merged with his Fanged Panda and threw a Yin Yang Blast and Draconic Bombs at the Celestial Qilin, then he switched to his Shadow Devil. While the others distracted it with various types of attacks Nie Li was able to sneak close enough to grab the basin of blood and toss it to Du Ze. In a rage the Celestial Qilin rained dozens of lightning strikes at him. However, Nie Li simply used his void form to avoid them and make his way outside the reach of the demon beast.[253]
Now that he had its blood, Nie Li drew an array to restrained the Celestial Qilin so that it could not attack them. He then drew a Soul Seal to transform the demon beast's body and integrate it with Du Ze's soul Realm. The seal can only be removed by Du Ze, insuring that the Celestial Qilin can not harm him, and Du Ze promised to free him after fifty years.[253]

Nie Li's Friends:

After advancing up to the fourth floor of the tower only Nie Li, Yu Yan, and Duan Jian could stand the pressure from the black flames to advance higher. Before Nie Li and Yu Yan started heading up, he asked Duan Jian to stand guard over the others on this floor while they cultivated.[254]

Yu Yan:

While advancing, Nie Li questions Yu Yan about the origins of the Black infernal tower. She tells him about a great battle between two great experts in ancient times. After one died and the other was injured the tower, which was the treasure that they were fighting over, was left behind. It was the tower that turned the surrounding land into the Flaming Wastelands. Nie Li believes that these two experts might have been other successors to Kong Ming.[254]

Demon Lord:

After Nie Li reached the fifth floor he was directly attacked by the Demon Lord, who immediately merging with his Eight-Armed Darkhell Fiend. Within a few attacks, it was clear to Nie Li that he his power was less then the Demon Lord. In order to protect him from the Demon Lord's "Prison of Ten Thousand Souls," even Yu Yan had to revel herself and act. However, at that moment the Demon Lord declared that he was only probing Nie Li's strength and he would not kill him at this time. Though Nie Li had some more methods to fight back, in truth he knows it would be a difficult and close fight.[255] Because of the hostility between them, it was impossible for either the Demon Lord or Nie Li to stay on the same floor and reach the Anatta mental state of cultivation, as they were too guarded against each other, so the Demon Lord continued up to the sixth floor.[256]


As Nie Li approached the Anatta Mental State again the demon beast egg that Nie Li carries started to react. An overwhelming killing intent and blood lust started to emerge from it as it cracked open. This is the power concealed in this creature’s bloodline. Its ancestors experienced countless bloodbaths and the killing aura had been passed down to this one.[256] After feeling such terrifying power Nie Li was all prepared to kill whatever creature emerged. However, after seeing the cute little duck-like guy, he decided to risk letting it live.
Yu Yan also was drawn to the cute little creature, however when she got close it bit into her dress which was made out of law energy. It seems that he eats energy and saw her cloths as a snack. The creature then noticed the black flames of the fifth layer of the tower and immediately inhaled them, filling its belly. Nie Li recognized him as a Spiritual Beast, as he had seen them before in his last life, however the connection between him and this guy is far weaker then it should be. Nie Li is sure that he is not an ordinary Spiritual Beast and has very high Spiritual Wisdom, and decides to name him Jindan. [257]

Nie Li's Cultivation:

Since the flames were gone on this floor, Nie Li, Yu Yan, and Jindan moved up to the 6th floor. The entire floor had some-type of illusion, giving the impression that it was an infinite space. There was a threatening pressure in the darkness, but Nie Li just focused on cultivating soon reached the Anatta Mental Sate. In this state his body refined itself under the pressure of the black flames. A black colored impurity secreted from his skin and was rapidly burned to nothingness.[258]

Kong Yan:

While cultivating Nie Li was suddenly invaded by a fragmented soul. This soul was what remaind of Kong Yan, another inheritor of Emperor Kong Ming. He recognized Nie Li as also being an inheritor and tried to possess his body by invading his Soul Realm. Nie Li was barely able to fight him off using his three law energies, two demon spirits, and some extra power from the Soul Array. Even though the fragmented soul was more powerful then Nie Li and held the upperhand, Nie Li was able to stand his own with his high level of Soul Force control. Nie Li then had the idea to bind the remnant soul with the vine in his soul realm. When he did, Kong Yan's energy was quickly absorbed and his soul was severely weakened. As Kong Yan attempted to flee, Nie Li materialized his soul realm to chase after him.[258]
Suddenly the soul invaded the nearby Yu Yan instead. Nie Li desperately held her and tried his best to help, but there was very little he could do. Even though she was able to fight Kong Yan off for awhile, her soul was still partly shattered and weaker then what it was in the past. Kong Yan succeeded in reaching her soul realm and started to devour what was left of her soul while Nie Lie helplessly watched on. Just as she was about to lose her soul completely, a powerful golden flame ignited in her soul, burning Kong Yan to nothingness. After confirming that Yu Yan was alright, he started to focus again on cultivating. He did notice that her personality has changed a little, but decided not to worry about at the moment. He then returned to the Anatta Mental State and is able to rise to 2 Star Legend Rank.[29]

Xiao Yu and The Lord of Nether:

After the test ended, Nie Li and everyone else were teleported to the ninth layer. Once there, he was reunited with Xiao Yu and met the Lord of Nether as well as the other six ambassadors.[29] Xiao Yu told him that he is actually the adopted child of the Lord of Nether. The Lord of Nether then explained that they had all been chosen by one of the ambassadors as a disciple and will be heading to the Draconic Ruins Realm in three months to train. Once there they will not be able to return for five years. They must also form a Soul Seal with their new master to insure loyalty, as betrayal was considered a capital offense. Nie Li, Lu Piao, and a demigod Rank expert ended up forming a soul seal with Ming Fei (the Lord of Nether) from the Divine Feathers Sect.[30]
Before Leaving, Nie Li asked Ming Fei if he could watch over Glory City and keep it safe. Ming Fei told him that he has guarded Glory City for a long time at the request of a close friend. If this is true then Nie Li is unsure what happened in his previous life that kept Ming Fei from protecting it. Nie Li also realized that Ming Fei was aware that Yu Yan was with him, but didn't say anything about it.[30]

Leaving for the Draconic Ruins Realm Arc

Ye Ziyun:

Before heading back to Glory City to say goodbye, Nie Li asked for everyone to go with him to the Endless Desert in search of the Desert Palace.[30] When he saw the Endless Desert again, his thoughts were filled with both the sweet memories of falling in love with Ye Ziyun and the terrible loss he suffered here. Ye Ziyun also was lost in thought when she started to recount strange "memories" of this place. Nie Li was excited that she might recall their love for each other and drew close, only to be suddenly slapped by an embarrassed Ye Ziyun. Even though he does not understand how she can be remembering things from another life he is nevertheless excited.[259]

Xiao Ning'er:

When Xiao Ning'er questions Nie Li and Ye Ziyun's strange actions, he asks her if she believes in past lives. Unexpectedly, not only does she believe, she also has for a long time had strange nightmares of her living in a dark forest full of terror and pain until she was recused by a youth.[259] Nie Li believes that this can not be a coincidence and hopes to figure out the secrets surrounding his rebirth when he locates the Temporal Demon Spirit Book.[260]

Temporal Demon Spirit Book:

They searched for days without finding the palace. Nie Li then entered a profound state deep in his memories which lead him to the mostly destroyed ruins of the desert palace. Nie Li was filled with confusion. As he started to walk around the ruins his head was assaulted by a terrible headache and he suddenly fell unconscious.[260]

Nie Li's friends:

When Nie Li woke up he found Xiao Ning'er crying at his bedside back in Glory City. She were so relieved to see him awake that she tightly hugged him. Ye Ziyun then entered the room as well. Nie Li was thought she would be angry, but she was not jealous at all and only felt thankful that he was alive and hugged him as well. Du Ze, Lu Piao, and the rest of his friends ran over as soon as they heard he had woken up. He was shocked to learn that he had been unconscious for over a month. Ye Zong was also happy to hear that Nie Li had woken up and ran over to see him.[261]

Demon Lord:

Suddenly, the loud sounds of a nearby fight drew their attention.[261] They found the Demon Lord attacking Ye Mo, destroying many of the buildings in the City Lord's Mansion. Nie Li was also curious as to what demon spirit was in the Demon Spirit Stone that caused the Demon Lord to go so far. He and his friends quickly supported Ye Mo, surrounding and forcing the Demon Lord back. Due to his Supreme Physique and almost forming a Fate Soul as well as his Eight-Armed Darkhell Fiend, the Demon Lord was still able to fight evenly against all of their combined strength. In order to tip the scales in their favor, Nie Li struck out with the Thunder God's Meteorite Sword, but the Demon Lord was able to evade the strike and instead charge towards the others. He then grabbed onto Ye Zong and overpowered him with the power of Hell.[262]

Ye Zong:

Even captured, Ye Zong bravely tried to strike back, however the difference in strength was too great. The Demon Lord easily ripped his right arm directly off. Ye Mo and Nie Li both tried to bargain and convince the Demon Lord to let Ye Zong go to no avail.[262] Even still, Ye Zong stood strong and ordered Nie Li to attack, declaring that he would happy to die protecting Glory City. The Demon Lord again demanded the Demon Spirit Stone that Ye Mo held, and proceeded to rip off Ye Zong's other arm. With no other way to save is son's life, Ye Mo threw the demon spirit stone to the Demon Lord. However, the Demon Lord then pierced through Ye Zong's chest, fatally wounding him. Knowing that his end was near, Ye Zong activated the Snow Wind Family's self destruction technique, turning himself to ice. This destroyed his soul, but allowed him to cause heavy damages to the Demon Lord as well.[263]
In a rage, Nie Li executed the Heavenly God Secret Technique that quickly raised his strength and struck out at the Demon Lord. The others hastily moved out of the way as wave after wave of terrifying lightning energy struck the Demon Lord, destroying his arms, legs, and even his head. However, his life was saved by a Draconic Ruins Realm artifact armor as he quickly flew away.[263] In desperation, Nie Li used the the Soul Mirror to gather Ye Zong's fragments of soul aura, but there was no hope of reviving him from soul aura alone.[264]
Nie Li felt deep grief and guilt that he was unable to save Ye Zong, despite his knowledge and strength. Even though Ye Zong's soul was destroyed, he wanted to give her some hope and promised Ye Ziyun that he would search for a way to revive him as well as get revenge on the Demon Lord. This loss renewed Nie Li's determination to gain enough strength to protect everyone that is important to him.[264]

Ming Fei:

When Nie Li returned to the Nine-Layered Deathlands to leave for the Draconic Ruins Realm he kept an eye out for the Demon Lord, planing to kill him on sight. However, Ming Fei could tell that he carried a heavy killing intent and warned him that if he took any action against another disciple, the master will protect him. If he wishes to seek revenge he will have to wait until he is strong enough that the master will not be able to kill him.[47]

Ye Ziyun and Xiao Ning'er:

Though worried about them, Nie Li took comfort in knowing that they are both strong and determined women. After giving Ye Ziyun a hug and saying goodbye, Xiao Ning'er also hugged him. She told him that she had another dream. She saw herself disfigured and stuck in one endless battle after another until she met him. She then stood by his side and dedicated her life to him until she died.
This made Nie Li remembered a masked women, that went by the name Xiao Ning, that he met after coming to the Draconic Ruins Realm in his previous life. The women recognized him and went out of her way to help him many times. Only now did he realize that that women was most likely Xiao Ning'er.[47]

Demon Lord:

Just as it was time for the Demon Lord's group to leave, he appeared. Nie Li looked at him with hostility and killing intent, which the Demon Lord equally returned. The Demon Lord threatened to slowly kill off all of his companions, watching Nie Li suffer, until he finally kills him. This is very similar to what Nie Li once faced with the Sage Emperor. He took solace in the fact that he could not strike out while they are under the protection of their Draconic Ruins Realm masters.[265]

Duan Jian:

Since he has the same master as the Demon Lord, Nie Li also warned Duan Jian to be careful and not to strike out, as his current strength is not enough to kill the Demon Lord.[47] Duan Jian was reluctant to listen, since he also wanted to kill the Demon Lord, but Nie Li made him promise not to try until he reaches the 2 Fate rank.[265]

Ming Fei and Xiao Yu:

When it was their time to leave, Ming Fei told them that he was staying behind and that Xiao Yu would guide them to the Divine Feathers Sect. This worked for Nie Li as he wanted Ming Fei to watch over Glory City, however Nie Li was still worried as something had obviously happened in his previous life to the Nether Lord. Before leaving, Nie Li gave Ming Fei an unknown gift.[265]
As they approached the Skysoul Institute, the place they would be training in the Divine Feathers Sect, Xiao Yu explained how the institute is subdivided. While preparing to take the Spiritual Root test, Nie Li was surprised to discover the Xiao Yu has a 7 grade Heaven spiritual root. With this high level of talent, he should have been able to form a Fate Soul by now.[43]

Guan Yi:

Guan Yi was the third student chosen by the the Nether Master. Nie Li could tell that Guan Yi held some hostility towards him, but payed it little mind as he was hardly a threat.[43]
After seeing how worried Lu Piao was about the test, Nie Li tried to reassure him. Guan Yi found Lu Piao's fear pathetic and looked down on him, angering Nie Li. However, Xiao Yu warned them that the Skysoul Institution doesn’t allow any fights to happen within its territory, aside from challenges in tournaments. There are strict punishments for those who don’t abide by those rules.[43]

Hua Ling:

While they were waiting, Hua Ling arrived with his large group of new students from the Little Heaven Realm and tried to provoke him. His father is up for the same position as Ming Fei, Chief Enforcer of the Outer Division, but Xiao Yu just ignored him. However, when Enforcer Gu allowed Hua Ling to cut in line, Xiao Yu could not stand idly by. Enforcer Gu offered to move Xiao Yu in front as well, but he refused. Hua Ling instead said his students would be tested along with Xiao Yu's.[266]
While watching the students being tested, Hua Ling took every opportunity to poke fun at the fact that despite Xiao Yu's 7 grade Heaven spiritual root, as he had yet to break through to the Heavenly Fate Realm and form his first Fate Soul. Nie Li defended Xiao Yu by spouting off that a person with a heaven spiritual root will only reach greater heights if they struggle to break through to the Heavenly Fate Realm. He later tells Xiao Yu that he made that up though.[267]
When one of Hua Ling's students has only an 8 grade Man spiritual root, he rebukes him as trash and demands that he return to their realm. Rather then face the humiliation of returning a failure, the student instead commits suicide. The lack of any sign of regret greatly angers Nie Li and the others watching.[19]
After Lu Piao and Nie Li are both found to have rare high level spiritual roots, Hua Ling is humiliated.[19] Xiao Yu warns them that he is the type to hold a grudge and seek revenge so they need to be cautious around him.[11]

Nie Li's Cultivation:

To everyone's surprise, especially himself, Nie Li's spiritual root is found to be a 8 grade Heaven Rank and he is sent to the west district along with Xiao Yu and Lu Piao. This confuses Nie Li, as in his last life his spiritual root was only a 7 grade Earth rank. Normally such a thing should not be able to change. He theorizes that this could be somehow linked to the unusual vine in his soul realm.[19]
Now that Nie Li is in the Draconic Ruins Realm and is able to absorb Heavenly Energy, his Heavenly God Technique has started to show its strength. The only issue is that the technique has risen the capacity of his soul realm, which has become shockingly vast. So much so that one spiritual stone is entirely insufficient for him. The first thing he must do is secure a large supply of Spiritual Stones.[268]

Xiao Yu:

After separating with Guan Yi, who was placed in the south district, Xiao Yu tells Nie Li and Lu Piao that they may stay with him in the courtyard that he is renting in the private section of the west district. He showed them the student market where Artifacts and high level demon spirits are traded for Spiritual Stones.[11] He also warns them again to be careful to not provoke others and tells them not to leave the courtyard without him or go into his room. Before leaving to complete their registration, Xiao Yu gifts them each two spiritual stones so they can start cultivation Heavenly Energy.[268]

Yu Yan:

Once Nie Li entered Xiao Yu's courtyard, Yu Yan flew out of his sleeve and began to cultivate Heavenly Energy. Since her existence is unique, Nie Li can do little to help her cultivation and it is up to her to figure out how to absorb this new energy.[268]

Huang Ying and Yan Hao:

Nie Li and Lu Piao's cultivation is interrupted by the arrival of Huang Ying and, shortly afterward, Yan Hao. Haung Ying seems to have a crush on Xiao Yu and is just waiting around to see him, however Yan Han does not like Xiao Yu and starts to threaten Nie Li and Lu Piao because of their connection to him.[268] Despite his much higher cultivation and social standing, Nie Li refuses to back down. However, Xiao Yu then returns, so Nie Li and Lu Piao receive their identification plates and head to their rooms to cultivate in private.[269]


Since traveling to the Draconic Ruins Realm, Jindan has been shrunken down and was hibernating inside a pouch.[268] When he wakes up in Nie Li's room he immediately asks for the used Spiritual Stone. Since it has already been drained, Nie Li gives it to him only for the little guy to chomp down and eat it right up.[269]

Xiao Yu:

Later that night Xiao Yu came to Nie Li's room to ask for help with breaking through to the Heavenly Fate Realm. After Nie Li explained that his Myriad Dragonroars cultivation technique is incomplete, he offered to use Acupuncture to assist Xiao Yu in breaking through. The atmosphere was a little awkward as Nie Li was again surprised at how feminine Xiao Yu appeared and acted.[269]
The acupuncture immediately was effective, as Xiao Yu moved directly to 3 Fate Heavenly Fate Realm. He was extremely grateful and thanked Nie Li, who requested some spiritual stones in payment. However, when he heard Xiao Yu only had ten, he took five and called them even.[270]

Joining the Skysoul Institute Arc

Jin Yan:

The next day Nie Li and Lu Piao went to their first class with the other thirty six new recruits that have a Heavenly Spiritual Root. Because of they both had shockingly high roots word had quickly spread throughout the school about them. Jin Yan was the first to approach them and attempt to invite them to visit his Jin Clan. However, Nie Li quickly brushed off his offer. This made Lu Piao nervous, but he Nie Li knew from his past life how vicious the factions could be. It would be safest for them if they avoided joining any faction.[270]

Venerable Redsoul:

When class started they were introduced to their teacher Venerable Redsoul. He warned them that only the five strongest students would have the chance to advance to the East District at the end of this year. He encouraged them to work hard and compete with each other, but also warned them that any fighting will result in sever punishment.[270]
When Venerable Redsoul had them practice forming Spiritual Flames, Nie Li made a point of showing his talent by forming them easily. This made the teacher place more importance on him.[271]

Gu Bei and Gu Lan:

After class, Long Yuyin approached Nie Li and Lu Piao. She noticed his talent in forming the Spiritual Flames and wanted to tell him that she was going to keep an eye on him. After Long Yuyin left, Gu Bei come up to introduce himself. He had heard the rumors about them and wanted to meet them as them seemed interesting. He also wanted to warn them about how dangerous provoking Long Yuyin can be. Though, he has his own interest in Long Yuyin, as he is attracted to her type. After a quick conversation with Lu Piao, they found that they had a similar interest in women and became fast friends.[45] Nie Li recognized him as a reclusive master from his last life on par with Long Yuyin. He was known for his sword skills, as well as for being a loafer that enjoyed his freedom.[45]
After separating for a short while, Nie Li and Lu Piao ran into Gu Bei again when they took on the mission to cure his sister from the Cultivation Hall. Once he arrived at the Gu Clan's estate, Nie Li could tell after meeting Gu Lan that she was poisoned.[272] Nie Li then prescribed a medicine to start relieving the poison from her system. Gu Bei proclaimed that he sees them as brothers and will do anything he can for them in the future. Nie Li then takes only a half payment of five hundred Spiritual Stones.[273]
While her bother is retrieving the medicine, she tells Nie Li about her Mysterious Master that also comes from the tiny World, sparking his curiosity. Nie Li has a good impression of her and knows that in the future her, and her brother, could be powerful allies.[273]

Yu Yan:

After returning to Xiao Yu's courtyard and forcing him to take a bag of about fifty spiritual stones, Nie Li and Lu Piao went off to their rooms to cultivate.Once in the room, Yu Yan flew out of Nie Li's sleeve to continue her own cultivation. He also gave her a pile of the spiritual stones. Nie Li was startled when she thanked him and gave him a kiss on the cheek. She has been acting more on her emotions ever since the incident in the Black Infernal Tower.[274]


While Nie Li cultivated, Jindan woke up and started chomping down on the empty stones. Nie Li then offered him a spiritual stone that still had Heavenly Energy and the little guy greedily eat it up and looked to Nie Li for more. Nie Li then bribed him with more stones if he listened to him. With Jindan appearing to understand and behave, Nie Li tried to apply his Soul Brand on him again. Though he made more progress, there was still some resistance, so it will have to placed slowly.[274] He rewarded Jindan with another full spiritual stone, but told him that he could only afford to give him two a day.[275]

Nie Li's Cultivation:

With his Heavenly God cultivation technique, Nie Li had quickly drained about 150 of the spiritual stones, allowing him to reach 4 Star Legend Rank.[274] The next day Xiao Yu took Nie Li and Lu Piao to visit the Saint Soul Grounds, one of the three training grounds and the Skysoul Institute. Xiao Yu told them about how the ranking in the training ground worked and the possible rewards for placing high. Since Nie Li had already started to reveal his talent he decided that this ranking competition would be a great opportunity to gain cultivating resources as well as get the protection of those with power.[275]
Nie Li was able to easily reach the 121st step up the alter in the Saint Soul Ground, moving his ranking on the Saint Soul Board directly to sixteen. He immediately started to cultivate in order to make the most out of the time allowed with the spiritual well. As his communication with Heaven and Earth became better, he absorbed the energy so quickly that it even made the energy around him thin out and forced other cultivates to move away. At this point he was able to reach 5 Star Legend Rank.[276] Deep in his Soul Realm Nie Li starts to feel the very start of a Fate Soul forming. Form some unknown reason it has an uncommon slight red tint.[277]

Ying Yueru:

As they climbed the steps of the alter in the training grounds, Nie Li immediately recognized a beautiful young girl on the stairs as his master in his previous life. Flashes of his time with her flashed through his mind as he remembered her lessons to him in his last life. Most of all, she wanted him to let go of the hate and revenge that dwelled in hos heart.[278]
For some reason, she approached and introduced herself as Ying Yueru. She asked him if he knew her, which Nie Li immediately denied, however he could not help but react at the sight of her. Xiao Yu was worried and made a point of warning Nie Li about her. However, told Xiao Yu that he trusted this girl, which annoyed Xiao Yu.[279]

Long Yuyin:

His cultivation was rudely interrupted by the arrival of Long Yuyin. Nie Li had later realized that Long Yuyin was the same person the killed his teacher, Ying Yueru in his last life, a hundred years in the future.[45] Though he promised his master in his previous life to not seek revenge against Long Yuyin, he would show no mercy towards her if she came looking for trouble.[276] When she started to ridicule him, he lost his cool and directly rebuked her. He declared her trash that only had reached her level because of the resources of the Dragonseal Family.[280]
This enrages her more then she had ever been and she directly challenges him to defeat her in the Saint Soul Ground rankings by the end of the day. She then declares that the winner of the bet will deliver three lashes to the loser and Nie Li readily agrees. After she immediately walked up to the 129th step and started to cultivate, Nie Li quickly moved to the 121st step. In order to show him up she forced her way up to the 130th step and raised her Rank up to 9th.[280]
By himself, this was Nie Li's limit, however once he activated his Heavenly God Cultivation Technique his ability to communicate with Heaven and Earth surged.[280] This allowed him to quickly rise up the steps. As he approached Long Yuyin he continued to provoke her and belittle her talent and personality.[281] In a rage she swore that if he was unable to surpass her she would definitely kill him. In response, Nie Li further activated his Heavenly God technique, causing a powerful explosion of Heavenly Energy and a terrifying aura.[282]
What everyone watching did not realize is that this terrifying and powerful energy was not from Nie Li himself, but rather the spiritual well. The ambient Heavenly Energy within the spiritual well was extremely dense and under Nie Li’s direction, it could burst forth with frightening energy. Nie Li continued advancing up the steps and completely surpassed her, reaching the 136th step and mercilessly scattering her pride and dignity.[282]
After thoroughly defeating her, Nie Li lost some of his anger and decided to not lash her. However, this was seen as an even bigger insult by Long Yuyin and she insisted that he follow through. Since it was like that, Nie Li would not hold back. He publicly berated her and her Dragonseal Family before striking the three lashes. He declared the first was for the all the disciples she had bullied, and hit her cheek and shoulders. The second he said was for himself as she had intended to kill him when she won the bet, and struck across her chest to humiliate her. With the final one he viciously whipped her across her back and said it was for his master.[277]

Hu Yong:

After cultivating for two more days, Nie Li, Lu Paio, and Xiao Yu left the Saint Soul Grounds only to be confronted by Hu Yong and nine Heavenly Fate Realm experts. When he declared that he was Long Yuyin's fiancé and that he would get revenge for her, Nie Li assumed that she sent them.[283]
Even though Hu Yong tried to threaten him, Nie Li dared him to actually follow through. Because of the Skysoul Institute's rules Hu Yong ordered Hu Tian, to take Nie Li, Lu Piao, and Xiao Yu to an isolated place to beat them. Just then two of the elders of the Skysoul institute arrived. Nanmen Tianhai and Huang Yu warned Hu Yong that the institute would take action if he harmed Nie Li. Since he was unable to take action today, Hu Yong then took his people and left.[284]

Nanmen Tianhai and Huang Yu:

Nie Li had guessed that his performance in the Saint Soul Grounds would attract the attention of the elders. They warned Nie Li, Lu Piao, and Xiao Yu to avoid causing trouble and focus on cultivating. When Nie Li said that he would not back down if others came for him, the elders fell into his trap and agreed that they would protect them if required.[284]

Gu Heng:

After the elders left, Nie Li and his friends where then approached by Gu Heng, the current person inline to become the next head of the Gu Clan. Just like other major families, he invited Nie Li to join his clan, but Nie Li directly rejected the offer. He is still determined to not join any of the factions in the Divine Feathers Sect.[285]

Gu Bei:

The next day Gu Bei congratulated Nie Li over his win against Long Yuyin on the Saint Soul Board. Nie Li also told him about Gu Heng approaching him. When Nie Li told him that he rejected Gu Heng's offer, Gu Bei warned him that Gu Heng is the type to use underhanded methods.[286]
During the class, Nie Li took the 500kg armguards and trained his physical condition along with Gu Bei and Lu Piao. He focused on the unique body strengthening method of his Heavenly God Cultivation Technique. This was a way of using a person's heart to refine their breath and then using the breath to refine the body.[286]

He Yinyin:

When Venerable Redsoul had them pair up to spar in combat drills, He Yinyin approached Nie Li. His impression of her was poor and say that she was manipulative. She attempted to use the combat drills as a way to flirt with him, but she was chased off by Long Yuyin demanding that Nie Li must train with her.[287]

Long Yuyin:

Despite the humiliating defeat at the Saint Soul Grounds, Long Yuyin surprisingly wished to confront Nie Li again. With her Blood Dragon’s Lineage she declared that he could not defeat here in a battle of strength. Nie Li would never backdown when confronted by her and both of them immediately began to fight seriously.[287] Despite the fact that Nie Li's strength is less then Long Yuyin's, his precision and control is far greater. He strikes decisively and brutally, further humiliating her. He was determined to crush her entirely, and make her shrink back in fear. Only that way, she wouldn’t be a threat to his master anymore. After they reach a stalemate, she ruthlessly kicks him with a sneak attack, further enraging Nie Li.[288]
Nie Li decides he is done dealing with her, but when he tries to leave, she demands to continue the match. He refuses, but she strikes out at him anyway and he will not back down. At first she continuously attacked him, however once he finds an opening he returns the vicious string of attacks until she is beaten down. After being defeated, she asks want he wants of her and he demands that she stay away from him.[289]

Acquiring Cultivation Resources Arc

Xiao Yu:

The next day Xiao Yu again warned Nie Li to be careful, as after his defeat of Long Yuyin in class he has attracted a lot of attention. He then took Nie Li and Lu Paio to the second testing ground, the Ghastly Ruins.[290]

Murong Yu:

After entering the training ground he was separated from Xiao Yu and Lu Piao and started to quickly destroy thousands of Ghouls and collect their Soul Scales. His hunting speed was incredible fast due to the Fanged Panda's powerful Ying-yang blast, which could wipe out large groups of them with each use. His progress, however, was suddenly interrupted by the arrival of Murong Yu.[290]
While he and Murong Yu were sizing each other up one of Hua Ling’s underlings showed up and claimed that Nie Li had said disrespectful things about Murong Yu. Though Murong Yu most likely knew that this was untrue, Nie Li figured this was just the excuse he needed as an excuse to humiliate and suppress him. Murong Yu's cultivation was far more powerful and easily overwhelm him. Nie Li then merged with his Fanged Panda and Murong Yu shot out several sonic blades towards him. Nie Li's Ying-Yang blast was able to stop most of them, but even still, one got through and injured him. Murong Yu then claimed Nie Li's 20,000 soul scales. Murong Yu then sent a palm strike at him, but Nie Li switched to his Shadow Devil and activated Void Form. [291]
Nie Li watched as the same underling of Hua Ling ran over and offered to help search for him, however Murong Yu instead punched and started to humiliate him, as well as claim his soul scales. Nie Li then activated his Divine Stream technique in order to escape. When Murong Yu did not chase him he figured that he was planning on waiting until he had collected more soul scales that he can take. Rather then playing into Murong Yu's hand, Nie Li chose to leave the Ghastly Ruins early.[292]

Gu Bei:

Having no other ways of getting spiritual stones, Nie Li decides to go to Gu Bei and asks for his people to collect as many demon beasts with Ordinary, Good, or Excellent growth rates as possible. Gu Bei's men were able to quickly gather 20,000 such demon spirits in one of the smaller realms in only a day and deliver them to him. After refining them all, he ended up with about thirty god level growth rate demon spirits.[293]

Xiao Yu and Lu Piao:

When Lu Piao and Xiao Yu returned from the Ghastly Ruins, Nie Li found out that they had both been harassed by Hua Ling's men. Though Xiao Yu was able to fight them off, he still was only able to collect five thousand soul scales for a total of 160 spiritual stones. Lu Piao was even worse off as they had beat him up and taken his three thousand soul scales.[293]

Li Xingyun:

Nie Li, Lu Piao, and Xiao Yu then went to the student market to sell the demon spirits that he refined. After awhile he was approached by Li Xingyun of the Ashen Flames Family, who offers to buy his remaining stock. With this Nie Li was able to acquire over 1,200 spiritual stones. Afterwards, Li Xingyun offered to buy any similar future demon spirits that he has and then tries to recruit him. Even though Nie Li will be happy to sell more demon spirits to him, he politely declines to join Li Xingyun. Even still, Li Xingyun says that he will warn Hua Ling to stop causing trouble for them as a sign of goodwill.[294]

Gu Bei and Lu Piao:

During the next class Gu Bei gives Nie Li another 60,000 demon spirits and Nie Li gives him 600 spiritual stones for buying dragon bloodline demon spirits with ordinary growth rates. Since Gu Bei heard about the bunch of god level growth rate demon spirits that Nie Li sold, he figured Gu Bei would ask him about it, but he says that he will not pry into Nie Li's secrets. He does ask, however, that he sell some of those demon spirits to his family and Nie Li agrees. Lu Piao is confused by all this as he hasn't even figured out that Nie Li has a secret way of god level growth rate demon spirits. He has decided that it is safer for the Nightmare Demon Pot to remain a secret from them as well.[295]
After class he immediately refined the demon spirits that Gu Bei gave him and was able to produce almost a hundred god level growth rate demon spirits. He directly took them to Gu Bei, as he promised, to sell them to the Gu Clan.[46] From now on Nie Li refined demon spirits daily and sold them off between the student market, Gu Bei, and Li Xingyun. With this steady stream of spiritual stones, he no longer had any worries of running out.[296]

Ying Yueru:

He then traveled to the valley that his master, Ying Yueru, lived in his past life. He was upset to learn that she had exhausted fifty years of her life to use her Heaven’s Divination Technique to see the truth about Nie Li's rebirth. Because of that she could see the path that he would take to compete for the position of Sect Master of the Divine Feathers Sect. She tells him that Long Yuyin hates her because she blames her for the death of their master and that he needs to let go of his hatred for her as she can be his ally. Though Nie Li finds it difficult to forgive the actions of the Long Yuyin from his previous life, he now has some understanding of the reason behind them. He trusts her judgment and is determined to gain control of the sect in order to protect his master in this life.[46]

Yu Yan and Jidan:

During this time Yu Yan was able to break into the Heavenly Fate Realm. Jidan simply ate and slept, but even still his strength seemed to multiply daily.[296]

Long Yuyin:

On his way out of the valley Nie Li ran into Long Yuyin. She was on her way to visit Ying Yueru as well. The words of his master were still fresh in his mind, on top of that Long Yuyin was no longer acting overbearing. When Nie Li drew close, she instead became nervous and timid. Nie Li decided that this was a sign that she could be changed. He told her that Ying Yueru is his master. He then said that he will let go of his hatred of her and asked her to also let go of the hatred she has for Ying Yueru.[297]
To the surprise of the entire class Long Yuyin quietly approached Nie Li and asked him to spar with her. Not only did Nie Li agree, he also gave her insights into the flaws in her technique. He now understood that she respected those that are stronger then her so he didn't hesitate to be strict during their spars, further earning her acknowledgment.[296]

Nie Li's Cultivation:

Now with a supply of spiritual stones, he continued to cultivate. A month later he obtained the reward from the Soul Saint Board of a Grade 4 artifact (Celestial Armour), three spiritual stone essences (which he immediately absorbed), a excellent level dragon bloodline demon spirit, and one thousand spiritual stones. He also now had thirty thousand ordinary level dragon bloodline demon spirit and decided to start refining them in the Nightmare Demon Pot.[298]
When Nie Li started to refine the dragon bloodline demon spirits in the Nightmare Demon Pot, it had a strange reaction. It started to glow scarlet red and a mysterious pattern gradually formed on its surface. The design looked like a dragon with its wings spread wide. After refining thousand of dragon bloodline demon spirits the aura of the Nightmare Demon Pot grew stronger and the pattern became more distinct. This is a sign that the pot had upgraded, improving its success rate among other things.[299]
Another strange thing occurred when some of the demon spirits started to mutate. Usually, there’s a set probability to whether or not a demon spirit will mutate upon ranking up. However, these particular demon spirits had mutated during the fusing process instead. This is a new effect of the Nightmare Demon Pot. When regular Dragon Bloodline demon spirits are refined with a mutated one, the success rate is much lower. However, the results are much better when it did succeed.[299]
In the end, he produced twenty-one Extraordinary growth rate Dragon Bloodline demon spirits, with three mutated ones. During the final refining process the last two demon spirits were evenly matched and began to fuse. This was very unstable, so Nie Li poured his Heavenly Energy into the pot to suppress them and keep the process from failing. He kept this up for over an hour, but was quickly running out of energy.[299] He suddenly realized discovered that within this mysterious artifact was a huge space that contained boundless Heavenly Energy, like a vast ocean. After gaining enlightenment into the Dao, Nie Li was finally able to break into the Heavenly Fate Realm and form a scarlet red Fate Soul. Even though it was very painful, he continued to refine his fate soul allowing it to immediately reach the peak of 1 fate Heavenly Fate.[27]
With his breakthrough, he was able to continue suppressing the dragon bloodline demon spirits until they finished fusing. Forming a mutated god level Bloodwing Saint Jiao-dragon demon spirit. This is the third demon spirit that Nie Li integrated into his soul realm. He later produced three more god level dragon bloodline demon spirits and gave them to Lu Piao, Xiao Yu, and Gu Bei.[27]

The Heavenly Note and Skyblaze Sects Visit Arc

Gu Bei and Xiao Ning'er:

Gu Bei came to get Nie Li and Lu Piao when the Heavenly Note and Skyblaze Sects came to visit the Divine Feathers Sect and took them into a side chamber where all the young geniuses and powerful family decedents were.[300] After meeting up with Xiao Ning'er he asks about how her and Ye Ziyun have been doing. When they start to sit for the auction, he sits next to Xiao Ning'er and and Long Yuyin quietly sits on his other side. Their group is also joined by Li Xingyun, Murong Yu, and Ye Xuan.[301] He asked Xiao Ning'er to come to his place that night so that he could give her a god level dragon bloodline demon spirit.[302]

Ye Xuan:

Nie Li realized that Ye Xuan had a strong backing, as he was from the Ye Clan of the Skyblaze Sect, however he paid him to special attention.[302] He also noticed that Ye Xuan had his eye on Xiao Ning'er.[303]

Mingyue Wushuang and Yan Yang:

Nie Li was surprised to see Mingyue Wushuang from the Heavenly Note Sect and Yan Yang from the Skyblaze Sect at the gathering. He knows very well how powerful they will be and that having contact with them would definitely prove beneficial towards his future plans.[303]

Li Xingyun:

Since Nie Li can tell that Li Xingyun is frustrated with his inability to get a god level dragon bloodline demon spirit, he secretly offers to acquire one for him in exchange for one hundred thousand Spiritual Stones and three favors. The first favor being that Li Xingyun agrees to ally with him against any enemies he has. Li Xingyun eagerly agrees to this, even though the other two favors are undecided.[304]

Long Yuyin:

Now with Li Xingyun and Gu Bei, Nie Li has connections to two possible clan successors with two of the three major families. With some influence he believes he can direct Long Yuyin towards a similar path in the Dragonseal Family.[304]

Gu Bei:

The auction is also where Nie Li was selling off twenty extraordinary level dragon bloodline demon spirits though Gu Bei.[300] Each of these demon spirits sold for at least twenty-five thousand spiritual stones to the Skyblaze Sect's disciples. Between his previously sold demon spirits and these, Nie Li at hundreds of thousands of spiritual stones.[305]
Since he was hiding his strength, Nie Li asked Gu Bei to bid when items that he wanted showed up. This included one Heavenly Star level and five Heavenly Fate level Demon Soul’s Essences for about thirty thousand spiritual stones as well as thirty bottles of Heavenly Note Dew for another thirty thousand spiritual stones.[305] This had the side effect of also changing Gu Bei's image and allowing him to gain some attention in his family.[304]
After many more purchases Gu Bei paid for the items and collected the spiritual stones from the sale of the demon spirits and then passed everything to Nie Li. In the end, he spent one hundred and seventy-eighty thousand spiritual stones.[306]
When the highlight of the auction, the Myriad Miles Rivers and Mountains Painting came up, Nie Li again asks Gu Bei to win it for him.[306] After a bidding war between Long Tianming, Mingyue Wushuang, and Yan Yang Gu Bei was able to win it with a bid of 230,000 spiritual stones.[307]

Qin Yue and Ye Xuan:

After the auction was a chance for display of dao understanding through the four arts. Nie Li could easily grasp the level of understanding displayed by Qin Yue's zither and Ye Xuan's calligraphy. After Ye Xuan's blatant attempt at impressing Xiao Ning'er, Nie Li thought that this would be a good opportunity to display some of his strength.[307]

Long Tianming:

Nie Li is very cautious towards Long Tianming, as he knows that it was his scheming for the Sect Master's position that was one of the primary causes of the Divine Feathers Sect's fall in his last life.[302] After he presents his dao understand in a painting, Nie Li could sense of his overbearing nature as well as his strong and wild ambitions. He could tell that Long Tianming could be a powerful enemy.[308]

Mingyue Wushuang:

He was more impressed by Mingyue Wushuang’s clear and tranquil mental strength that she displayed by using the Heavenly Peace Technique on the zither. Only his master Ying Yueru would be stronger.[308]

Yan Yang:

Yan Yang's dao intent was even more profound. After placing a single Go piece, the room was filled with the overflowing and vigorous vitality of heaven and earth. Nie Li was genuinely astonished by his comprehension of the genuine dao of a king.[308]
After Yan Yang's performance, Nie Li decided it was time for him. Though most of those in the room thought that him trying to compete was a joke, he simply ignored them. He made a point of telling Gu Bei to pay close attention as this should be a help to his cultivation.[309]
Nie Li used calligraphy to write an ancient version of the word "sword," but most could not feel any dao intent from it at all and thought it was a joke. Nie Li was relieved when Long Tianming also said that he could nothing from the word, as he never wanted to help his cultivation. He was about to leave with it when he was stopped by Yan Yang. It was obvious to him that both Yan Yang and Mingyue Wushuang were able to gleam some of the supreme sword intent in the word.[310]
The character that Nie Li had written originates from an ancient and supreme expert’s Ten Thousand Heavenly Book of True Intent and holds its own innate intent.[310] Much to his surprise, Yan Yang offered 150,000 spiritual stones to buy this word from him, making everyone change the way that they viewed Nie Li. Since Nie Li had intended to make a good impression on Yan Yang and Mingyue Wushuang, he agreed to sell them both the word as well as included a second. This established them has friends, with Mingyue even offering to look after Xiao Ning'er.[311]
When questioned by Qin Yue if he was going to go to the Outside World, Nie Li carefully worded his answer that he currently had no plans to. Even still, Yan Yang announced that his Skyblaze Sect would not cause trouble for him and he personally offered his assistance.[312]

Xiao Ning'er:

After leaving the meeting, Xiao Ning'er headed back to Nie Li's room with him. Wanting to spend as much time as possible with him, she took a bath while he refined demon spirits separated only by a screen. After being distracted by her silhouette behind the screen, Nie Li asked her about her advancement in the Lightning Dragon Cultivation Technique and was impressed by her progress. She also told him about an uneventful journey she made to the outside world.[313]
After Xiao Ning'er got out of the tub, he gave her a mostly compatible god level demon spirit. She immediately sat down and began to integrate with the Divine Scarlet Thunderbird. There was an awkward tension in the atmosphere, as Nie Li could not help but be effected by Xiao Ning'er's charms.[314]

Supporting Allies Arc

Long You:

The next morning Nie Li was visited by three members of the Dragonseal Family, including the Heavenly Star Realm expert, Long You. They rudely demanded calligraphy word from Nie Li with no intent to pay as well as extended an offer for him to join the Dragonseal Family's Celestial Dragon Guards. Nie Li immediately refused the offer to join the family, but agreed to write the word. However, instead of writing the words with supreme expert's dao intent, he instead passed on three words written with his own understanding of the law of light and darkness.[315]

Venerable Redsoul:

In contrast to that, Venerable Redsoul arrived shortly after to politely request a word on behalf of his master, Hierarch Skycloud. Despite his position as Nie Li's teacher, he still offered to pay the 150,000 spiritual stones that Yan Yang had paid. Nie Li declined the spiritual stones and decided to use this opportunity to make a good impression on one of the most powerful elders of the Divine Feathers Sect. Venerable Redsoul also said that Hierarch Skycloud was offering to shield him from the major families within the Skysoul Institute.[315] Nie Li wrote five words for Hierarch Skycloud with far more profound dao intent then the ones he gave Yan Tang and Mingyue Wushuang.[316]

Myriad Miles Rivers and Mountains Painting:

Nie Li asks Yu Yan and Xiao Ning'er to guard him and make sure he is not disturbed while he attempts to break the inscription patterns on the Myriad Miles Rivers and Mountains Painting. After forming a barrier array around the painting to conceal his work he discovered a hidden trace on intent most likely left behind by the Martial Ancestor Realm expert that put the painting up for auction. With this they would be able to track the painting's location and steal it back if another was able to break the inscription patterns.[316]
In order to get rid of the Martial Ancestor Realm expert's intent, Nie Li forged a copy of the painting.[316] He was even able to duplicate the many complex inscription patterns and transferred the experts intent. He later gave the copy to Gu Bei and instructed him to have his people take it to the outside world and pass it around to others.[317]
Nie Li then started to write inscription patterns on top of the painting. His inscriptions would enter the painting and collided with the inscription patterns already inside, counteracting them. Though the power almost overwhelmed him, he managed to stubbornly hold on until he had broken through all of them and integrate it with his bloodline. It is now tied to his soul and can be pulled it in and out of his Soul Realm like a Demon Spirit.[317]

Jindan and Yu Yan:

Nie Li brought Yu Yan and Jindan into the Myriad Miles Rivers and Mountains Painting as the rich atmosphere of Heavenly energy was ideal for cultivation. Nie Li was able to slowly tempt him with spiritual stones to the point that the connection between them is now firmly established. After entering the painting he immediately began to absorb energy until he could barely move. When Nie Li suggested that Yu Yan could stay in the painting to cultivate she readily agreed.[318]

Xiao Yu:

When Xiao Yu returns Nie Li immediately notices that he has dropped a Rank down and can guess what happened. After Xiao Yu confirms that he was killed by Hua Ling, Nie Li was enraged and quickly decided to seek revenge.[318]

Li Xingyun:

With Xio Ning'er and Xioa Yu, he goes to see Li Xingyun and overhears an argument between him and two elders of the Ashen Flames Family. They are both demanding that he not only step down from the competition for the patriarch's position, but also hand over control of his forces to the current first in line, Li Yufeng. Li Xingyun agrees to step down from the competition, but refuses to hand over his forces.[318] He has a very loyal and trustworthy personality and he would never betray the faith that his people have placed in him.[319]
After the elders leave, Li Xingyun gives him one hundred thousand spiritual atones and Nie Li gives him a mutated Gold-Scarlet Blood Jiao-dragon. Li Xingyun is extremely grateful and when he asks if there is anything he can do for him. Nie Li requests to borrow two hundred of his men, including those with higher cultivations, in two days. He tells him that he wants to get revenge on Hua Ling for killing a friend, and Li Xingyun easily agrees.[319]

Gu Bei:

After reassuring Xiao Ning'er that he would reach 2 fate before going to the outside world, they then met up with Gu Bei and followed him to the martial field where the sparring matches were taking place.[319] He watched as Gu Bei revealed his true strength for the first time and defeated Gu Kuan, Gu Yan, and Gu Bing.[320]
The clan elders had an emergency meeting and announced that Gu Bei would now be the first in-line successor for the Gu Clan Patriarch.[321] Nie Li suspected that the elders had some knowledge about Gu Heng poisoning Gu Lan and wanted to cause him a set back.[322]

Xiao Ning'er:

With some regret Nie Li had to say goodbye to Xiao Ning'er, as it was time for her to return to her sect. She was very embarrassed after kissing him on the cheek. But before she could run off, he gave her a Interspatial Ring full of spiritual stones, extraordinary dragon bloodline demon spirits, and calligraphy words.[322]

Yan Yang:

Yan Yang also took the time to say goodbye to Nie Li and invite him to visit him in the Skyblaze Sect.[322]

Nie Li's Cultivation:

Within just a short period of time, Nie Li was able to reach 2 fate Heavenly Fate Realm by cultivation within the Myriad Miles Rivers and Mountains Painting. This time the fate soul that formed was unexpectedly blue. He also immediately went to store one of his fate souls in the Soul Hall.[322]

Hua Ling:

The next day Nie Li went with Lu Piao and Xiao Yu, as well as two hundred of Li Xingyun's men from the Heavenly Path League, to kill Hua Ling. Xiao Yu was quite as Lu Piao and Nie Li loudly demanded compensation for his death. When Hua Ling refused, Nie Li gave the order for Li Hu to kill them all.[323]

Li Hu:

Though he followed orders, Nie Li knew that both Li Hu and his men felt that all this was rather beneath them and had some complaints. In order to make a good impression on them, Nie Li passed over an interspatial ring with ten thousand spiritual stones as compensation and insisted that they take it.[13]
While everyone waited, Nie Li went over to the Ling Jade Deity’s Lake and used some inscription pattern arrays to extract the Deity Root. Which he then placed inside the Myriad Miles Rivers and Mountains Painting. Deity roots are the creatures that created the Deity's Lakes. Now that he had his own isolated space that was rich in energy, he hoped to store some Deity Lakes for himself there. This proved to work very well, as within a few days the Deity root had formed a new Deity's Lake and was producing more spiritual stones then ever before.[13]

Gu Bei and Lu Piao:

Nie Li started to form a new force with Gu Bei and Lu Paio which he named the Demon League. While recruiting new members they used Gu Bei's status as well as an unheard of high monthly salary and benefits based on how high their cultivation reaches. They also promised everyone a strong cultivation method that fit them.[13] In the first day they were able to recruit over six hundred people, including three Heavenly Star Realm experts.[324]

Gathering Deity's Lakes Arc

Li Xingyun:

With Li Xingyun's help, Nie Li set out to acquire more Deity Roots to place in the painting. Rather then fight others for them, it was easier to simply buy near dead Deity's Lakes which held little value. The first one he bought was the Fiery Rain Deity’s Lake from a friend of Li Xingyun named Teng Ze for three thousand five hundred spiritual stones. He showed Li Xingyun the truth about the Deity Root, but did not tell him about the Myriad Miles Rivers and Mountains Painting. In this way he acquired seven more Deity's Lakes.[324]
While asking Li Xingyun about more Deity's Lakes, Nie Li learned about a medium grade one that was guarded by some high level demon beasts. Using this method of removing the Deity Root they came up with a way of capturing it.[324]

Nie Li's Cultivation:

While Li Xingyun was gathering his forces, Nie Li started cultivating near one of his Deity's Lake bases. Ever since Nie Li had obtained those Deity Roots, he could feel a trace of energy flowing out from the Myriad Miles Rivers and Mountains Painting and nourishing his soul. Inscription patterns revolved in his soul realm, around the mysterious vine as the vine’s first flower bud bloomed and released a clear and fresh fragrance. After that, his two fate souls started blazing as the impurities inside them were slowly removed and purified. His third fate soul then formed, only this one was yellow in color.[325]
His Fanged Panda and Shadow Devil demon spirits had already reached 5 fate Heavenly Fate Realm, so he strengthened the Bloodwing Saint Jiao-dragon to 5 fate.[325]

Long Yuyin:

He was surprised to find Long Yuyin sitting near by waiting for him to finish his cultivation. She formally requested that Nie Li become her master and continue to instructor her on the Martial Dao. Nie Li always knew that Long Yuyin would seek him out, but had never thought she would ask to be his disciple. After teasing her a little, he agreed.[325]
With the goal of focusing her attention on becoming the patriarch of the Dragonseal Family, Nie Li revealed to her the truth about the Sage Emperor. Because her former master and Ying Yueru both studied the Heaven’s Divination Technique, fighting the sage emperor has a personal connection to her. Though she was unsure if her strength could match Long Tianming, she agreed to start forming her own force in the outside world. She also said that she could call upon some of her father's subordinates to build up her power.[326]
He also told her that because of her Blood Dragon Bloodline, there are still some crucial meridians that have yet to be unlocked. Once they are opened and all of her potential is released, her strength will rise to a frightening stage. He promised to unlock her meridians in the future.[326]

Li Xingyun:

When Li Xingyun returned he embarrassed Long Yuyin by calling her Nie Li's women. Nie Li told him that Long Yuyin was also going to fight to be the patriarch of her Dragonseal Family and will need to establish her own forces. He asked that Li Xingyun guide her as he had with Gu Bei and he agreed.[326]
Nie Li and Li Xingyun soon moved out with five hundred of his men to attack the medium grade Deity's Lake, but discovered that they were being followed by an unknown large force. However, Nie Li wasn't too worried, as they did not plan on occupying the Deity's Lake, but rather extracting it's Deity Root. As compensation Nie Li also promised two hundred spiritual stone for of Li Xingyun's people as well as more if they died.[327]
They planned to lure the Infernal Lightning Winged Snake Emperor away from the Deity's Lake by setting explosion inscription patterns on the bottom of the lake.[327] After the Dao of Dragon ranked demon beast flew off Nie Li, Li Xingyun, and his men quickly moved in to give him a chance to extract the Deity Root. Nie Li merged with his Bloodwing Saint Jiao-dragon demon spirit and pushed to the center of the lake. Many of their men died after the Infernal Lightning Winged Snake Emperor returned, but they still tried to obstruct it to allow Nie Li to finish his inscription patterns.[328]
Li Xingyun also merged with his Gold-Scarlet Blooded Jiao-dragon and attempted to block it, but the Infernal Lightning Winged Snake Emperor had the intelligence to understand that Nie Li was doing something to it's Deity's Lake and focused its attacks on him. The moment Nie Li obtained the Deity Root and threw it into the Myriad Miles Rivers and Mountains Painting, he merged with his Shadow Devil and activated its void-form to escape the Winged Snake's attack. However, he was quickly discovered after coming out of his void form and continued to be targeted by the now enraged demon beast.[328]

Gu Heng:

Knowing that he would soon be killed by the demon beast, Nie Li told Li Xingyun to retreat with his men. He then flew towards the group that had been following them, wanting to cause as much damage to them as possible.[328] He ran in the same direction as Gu Heng and his plan worked. After the demon beast killed him it change its focus onto Gu Heng and kill him as well.[329]
After dying, his body reformed back in the Skysoul Institute's Soul Hall over about six to seven hours. Gu Heng emerged from the Soul Hall shortly after and swore he would get revenge.[329]

Long Yuyin:

That night Long Yuyin rushed over to immediately ask him to unlock her meridians.[329] After having her remove her outer dress, the atmosphere was slightly awkward. He quickly placed the acupuncture needles and told her to cultivate. He then stepped outside where Xiao Yu accused him of betraying Xiao Ning'er.[330]
After about an hour he could tell that she was done, however when he came back in he found that all of her clothes had been burned off in the process. Though extremely embarrassed, Long Yuyin was pleased with her increase to 5 Fate and said she would come visit again in the future.[330]

Nie Li's Cultivation:

Though he did drop back down to 2 Fate rank, his Fate Soul was not completely extinguished as it should have been. However, his there were still very unstable, so he could not place another one back in the hall.[329] However, after only a few hours cultivation in the Myriad Miles Rivers and Mountains Painting with many spiritual stone essences he was able to reform this third fate soul and return to 3 Fate rank. Within five more days of cultivation, he was even able to form his forth fate soul, which was colored black.[331]

Lu Piao and Gu Bei:

During this time Lu Piao and Gu Bei, with the Demon League, took hold of its first Deity's Lake in the outside world to use as a base. With their growing strength and the generous allowance that they gave out, many dozens of small leagues asked to join them. This included Heng Yan's Ancient Jade League, who brought with him a nearly dead Deity's Lake. Since Nie Li was providing them with more then enough spiritual stones, they welcomed all of them. In just a single month, the Demon League reached over three thousand members. While Nie Li removed the Deity’s Roots from any lakes that they brought with them.[331]

Gu Heng:

While Nie Li is focused on stabilizing his fate soul, Gu Heng organized a massive attack against the Demon League and nearly wiped them out. Even with reinforcements from Li Xingyun and his troops they could only escape. After talking it over with Nie Li, they decided that rather then escalate the war with more troops, they will instead focus their attacks of Gu Heng and his Blood Moon League. As the instigator, if they can rob his Deity's Lakes of their Deity roots and weaken him, then the other faction leaders will back off on their own.[332]

Hierarch Skycloud:

During this time Venerable Redsoul brought Nie Li to see Hierarch Skycloud and was surprised when he asked him to be his disciple. Even though Ming Fei is already Nie Li's master, Hierarch Skycloud said that he is friends with him and his master and do not believe that they would object. Though Nie Li is honored and knows that such a position would only help him, he will only agree if he is allowed to keep his freedom.[333]

Venerable Flameless:

It is obvious from the start the Venerable Flameless does not approve of Hierarch Skycloud's choice to take Nie Li as a disciple. Nie Li does not get a good impression of him because of this and can tell that he will only cause problems for him in the future.[333]

He Gui:

A while later Nie Li and his friends approach He Gui while he is at a brothel in the Mingshan Stronghold and offer him two thousand spiritual stones every time he reports on Gu Heng's location. While if he refuses, Gu Bei will let Gu Heng find out about the embezzlement.[334] Not having much choice in the matter, He Gui agreed with the condition that they help him pull down another of Gu Heng's aids, Chai Yue. Gu Bei agreed to this and planned on framing Chai Yue as the traitor. Before leaving, He Gui wrote letters implicating himself at Gu Bei's request and then was given two thousand spiritual stones.[335]
Li Xingyun admired Chai Yue and had wished to recruit him in the past, so Nie Li suggested that when he is driven out of Gui Heng's Blood Moon League, Li Xingyun should welcome him into the Heavenly Path League.[335]

Li Yufeng:

Afterwards they went to the Celestial Treasure Pavilion to purchase some new artifacts and ran in to Li Xingyun's cousin, Li Yufeng, who he ignored.[335] Nie Li easily was able to estimate the value of the artifacts and give the sales girl, Cai Die, the lowest acceptable price.[336] He then went on a spending spree and spent over 600,000 spiritual stones on equipping them each with a grade 6 armor set as well as the Meteorite Sword for Gu Bei, the Silvery Moon Blade for Li Xingyun, and another weapon for Lu Piao.[337]

Entering the East District Arc

Xue Yu:

Now that a year has passed, Nie Li, Lu Paio, Long Yuyin, and Gu Bei are able to move to the East District from their class. The fifth to be chosen is a quite and mysterious classmate named Xue Yu. Because of his quick rise in power, Nie Li warned Lu Piao to be careful around him and ask Li Xingyun to look into his background.[12]

Murong Yu:

According to the East District’s rules, incoming students are required to challenge their seniors. Nie Li decided that he wished to challenge Murong Yu and get revenge for the incident in the Ghastly Ruins.[12] The fight ended up being completely one sided in Nie Li's favor, as Murong Yu was unable to harm him with his grade six artifact armour.[338] After forcing him to merge with his Saint Blood Draconic Falcon, Murong Yu through overwhelming fire attacks at him, but they were unable to penetrate the protective barrier that his armour produced.[339]
Nie Li then used the Thunder God’s Meteorite Sword to shamelessly strike Murong Yu with one lightning strike after another.[339] After awhile Murong Yu was unable to withstand the strikes and passed out. During the fight, his clothing had been destroyed, leaving him naked and even more humiliated.[340]

Nanmen Tianhai and Huang Yu:

After the fight, the elders announced that from now on the students were limited to using artifacts of grade three or below only. Furthermore, they said that Nie Li would be asked to spar again, before he would be allowed to change his Rank in the east district.[340] They also decided that they would pick the two opponents that he would fight. Nie Li could guess that Venerable Flameless was behind this, but thought it in his best interests to agree.[341]

Ye Chong:

The first was Ye Chong, who immediately merged with his Frost Dragon Beast demon spirit. It was obvious from the start that Ye Chong meant to kill him, likely by order of Venerable Flameless.[341] Nie Li managed to avoid Ye Chong's powerful attacks by switching between his Shadow Devil and Fanged Panda, but his attacks did very little damage. Eventually, Ye Chong was able to trap him by ice walls and strike him after coming out of void-form.[342]
When Ye Chong suddenly aimed to kill Nie Li, he had no other choice but to merge with his Bloodwing Saint Jiao-dragon, even though he had planned to hide this fact longer.[342] When merged with the Bloodwing Saint Jiao-dragon, Nie Li's size becomes much bigger, so he can not use it in all locations. However, its strength is far greater then his other demon beasts and allows him to take on enemies with higher cultivations then him. Then with a single strike, Nie Li was able to cause Ye Chong serious injuries and send him flying.[343]

Venerable Flameless:

Since Nie Li and obviously proven his strength and was injured and exhausted, Nanmen Tianhai and Huang Yu both thought that was enough. However, Venerable Flameless insisted that Nie Li had to directly fight another battle. He then announced Guo Huai, who has a 9 fate cultivation as his opponent.[343] After arguing with elders, Venerable Flameless still refused to back down, so Nie Li declared that he will simple quit. He then says that he will only agree to the fight if he can use his artifacts.[344] Even after Venerable Flameless tries to provoke him into fighting by saying he is a spy from the Demon God Sect, Nie Li and his friends easily discredits the claim.[345]

Hierarch Skycloud:

Just a Nie Li was about to walk away, Hierarch Skycloud secretly tells him to go ahead and fight, as he will protect Nie Li's Fate Soul. He also tells him that there are several powerful people that wish to witness his ability. Since this is a great chance to get their attention, Nie Li surprising everyone and suddenly announces that he will fight.[345]

Guo Huai:

With the use of his Heavenly Energy, Guo Huai formed a meter long heavy sword and struck out a Nie Li with sonic wind blades and his incredible speed. With the use of his Void Form, Nie Li was able to avoid these strikes, as he could not withstand a single attack. By timing his attack well, Guo Huai forced Nie Li to merge with his Bloodwing Saint Jiao-dragon in order to defend against him.[346]
Nie Li then struck out wildly with the Jiao-dragon's claws as if he was using all his strength, to fool Guo Huai's gauge of his strength.[346] Confident in his victory, Guo Huai merged with his Nethermoon Draconic Beast, and rammed the Jiao-dragon. In a competition of strength, Nie Li simple could not win and was almost pushed him out of the arena.[347]
Just as Guo Huai was about to strike Nie Li in the neck, he used his first mutation and formed golden spikes all over the Jiao-dragon's back. Guo Huai's palm was impaled by one of these on Nie Li's neck. Every time Guo Huai struck out at Nie Li, he would turn his body so that the punches landed on a spike, causing great pain for Guo Huai. With his hands badly damaged, Guo Huai then switched to attacking from a distance with his wind blades.[347] Nie Li countered the wind blades with the Jiao-dragon's dragon breath.[49]
Guo Huai suddenly started to rapidly use his strongest wind cannon attack. He threw out nine of them in a row and was finally able to cause severe damage to Nie Li. However, Nie Li could not accept defeat and was able to break through to 5 Fate.[49] Unlike most people, Nie Li was able to grasp the advancement immediately, surprising Guo Huai. Nie Li then ruthlessly rammed him over and over again, each time using his spikes to slam against him. Nie Li finally won when Gui Huai fell to the ground and was unable to stand up.[348]

Nie Li's Cultivation:

After the battle with Ye Chong, Nie Li focused on healing and recovering his strength for the next fight. During the battle with Ye Chong, his cultivation had reached the peak of 4 fate.[349]
With the pressure of the battle with Guo Huai, Nie Li was able to break through to 5 fate.[49] This allowed Nie Li to replenish his Heavenly Energy and heal his wounds at a critical moment in the battle. He also now grasped two new abilities of the Bloodwing Saint Jiao-dragon, however choose not to use them in this fight since he didn't need them in order to win.[348]

Striking Back at Gu Heng Arc

Long Shuyun:

After the sparring matches were concluded, Nie Li returned to his room to stabilize his new fate soul. However, he discovered an expert with an extremely high cultivation was nearby waiting to strike.[348] He pulled out the Thunder God’s Meteorite Sword to defend himself, but an invisible energy attacked him. The sword proved useless against the expert and Nie Li was quickly disarmed. The strange energy even blocked him from merging with his demon spirits. Though he used the vine to momentarily break free, he was quickly bound again and even that was sealed.[350]
The female attacker declared her intent to kill him and threatened his crouch with a knife. From her strength, Nie Li was able to tell that she was not working for Venerable Flameless. He also could tell from her technique that she was from the Dragonseal Family, though he did not know her identity. It was then that she revealed she was Long Yuyin's mother, Long Shuyun, and was there to get revenge for how he previously had humiliated her daughter.[351]
After giving him the ultimatum to either marry Long Yuyin or she would "waste" him. He tried to make one excuse after another, but Long Shuyun dismissed them immediately.[351] Not only did she demand that he marry Long Yuyin, but she even wanted him to take on the "Long" family name. She was also sure that with the two of them together, Long Yuyin would be able to became the Dragonseal family's clan head, while he would have a better chance at gaining the position of Sect Master.[352]
Despite her willingness to compromise and let him wait five years to get married, as long as he gave her a grandchild right away. Nie Li was running out of excuses and Long Shuyun was getting frustrated and loosing what little patience she has, when they were interupted by Xiao Yu.[352]

Xiao Yu:

Xiao Yu suddenly burst into his room after hearing a female voice. The situation seemed rather ambiguous with Nie Li's position strung up in the air, not to mention that Long Shuyun played it up by asking if she had served him well.[352] Since there was nothing Xiao Yu could do to help him, Nie Li played along and let Xiao Yu angrily storm out, further convinced of his shameless nature. Unfortunately, before leaving Xiao Yu chided him for his relationship with Long Yuyin also, angering Long Shuyun more.[353]

Long Yuyim:

Thinking that Nie Li had played around with her daughter, she revealed that Long Yuyin had been there the whole time watching. Long Shuyun was obviouly embarrassed by her mother's actions asked her to let him go. It only grew worse when Long Shuyun instead suggested that her daughter should get pregnant by him in order to trap him as she had done to her father. Long Shuyun finally backed down and released him after her daughter angerly demanded that she not interfere in their relationship. [353]
She was just about to leave when Nie Li asked if she would help support him in his future endeavors to raise Gu Bei, Li Xingyun, and Long Yuyin to be the next clan head in each of their respective families. She immediately called him out on his ambition to become the Sect Master, but he wholeheartedly told her his only motive is to strengthen and reunite the Divine Feathers Sect. Though she does not fully believe his altruistic claims, she promised to support him, as long as it benefits her daughter.[354]

Gu Bei:

The next day Nie Li immediately headed to place a Fate Soul in the Soul Hall, making him feel a lot more secure. He also considered purchasing other courtyards, to make it harder for those targeting his life to find him.[355]

Gu Heng:

Now that their spy, He Gui, had allowed them to kill Gu Heng several times, his strength had sharply dropped.[355] They only backed off after two hundred Heavenly Axis Realm experts suddenly started to support him. So Nie Li, Xiao Yu, Gu Bei, Lu Piao, and Li Xingyun headed out with about three thousand of their troops to capture his Deity's Lakes and steal their Deity Roots.[356]
After easily ambushing the few hundred members of the Blood Moon League guarding Gu Heng's Heiyun Deity’s Lake, Nie Li extracted the Deity Root and added it to the Myriad Miles Rivers and Mountains Painting.[356] They then headed to his Guyu Deity’s Lake and did the same. It wasn't until they reached the final Lightning Deity’s Lake that they ran into some difficulty. However, Nie Li was not worried about losses, as long as he extracted the Deity Root then they will have won.[357]
Since Nie Li had no shortage of Spiritual Stones, he provided the most loyal elite troops each with a normally rare dragon bloodline extraordinary growth demon spirit. So when these incredibly strong and intimidating troops attacked, the defenders they instead abandoned the lake and ran away. Nie Li then immediately headed to the heart of the Deity's Lake and started to extract the root.[357]
When Gu Heng arrived he immediately had his troops attack, and though their were many losses on both sides, he could not end the battle quickly because of the grade six artifacts armor and powerful demon spirits on Nie Li's side. As the others desperately blocked Gu Heng's attacks, so that Nie Li could complete he process of extracting the Deity Root, eight to nine thousand reinforcements arrived to assist them.[358] This included a hundred Heavenly Axis Realm experts from Long Yuyin's Profound Note League. However, it was countered completly by Gu Heng receiving his own reinforcements of five to six thousand men from Li Yufeng.[359]
Finally, Nie Li was able to complete his Inscription Pattern array and extract the lake's Deity Root. After storing it inside the painting he quickly ordered a retreat. However, while escaping Nie Li became separated and surrounded by enemies, just as it looked like he was going to die, Xiao Yu suddenly grabbed him and activated a space-time artifact ring to teleport them away. Just before escaping Xiao Yu got hit by dragon flames and was severely injured.[359]

Visiting the Void Illusionary Divine Palace Arc

Xiao Yu:

When they reappeared, Xiao Yu and Nie Li found themselves in an isolated valley somewhere in the outside world. Xiao Yu was seriously wounded, but refused Nie Li's attempts to heal him.[360] Instead he insisted that Nie Li kill him so that he can reform back in the Soul Hall. Despite his wishes, Nie Li decided to heal him anyways, and sealed his meridians so that he couldn't move or protest. After applying an ointment, Nie Li injected his Heavenly Energy into Xiao Yu, slowly healing the injuries that covered all over his body.[361]

Xiao Yu's Father:

He then discovers the powerful Void Spiritual Array tattooed on his chest and his conciseness is pulled inside of it. There he talks with a piece of Xiao Yu's Father intent that was sealed into the array. He reveals that she is actually his daughter and that after he failed millions of years ago to defeat the Sage Emperor, he sealed his and his wife's cultivation inside of Xiao Yu's blood.[362]
Nie Li is surprised when Xiao Yu's father says that he can detect the Myriad Miles Rivers and Mountains Painting in his soul realm and asks Nie Li to hide Xiao Yu inside that realm when her cultivation awakens to protector her from the Sage Emperor. Nie Li easily agrees and promises to do his best to protect her. When Xiao Yu regains movement, she smacks him and his mind returns.[363] Nie Li then grabbed and closely held Xiao Yu in order to hide from some powerful demon beasts, making Xiao Yu even more uncomfortable.[364]

Wu Yazi:

To their surprise, they are quickly found by a young demon beast named Wu Yazi. Because he is far stronger then them, he does not see them as a threat and does not bother killing them.[364] Instead he is curious if they were also there for the Void Illusionary Divine Palace.[365]
Even though he is powerful, Wu Yazi proves himself to be rather simple minded and easily manipulated by Nie Li. After showing off his knowledge of treasures by identifying Wu Yazi's Scarlet Mist Rock, Nie Li was able to convince him that he could open the Thousand Illusionary Array protecting the Void Illusionary Divine Palace's treasures.[365] Now that Wu Yazi wanted them to go with him, Nie Li told him that they would only go if he did the Demon Blood Sacrifice with them, so that they could fool others into thinking they are also demon beasts.[366]

Nie Li's Cultivation:

Afterward he activated the blood and let it flow through her body to change physical appearance and aura to that of a Divine Blooded Raccoon. As the powerful energy stored in the bloodline flowed into his soul realm, Nie Li quickly broke through to 6 fate, followed immediately by 7 fate.[367]

Long Tianming:

When they reached outside the barrier, Xiao Yu recognized a group of thirty or so Heavenly Axis Realm experts as Long Tianming and his people. Though he had yet to have a direct conflict with him, Nie Li had a vague idea from his previous life that Long Tianming had something to do with the fall of the Divine Feathers Sect. Not one to waste an opportunity, he purposely provoked a conflict between Wu Yazi and them.[368] As he knew that once provoked, Wu Yazi had the strength and temper to violently wipe them out.[369]
After killing nine if them, Long Tianming himself came forward to stop the battle. Despite Wu Yazi's demands that they leave and Nie Li's further efforts to provoke him, Long Tianming surprisingly backed down. His extremely cautious nature made Nie Li even more wary of him. Just as he suspected, Long Tianming stayed nearby and followed them into the Thousand Illusionary Array when they entered.[370]
This allowed Wu Yazi to use the Thousand Illusionary Array to make hit and run attacks and kill all of Long Tianming's men. Unfortunately, he could not kill Long Tianming himslef, as he is a 9 Heavenly Axis Realm expert. Wu Yazi was also able to detect some demon beast aura from him, making him think that Long Tianming has also completed something like the Demon Blood Sacrifice.[371] Nie Li also made a point of warning Xiao Yu to keep her distance from Long Tianming, though she was resentful that he wouldn't explain why, she nevertheless still agreed.[372]

Wu Yazi:

Nie Li then lead Wu Yazi and Xiao Yu to the center of the Thousand Illusionary Array and the entrance to the Void Illusionary Divine Palace's outer hall.[372] After braking the outer array and leading them through the inner barrier, they were immediately attacked by powerful Dao of Dragon Rank Thunder Beasts. However, Nie Li proved them only to be extremely realistic illusions. He then quickly headed towards a side chamber with a strong aura of Heavenly Energy looking for treasure.[373]
Recognizing that the room is covered in the Celestial Bound Array, he directed Wu Yazi and Xiao Yu on how to safely walk to open the treasure chests. Since he could tell which chests held treasure and which had Heavenly Axis Realm puppets, he made sure the only himself or Xiao Yu opened the former, while Wu Yazi opened the latter.[374] Nie Li opened the most valuable chest, which had its own inscription pattern lock, and found an Evil Warding Jade Strip. Since he knew he could die at anytime, all these valuables went into the Myriad Miles Rivers and Mountains Painting so he wouldn't lose them even if he died.[375] Xiao Yu also gave him her items for safe keeping. He later also got a grade 7 long sword, as well as many other treasures like Goldspiritual stone essences and Divine Scarlet Bloodstones.[376]
After closing the chests back up, they move on to find many more small treasures in the surrounding halls. Then, after studying the layout for a bit, Nie Li directs them through the door to the main hall, the life gate.[376]

Through the Life Gate Arc

Nie Li's Cultivation:

The long, dark, corridor to the main hall, was infested with Heavenly Star or stronger Blackwater Venom Spiders. While Wu Yazi was occupied with fighting the endless spiders, Nie Li started using the Green Poison Pearl to absorb their venom. After forming a connection to the pearl, he was able to use it to attack them with it.[377] He also formed a connection with the Evil Warding Jade Strip and discovered that it protected his soul realm and helped promote his strength, allowing him to reach 8 Fate immediately and almost reach 9 Fate. [378]
Since the Evil Warding Jade Strip has the ability to suppress demon beasts, he was also able to push his demon spirits to 3 star Heavenly Star Realm using the Demon Blood Sacrifice. When they attempted to break free of his control, he then used this ability to control them, allowing his demon spirits cultivation to be greater then his own.[378]

Zhen Yuan:

Inside the hall was a Spiritual Void Wall with a mysterious and powerful cultivation technique inscribed on it. Among the hundred or so experts cultivation around the wall was another demon beast from the Demon God Sect, Zhen Yuan. Nie Li sat down and listened as he told Wu Yazi what he had discovered about the technique and how his cultivation had grown so fast.[379]

Demon Lord:

Unexpectantly, the Demon Lord also appears in front of the Spiritual Void Wall and begins to comprehend the God Tongue technique inscribed on it. Nie Li immediately wished to attack him, but could not, as the wall suppressed the abilities of everyone near it. Nie Li noticed that the Demon Lord did not arrive through the Life Gate as he had and the his cultivation had already reached 8 Fate. He also detected something mysterious and powerful hidden deep in his aura. Nie Li then watched as the Demon Lord entered the Spiritual Void Wall and he immediately decided to follow.[380]

Ancestral Master Daozang:

After entering the depths of the main hall Ancestral Master Daozang's intent address both the Demon Lord and Nie Li and, after warning them about the Sage Emperor, offers to take them as students. After some thought, Nie Li declines as this might make him a target of the Sage Emperor before he is ready. However he also asks Ancestral Master Daozang to reconsider taking the Demon Lord as a student. Despite his crimes, the intent chooses not to judge the Demon Lord and accepts him.[381]
Even though he will not be his student Ancestral Master Daozang can sense that Nie Li's purpose is to also confront the Sage Emperor. He tells him about the Six Reincarnated Masters and suggests that joining forces with them will improve his chances.[381] He also mentioned a mysterious book left behind by a powerful expert that could control time and space. Nie Li immediately understood that this is the Temporal Demon Spirit Book. Of the eight pages left behind, he discovered that three are with the Sage Emperor and Ancestral Master Daozang also has one. Both Nie Li and the Demon Lord ask for the page that the intent holds. However, it is only when Nie Li informs him that he already has collected two of the pages that the intent agrees to give him it.[382]
After the Demon Lord entered the Void Illusionary Divine Palace’s secret location to cultivate, Ancestral Master Daozang's intent informed Nie Li that he will need to cooperate with the Demon Lord in the future, as he is one of the six reincarnations that he needs to find. However, Nie Li refused and declared that he would never work with the Demon Lord, even to fight against the Sage Emperor.[382]

Void Illusionary Divine Palace's Consciousness:

After completing its purpose, Ancestral Master Daozang's intent faded away, but was almost immediately replaced with a new voice. It introduced itself as the Void Illusionary Divine Palace's Consciousness and locked all the doors, declaring that only the six that find the most Ganges Crystals will be allowed to take the treasure.[383]
Nie Li quickly discovered that the consciousness's true objective was to stop any treasures from leaving and it was only trying to provoke everyone into killing each other. As he found the statues covered in inscription patterns that he knew lead to the true treasury of the palace, the Consciousness continued to threaten and persuade Nie Li to leave.[384] When that didn't work he opened the life gate and the Spiritual Void Wall, hoping that the resulting chaos will stop Nie Li.[385]

Li Huo, Yan Yang and Venerable Godthunder:

After reuniting with Xiao Yu and Wu Yazi, they stand off in a corner of the room while hundreds of experts kill each other over the Ganges Crystals appearing from thin air. Li Huo arrives with his people and starts to massacre everyone. However, because Wu Yazi was from the Demon Gods Sect as well they didn't kill them.[385]
Nie Li watched as Yan Yang also arrived with his own people and began a fierce fight with Li Huo. However, the fight was interrupted fairly quickly by the arrival of Venerable Godthunder of the Pentastrike Demon Sect, bring about a three way balance of power. He was surprised when both Yan Yang and Li huo showed no interest in the Ganges Crystals and instead were paying close attention to the inscription patterns.[386] After the Void Illusionary Divine Palace's Consciousness attacks with killing intent and tries to make them leave the room, they only become more curious about the array.[387] Nie Li decides to take the chance and steps forward to unlock the array and open the passage to the treasure room.[388]
He secretly tells Xiao Yu that the situation is too dangerous and she should escape if the opportunity appears, however she insists on staying with him. After Venerable Godthunder, Yan Yang, and Li Huo send equal groups of ten people down the passage until all the traps are disabled and the treasure room is found, she follows behind with Nie Li and Wu Yazi into the passageway.[388]
After reaching the vast cavern and seeing the Skyspirit Stone Array protecting the treasure, Nie Li told them that he could break through it given a few months. Since Wu Yazi pointed out that the array doesn't kill and only traps people in an illusion, they sent everyone in, with Wu Yazi and Xiao Yu going first. Even Venerable Godthunder entered. This worked great for Nie Li, as now only Yan Yang and Li Huo were watching over him.[389] After secretly revealing who he is to Yan Yang, he was able to escape Li Huo and enter the array himself.[390]
Nie Li scooped up all the treasures he could into the Myriad Miles Rivers and Mountains Painting to go through later. This included the Legendary Spiritual Illusionary Pearl, a massive Void Illusionary Divine Array, and the Void Illusionary Divine Palace’s Core.[391] He was also tricked into allowing some unknown entity (the Void Illusionary Divine Palace's Consciousness) into the painting as well.[392]

Wu Yazi:

When a Demon Gods Sect Martial Ancestor Realm expert arrived and started to attack the palace's barrier, Nie Li quickly moved Xiao Yu into the painting and started to escape the palace with Yan Yang.[393] Before he got far, Wu Yazi blocked his path and demanded his share of the treasures, however, Nie Li brushed him off. He then asked for the return of his demon blood, but Nie Li just threatened him with revealing the Demon Blood Sacrifice to Hierarch Blacknether or Li Huo, guaranteeing Wu Yazi's death. With Yan Yang there to protect him, there was little Wu Yazi could do so he left.[394]

Hierarch Blacknether:

After Yan Yanf handed over his Interspatial Ring to a demon beast guard, Hierarch Blacknether searched Nie Li and him with his intent, but let them go when he found nothing.[395] Shortly after leaving, Nie Li separated from Yan Yang and warned him that Hierarch Blacknether would soon chase after him. He also asked Yan Yang to try his best to delay Hierarch Blacknether. He then buried the Myriad Miles Rivers and Mountains Painting thirty meters underground and then hid inside it so that Hierarch Blacknether would be unable to find him.[396]

Cultivating in the Myriad Miles Rivers and Mountains Painting Arc

Void Illusionary Divine Palace's Consciousness:

While cultivating within the painting, the Consciousness attempted to take Nie Li's physical body, but was quickly avoided. However, even though the Consciousness was in the painting, which was Nie Li's domain and should be under his complete control, he could not restrain it. Instead, the Conciseness was able to hide inside the Void Illusionary Divine Palace’s Core. Though with his current strength Nie Li could not break through after it, he was not worried and planned to take care of it in the future.[397]

Nie Li's Cultivation:

After activating the Primordial Bloodline inside the Myriad Miles Rivers and Mountains Painting, Nie Li was able to quickly break through into the Heavenly Star Realm. He continued injecting Heavenly Energy into his fate star while practicing the Heavenly God Technique's second stage. The Demon Blood Sacrific has also started to refine his physical body, making it stronger. Using three of the Goldspiritual stone essences, Nie Li started to rapidly devouring the Heavenly Energy around him and was able to directly break into 2 Star Heavenly Star Realm.[397]
Over the next several days he continued to push his cultivation past normal limits, when the vine in his soul realm suddenly bloomed. The white petals snowed down and caused the space and time beneath them to become stagnate. He cultivated here for the equivalent of six months, reaching 5 Heavenly Star, however only a moment passed for others. After discovering what had happened, he was sure that the vine was connected to the Temporal Demon Spirit Book and used one of the remnant pages to trigger the stagnant time once again. This time he cultivated for the equivalent of twenty years and reached the peak of 9 Heavenly Star realm.[21]

Long Tianming:

After returning to the Divine Feathers Sect, Nie Li discovered that Long Tianming had returned with 5 - 6 million spiritual stones. Nie Li became even more suspicious that Long Tianming had some sort of connection with the Demon God Sect as he should not have been able to sneak any treasure past Hierarch Blacknether.[398]

Lu Piao, Gu Bei, and Nie Li's Cultivation:

Nie Li decided to hand over control of the Demon League completely to Lu Piao and Gu Bei and gave them each 10 million spiritual stones to cover any costs.[398] He then brought them into the Myriad Miles Rivers and Mountains Painting. He then gave Lu Piao and Gu Bei some of his blood with the demon beast primordial bloodline to drink. As the power within the blood flowed into them, Nie Li constructed a Sky Dragon Nine-Blazing Secret Technique Array. The array drew out their demon spirits and allowed them to quickly advance their cultivation.[399]
While cultivating in the painting, Nie Li again entered a strange state. The mysterious vine in his soul realm seemed to merge his aura with that of the heavens and earth, forming an endless starry sky. However, he choose not to investigate it further for now. After Gu Bei had reached 3 Rank Heavenly Star Realm and Lu Piao reached 6 Rank Heavenly Star Realm they left the painting.[18]

Long Yuyin:

After exiting the painting and learning about Li Yufeng's sudden rise in troops, Nie Li decided to head to the border of the Endless Desert and recruit some of the Dao of Dragon Rank Sky Origin Divine Clan experts. While he is gone he asked Gu Bei, Lu Paio, and Li Xingyun to manage things in the sect. Even though Long Yuyin asked to go with him, he told her to stay here and watch over Long Tianming's actions, as he might be tied to the Demon God Sect.[400] With the help of her mother, Nie Li was sure that Long Yuyin could keep Long Tianming in check for now.[401]
Shortly after leaving, he discovered that Long Yuyin had placed the Soul Pursuing Fragrance on him and removed it.[402]

Li Yufeng and Long Tianming:

After a run in with one of Li Yufeng's men while exiting the sect, Nie Li confirmed that these new troops were from the Dragonseal Family and most likely Long Tianming's. He now suspected that Long Tianming has been supporting both Li Yufeng and Gu Heng for awhile now and was most likely behind Gu Lan's poisoning. It will be much harder to take down Li Yufeng, compared to Gu Heng, as he has the support of the Ashen Flames Family's patriarch (his father).[401]

Recruiting from the Sky Origin Divine Clan Arc

President Lin:

Once he arrived in one of the small trading towns, Nie Li found to elders from the Sky Origin Divine Clan attempting to sell the contracts for six 1 stage Dao of Dragon youths. He overheard them haggling over the 30,000 spiritual stone price that President Lin of the Dragonbreath Chamber offered, so he out bid them by offering 50,000 spiritual stones each. The elders agreed and gave Nie Li the six contracts for 300,000 spiritual stones.[403]
Originally President Lin planned to attack Nie Li as a warning to others about competing against the Dragonbreath Chamber, however when Nie Li proposed a large business deal he quickly thought better of it.[404] To prove his sincerity, Nie Li immediately offered up a down payment of 500,000 spiritual stones and President Lin got him ten healthy 2 stage Dao of Dragon realm experts.[405] Over the course of the next seven days Nie Li continued purchase more Sky Origin Divine Clan slaves and, in the end, acquired a total of three hundred and sixty of them, including two 5 stage and six 4 stage Dao of Dragon Realm experts.[406]

Sky Origin Divine Clan Members:

In order to settle a bit of the discontent that the youths had, Nie Li said that they could return to the Endless Wilderness if they wished, without giving him back the spiritual stones. Though their pride would not let them do so, this allowed him to gain a bit of their trust. He also promised to release them from the contracts after two years.[405] After acquiring a total of three hundred and sixty Sky Origin Divine Clan experts, he drew them into the Myriad Miles Rivers and Mountains Painting and granted each one of a long lost cultivation technique of their clan as well as the Sky Origin God Combat Array.[406]

Long Yuyin:

When Nie Li was getting ready to return to the Divine Feathers Sect, he saw Long Yuyin and her guards being pursued by some unknown enemy. He quickly grabbed her and ran as fast as he could. He knew that the guards were dead and he was not strong enough to face the enemy yet. Even though he was currently only a Heavenly Star expert, his speed could match that of the Dao of Dragon Realm. Still, they were about to be caught when Nie Li's three demon beasts used their energy to support him, allowing for them to pull away from the enemy.[407] There was no way he could keep up that type of speed for too long so he decided to hide in a nearby mountain range of the Endless Wasteland. However, as soon as they landed, Nie Li and Long Yuyin were both drawn into a mysterious light.[407]

Emperor Tian Yuan:

When Nie Li woke up he found that they had been drawn into the remnant intent of Emperor Tian Yuan using the Gargantuan Intent Divine Technique. The powerful intent could see that he held the Myriad Miles Rivers and Mountains Painting in his soul realm and wanted to know why he had gathered so many members of his Sky Origin Divine Clan. Even though Nie Li assured him that he wanted to help the Sky Origin Divine Clan and eventually free them, the intent did not believe him.[408] In order to convince him of his sincerity, Nie Li told him about his death at the hands of the Sage Emperor and subsequent rebirth in the past. Nie Li told him all about the fight against the Sage Emperor and from Emperor Tian Yuan was able to figure out that he must have held the Temporal Demon Spirit Book.[409]
Now that he believed Nie Li's words, Emperor Tian Yuan offered to help him, as long as swore to free the Sky Origin Divine Clan after the Sage Emperor's defeat and Nie Li agreed. He then gave Nie Li a few hundred Divine Phaseless Fruits and hundreds of armours and weapons that surpassed the Martial Ancestor Realm level.[409] He also gave Nie Li the Myriad Spiritual Sword Array, which he immediately placed inside the Myriad Miles Rivers and Mountains Painting.[410]

Emperor Kong Ming:

Nie Li also asked the intent if he knew of Emperor Kong Ming, as he had a vague feeling that there was something linking them. He learned that Kong Ming had been hunted by the Sage Emperor's Deity servants a few hundred years ago and then disappeared. Nie Li had a vague feeling that he and Emperor Kong Ming were somehow connected. It seemed that Tian Yuan understood what that connection was but would not tell him.[410]

Long Yuyin's Cultivation:

The intent suddenly turned his focus onto Long Yuyin.[410] He suddenly poured a large amount of energy into her, raising her cultivation directly from the Heavenly Axis realm to 6 stage Dao of Dragon. The energy was so strong that it broke apart her armor, revealing her body completely. Despite the pain, she still had the presence of mind get extremely embarrassed and order Nie Li to look away. Emperor Tian Yuan then imparted on her the Divine Pulse Cultivation Technique, taking her as his first and only disciple.[411]
After they left Emperor Tian Yuan and were heading back to the Divine Feathers Sect, she was still upset about the death of her Aunts, but found some solace when Nie Li offered to store their souls inside his Soul Mirror. She had a little hope that they might be able to be revived after he reaches the Deity realm.[411]

Becoming the Sect Master Arc

Nie Li's Friends and Allies:

After returning to the sect, Nie Li began to gather the necessary herds to make a Divine Elixir using the Divine Phaseless Fruits. Because if the extremely powerful effects of the fruit, Nie Li diluted a small scrape ten thousand times and still had to weaken it further. In ten days he had refined five hundred elixirs and sent them to his friends, including those in different sects like Ye Ziyun, Ning’er, and Du Ze.[412]
He also passed these elixirs to his Sky Origin Divine Clan servants and other core members of the Demon, Profound Note, and Heavenly Path Leagues. For the next month they isolated themselves in the Sect and focused on cultivating. During this time many exterior members of the leagues did not understand what was going on and choose to leave. Gu Heng had not given up on still becoming the Gu Clan's head and welcomed these traitors. Nie Li was not too worried about this and just let those not loyal leave as they wanted.[413]

Hierarch Skycloud:

Even though his foundation is still very shallow, Nie Li requested Hierarch Skycloud's support to fight for the Acting Sect Master’s position.[413] However, after Nie Li gave him one of his more powerful Divine Elixirs, Hierarch Skycloud agreed to support him. Nie Li then gave him a bottle of thirty more pills to pass out among the other five leaders of the sect. With such powerful elixirs, Nie Li knew that the other Martial Ancestor realm experts would also support him.[414]

Nie Li's Cultivation:

For the next few months Nie Li focused on his and his friend's cultivation with the assistance of the Divine Elixirs.[415] In this way, his cultivation quickly advanced to the peak of the Heavenly Axis Realm.[416]

Situ Beiyan:

Since Situ Beiyan had been assassinated before the competition for sect master in his previous life, Nie Li warned him about Long Tianming's intentions. Nie Li also asked for his support in the fight for the acting sect master's position. He also warned Situ Beiyan that Long Tianming has ties to the Demon God Sect and must be stopped no matter what.[415]

Ying Yueru:

Nie Li suddenly felt a frightening energy exploding over and over again within his mind. The only thing he was aware of was the overwhelming pain. It felt like his entire soul realm was about to shatter.[416] By using the Magic Note of Heaven and Earth to communicate with Nie Li through her intent, Ying Yueru appeared to him and revealed that she had used the Heavenly Path technique to shift Nie Li's fate to herself in order to fool the Sage Emperor. She told him that she had long left the borders of the Divine Feathers Sect and visited his friends in the other major sects to give them some guidance. By using the Illusionary Secret Array she had hid her aura, but the Deity servant finally caught up. Nie Li watched as she was once again struck down in front of him.[417]

Long Tianming:

By the time Nie Li wakes up, several days have passed. He quickly rushed to the competition field and arrived just before Hierarch Martialsky was about to declare Long Tianming the Acting Sect Master. Though he tried to disqualify Nie Li from competing, with the support of all five Martial Ancestor Realm elders, there was little Long Tianming could do.[418]
At first, Nie Li only called out two hundred members of the Demon League. However, Long Tianming did not realize that they were all Dao of the Dragon realm and thought Nie Li did not have the ability to face him. However, Nie Li then brought out a hundred Sky Origin Divine Clan members. With such a number of Dao of Dragon realm experts, it was not even necessary for them to fight to know that Long Tianming had lost. Desperate to not hand over the Acting Sect master position, Long Tianming first accused Nie Li of cheating by using Sky Origin Divine Clan servants and then accused him of being backed by the demon clans. However, Nie Li was confident that with the elixirs he had given them, the five elders would support him no matter what Long Tianming said.[419]

The Big Five:

When Long Tianming still refused to accepts his loss, Hierarch Linglong revoked his positions and status then sentenced him to ten months house arrest. Hierarch Martialsky then directly announced his retirement and promoted Nie Li to Sect Master. This showed the confidence that the elders had in him.[14] Even though there was some discontentment form the sect, who where confused by the rapid change, Nie Lie was able to quickly win them over by providing each member ten spiritual elixirs according to their cultivation level, as well as hundreds of God-level Dragon blood-line Demon Spirits to the sect. He also sealed the gates to the sect and rooted out enemy spies. He then announced that the sect would stay closed for five years as everyone focused on raising their cultivation, planning to build up overwhelming power before attacking the Demon God Sect.[420]

The Divine Feathers Sect's Rise Arc

Nie Li's Friends status:

During this time, Nie Li kept in contact with everyone from the Tiny World and supported them. Du Ze and Xioa Ning'er have both formed their own forces in their sects, while Ye Ziyun is now set to become the next sect master in the Heavenly Note Sect.[421] Lu Piao, Li Xingyun, and Gu Bei have all reach the Dao of Dragon realm.[420]

Nie Li's cultivation: After becoming Sect Master of the Divine Feathers Sect, Nie Li ordered the entire sect to focus on cultivating with the help of the diluted Divine Elixirs. Six months later, Nie Li's cultivation reached 3rd-stage Dao of Dragon Realm.[421]

Ling Kong:

Nie Li can already guess the thoughts of the young sect master from the Lingyun Sect, Ling Kong. Nie Li decided to have Lu Piao act rudely on purpose, to test how he would react.[422] After Ling Kong announced that he wished to marry Long Yuyin and showed lack of respect for the Divine Feathers Sect, Nie Li informed him that they are preparing for war with the Demon God Sect and decided to show him around the sect.[423]
After realizing the Divine Feathers Sect had actually skyrocket in power, Ling Kong embarrassingly asks for forgiveness and promises that the Lingyun Sect would stay loyal to the Divine Feathers Sect. Nie Li wanted to address the marriage proposal with Long Yuyin, however Ling Kong just avoided the subject thinking the he was made that he showed interest in Nie Li's woman. In truth Nie Li was frustrated with trying to evade Long Yuyin's pursuit of him.[424] Nie Li orders Lu Piao to watch over the sect and have them moved to the close by Myriad Dao Peak.[425]

Yu Yan:

A few months later, Yu Yan had a break through during her cultivation and was able to remember her past. She then informed Nie Li that she wants to remove the seal on the Tiny World so that they can find the Temporal Demon Spirit Book before the Sage Emperor does. In order to do that she tells him that she needs the Godslayer Artifact, the Myriad Ancestor Sword. However, the sword has long been separated into seven pieces held by the six divine sects and the Ancestral God Land.[426]
Nie Li is concerned about removing seal as the Tiny world will no longer be protected. He also is worried that the Sage Emperor of his Six Deity Rank Demon Beast Generals might notice and find the book first. Even still, he agrees to follow Yu Yan's plan.[427]

Returning to Glory City Arc

Nie Li

As Nie plans to return to the Tiny World he goes the Heavenly Note Sect to bring out Xiao Ning'er and Ye Ziyun and wonders what he will do if they try to block him. As he arrives he meets with Nangong Xianyin ans shows his respect and tells her he came for a few reasons and one is to meet with his friends Xiao Ning'er and Ye Ziyun. When she inquires about his relationship with them he explains Ziyun is his fiance. She asks if he knows the rules of the Sect and Nie Li says about not being able to marry. She notes then there is nothing else to says but Nie Li tells rules are created by people, but he doesn't want to argue with her. He then lets her know he has come for the Myriad Ancestor Sword. She tells him she can't part with it as it is a treasure of the sect.

Abilities and Equipment

Before Bronze Rank

Even though Nie Li has a very low strength and soul force to begin with, he is very knowledgeable of the most powerful and efficient ways to use what he does have. In his many run-ins with cultivators that are of higher Rank than him, he uses several Secret Soul Techniques to precisely manipulate his soul force and defeat them.[52][62][65]

Nie Li has a red soul realm that is attributeless and disordered. He chooses to train with the Heavenly God cultivation technique. This technique will have a very slow and steady cultivation rate as compared to the others, but it potential is higher.[58]

After he had been cultivating for awhile Nie Li found that within the disordered and scattered clouds of his soul form there is something hidden.[57] His soul form also began to take on a spherical shape.[59] One of the benefits of this cultivation technique is its efficiency when the cultivator uses a pill to boost their cultivation. When absorbing a Soul Assembling Pill, an ordinary person is only able to absorb a tenth of it at most. However, with the Heavenly God Cultivation Technique, Nie Li can fully absorb the pill.[57]

Other than practicing soul force, which can strengthen the physical body, Nie Li also trains in more traditional physical enhancing exercises in order to raise his physical strength.This will allow him to integrate stronger demons into his soul force when he becomes a demon spiritualist.[59] He does not practice after midnight, as doing so before the soul force is strong enough could cause side effects like with Xiao Ning'er.[428] Nie Li was able to use his fight with Chu Yuan to capture a part of Chu Yuan's Soul Force and forcefully integrate it into his own soul realm. This almost immediately allowed him to breakthrough to 1 Star Bronze Rank. At this time he heard a dragon roar and felt that the thing hiding in his soul realm grew stronger. This thing was not there in his previous life so he believes that it might be connected to the Temporal Demon Spirit Book. [65]

Bronze Rank

In the underground palace and crypt of Emperor Kong Ming, when Nie Li opened the stone coffin an un-dissipated spirit force from a great master was released. This force was drawn into a hidden part of Nie Li's spirit realm and will slowly be integrated into his own soul force. He also discovered a remnant of the Temporal Demon Spirit Book.[68] The "something" in his soul realm reacted to it and his soul force leapt up to 150.[67]

Shortly afterward he also acquired the Shadow Devil Spirit Lamp, which holds a shadow devil spirit that Nie Li plans to make his first demon spirit when he reaches Silver rank. After returning from the Ancient Orchid City Ruins Nie Li reached 2 Star Bronze Rank.[70]

Before returning home for the holiday his cultivation reached 589 and is ready to break through to Silver rank.[76] Nie Li decides to use a method called Miracle Meridian Hands to force a breakthrough to Silver rank.[77] Although it was extremely painful and damaging to his meridians, Nie Li was able to break through and become a Silver Rank demon spiritualist.[78]

Silver Rank

After forcing his way into silver Rank Nie Li integrated with the with the Shadow Devil Demon Spirit. His soul force cultivation now grows even faster and gains several new abilities and fighting techniques. Immediately after merging Nie Li has gained a meter long sickle-like weapon on each of his arms. He also gained the ability to use void-form, when in this state his is completely invisible and undetectable but can not affect the world around him. He also can safely cultivate at night now.[78] At the treasure auction he acquires many powerful artifacts that will strengthen him including: a Primary Dark Jade, an interspatial ring with two hundred square meters in storage space, an elixir storage jade bottle, and a Gold Rank suit of armor.[87] He also was able to get the Nightmare Demon Pot, which can be used to strengthen demon spirits.[91]

After several days of refining demon spirits in the Nightmare Demon Pot, Nie Li choose one of the three remaining God level growth rate demon spirits to integrate with, a bronze Rank Fanged Panda. This caused his soul force to reach 2,000, making him a 2 Star Silver Rank demon spiritualist. He also gained three new combat abilities when merged with the Fanged Panda. The first ability is a devastating palm strike called Thunder Strike. He also acquired Gravity field, which allows him to control gravity in the 5 meters surrounding him. The last ability is a long range twin energy blast, with each shot having a destructive range of 10 meters, called Yin Yang Blast.[96]

A month later, Nie Li fought in the younger generation tournament and then moved into the City Lord's mansion. At this time Nie Li reached 3 Star Silver Rank demon spiritualist.[429] In a confrontation with Ye Zong, Nie Li was able to use Soul Forming. His soul force materialized as six large wings on his back.[430] After this fight he had reached the peak of 3 Star Silver Rank demon spiritualist.[116]

After entering the Heavenly Sacred Border his soul realm and demon spirits continuously grew stronger.[118] While there, he defeated the Thunder God’s Meteorite Sword by constantly subduing the demon spirits that were housed within it. This also had the effected of allowing him to absorb soul force from them directly into his soul realm, causing him to jump directly to 5 star silver.[121]

Note: In the Light Novel, the vine first starts to form when Nie Li breaks into Gold Rank. In the Manhua it forms when he contimplanted Emperor Kong Ming's chant.
Manhua Chapter 152 p.1

While traveling in the Abyss Prison Realm Nie Li came across a strange monument that gave off a great pressure that only he could approach. He found the monument was covered in ancient texts that told of Emperor Kong Ming's accomplishments. The last line of the text was scrapped off, so Nie Li used his soul force to read Kong Ming's intent. The memories of the monument told Nie Li that Kong Ming had left a ten word chant that had profound insight towards the martial path. The chant was “Infinity has no beginning, no beginning can have no end.” After gaining some insight from this chant, Nie Li's soul force surged and strengthened his two demon spirits, causing them to mutate.[151]

With the use of the blood crystals, Nie Li gathered and compressed his soul force and restrained himself from breaking into GoldRank until his soul force suddenly surged a caused a large and sudden break into 1 Star Gold Rank. At the same time the thing deep in his soul realm started to grow and turned into a vine. The vine split into two and connected to the Shadow Devil and Fanged Panda. It started to nurture them as a vine would support fruits.[156]

Gold Rank

While waiting for the appointed day to strike at the Silver Winged Family, Nie Li visited the neutral trading town and acquired many treasures. This included the Sparkling Flying Knife Set. He then spent the next few days solidifying his 1 Star Gold Rank.[163]

During the Demon Beast Horde thousands upon thousands of snow wind demon beasts died at the foot of the city wall. Because of the unique properties of Nie Li's soul realm it started to absorb this high concentration of released soul force into his soul realm. This threw his soul realm into complete chaos in the middle of the battle. His actions became slow and he was racked with pain. He has to quickly refine the mass of soul force so that he can once again enter the battle. As his soul force grew so did the vine in his soul realm.[173] This forcefully raised his soul force to 2 Star Gold Rank.[174]

After the Sacred Family is defeated Nie Li come face to face with the the servants of the Demon Lord and is given a three month time-limit to come to the Dark Guild. Nie Li then chooses to travel into the St. Ancestral Mountain Range in order to rapidly gain strength. He first goes to the Heavenly Fate Plateau and uses their purple caltrop rocks to reach 3 Star Gold Rank. As he gathers more soul force the vine in his soul realm continues to grow, and even produces a leaf.[203] After this breakthrough his soul perception became greater. He was able to even sense the souls in the plants and insects around him. This is a different Dao (path) of cultivation then his previous life.[203]

Almost immediately after Nie Li discovered the source of the Black Spring he meets the Fire Spiritual God, Yu Yan. He is able to absorb large amounts of extremely pure soul force, called the Power of Law. This allows him to rush straight through 3 and 4 Star Gold Rank into 5 Star Gold Rank. The vine in his soul realm is what allowed him to absorb so much of this pure energy so fast. As the vine grew more and more leaves appeared, eventually forming nine in total.[431]

With Yu Yan's direction he Nie Li starts to cultivate the law of light. Since he has a high level of comprehension, it only takes a short time for him to deconstructed the law of light, and then after, darkness. He discovers that the power of law is actually structured as a type of inscription pattern. Now armed with this knowledge, he now has a stronger understanding of this world and the power in it.[24]

The laws of light and darkness also have an effect on his two demon spirits. The light and darkness both enhance the dual nature of the Fanged Panda's Yin Yang bomb, while the Shadow Devil's Void realm is enhanced with the additional darkness power.[24] The dynamically opposed forces of light and darkness clashed violently in Nie Li's soul realm causing him a great deal of pain. By using Acupuncture he was able to reduce the stress on his soul realm while he refined them. He then was able to use his vine to gain control over them. By feeding the laws into his vine he also felt his demon spirits grow.[214]

After activating the Demon Spirit Devouring Technique, Nie Li used his Fanged Panda to devour demon spirits. As he does his soul realm fills and then painfully expands continuously.[220] In this way he broke through to 1 Star Black Gold Rank. The Fanged Panda's strength also started to grow exponentially to the point that Nie Li fears losing control of it.[221]

Black Gold Rank

After five days inside the Demon Spirit Devouring Technique, Nie Li advanced to 2 Star Black Gold Rank, while the Fanged Panda reached 5 star black gold. Nie Li could feel his control slipping so he began to feed more and more of his soul force and the power of law into the vine in his soul realm, using it to restrain the Fanged Panda.[221]

While still in the Demon Spirit Devouring Technique array there is a strange reaction from the Thunder God’s Meteorite Sword. It somehow alters the array and connects Nie Li and his friend's soul realms in a Soul Array. In the future, their cultivation can now help each other grow and when fighting they can draw on each other's strength. Nie Li is the core of this array and can direct the energy as he wishes.[223]

During the trip back to the Nether Realm Nie Li moves into 3 Star Black Gold Rank. This is largely due to the effects of Duan Jian's Legend Rank cultivation through the soul array.[232]

While being bombarded with the overwhelming power of the law of Death by the Death God, Nie Li was able to absorb the law of Death using the vine in his soul realm. This opened his mind to an even deeper understanding of the power of law. This deeper comprehension enhanced his current law energy, resulting in an even purer form of light and darkness law. This new understanding manifested itself in the form of wings, one white and the other black.[44]

As the fight with the Death God continued, Nie Li was able to comprehend and seize the law of death. As he gradually grasped the core of it. Both of his arms sprouted pieces of bone spikes, like arm guards.[244] The Fanged Panda merged with both the law of light and darkness, while the Shadow devil merged with the law of darkness and death, enhancing their abilities.[245] Later on, when Nie Li says that his demon spirits had undergone their first Mutation, he is most likely referring to this.[299]

After exiting the first layer of the deathlands, Nie Li and the others each ate a Spiritual Origin Fruit which nourished his soul realm, raising his cultivation to 5-Star Black Gold and stopping just at the gate to Legend rank.[247]

While participating in the Lord of Nether's Disciple Selection, he entered the Black Infernal Tower. Nie Li was able to slowly absorb the black flames, strengthening his body and soul. In this way Nie Li quickly reached a shallow version of the Anatta Mental State.[249] In this profound state of mind, along with his three law energies, and Kong Ming's insight into the way, Nie Li's soul realm surged and finally broke through into Legend rank. The majestic wave of profound law energy flowed through the soul array, overwhelming the rest of the group and also brought them into Legend rank. This process also caused countless more leaves to form on the vine in his soul realm as well as forming a flower bud.[250]

Legend Rank

When he reached the Anatta Mental State again on the fifth floor he was able to reach 2 Star Legend Rank.[29]

After being chosen has a disciple by the Lord of Nether to go to the Divine Feathers Sect, Nie Li's spiritual root is found to be a 8 grade Heaven Rank and he is sent to the west district of the Skysoul Institute along with Xiao Yu and Lu Paio. This confuses Nie Li, as in his last life his spiritual root was only a 7 grade Earth rank. Normally such a thing should not be able to change. He theorizes that this could be somehow linked to the unusual vine in his soul realm.[19]

Now that Nie Li is in the Draconic Ruins Realm and is able to absorb Heavenly Energy, his Heavenly God Technique has started to show its strength. The only issue is that the technique has risen the capacity of his soul realm, which has become shockingly vast. So much so that one spiritual stone is entirely insufficient for him. The first thing he must do is secure a large supply of Spiritual Stones.[268]

At some point before his first day at the Skysoul Institute, Nie Li moved into 3 Star Legend Rank.[271] After acquiring a large amount of spiritual stones, Nie Li started cultivating Heavenly Energy in earnest. His soul realm easily drained them at a rate of almost two hundred a day and nourished his vine. He was then able to reach 4 Star Legend Rank.[274]

While cultivating on the steps of the spiritual well in the Saint Soul Grounds, Nie Li is able to reach 5 Star Legend Rank.[276] At this point, deep in his Soul Realm, Nie Li starts to feel the very start of a Fate Soul forming. For some unknown reason it has an uncommon slight red tint.[277]

After securing a supply of spiritual stones and cultivating for another month, Nie Li had still not been able to reach the Heavenly Fate Realm. While refining the dragon bloodline demon spirits he discovered that within the Nightmare Demon Pot was a huge space that contained boundless Heavenly Energy, like a vast ocean. After gaining enlightenment into the Dao, Nie Li was finally able to break into the Heavenly Fate Realm and form a scarlet red Fate Soul.[27]

Heavenly Fate Realm

Even though it was very painful after breaking into the Heavenly Fate Realm, Nie Li immediately continued to refine his fate soul, allowing it to reach the peak of 1 fate Heavenly Fate. After the dragon bloodline demon spirits finished fusing, he then integrated with the Bloodwing Saint Jiao-dragon demon spirit. When merged with the Bloodwing Saint Jiao-dragon, Nie Li's size becomes much bigger, so he can not use it in all locations.[27] However, its strength is far greater then his other demon beasts and allows him to take on enemies with higher Cultivations then him.[343]

After integrating the Myriad Miles Rivers and Mountains Painting into his soul realm, Nie Li could feel his cultivation surging. He was sure that he would quickly be able to reach 2 fate.[319] He was right, as within just a short period of time, he reach 2 fate Heavenly Fate Realm by cultivation within the painting. This time the fate soul that formed was unexpectedly blue.[322]

Ever since Nie Li had obtained the Deity Roots, he could feel a trace of energy flowing out from the Myriad Miles Rivers and Mountains Painting and nourishing his soul. Inscription patterns revolved in his soul realm, around the mysterious vine as the vine’s first flower bud bloomed and released a clear and fresh fragrance. After that, his two fate souls started blazing as the impurities inside them were slowly removed and purified. His third fate soul then formed, only this one was yellow in color.[325]

His Fanged Panda and Shadow Devil demon spirits had already reached 5 fate Heavenly Fate Realm, so he strengthened the Bloodwing Saint Jiao-dragon to 5 fate.[325]

After dying, his body reformed back in the Skysoul Institute's Soul Hall over about six to seven hours. Though he did drop back down to 2 Fate rank, his Fate Soul was not completely extinguished as it should have been. However, his fate souls are very unstable, so he could not place another one back in the soul hall.[329] However, after only a few hours cultivation in the Myriad Miles Rivers and Mountains Painting with many spiritual stone essences he was able to reform this third fate soul and return to 3 Fate rank. Within five more days of cultivation, he was even able to form his forth fate soul, which was colored black.[331]

When entering the East district, Nie Li had a sparring match against Guo Huai. The pressure of the fight enabled him to suddenly break through to 5 fate.[49] This allowed Nie Li to replenish his Heavenly Energy and heal his wounds at a critical moment in the battle. He also now grasped two new abilities of the Bloodwing Saint Jiao-dragon, however choose not to use them in this fight since he didn't need them in order to win.[348]

After forming the Blood Demon Sacrifice with Wu Yazi, his primordial bloodline allowed Nie Li to quickly brake through to 6 fate, followed immediately by 7 fate.[367] He later established a link to the Evil Warding Jade Strip, and its energy allowed him to advance to 8 fate, charging towards 9 fate. Because of the ability of the Evil Warding Jade Strip to suppress demon beasts, he was also able to push his demon spirits to 3 stage Heavenly Star Realm using the Demon Blood Sacrifice without them breaking free of his control.[378]

After activating the Primordial Bloodline inside the Myriad Miles Rivers and Mountains Painting, Nie Li was able to quickly break through into the Heavenly Star Realm.[397]

Heavenly Star Realm

He continued injecting Heavenly Energy into his fate star while practicing the Heavenly God Technique's second stage. The Demon Blood Sacrifice he completed with Wu Yazi (Divine Blooded Raccoon) had also started to refine his physical body, making it stronger. Using three of the Goldspiritual stone essences, Nie Li began to rapidly devour the Heavenly Energy around him and was able to directly break into 2 Star Heavenly Star Realm.[397]

Over the next several days he continued to push his cultivation past normal limits, when the vine in his soul realm suddenly bloomed. The white petals snowed down and caused the space and time beneath them to become stagnate. He cultivated here for the equivalent of six months, reaching 5 Heavenly Star, however only a moment passed for others. After discovering what had happened, he was sure that the vine was connected to the Temporal Demon Spirit Book and used one of the remnant pages to trigger the stagnant time once again. This time he cultivated for the equivalent of twenty years and reached the peak of 9 Heavenly Star realm.[21]

Heavenly Axis Realm

With the assistance of the Divine Elixirs that Nie Li created from the Divine Phaseless Fruits, he was able to spend several months focused on cultivation. In this way he broke through all the way to 9 stage Heavenly Axis Realm. Because Nie Li practices the Heavenly God cultivation technique, every advancement in cultivation he made would only become more and more difficult, however his strength is amplified ten or even dozens of times above that of any ordinary genius. With only the cultivation of a 9 stage Heavenly Axis realm expert, he could fight on par with someone in the 5 stage Dao of Dragon Realm.[416]

Dao of the Dragon Realm

After sealing the Divine Feathers Sect for a 6 months with the help of the Divine Elixirs, he attained the 3 stage of Dao of the Dragon Realm.[421]

Abilities Name Note
Secret Soul Techniques These are abilities that Nie Li excels at because of his high soul force control.
Divine Stream A type of special technique used for escaping by turning ones body into a streak of light
Temporal Demon Spirit Book Inscription Pattern 1 An energy attack resembling a pillar of light[149]
Shadow Devil Void-Form A state where Nie Li becomes completely invisible and undetectable but can not affect the world around him.

Manhua Variant: Name is changed to "Blur."[432]
After cultivating the law of darkness Void-Form can be used for a longer period and has a greater concealment ability.[24]
Arm Sickle An extremely sharp slashing or piercing weapon. When merged with the Shadow Devil Nie Li can create one on each arm.
First Mutation As Nie Li absorbs the power of law it naturally enhances the abilities of his Shadow Devil with the comparable attributes of both Laws of Darkness and Death.[245]
Fanged Panda Thunder Strike A palm strike with incredible strength behind it.
Gravity Field Controls the gravity within an area of 5 meters(16.5 feet).
Yin Yang Blast A long range attack that shoots two energy balls which explode with a radius of damage of 10 meters(33 feet). This attack is very powerful but also extremely slow.[220]
x2: An upgraded version of the Yin Yang Blast the holds four times the power.[149]
x10: Given enough time, Nie Li is able to pour more and more power into his Yin Yang Blast making it exponentially stronger.[433]
After cultivating the law of light and the law of darkness the laws have been integrated with the dual nature of this attack and have been enhanced.[24]
First Mutation As Nie Li absorbs the power of law it naturally enhances the abilities of his Fanged Panda with the comparable attributes of both Laws Light and Darkness.[245]
Bloodwing Saint Jiao-dragon Size The Jiao-dragon is extremly large, reaching 6 - 7 meters in height.[27]
Dragon Physique Its scales provide an nearly impenetrable defense.[27] It also has an extremely fast rate of regeneration.[49]
Wings It has strong wings, allowing flight.
First Mutation Its scales turn golden and sharp spikes grow all over its body.[347]
Dragon Breath A powerful wide area fire attack[49]
Soul Array Ni Li is the center of this mysterious array that connects his soul realm with that of his friends. Using this they can share soul force and enhance each other's cultivation.[223]
Power of Law Wings After reaching a new level of comprehension Nie Li is able to manifest his law of light and darkness into the form of wings. Light on his right and darkness on his left. With the energy surrounding the corresponding arm.[44] He can retract the wings at will.[246]
Arm Guards Once he was able to seize the Law of Death it manifested as a set of ash grey spiked arm guards. With a black aura of death energy on them.[244] He can retract the arm guards at will.[246]
Demon Blood Sacrifice Divine Blooded Raccoon Strengthened Nie Li's cultivation and physique with that of a Primordial Bloodline Demon Beast[397]

Equipment Quantity Rarity Notes
Crossbow [50] x1 common used to hunt horned sheep
Interspatial Ring [62] multiple common 5-6 cubic meter space
Ragefire Armor Set [62] x1, 4 parts in set Above Average Bronze Rank, consists of: chest plate, gauntlets, leggings and boots, bought at the Secret Treasure Pavilion
Wrath of Inflammation Sword [62] x1 Above Average Bronze Rank, bought at the Secret Treasure Pavilion
VIP token of the Divine Seal Auction House [232] x1 Above Average Given to Nie Li by Luo Xiao to protect him during the Lord of Nether's Disciple Selection.
Draconic Bomb x60+,

at least x30 have been used

Rare These are unique items made from storing the law of light and darkness within Dragon’s Soul Stone.[220] Used to kill Luqian Sha and Luqian Mo.
Interspatial Ring [87] x1 originally, multiple later Rare Two hundred square meter space. This first one Nie Li got at auction of 100,000 Demon Spirit coins.[87] Nie Li finds several of of these rings on the six remains by the Black Spring.[205]
Primary Dark Jade [87] x1 Rare Although broken, it has a very rich aura. If all its functions can be brought out it will be worth quit a lot.
Elixir Storage Jade Bottle [87] x1 Rare Made with warm jade, it can greatly maintain the effects of plants and herbs.
Gold Rank Armor [87] x1, multiple parts Rare From the Snow Wind Empire Era. This suit once had a Scarlet Flame Tiger demon beast’s demon spirit sealed inside.
Forbidden Technique Inscription scrolls [434][182] x9 originally, x3 have been used Rare A set of seven powerful Legend Rank techniques inscribed on inscription scrolls that he got from the Abyss Prison Realm. He then got two more from the Snow Wind Family's treasure house.
Divine Guardian Rock [182] x3 originally, x2 have been used Rare A special rock with an inscription pattern. When it is activated it forms a small barrier.
Sky Origin Divine Clan Soul Contracts x360 Rare These contracts are the only way that a Sky Origin Divine Clan member can leave the Endless Wilderness of the Draconic Ruins Realm. It grants complete control over the slave its tied to.[402]
Shadow Devil Spirit Lamp [69] x1, used Legendary One of seven lamps that holds a now extinct shadow devil spirit (used)
Pair of Katar Soul Weapons [435] x1, 2 in set Legendary A pair of punch daggers that were drawn into Nie Li's soul to be used by the Fanged Panda.
Bird Form Soul Puppet Blueprint[435] x1 Legendary This is an ancient dark art that was all but lost. It is considered quite evil as it order to form a soul puppet they would seal a deceased expert’s soul inside and then use inscription patterns to control it.
Sparkling Flying Knife Set [434] x1, 3 in set Legendary A set of attributeless knives made from Divine Crystal. They can only be used by someone with an attributeless soul force.
Wind Spirit Armour [205] x1, multiple parts Legendary Found in one of the Interspatial rings of the experts near the Black Spring. It is thin, soft, and adjusts to fit the wearer, yet at the same time it would block 90% of a strike from a Legend Rank expert.
Soul Mirror [247] x1 Legendary Found by Yu Yan in the Nine-Layered Deathlands. The soul mirror has many uses, including sucking out a persons soul and hold it.
Green Poison Pearl [231] x1 Artifact Found on one of the bodies of the Legend Rank demon beasts, either Luqian Sha or Luqian Mo. It is filled with a terrifying venom.
Black Pearl [435] x1 ? Mysterious pearl left by the Heavenly Marks Family Founder.
Spiritual Stone Essences (Regular & Gold) thousands Heavenly A strong source of Heavenly Energy whose worth is about equal to one thousand spiritual stones.[298]
Demon Soul’s Essence x1 Heavenly Star, x5 Heavenly Fate, presumed used Heavenly Greatly enhance a demon spirit’s strength.[305]
Heavenly Note Dew x30, presumed used Heavenly Is more effective than Spiritual Stones and can even be more easily absorbed.[305]
Deity’s Lakes x50[436] Heavenly These are kept inside the Myriad Miles Rivers and Mountains Painting.
Space-Time Demon Beast Egg [182] x1, used Heavenly A mysterious egg covered in inscription patterns that he found in the Snow Wind Family's treasure house. Jindan later hatches from it.[257]
Celestial Armour x1 Grade 4 Artifact A breastplate with a strong defense and can protect the Fate Soul from dispersing, thus creating a chance to escape.[298]
Unknown Armour set (Darkcloud Battle Armour?) x1, multiple pieces Grade 6 Artifact An armor set purchased at the Celestial Treasure Pavilion
Long Sword[375] x1 Grade 7 Artifact One of the items he got from the treasure chests in the Void Illusionary Divine Palace.
Void Illusionary Divine Array [391] x1 Artifact Mysterious and unknown array found in the Void Illusionary Divine Palace. It is being kept inside the Myriad Miles Rivers and Mountains Painting.
Martial Ancestor Realm armours and weapons [409] x100+ Artifact Received from Emperor Tian Yuan.
Divine Phaseless Fruits [409] x100+ Divine Artifact Received from Emperor Tian Yuan.
Spiritual Illusionary Pearl [391] x1 Divine Artifact A defensive item that traps anyone stronger than its wielder inside an illusion.
Void Illusionary Divine Palace’s Core [391] x1 Divine Artifact A miniature version of the palace. It is being kept inside the Myriad Miles Rivers and Mountains Painting.
Nightmare Demon Pot [91] x1 Divine Artifact Used to refine demon spirits. By putting weaker spirits into the pot, one has a chance at the a more rare spirit being refined. The more it is used, the more the failure rate will drop.
Myriad Spiritual Sword Array [409] x1 Divine Artifact A supreme array capable of killing Deity Rank enemies. Received from Emperor Tian Yuan.
Thunder God’s Meteorite Sword [40] x1 Divine Artifact or Godslayer (able to supress Myriad Ancestor Sword fragments) A powerful weapon with thousands of demon spirits bound to it. The sword also allows Nie Li to make lightning based attacks.[437] The sword's power appears to increases together with its owner.
Remnant of the Temporal Demon Spirit Book [68] x3, 1 used Divine Artifact Three of the eight missing pages from the book, the vine in his soul realm reacts to them and can freeze time.
Myriad Miles Rivers and Mountains Painting x1 Divine Artifact A private subsidiary realm created by an ancient expert. It is filled with a rich amount of Heavenly Energy, as well as large quantities of spiritual herbs. Deity roots placed inside this realm will produce Deity’s Lakes with more stones compared to the outside world.[317]
Evil Warding Jade Strip x1 Divine Artifact One of ten ancient jade strips that contain thirty-six thousand inscription pattern incantations, mostly used to suppress demon beasts.[375]

Trivia and Quotes


  • In the Novel after he comes home for the first time and heads back to school, he leaves demon cards, pills and cultivation methods for his family. This is left out of the Manhua
  • The author must be a fan of Dragon-Ball. In the Donghua when Nie Li powers up he turns into a Super Saiyan 1

    Nie Li Super Saiyan

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