This is the spiritual god that cultivates the law of nether.[1]

Note: In many mythologies, nether refers to an underworld. It is often times a place for the dead(link).

Forms the Law of Nether can take:

  • Black spears

Current Spiritual God

Often called the Master of the Nether, his name is Ming Fei. He is an extremely strong Spiritual God. Since he is a member of one of the other tribes, he stands neutral in the war between the human and demon beasts. His territory covers all of the Nether Realm, one of the three forbidden zones, and is considered one of the strongest spiritual gods.[1]

At one point in the past he fought against, and defeated the Death Spiritual God. The Death God's shattered Divine Spark started to reform on the first floor on the deathlands, bent of revenge. However, it was defeated by Nie Li and Xiao Yu.[2]

He has not shown himself in hundreds of years, but every once in awhile he will hold a test to select a new disciple.[1] From these disciples, one will be chosen as his successor.[3] In order to compete for the chance to be the Master of Nether's disciple one must make it to the top of the Nine-Layered Deathlands. He has complete control over the top three layers and can adjust the trial as he sees fit.[4]

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