These are the many powerful families and clans that are based in the Nether Realm's fifteen cities. Most of these are made up of other humanoid races with only a small population of the human tribe.[1]

City Rank Families or Clans Strength Race Notes
Blackrock City 1 Blood Demon 5 demigods
2 Wugui 3 demigods

25 legend rank

Wugui Ye Han joined them and told them about Glory City. Vassal to the North Nether Family.
3 Jade Seal 2 demigods Human Wants to unite the human tribe to make survival easier. Nie Li joins them.[2]
Dark Guild 1 demigod Human
Nether City Northern Nether Wugui Family is their vessal.
Fiery Elf Fiery Elves
Xuyu Xuyu
Unknown Cities Soul Winged
Soul Refinery
Infernal Bird Infernal Birds