Tales of Demons and Gods Wikia
Tales of Demons and Gods Wikia

These are the many powerful families and clans that are based in the Nether Realm's fifteen cities. Most of these are made up of other humanoid races with only a small population of the human tribe.[1]

City Rank Families or Clans Strength Race Notes
Blackrock City 1 Blood Demon 5 demigods
2 Wugui 3 demigods

25 legend rank

Wugui Ye Han joined them and told them about Glory City. Vassal to the North Nether Family.
3 Jade Seal 2 demigods Human Wants to unite the human tribe to make survival easier. Nie Li joins them.[2]
Dark Guild 1 demigod Human
Nether City Northern Nether Wugui Family is their vessal.
Fiery Elf Fiery Elves
Xuyu Xuyu
Unknown Cities Soul Winged
Soul Refinery
Infernal Bird Infernal Birds