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Nether Realm
Location Information
Domain Divine Continent
Realm Main World
Region St. Ancestral Mountain Range

The Nether Realm is one of the three forbidden zones in the main world of the Divine Continent Domain. It is deep under the St. Ancestral Mountain Range and is controlled by a Spiritual God of one of the other races. The Nether spiritual god has remained neutral in the war between the human and demon beast spiritual gods and has even allowed humans to live in his territory to escape the demon beasts.[1]


Nie Li finds out about the Nether Realm when he asks Ye Yan to search for the Dark Guild's base.[2] It appears that the entrance is rarely used, as the cave is littered with the ancient remains of humans and demon beasts. After following the long tunnel for several thousands of meters deep underground, he came across a barrier. Through the barrier, the tunnel opens up to a vast cavern where the ground is filled with cracks with magma and the smell of sulfur.[1]


There are a total of fifteen cities[1] in the Nether Realm, each with a mixture of the twelve different tribes that live underground. The people are safe from the demon beasts here, and instead spend most of their time in conflicts between the powerful clans and families. The Nether Spiritual God chooses to not get involved in such squabbles and only protects his realm from the demon beasts.

Even though they are safe, the humans that live in the Nether Realm would like nothing more then to leave as they do not feel comfortable continuously underground. The food and drink in the Nether Realm is very unappealing to human taste as well. However, most do not believe it is possible to survive on the surface because of the demon beasts. This is one of the reasons that the existence of Glory City is unknown except to the Dark Guild.[3]

In the whole Nether Realm, there are only six inscriptionists, including the senior inscriptionist, You Ye. This limited knowledge of Inscription Patterns has made weapons and armor with them very valuable.[4] In the Nether Realm the currency is called Demonic Crystal Rocks.[5]


1. Troglodytes5. Tailed Men9. Fiery Elves
2. Dark Elves6. Wugui10. Northern Nether Family
3. Human7. Infernal Birds (Like Hua Huo)11. <unknown>
4. Golems8. Xuyu12. <unknown>


1. Blackrock City6. <unknown>11. <unknown>
2. Nether City7. <unknown>12. <unknown>
3. <unknown>8. <unknown>13. <unknown>
4. <unknown>9. <unknown>14. <unknown>
5. <unknown>10. <unknown>15. <unknown>

Known Area:

Nine-Layered Deathlands (Lord of Nether's Disciple Selection)

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