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Mysterious Old Man

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Manhua Chapter 249

Character Information
Age Elder [1]
Gender Male [1]
Soul Properties
Spiritualist Rank Peak Martial Ancestor [2]
Rival Inheritor of Kong's Legacy
Light Novel Chapter 152 – Old Man
Manhua Chapter 167 - The secret of the Inscription (part 2)

A terrifyingly powerful old man that Nie Li sees in the trading town inside the Abyss Prison Realm. His outward appearance looks deceptively frail. His eyes are empty and he staggers as he walks, however an overwhelming killing intent surrounds him. Such an aura could only be gained by those who have taken hundreds of thousands of lives.[3]

Nie Li quickly hides his own aura, in the hopes of avoiding attention. As the man stumbles away he hears the man mumbling what sounds like Emperor Kong Ming's insight from the monument. He may be one of the five great experts mentioned in Kong Ming's prophecy.[3]

Many days later, as Nie Li and the group are at the teleportation array to leave the Abyss Prison Realm, he shows up again. Just as before is staggering around as he mumbles Kong Ming's insight over and over again. Nie Li once again can feels how terrifying this person is and anxiously waits while the man walks past.[4]

Months later Nie Li, Duan Jian, Yu Yan, Luo Ming, and two other legend rank experts from the Jade Seal Family went back into the Abyss Prison Realm. Duan Jian faces Sikong Yi and is able to defeat him.[5] At the moment that he was about to kill Siklong Yi, Sikong Hongyue stood in front of him to block the strike. At that time the old man's voice came from out of nowhere. He told Duan Jian that he had defeated his enemy and gotten his revenge. Only by letting go of the hate in his heart will he be able to grow as a cultivator. Duan Jian decided that the voice spoke truthfully and walked away.[6]

The group then quickly leaves the Abyss Prison Realm as both Nie Li and Yu Yan can feel the powerful aura of the old man. The old man no long gives the impression that he is insane. He is quietly observing Nie Li from a distance, He states to himself, “I wonder to what degree you have comprehended that truth?” It is implied that he is referring to Nie Li and his understanding of Kong Ming's insight.[7]

During the Lord of Nether's Disciple Selection the Celestial Qilin recalls that he was chained up in the tower by an "insane old man." Since we learn later that the tower was originally fought over by two of Kong Ming's successors it might have been the Mysterious Old Man that locked him up, however this has not been confirmed.[8]

Much later, he reappears in the Abyss Prison Realm, and it is revealed he is the one who created it.[9] He and Nie Lie are now the only two inheritors of Kong Ming, the old man and his brother having killed many of them before finally winding up in the Ancestral God Land, where the old man finally killing his gravely wounded brother after the particularly difficult battle that resulted in the latter being gravely wounded. As a result, his cultivation improved itself many times over to the point where he considered Nie Li and the others exceedingly weak. It can be presumed he is at the peak of Martial Ancestor, as he is described as many times stronger than the other Martial Ancestor powerhouses of the Draconic Ruins Realm.