Luqian Mo

Luqian Mo

Manhua Chapter 250 p.2

Ghastly Chameleon

Manhua Chapter 253 p.1

Chinese 吕千魔
Character Information
Age Over 10,000 (deceased) [1]
Tribe Demon Beasts [1]
Gender Male [1]
Build Skinny
Soul Properties
Spiritualist Rank 5 Star Legend [1]
Demon Spirit/s Ghastly Chameleon [1]
Light Novel Chapter 222 - Two brothers
Manhua Chapter 250 (part 2)

One of the two ancient demon beasts that have been guarding over Yu Yan in the Black Spring. He has runes covering his body which is a curse that makes it hard to damage him. He has a lean figure with rainbow coloured stuff smeared on his face. The bridge of his nose was sharp and his palms were curved like hawk claws. He has a lewd personality, especially when looking at Yu Yan.[2]

After he and his brother Luqian Sha discover that she has escaped they go about tracking her down. They find her with Nie Li and his friends outside of Glory City, on the trip back to the Nether Realm.[1]

Lugian Mo fights Duan Jian and Luo Ming while Luqian Sha is fighting Nie Li and Yu Yan.[1] After Nie Li uses two Draconic Bombs to severely damage Luqian Sha, Luqian Mo tries to help him but is blocked by Duan Jian. He then watches his brother being killed when hit with six more of them.[3]

In anger he transforms into his Ghastly Chameleon form, which resembles a lizard man covered in spikes, and charges at Nie Li. He is able to avoid Nie Li's Yin Yang blasts and spits a net of venom at him. However, Nie Li suddenly disappears, escaping the venom by using the Shadow Devil's void form. Yu Yan and Duan Jian keep him occupied until suddenly Nie Li reemerges and starts throwing the Draconic Bombs at him.[3]

After witnessing how powerful these hidden bombs, Luqian Mo thought that they should be a rare item, and was overwhelmed when Nie Li pulled out dozens upon dozens of them to toss at him. Luqian Mo was able to dodge them. When he discovered that many of the bombs were fakes. He became more lax and was gravely injured by a real one. Once injured, it was impossible for him to continue dodging, and he was killed after being hit by a few more.[3]

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