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Lu Piao "Resolve Face".jpg

Chinese 陆飘
Pinyin lù piāo
Character Information
Age 13 (initial)
15 (current)
Tribe Human [1]
Gender Male [1]
Hair Dark Grey-Blue [2]
Eyes Grey [2]
Personality loyal, lazy, frank, outspoken
Profession Holy Orchid Institute Student, Genius Class (former)

Skysoul Institute West District student (former)

Skysoul Institute East District student

Demon League Captain



Soul Properties
Realm Red [8]
Form Scarlet Sun [9]
Attribute Chaos [9]
Spiritual Root 5 Grade Heaven [10]
Spiritualist Rank Heavenly Fate Realm (Manhua)[7]

9 Stage Pinnacle Dao of Dragon (Light Novel)

Cultivation Holy Primal Chaos [9]
Demon Spirit/s Scarlet Demonic Leopard (former)

Unnamed (god level dragon bloodline)

Relationships (Link)
Home Glory City [1]
Family Lu

Lu Ning (father)
Sect Divine Feathers Sect [17]
Loves Xiao Xue (engaged)
Master Ming Fei
Friends Nie Li
Du Ze
Wei Nan
Zhu Xiangjun
Zhang Ming
Ye Ziyun
Xiao Ning'er
Duan Jian
Gu Bei
Li Xingyun
Long Yuyin
Enemies Sacred Family

Shen Xiu
Sage Emperor

Light Novel Chapter 1 - Reborn
Manhua Chapter 1 - Rebirth

Lu Piao is one of Nie Li's best friends along with Du Ze. He is a member of the noble Lu family of Glory City and is a student at Holy Orchid Institute.

Appearance and Personality

Although not described in the novel, the manhua depicts him as a boy of average height with spiky dark hair and grey eyes.[2]

Lu Piao is a very lazy individual, lacking in ambition but he's willing to work harder when following the lead of those around him. He is known for being very loyal to his friends and is the more playful and cowardly one out of his group. Even though he's from nobility, he treats commoners equally.[18] Lu Piao fears his father hitting him which happens when he's disappointed.[19] He is also the only one in Nie Li's group to have lustful thoughts, wanting to peep on Xiao Xue and harboring perverted thoughts on goddess Yu Yan.


Alternate Life

In his previous life, Lu Piao was a close friend of Nie Li and Du Ze. His cultivation only reached silver rank fighter.[18]

He grew up as childhood friends with Xiao Xue and eventually fell deeply in love with her, however in the previous life Lu Piao's cultivation was too poor, and her family would never approve of them marrying. Instead, she was married to a young master of the Lu Family.[20]

When Glory City was attacked, the two found each other and were married secretly. However, they could only be together for a short time, as Xiao Xue was killed in the demon beast attack. Unable to live without her, Lu Piao refused to escape with Nie Li and died shortly after.[20]

Current Life

Characters and Relationships Arc

Shen Xiu:

Lu Piao is a student at the Holy Orchid Institute's fighter apprentice class with Shen Xiu of the Sacred Family as the teacher. He is a loyal friend to Nie Li and does not approve of the way she belittles the commoner students in the class. So when Nie Li defends the students and is sent to stand at the back of the classroom, he decides to join him along with Du Ze and the trio.[18]

Nie Li:

Afterwards Nie Li promises to make him a high ranking demon spiritualist if he follows him. Honestly, Lu Piao couldn't care less and only wants to do enough to appease his dad. Because of his greater allowance, it is Lu Piao that initially pays for the crossbows and bolts that they use to hunt Horned Sheep. After a week straight of hunting with Du Ze and Nie Li, they have earned enough demon spirit coins to start their cultivation.[21]

Gain a Cultivation Arc

Xiao Ning'er:

Like most of the boys in the class he sees Xiao Ning'er as a cool untouchable beauty that no one can approach. So when she comes to where Nie Li is sitting, with breakfast that she prepared for him, he is extremely surprised and further impressed with Nie Li.[22]

Nie Li:

Lu Piao is in the classroom and witnesses when Nie Li discredits Sacred family by revealing the source of one of their inscription patterns.[23]

Scarlet Sun form, Chaos attribute
Manhua Chapter 16

Lu Piao's Cultivation:

When Nie Li tests Lu Piao's soul realm, he has a red soul realm with the common Scarlet Sun form but has the rare Chaos attribute which only appears in one in a hundred thousand individuals. Nie Li then gives him the Holy Primal Chaos Technique, which requires him to cultivate the Chaos qi within his body. After this point the group starts to meet and practice their cultivation techniques regularly in the school's library.[24]
With the money earned from the sale of Purple Haze Grass, Nie Li purchases some Soul Assembling Pills and Spiritual Enhancing Pills for Lu Piao, allowing him to quickly reach 1 star bronze rank.[25]

Ye Ziyun and Shen Yue:

Lu Piao witnesses Nie Li approaching Ye Ziyun and the subsequent jealous attack by Shen Yue. He runs over to protect Nie Li, only to find that despite is weaker strength Nie Li was still able to easily defeat Shen Yue.[26]
A few days afterward, Lu Piao is one of those that hears Nie Li's cries for help when Shen Yue's gang attacks him and comes running. Once again he finds the Nie Li is alright, but he public denounces the Shen Yue for his underhanded actions. He is a little jealous but still impressed by the fact that both Xiao Ning'er and Ye Ziyun have come to Nie Li's defense.[27]

Visit the Ancient Orchid City Ruins Arc

Lu Piao's Cultivation:

During this time Nie Li runs off to the Ancient Orchid City Ruins without telling anyone where he was going. Lu Piao continues to practice his cultivation with Du Ze, Zhang Ming, Zhu Xiang Jun, and Wei Nan in the school's library.[27]

Join the Alchemy Association Arc

Nie Li:

After Nie Li's return he joins back up with Lu Piao and the others to cultivate in the library. Lu Piao in particular questions what happened with the school beauty, Huyan Lanruo, as she is now publicly chasing after Nie Li. He would happily change places with Nie Li, seeing as how all the great beauties of the school favor him.[28]

Placement Exam Arc

Lu Piao's Cultivation:

At the annual Holy Orchid Institute Exam Lu Piao was the first to stun everyone with a strength of 370 and a soul force of 367, reaching 3 star bronze rank in both.[29]

Returning Home, The Treasure Auction, & The Younger Generation Tournament Arc

Lu Piao returns home to his family during the holiday and is unable to see Nie Li.

Life at the City Lord's Mansion Arc

Nie Li:

Lu Piao gets permission from the President of the Alchemy Association, Gu Yan, to visit Nie Li at the City Lord's mansion. He is accompanied by Du Ze, Zhang Ming, Zhu Xiang Jun, and Wei Nan. They have all heard of Nie Li's amazing performance at the younger generation tournament and how he humiliated the Sacred Family. Lu Piao is shocked when Nie Li comes right out and says that he will destroy the Sacred Family, but he is loyal to Nie Li and will stand by him no matter what. He also is the one that tells Nie Li that Xiao Ning'er has already entered the Heavenly Sacred Border.[30]

Lu Piao's Cultivation:

At first when Nie Li offers him a demon spirit, Lu Piao declines it. He brags that has reached silver rank and his father already bought him a gold rank demon spirit. However, when Nie Li tells him that he will give him a much more powerful god level growth rate Scarlet Demonic Leopard he changes his mind and accepts it. At this time, we do not know how far he has progressed as a silver rank.[31]

Heavenly Sacred Border Arc

Nie Li:

Lu Piao goes with Nie Li to the Holy Orchid Institute and sits outside the Heavenly Sacred Border with Du Ze.[32]

Lu Piao's Cultivation:

He uses this time to integrate with the Scarlet Demonic Leopard.[32]

Sacred Family & Dark Guild:

After Nie Li emerges with Xiao Ning'er from the Heavenly Sacred Border, the group heads back to the City Lord's mansion. On the way a group of 27 people from the Dark Guild attack them, led by Shen Ming and Yun Hua. Lu Piao is able to hold his own in the fight, against some of the silver rank experts. This is his first fight with his new Scarlet Demonic Leopard.[33] It is Lu Piao that knocks out Shen Ming, which ends the fight. After the group from the Dark Guild are defeated, Nie Li takes the two captured leaders to the Alchemy Association to be interrogated.[34]

Lu Ning:

After returning home, he peaks on his childhood friend, Xiao Xue, while she is bathing, but is caught in the act. This causes the Xiao family to send a marriage request to the Lu family. When Lu Ning comes to reprimand his actions Lu Piao states that the next time, he will not get caught.[35]

Xiao Xue:

Soon after, Xiao Xue comes to find him and angrily twists his ear, asking how many times he had seen her, what he had seen, and whether it was nice. Each answer of Lu Piao puts him in a tighter spot with Xiao Xue angrily twisting his ear harder each time he spoke.[35]

The Ten Millennium Spatial Array Arc

Ye Han:

Lu Piao was a witness to Ye Han and Nie Li's fight at the Holy Orchid Institute.[36] During the fight he was slightly worried about Nie Li, however by watching him fight he was able to gain insight into his own fighting abilities.[37]

Xiao Xue:

After Nie Li defeated Ye Han, he left with everyone to investigate a nearby ancient construct. Once they got close they met Xiao Xue, who was looking for him. At first she started to yell and hit him like normal, but then she noticed his friends and her personality completely changed. This timid and quiet Xiao Xue scared Lu Piao even more. She was welcomed by everyone and decided to go with them to investigate the ancient construct.[38]


As soon as Nie Li gets close, he is able to recognize the construct as the Ten Millennium Spatial Array and discovered that it was surrounded by an origin barrier. Lu Piao recalled trying to break the barrier when he was young. He tried to attack it with an axe, but it bounced off and flew by another kid's head. That kid was so scared that he peed on the spot and went crying to his dad about it. As a result Lu Piao was punished by his father.[39]

Demon Beasts:

It did not take long for Nie Li to figure out how to enter the barrier by using the inscriptions on the surrounding columns. After the group enters it, they find themselves in a different space, resembling an endless dark forest that is filled with dangerous demon beasts. Almost as soon as they arrive they are attacked by Scarlet Ghosts. Though not very strong individually, Nie Li knew that they tend to swarm in huge numbers and immediately told everyone to run. He then merged with his Shadow Devil and quickly struck down any Scarlet Devils that got too close.[40]
In the distance Lu Piao spotted a light that Nie Li believed to be a Netherlamp Behemoth demon beast. Everyone was growing tired and would soon be overwhelmed by the Scarlet Ghosts, so Nie Li told them to move towards the dangerous Netherlamp Behemoth. This giant demon beast scared the horde of Scarlet Ghosts away. Even though it is a very large and slow demon beast, it uses hundreds of extremely fast and strong tongues that secrete a mild hallucinogen when they coil around its victims. Xiao Xue was caught by the tongues but was quickly cut free by Lu Piao. However, she was still affected by its hallucinogen, so Lu Piao carried her. The group rushed to get out of the range of the beast while Nie Li aimed his Yin-Yang blasts at the Netherlamp Behemoth's mouth. Xiao Ning'er was caught by the tongues and rescued by Nie Li while the others continued to run.[41]

Nie Li:

From a distance Lu Piao and the others saw a large light ray attack that hit the Netherlamp Behemoth and did great damage to it. Directly afterward a strange gigantic Flying Fish demon beast carried it off. Everyone ran back to find Nie Li and Xiao Ning'er and make sure they were alright.[42]
Afterwards, the group continued to explore, moving towards a cluster of lights that looked like those of a village. Nie Li used some of the Scarlet Ghost's blood to make Blood Burst Magic Bottles. When thrown they cause a large explosion, killing hundreds of Scarlet Ghosts and keeping them from getting close to the group. While attacking them this way, they discovered that some off these demon beasts had Blood Crystals in them. This makes the Scarlet Ghosts stronger and more aggressive. These Blood Crystals are also useful for cultivators, so they hunted the Scarlet Ghosts until they each had a crystal.[43]


While traveling deeper into the space the group came across a strange monument that gave off a great pressure. Only Nie Li could approach it. Lu Piao waited with the rest of the group while Nie Li investigated the monument.[43]
After Nie Li returned, the group continued to move towards the village. When they got close, Nie Li told them to wait so that he could check out the situation with his Shadow Devil.[44]

Silver Winged Family:

After awhile Nie Li returned to the group and they continued until they reached the village.[45] Nie Li went on ahead to scout it out and discovered the Silver Winged Family's village. After establishing a rapport with them he returned and brought the rest of the group to the village. He had promised to cure the family's hereditary illness in exchange for their safety. [46]

Duan Jian:

Since Nie Li had asked to test the medicine on Duan Jian, he was brought to the courtyard where they were staying. Nie Li offered him a way to get revenge on the Silver Winged Family by awakening his dragon blood and forcing a jump in his abilities. Despite his warning that it would be very painful, Duan Jian readily agreed and swore loyalty to Nie Li. Nie Li then used Acupuncture to start the process.[47]

Getting the Best of the Silver Winged Family Arc

The Group's Cultivation:

Wile staying at the Silver Winged Family's village they had access to a large number of refined Blood Crystals. Using these Xiao Ning'er was the first to break through into 1 star gold rank.[47] Nie Li and the others soon follow. Duan Juan manages to survive the dragon blood awakening process and his strength does indeed surge from his previous 3 star gold rank to nearly legend.[48]

Nie Li:

Nie Li is then informed that Sikong Yi, the patriarch of the Silver Winged Family, has found the Stones of Light that they need to return back to Glory City. However, he will not let Du Ze and the others go with him and instead sends five gold rank experts to escort him and Duan Jian. Before leaving, Nie Li tells Li Piao and the others that in ten days he will return for them and they must follow a specific path to a meeting point near the village.[49]

Silver Winged Family's Village:

After ten days had passed, Nie Li activated the hidden Flame Explosion inscription patterns that he had previously placed around the village. While the seemingly endless series of explosions rocked the village; Du Ze, Lu Piao, Xiao Ning'er, and the others met up with Nie Li and Duan Jian at the predetermined location.[50] Rather than attempt to escape from the village like Sikong Yi would expect, Nie Li had them hide out close by in the woods. He then once again went off on his own to help the slaves at the mine.[51]

The Teleportation Array and the Old Man:

After hiding out in the woods and learning more about the thirteen families in this realm, Nie Li decides it is time to return. However, just as they are about to activate the teleportation array, a Mysterious Old Man shows up. He comes staggering out of nowhere and goes right by the group all the while muttering incoherently. After he passes them by, Nie Li places the Stones of Light into the array in order to return to Glory City. Duan Jian decides to go with them, as he has nothing tying him to this place except his revenge.[52]

The Demon Horde Attacks Arc

Demon Beast Horde:

Lu Piao is with Nie Li and helps with the preparations for the defensive lines against the Demon Beast Horde. He is there with Xiao Xue and whenever he makes a lighthearted comment she is quick to punch him. When the demon beasts reach the walls he fights along side Nie Li, Du Ze, Duan Jian, and everyone else to defend Glory City. [53]

Nie Li, Du Ze, Xiao Xue, Dian Jian, and the three minions

After the battle is over he can see the loss and destruction that the demon beast horde left. He agrees with Nie Li that they need to work hard to get stronger to protect everyone.[54]

Taking down the Sacred Family Arc

Though he did not take an active role in any part of the events, Lu Piao was definitely there at the meeting of Glory City experts at the City Lord's Mansion along with his family.[55]

Training in the Mountains Arc

Nie Li:

After the battle with the Sacred Family and Dark Guild is over Lu Piao receives a letter telling him that Nie Li has decided to leave Glory City in order to train and check out the Dark Guild's base. At first he is very angry that Nie Li left without him, but realizes Du Ze is right when he says that he would only be a burden to Nie Li. He is determined to become stronger so that he can stand with Nie Li in the future.[56]

Into the Nether Realm Arc

Lu Piao's Cultivation:

While Nie Li was away from Glory City Lu Paio and the rest of his friends focused on their training. They also visited the Dark Ruins and some other places to train, making their cultivation soar leaps and bounds.[57]

Yu Yan:

After Nie Li's return to Glory City, Lu Piao was one of the people he gathered in Ye Ziyun's courtyard. He introduced everyone to the Spiritual God Yu Yan. Lu Piao acted recklessly and tried to touch her, but she let him off with only a show of power to warn him. Nie Li then quickly explained who she is.[58] Even still Lu Paio's dirty thoughts were seen through, as Nie Li only told him afterward that she can read minds.[59]

The Group's Cultivation:

Nie Li then asked everyone to help in gathering demon spirits and some other materials. Two days later they returned to the yard and Nie Li uses the items to set down the Demon Spirit Devouring Technique. This technique will release more then enough soul force and power of law for all of them to raise their strength by leaps and bounds. Lu Piao, and the rest of his friends, then start to cultivate within the activated array around him.[59]
Lu Paio's cultivation advanced very quickly as he moved through the levels of gold rank.[60] While still cultivating in the array he noticed strange lightning energy attacking his soul realm and merged with his demon spirit to defend against it.[61] Somehow this pure energy altered the original array and formed a Soul Array between Nie Li, Lu Paio, and the others. By the time he left the array he was able to become a 5 star gold rank demon spiritualist.[62]

Duan Jian's Revenge Arc

Nie Li:

Nie Li travels with Duan Jian to the Abyss Prison Realm to complete his need for revenge. When he returns to Glory City, Nie Li gathered everyone together and tells them that they were going to leave tomorrow and head to the Nether Realm.[63]

Luqian Sha and Luqian Mo:

When the group had almost reached the entrance of the Nether Realm, Luqian Sha and Luqian Mo, appeared. They are the two high level legend rank demon beasts that have spent the last 10,000 years guarding over Yu Yan in the Black Spring. Nie Li and Yu Yan start to fight Luqian Sha while Duan Jian and Luo Ming fight Luqian Mo.[64]
Lu Piao was not strong enough to help in the fight and just stands guard nearby, however he was able to provide Nie Li and Duan Jian with more soul force trough the Soul array.[64] Afterwards, everyone is shocked by the power of Nie Li's Draconic Bombs, Yu Yan apologizes for endangering everyone, and Nie Li searches the bodies.[65]

Exploring the Nine-Layered Deathlands Arc

Luo Xiao:

After arriving in the Nether Realm, the group heads to the entrance of the Nine-Layered Deathlands where they meet Luo Xiao.[66] Lu Piao over hears some others talking about the Spiritual Origin Fruit that can be found on the first layer of the deathlands and tells Nie Li. The groups heads there together, but get separated by a Fog of Misleading.[67]

Duan Jian, Du Ze, Wei Nan, Zhang Ming, Zhu Xiangjun, and Xiao Yue:

After some time wandering around the Nine-Layered Deathlands, Lu Piao was able to meetup with Duan Jian, Du Ze, Wei Nan, Zhang Ming, Zhu Xiangjun, and Xiao Yue. Lu Piao got thoroughly beat by a group after having tried to take their Spiritual Origin Fruit. So when Duan Jian showed up he returned the favor. He continued to hit them until the laid down and stayed down. After securing their first Spiritual Origin Fruit they continued traveling deeper into the Deathlands while fighting the occasional Skeleton.[68]

Nie Li:

After two more days wandering the deathlands, everyone was finally reunited. At this time they had found eleven Spiritual Origin Fruits and decided to return back to the Jade Seal Family's camp at the entrance. They each ate a fruit and began to cultivate, becoming very close to legend rank.[69]

The Master of Nether's Disciple Arc

Luo Xiao:

When the door to the seventh layer of the Nine-Layered Deathlands opened, a crowed of hundreds of thousands of demigod, legend, and black gold rank experts rushed through. Lu Piao was there when Luo Xiao asked Nie Li to be careful and suggested that they enter towards the back of the line.[70]

Lord of Nether's servants:

After entering the seventh layer, a group of powerful cultivators appeared and announced the first test.[70] A water ball formed in front of each person. It was a test of soul force control called the Sphere of Reverse Images. To pass the test, one must feed the sphere soul force through small threads, making it grow at least one foot in diameter. However, the visible threads are fake. Nie li tells his friends that to pass the test they need to sense out the true threads. Lu Paio was able to make the sphere grow to two feet, passing the test.[71]
Once all those that passed were teleported to the eight layer, the Lord of Nether's servants told them that the second test would take place in the nearby Black Infernal Tower. Inside that tower are supreme black flames and all kinds of demon beasts. Although the demon beasts have been chained, they can still discharge powerful energy. They are to cultivate inside that environment for ten days. Those who can reach the Anatta Mental State of cultivation will have passed the test.[71]
The black flames can attack a person's soul realm directly. Lu Paio watched as several experts who did not have a strong enough soul, crippled their cultivation trying to force their was in. As they approached, Nie Li cautiously asked if everyone was alright. Because of their stronger then normal souls, Lu Piao, along with everyone else, said that they were fine.[72]

Duan Jian:

After entering the tower, Duan Jian's body ignited in black flames. Though it resembled what had happened to the cultivators whose soul were too weak, in actuality it was the exact opposite. Duan Jian's Black dragon body was so compatible with the black flames that it was absorbing them and strengthening his soul realm on its own.[72]

Lu Piao's Cultivation:

The group continued up to the second floor, where the pressure felt by the black flames was far greater. Since Duan Jian could easily cultivate by absorbing the flames without even trying, he instead stood guard to protect everyone. Lu Piao and the rest sat down and began to cultivate. He slowly absorbed the black flames, strengthening his body and soul.[72] As Nie Li's soul realm surged and broke through into Legend rank. The majestic wave of profound law energy flowed through the soul array, overwhelming him and causing him to jump directly to 1 star legend rank.[73]

Celestial Qilin:

Afterward the group also headed up to the third floor, where they found a terrifyingly powerful Celestial Qilin chained up.[73] Nie Li attempted to bargain with the demon beast in order to have it willingly integrate with Du Ze. The reason was because the Celestial Qilin would be the perfect demon spirit match for Du Ze's Attribute and Form. When the creature refused, Nie Li used some of Duan Jian's blood, which contains the energy from the powerful black flames, to form an inscription pattern around it. This pattern attracted more of the black flames to this location in the tower.[74]
After cursing and threatening each other, Nie Li and the Celestial Qilin finally seemed to come to an agreement. Nie Li stopped the black flame inscription pattern in exchange for some of the Celestial Qilin's blood. However, the demon beast tossed the basin of his blood short in the hopes of tricking Nie Li into coming close enough that he could attack him.[75] Nie Li first merged with his Fanged Panda and threw a Yin Yang Blast and Draconic Bombs at the Celestial Qilin, then he switched to his Shadow Devil. While the others distracted it with various types of attacks Nie Li was able to sneak close enough to grab the basin of blood and toss it to Du Ze. In a rage the Celestial Qilin rained dozens of lightning strikes at him. However, Nie Li simply used his void form to avoid them and make his way outside the reach of the demon beast.[76]
Now that he had its blood, Nie Li drew an array to restrained the Celestial Qilin so that it could not attack them. He then drew a Soul Seal to transform the demon beast's body and integrate it with Du Ze's soul Realm. The seal can only be removed by Du Ze, insuring that the Celestial Qilin can not harm him, and Du Ze promised to free him after fifty years.[76]

Nie Li:

After advancing up to the fourth floor of the tower Lu Piao could not stand the pressure from the black flames to advance higher. Along with everyone else in the group besides Nie Li and Yu Yan, he stayed to cultivate on this floor.[77]

The Lord of Nether:

After the test ended, Lu Piao and everyone else were teleported to the ninth layer. Once there, he met the Lord of Nether as well as the other six ambassadors.[78] The Lord of Nether then explained that they had all been chosen by one of the ambassadors as a disciple and will be heading to the Draconic Ruins Realm in three months to train. Once there they will not be able to return for five years. They must also form a Soul Seal with their new master to insure loyalty, as betrayal was considered a capital offense. Nie Li, Lu Piao, and a demigod rank expert ended up forming a soul seal with Ming Fei (the Lord of Nether) from the Divine Feathers Sect.[17]

Leaving for the Draconic Ruins Realm Arc

Nie Li:

Before heading back to Glory City to say goodbye, Nie Li asked for everyone to go with him to the Endless Desert in search of the Desert Palace.[17] After entering the desert, both Nie Li and Ye Ziyun becomes lost in thought. Suddenly, with no explanation, Ye Ziyun slaps Nie Li.[79]
The group continues to search for the mysterious Desert Palace for many days and even question if it really exists. Nie Li then enters a profound trance-like state which leads them to some ancient ruins that had long since been destroyed. Nie Li seemed to be confused and started to walk among the ruins when he suddenly fell unconscious. The group then returns to Glory City where Nie Li remained in a coma for about a month. During this time, either Ye Ziyun or Xiao Ning'er remained at his side continuously, watching over him and trying to help him recover.[80] As soon as Nie Li regained conscious, Lu Piao rushed over to see him and was relieved to find that he was alright.[81]

Demon Lord:

Suddenly, the loud sounds of a nearby fight drew their attention.[81] They found the Demon Lord attacking Ye Mo, destroying many of the buildings in the City Lord's Mansion.[82] Lu Piao joined Nie Li, Ye Zong, and the others in supporting Ye Mo in suppressing the Demon Lord. However, after Nie Li started to attack with the Thunder God’s Meteorite Sword, the Demon Lord felt danger and changed his tactics. Instead of facing it head on, he evaded its strike and charged in close. He grabbed Ye Zong and overpowered him with the power of Hell.[82]

Ye Zong:

They were only able to helplessly watch as Ye Zong bravely continued to strike out at the Demon Lord, only to have his right arm brutally ripped off.[82] The Demon Lord again demanded the Demon Spirit Stone that Ye Mo held, and proceeded to rip off Ye Zong's other arm. With no other way to save is son's life, Ye Mo threw the demon spirit stone to the Demon Lord. However, the Demon Lord then pierced through Ye Zong's chest, fatally wounding him. Knowing that his end was near, Ye Zong activated the Snow Wind Family's self destruction technique, turning himself to ice. This destroyed his soul, but allowed him to cause heavy damages to the Demon Lord as well.[83]
Lu Piao then watched as Nie Li executed a secret technique that quickly raised his strength and struck out at the Demon Lord. Everyone hastily moved out of the way as wave after wave of terrifying lightning energy struck the Demon Lord, destroying his arms, legs, and even his head. However, his life was saved by a Draconic Ruins Realm artifact armor as he quickly flew away.[83] Afterward, the whole of Glory City grieved at the loss of their City Lord.[84]

Xiao Xue:

After a month they headed back to the Nine-Layered Deathlands, as it was time to separate and follow their individual masters into the Draconic Ruins Realm.[85] Xiao Xue was not the type to cry when parting and instead lectured him. Then, before leaving, she warned him that if he even dared look at another girl she would beat him up.[86]

Guan Yi:

As they approached the Skysoul Institute, the place they would be training in the Divine Feathers Sect, Xiao Yu explained how the institute is subdivided. He told them that they had to take a placement test of their Spiritual Root. This worried Lu Piao, as he was scarred that his talent was too low.[4]
Guan Yi, the third student chosen by the the Nether Master, scoffed at Lu Piao's fear. This angered Nie Li, but Xiao Yu quickly warned them of the sever consequences there are for fighting.[4]

Hua Ling:

Lu Piao was there when Hua Ling arrived and started to bully and put down Xiao Yu. When one of Hua Ling's students has only an 8 grade Man spiritual root, he rebuked him as trash and demanded that he return to their realm. Rather then face the humiliation of returning a failure, the student instead commits suicide. The lack of any sign of regret greatly angers Lu Piao and the others watching.[10]
After Lu Piao and Nie Li are both found to have rare high level spiritual roots, Hua Ling is humiliated.[10] Xiao Yu warns them that he is the type to hold a grudge and seek revenge so they need to be cautious around him.[87]

Lu Paio's Cultivation:

To everyone's surprise, especially himself, Lu Piao's spiritual root is found to be a 5 grade Heaven rank and he is sent to the west district along with Xiao Yu. Nie Li is later found to have a 8 grade Heaven spiritual root and is also sent to the west district.[10]

Xiao Yu:

After separating with Guan Yi, who was placed in the south district, Xiao Yu tells Nie Li and Lu Piao that they may stay with him in the courtyard that he is renting in the private section of the west district. He showed them the student market where Artifacts and high level demon spirits are traded for Spiritual Stones.[87] He also warns them again to be careful to not provoke others and tells them not to leave the courtyard without him or go into his room. Before leaving to complete their registration, Xiao Yu gifts them each two spiritual stones so they can start cultivation Heavenly Energy.[88]

Huang Ying and Yan Hao:

Nie Li and Lu Piao's cultivation is interrupted by the arrival of Huang Ying and, shortly afterward, Yan Hao. Haung Ying seems to have a crush on Xiao Yu and is just waiting around to see him, however Yan Han does not like Xiao Yu and starts to threaten Nie Li and Lu Piao because of their connection to him.[88] Despite his much higher cultivation and social standing, Nie Li refuses to back down. However, Xiao Yu then returns, so Nie Li and Lu Piao receive their identification plates and head to their rooms to cultivate in private.[89]

Joining the Skysoul Institute Arc

Jin Yan:

The next day Nie Li and Lu Piao went to their first class with the other thirty six new recruits that have a Heavenly Spiritual Root. Because of they both had shockingly high roots word had quickly spread throughout the school about them. Jin Yan was the first to approach them and attempt to invite them to visit his Jin Clan. However, Nie Li quickly brushed off his offer. This made Lu Piao nervous, but he Nie Li explained that they would be safest if they avoided joining any faction..[90]

Venerable Redsoul:

When class started they were introduced to their teacher Venerable Redsoul. He warned them that only the five strongest students would have the chance to advance to the East District at the end of this year. He encouraged them to work hard and compete with each other, but also warned them that any fighting will result in sever punishment.[90]
When Venerable Redsoul had them practice forming Spiritual Flames, Lu Piao wasn't able to. Since his mind kept on wandering to "impure" thoughts he couldn't reach the Anatta Mental State required.[91]

Gu Bei and Gu Lan:

After class, Long Yuyin approached Nie Li and Lu Piao. She noticed his talent in forming the Spiritual Flames and wanted to wanted to tell him that she was going to keep an eye on him. After Long Yuyin left, Gu Bei come up to introduce himself. He had heard the rumors about them and wanted to meet them as them seemed interesting. He also wanted to warn them about how dangerous provoking Long Yuyin can be. Though, he has his own interest in Long Yuyin, as he is attracted to her type. After a quick conversation with Lu Piao, they found that they had a similar interest in women and became fast friends.[92]
After separating for a short while, Nie Li and Lu Piao ran into Gu Bei again when they took on the mission to cure his sister from the Cultivation Hall. Once he arrived at the Gu Clan's estate, Nie Li could tell after meeting Gu Lan that she was poisoned.[93] Nie Li then prescribed a medicine to start relieving the poison from her system. Gu Bei proclaimed that he sees them as brothers and will do anything he can for them in the future. In order to make a better impression, Nie Li then takes only a half payment of five hundred Spiritual Stones.[94] Nie Li later gave Lu Piao one hundred of the spiritual stones.[95]

Xiao Yu:

After returning to Xiao Yu's courtyard and forcing him to take a bag of about fifty spiritual stones, Nie Li and Lu Piao went off to their rooms to cultivate.[95] The next day Xiao Yu took Nie Li and Lu Piao to visit the Saint Soul Grounds, one of the three training grounds and the Skysoul Institute. After Xiao Yu told them about how the ranking in the training ground worked and the possible rewards for placing high, Lu Piao was excited and confident that he would place well in the ranking competition.[96]

Ying Yueru:

Lu Piao immediately noticed that something strange was up with Nie Li when he met Ying Yueru on the steps of the alter in the training ground. However, Nie Li just brushed him off and told him it was nothing.[97]

Lu Piao's Cultivation:

Once he started cultivating in the Saint Soul Grounds his ranking on the Saint Soul Board quickly moved up to eighty-six. However, this was overshadowed by Xiao Yu and Nie Li's even more stunning results.[97] Note: Though which step he reached is not actually mentioned, from the information about others it can be guessed that he most likely was around step 70 - 80.

Long Yuyin:

While Lu Piao cultivated he also witnessed Nie Li's bet with Long Yuyin. Lu Piao did not have a good impression of her, finding her condescending and cold. Even he was shocked by Nie Li's overwhelming aura of Heavenly Energy, and stared in amazement as he thoroughly won the bet and crushed Long Yuyin's pride by ascending to the 136th step.[98] Lu Piao also witnessed the three vicious lashes that Nie Li gave her. As far as he was concerned, Long Yuyin deserved what she got.[99]

Hu Yong:

After cultivating for two more days, Nie Li, Lu Paio, and Xiao Yu left the Saint Soul Grounds only to be confronted by Hu Yong and nine Heavenly Fate Realm experts. When he declared that he was Long Yuyin's fiance and that he would get revenge for her, Nie Li assumed that she sent them.[99]
Even though Hu Yong tried to threaten him, Nie Li dared him to actually follow through. Because of the Skysoul Institute's rules Hu Yong ordered Hu Tian, to take Nie Li, Lu Piao, and Xiao Yu to an isolated place to beat them. Just then two of the elders of the Skysoul institute arrived. Nanmen Tianhai and Huang Yu warned Hu Yong that the institute would take action if he harmed Nie Li. Since he was unable to take action today, Hu Yong then took his people and left.[100]

Nanmen Tianhai and Huang Yu:

They warned Nie Li, Lu Piao, and Xiao Yu to avoid causing trouble and focus on cultivating. Though Lu Piao thought this was unfair as they did not start the conflict, Nie Li and Xiao Yu agreed with him and said that they would not back down if others caused trouble with them. The elders ended up agreeing that they would protect them if required.[100]

Gu Heng:

After the elders left, Nie Li and his friends where then approached by Gu Heng, the current person inline to become the next head of the Gu Clan. Just like other major families, he invited Nie Li and Lu Piao to join his clan, but Nie Li directly rejected the offer. Nie Li once again told Lu Piao that they should not join any of the factions in the Divine Feathers Sect.[101]

Gu Bei:

During the next class, Venerable Redsoul had the students focus on training their body. From the weights available, Lu Piao took the 500kg armguards and trained his physical condition along with Nie Li and Gu Bei.[102] When they switched to combat drills he paired up with Gu Bei.[103]

Long Yuyin:

Lu Piao is there when Long Yuyin demands that Nie Li spars with her and is shocked by the viciousness that both Nie Li and Long Yuyin fight each other with. At one point the two are in an awkward grappling position that others find rather embarrassing, even though they don't seem to notice.[104]

Nie Li:

When the fighting between them continues, Lu Piao witnesses Nie Li once again defeat Long Yuyin and thoroughly crush her pride. Throughout all of this he is confused by the obvious hate and anger that Nie Li shows towards Long Yuyin.[105]

Acquiring Cultivation Resources Arc

Xiao Yu:

The next day Xiao Yu took Nie Li and Lu Paio to the second testing ground, the Ghastly Ruins. Upon entering the training ground he was separated from Xiao Yu and Nie Li, so he started to kill Ghouls on his own to collect Soul Scales.[106]
While inside the training grounds Hua Ling's people constantly attacked and interfered with Lu Piao. With only his strength they could easily bully him and steal the three thousand soul stones he had collected. After leaving the training ground, he asked why Nie Li exited early and heard about his run in with Murong Yu.[107]
He went with Nie Li to the student market to sell a large batch of god level growth rate demon spirits. He realized the importance of artifacts while fighting with Hua Ling's people. The opponent he fought wasn’t much stronger than him, but he had a Grade 2 artifact with him, making all the difference. He really wanted some spiritual stones so that he could also afford artifacts.[107] Lu Piao helped Nie Li advertise in the hope of selling them quickly and was there when Li Xingyun bought most of them.[108]

Gu Bei:

During the next class Gu Bei mentions that he heard about the bunch of god level growth rate demon spirits that Nie Li sold, and he asks if next time he will sell some of those demon spirits to his family. Nie Li agrees, but Lu Piao is confused by all this as he doesn't understand where Nie Li is suppose to get more?[109]

Long Yuyin:

In the next class he was shocked, along with everyone else, when Long Yuyin quietly approached Nie Li and asked him to spar with her. Not only did Nie Li agree, he also gave her insights into the flaws in her technique. It was obvious that something had drastically changed between them and Lu Piao suspected that Nie Li had cheated on Ye Ziyun and Xiao Ning'er.[110]

Lu Piao's Cultivation:

Now with a steady supply of spiritual stones, Lu Piao was able to breakthrough to the Heavenly Fate Realm.[111] Nie Li later provides him with a god level dragon bloodline demon spirit.[14]

The Heavenly Note and Skyblaze Sects Visit

Gu Bei:

Gu Bei came to get Nie Li and Lu Piao when the Heavenly Note and Skyblaze Sects came to visit the Divine Feathers Sect and took them into a side chamber where all the young geniuses and powerful family decedents were. This is also where they were holding the auction that Nie Li was selling off twenty extraordinary level dragon bloodline demon spirits at.[112]

Xiao Xue:

After running into Xiao Ning'er and Xiao Xue, Xiao Xue spends much of the time nagging and fighting with him, as per normal. During the auction, he sat at the same table as Xiao Xue, Nie Li, Xiao Ning'er, and Gu Bei. Their group was quickly joined by Long Yuyin, Li Xingyun, Murong Yu, and Ye Xuan.[113]

Lu Piao's Cultivation:

After the auction, he was there to witness the profound dao intent displayed by Long Tianming, Mingyue Wushuang, and Yan Yang. He was not surprised when Nie Li went up to display his skills, as he had learned a long time ago that Nie Li always has a plan. After hearing Nie Li's words to Gu Bei to pay close attention, he also tried to study the calligraphy.[114] Even though he could feel no dao intent from the word, he was not surprised when Gu Bei confirmed that there was a deep profound sword intent in it.[115]

Supporting Allies Arc

Xiao Xue:

After two days it was time for Xiao Xue to return with Xiao Ning'er to their sect and Lu Piao had to say goodbye.[116]

Hua Ling:

The next day Lu Piao went with Nie Li and Xiao Yu, as well as two hundred of Li Xingyun's men from the Heavenly Path League, to kill Hua Ling. Xiao Yu was quite as Lu Piao and Nie Li loudly demanded compensation for his death. When Hua Ling refused, Li Hu easily wiped him and his people out.[117]
Lu Piao also saw Nie Li travel to the Ling Jade Deity’s Lake before they returned back to Xiao Yu's courtyard.[118]

Gu Bei:

Nie Li started to form a new force with Gu Bei and Lu Paio which he named the Demon League. While recruiting new members they used Gu Bei's status as well as an unheard of high monthly salary and benefits based on how high their cultivation reaches. They also promised everyone a strong cultivation method that fit them.[118] In the first day they were able to recruit over six hundred people, including three Heavenly Star Realm experts.[6]

Gathering Deity's Lakes Arc

Demon League:

Under Lu Piao and Gu Bei's control, the Demon League took hold of its first Deity's Lake in the outside world to use as a base. With their growing strength and the generous allowance that they gave out, many dozens of small leagues asked to join them. This included Heng Yan's Ancient Jade League, who brought with him a nearly dead Deity's Lake. Since Nie Li was providing them with more then enough spiritual stones, they welcomed all of them. In just a single month, the Demon League reached over three thousand members. While Nie Li removed the Deity’s Roots from any lakes that they brought with them.[119]

Gu Heng:

Unexpectedly, Gu Heng suddenly shows up one day at their base with a combined force of over ten thousand men, many of which are even Heavenly Star Realm, and quickly surround the Demon League. Lu Piao is there when he then tries to bully Gu Bei into backing down from the patriarch competition and disband his people, by promising to share the Gu Clan with him.[120]
While Gu Bei tried to stall by asking to think about the offer, Lu Paio attempted to organize a charge from the encirclement, however Gu Heng did not fall for it and directly attacked. The fight was a one sided massacre, as Gu Heng's troops greatly outnumbered and outranked the Demon Leagues. He also in particular aimed at Gu Bei, and was just about to kill him, when Li Xingyun arrived with hie Heavenly Path League.[121]
Even though Li Xingyun still lacked the numbers, he made up for it with quality; as many of his people are Heavenly Axis and Heavenly Star Realm experts. However, they still suffered heavy losses. They still were not able to hold out against the overwhelming numbers, so Li Xingyun lead the remaining troops out of the encirclement and escaped. Even though Lu Piao, Gu Bei, and Li Xingyun all survived, over three quarters of their people where killed.[122]
After talking it over with Nie Li, they decided that rather then escalate the war with more troops, they will instead focus their attacks of Gu Heng and his Blood Moon League. As the instigator, if they can rob his Deity's Lakes of their Deity roots and weaken him, then the other faction leaders will back off on their own.[122] With this in mind, Gu Bei, Lu Piao, and Li Xingyun took five hundred of their troops to target one of his Deity's Lakes.[123] Their surprise attacks was successful, as they killed about a thousand of the Blood Moon League's weaker members. They also gathered some Intel about one of Gu Heng’s trusted aides has been embezzling spiritual stones and planned to recruit him as a spy.[124]

He Gui:

They approach He Gui while he is at a brothel in the Mingshan Stronghold and offer him two thousand spiritual stones every time he reports on Gu Heng's location. While if he refuses, Gu Bei will let Gu Heng find out about the embezzlement.[124]Gu Bei agreed to this and planned on framing Chai Yue as the traitor. Before leaving, He Gui wrote letters implicating himself at Gu Bei's request and then was given two thousand spiritual stones.[125]

Li Yufeng:

Afterwards they went to the Celestial Treasure Pavilion to purchase some new artifacts and ran in to Li Yufeng, who Li Xingyun ignored.[125] Lu Piao was not that shocked Nie Li skillfully bargained down the trading house's prices to their lowest limit as he had seen him do such things before.[126] Nie Li then bought Lu Piao a grade 6 artifact weapon and armor, Inferno Meteor Battle Armor. Between their blatant disregard for him as well as their show of spending so many spiritual stones, Li Yufeng left in a foul mood without making a purchase, so Li Xingyun warned the others to be on guard against him.[127]

Entering the East District Arc

Xue Yu:

Now that a year has passed, Nie Li, Lu Paio, Long Yuyin, and Gu Bei are able to move to the east district from their class. The fifth to be chosen is a quite and mysterious classmate named Xue Yu. Because of his quick rise in power, Nie Li warned Lu Piao to be careful around him and ask Li Xingyun to look into his background.[5]

Murong Yu:

Lu Piao was there to witness Nie Li's fight with Murong Yu.[5] Due to his extremely expensive and rare artifacts, the fight was a humiliation that was completely one sided against Murong Yu.[128] As much as he enjoyed watching Muring Yu's humiliating defeat, he was rather disappointed when the elders, Nanmen Tianhai and Huang Yu, restricted them to grade three artifacts or below.[129]

Ye Chong:

He watched as Nie Li fought the even more powerful Ye Chong at the request of the elders. Though he grew very nervous for Nie Li's safety, as it was obvious that Ye Chong was aiming to kill him, there was little he could do.[130] Fortunately, Nie Li was finally able to defeat Ye Chong, however he was forced to reveal his god level growth rate Bloodwing Saint Jiao-dragon.[131]

Venerable Flameless:

When Venerable Flameless insisted that Nie Li needed to fight another directly after the difficult battle, it became obvious to everyone that he was trying to kill Nie Li. Li Xingyun did his best dissuade Venerable Flameless, but with his position there was very little he could do.[132] After Nie Li refused to fight, Venerable Flameless even went so far as to publicly accuse Nie Li of being a spy of the Demon God Sect. This enraged Lu Piao and Nie Li's other friends who shouted out in his defense.[133]

Long Yuyin:

To everyone's surprise, Nie Li suddenly changed his mind and agreed to the match. This worried Long Yuyin and she asked him not to fight, showing her concern for him.[134]

Guo Huai:

There was little Lu Piao could do besides anxiously watch as Nie Li fought against Guo Huai. Even though he was confident in his ability, Guo Huai is five Heavenly Fate ranks higher then him.[134] When it did not seem like Nie Li would be able to win, Lu Piao and the others where about to intervene in the fight when Li Xingyun stopped them.[135] Nie Li was suddenly able to break through to 5 fate and use his renewed strength to ruthless ram the exhausted Guo Huai until he won.[136]

Lu Piao's Cultivation:

Lu Piao presumably fought his own sparring matches and preformed well, but was completely over shadowed by Nie Li's fights.[136]

Striking Back at Gu Heng Arc

Gu Heng:

With the information provided by He Gui, Lu Xingyun's Heavenly Path League and Gu Bei's Demon League (including Lu Piao), had been targeting Gu Heng. They were able to kill him three times and cause sever losses to his troops.[137] They only backed off after Gu Heng mysteriously gained the aid of two hundred Heavenly Axis Realm experts.[138]
After easily ambushing the few hundred members of the Blood Moon League guarding Gu Heng's Heiyun Deity’s Lake, Nie Li extracted the Deity Root, they then headed towards Gu Heng's Guyu Deity’s Lake and did the same.[138] At the Lightning Deity’s Lake they finally ran into some difficulty, as there was a large defending force. However, Nie Li was not worried about losses, as long as he extracted the Deity Root then they will have won.[139]
Lu Piao dived into the battle along with the others, protected by his grade six artifact armor. However, Nie Li had provided the most loyal elite troops each with a normally rare dragon bloodline extraordinary growth demon spirit. So when these incredibly strong and intimidating troops attacked, the defenders they instead abandoned the lake and ran away. Nie Li immediately then headed to the heart of the Deity's Lake and started to extract the root.[139]
When Gu Heng arrived he immediately had his troops attack, and though their were many losses on both sides, he could not end the battle quickly because of the grade six artifacts armor and powerful demon spirits on their side. As Li Xingyun, Gu Bei, and Lu Piao desperately blocked Gu Heng's attacks so that Nie Li could complete extracting the Deity Root, eight to nine thousand reinforcements arrived to assist them.[140] This included a hundred Heavenly Axis Realm experts from Long Yuyin's Profound Note League. However, this was countered by Gu Heng also received his own reinforcements of five to six thousand men from Li Yufeng.[141]
Finally, Nie Li was able to complete his Inscription Pattern array and extract the lake's Deity Root. After storing it inside the painting he quickly ordered a retreat. However, while escaping Nie Li became separated and surrounded by enemies, just as it looked like he was going to die, Xiao Yu suddenly grabbed him and activated a space-time artifact ring and they teleported away.[141] Gu Bei, Li Xingyun, Lu Piao, and about half their forces then escaped back to the Divine Feathers Sect.[142]

Visiting the Void Illusionary Divine Palace Arc

Gu Bei:

Even though Nie Li had not returned, Lu Paio was not worried and instead focused on supporting Gu Bei when Gu Heng moved to impeach him.[142]

Cultivating in the Myriad Miles Rivers and Mountains Painting Arc

Nie Li:

After Nie Li finally returned to the Divine Feathers Sect, Lu Piao and Gu Bei told him that Long Tianming had returned with 5 - 6 million spiritual stones. However, Nie Li quickly put their worries about spiritual stones to rest. He passed control of the Demon League completely to Lu Piao and Gu Bei and gave them each 10 million spiritual stones to cover any costs.[143] Nie Li then made them swear secrecy and brought them into the Myriad Miles Rivers and Mountains Painting.[144] After seeing all the Deity's Lake, Gu Bei suggested that Nie Li recruit members of the Sky Origin Divine Clan and he agreed.[144]

Lu Piao's Cultivation:

Nie Li then gave Lu Piao and Gu Bei some of his blood with the demon beast primordial bloodline to drink. As the power within the blood flowed into them, Nie Li then constructed a Sky Dragon Nine-Blazing Secret Technique Array.[144] The array drew out their demon spirits and allowed them to quickly advance their cultivation.[145] In this way he was able to break through into the Heavenly Star Realm, reaching 6 Star in only a few days.[146]
After exiting the painting and learning about Li Yufeng's sudden rise in troops, Nie Li decided to head to the border of the Endless Desert and recruit some of the Dao of Dragon rank Sky Origin Divine Clan experts. While he is gone he asked Lu Paio, as well as Gu Bei and Li Xingyun to manage things in the sect.[147]

Recruiting from the Sky Origin Divine Clan Arc

While Nie Li was away, the Demon league struggled against the overwhelming and strong forces against them. They also attempted to support the Heavenly Path league and Profound Note leagues, since Long Yuyin was also not there, however it was to the point that any member that left the boundary of the Divine Feathers Sect would be immediately killed.[148]

Becoming the Sect Master Arc

Lu Piao's Cultivation:

After returning to the sect, Nie Li told Long Yuyin, Gu Bei, Li Xingyun , and Lu Piao about the Divine Phaseless Fruits and the Divine Elixir that he was going to refine. According to what he said, with this elixir, Lu Piao would be able to quickly advance to the Dao of Dragon Realm.[149] After trying the elixir for the first time Lu Piao's cultivation directly rose to 5 stage Heavenly Axis Realm. After receiving more of these Divine Elixirs from Nie Li, he spent the next month or so concentrating on advancing his cultivation.[150]

Situ Beiyan:

Lu Piao was with Nie Li when he approached Situ Beiyan and warned him of Long Tianming's possible connections to the Demon God Sect. He also asked Situ Beiyan for his support in the competition for the acting sect master position. Gu Bei, Li Xingyun, and Long Yuyin all spoke up and voiced to Situ Beiyan that they have complete faith in Nie Li.[151]

Nie Li:

When Nie Li was suddenly struck with overwhelming pain, he did not know what to do. After making him as comfortable as possible and calling for the best doctors, however there was nothing anyone could do but watch over him. After awhile the pain seemed to lessen and Nie Li fell asleep, making Lu Piao feel a little easier. Even still he was extremely nervous and scared of losing his best friend and did not understand what had happened.[152]

Long Tianming:

Nie Li was still unconscious when the day of the competition for the acting sect master arrived. Not knowing what else to do, Gu Bei, Lu Piao, Li Xingyun, and Long Yuyin decided to support Situ Beiyan.[153] Just as Lu Piao was about to watch Long Tianming be declared the Acting Sect Master, Nie Li finally arrived.[154]
At first, Long Tianming tried to disqualify Nie Li from competing for being late, but the Hierarchs refused. Then he claimed that Nie Li was cheating by bringing out a hundred Sky Origin Divine Clan members, when that didn't work either he accused Nie Li of being backed by the demon clans. However, no matter what Long Tianming said, the Big Five showed unwavering support for Nie Li.[155]

The Big Five and the new Sect Master:

When Long Tianming still refused to accepts his loss, Hierarch Linglong revoked his positions and status then sentenced him to ten months house arrest. Hierarch Martialsky then directly announced his retirement and promoted Nie Li to Sect Master.[156] Even though there was some discontentment form the sect, who where confused by the rapid change, Nie Lie was able to quickly win them over by providing each member ten spiritual elixirs according to their cultivation level, as well as hundreds of God-level Dragon blood-line Demon Spirits to the sect. He also sealed the gates to the sect and rooted out enemy spies.[157]
Of course, Lu Piao completely supported Nie Li as the new sect master and was one of his elite followers. Nie Li also had him send 100 Dao of Dragon Realm experts to Du Ze and another 200 to support Ye Ziyun and Xiao Ning'er. Lu Piao was also excited to use their new strength to attack the Demon God Sect, however, Nie Li instead decided to close the sect for five years as everyone focused on raising their cultivation. Only attacking the Demon God Sect after they had built up overwhelming power.[157]

The Divine Feathers Sect's Rise Arc

Lu Piao's Cultivation:

With the support of Nie Li's elixers and the Myriad Miles Rivers and Mountains Painting, Lu Piao has broken through to the Dao of Dragon realm.[157] During the next six months Lu Piao focused on cultivation and helped Nie Li with sect matters, however, he was anxious to leave and show off the sect's rising power.[158]

Ling Kong:

Lu Piao is there when Ling Kong, the young master of the Lingyun Sect arrives and proposes marriage with Long Yuyin. Nie Li had Lu Piao act rudely on purpose, to test how he would react.[159] After showing Ling Kong their strength, Nie Li put Lu Piao in charge of watching their sect. He also had him take two Martial Ancestor Realm and 500 Dao of Dragon realm experts with him and move the Lingyun sect to Myriad Dao Peak.[160]

Abilities and Equipment

Like Nie Li, Lu Piao started off with the lowest level of cultivation. Having a red soul realm, most dismissed any hope that he could be a demon spiritualist. After he started training using the Holy Primal Chaos Technique he soul force surged quickly. This is partly because of his chaos attribute.[24]

After he acquires a regular supply of elixirs from Nie Li as well as using Purple Haze Grass, his cultivation further soared. Even though his starting soul force was far lower the Du Ze he was still able to break into bronze rank shortly after him.[25]

After another month focused on training with Nie Li, Du Ze, and the three others. He reached 3 Star bronze rank in both fighter and spiritual power.[29]

After a month he meets up with Nie Li at the City Lord's mansion and receives a Scarlet Demonic Leopard god level growth rate demon spirit. At some point he had broken through to silver rank, and is able to integrate the demon spirit into his soul realm, though his actual progress into silver rank has not been revealed.[32]

During the trip into the Ten Millennium Spatial Array, Nie Li came across a large amount of Blood Crystals in the Silver Winged Family's village. With the help of the crystals, Lu Piao was able to break into 1 Star Gold rank.[161]

Through his own training as well as the Demon Spirit Devouring Technique, Lu Piao reaches 5 star gold rank.[62]

During the trip to the Nether Realm, everyone's cultivation quickly advanced with the assistance of the Soul Array, reaching 4 Star Black Gold rank. After entering the Nine-Layered Deathlands, Lu Piao ate one of the Spiritual Origin Fruit which raised his cultivation near to legend rank.[69]

While participating in the Lord of Nether's Disciple Selection, he entered the Black Infernal Tower. Lu Piao was able to slowly absorbed the black flames, strengthening his body and soul.[72] When Nie Li's soul realm surged and broke through into Legend rank. The majestic wave of profound law energy flowed through the soul array, overwhelming him and causing him to jump directly to 1 star legend rank.[73]

After being chosen has a disciple by the Lord of Nether to go to the Divine Feathers Sect, Lu Piao's spiritual root is found to be a 5 grade Heaven rank and he is sent to the west district of the Skysoul Institute along with Xiao Yu and Nie Li.[10]

When he started cultivating in the Saint Soul Grounds his ranking on the Saint Soul Board quickly moved up to eighty-six because of his strong natural talent.[97]

Now with a steady supply of spiritual stones, Lu Piao was able to breakthrough to the Heavenly Fate Realm.[111] He later receives a god level dragon bloodline demon spirit from Nie Li.[14]

Over the next half a year, Lu Piao continued to raise his cultivation steadily. Nie Li later pulled him into the Myriad Miles Rivers and Mountains Painting and shared some of the primordial bloodline demon beast blood that he received with him.[144] All of this, along with the help of the Sky Dragon Nine-Blazing Secret Technique Array, allowed Lu Piao's cultivation to rapidly jump from the top of the Heavenly Fate realm to 6 Heavenly Star.[146]

After trying Nie Li'a Divine Elixir for the first time Lu Piao's cultivation directly rose to 5 stage Heavenly Axis Realm. After receiving more of these Divine Elixirs from Nie Li, he spent the next month or so he concentrated on cultivation.[150]

Abilities Name Note
Soul Array He is one of the members in the mysterious array that connects Nie Li's soul realm and all of his friends. Using this they can share soul force and enhance each other's cultivation.[62]

Equipment Notes
Crossbow [21] normal crossbow, used to hunt horned sheep
Inferno Meteor Battle Armor Grade 6 artifact armor bought for him by Nie Li at the Celestial Treasure Pavilion
unknown weapon Grade 6 artifact weapon bought for him by Nie Li at the Celestial Treasure Pavilion
Divine Chaotic Dragon Spear While searching for divine artifact in the Tiny World, Lu Piao found this divine spear in a volcano pulsating with divine energy and was calling him. Lu Piao feel like this spear is a part of him

Trivia and Quotes

  • Lu Piao and Nie Li will occasionally receive hugs from one another with their embrace ending in a joke about how they're not heterosexual.[162]
  • Even though he is one of Nie Li's best friends, Nie Li doesn't tell him about some of his secrets due to Lu Piao having a big mouth.


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