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These are the forces organized under different strong leaders. They are oversaw by the Skysoul Institute's League Hall.[1]

Once an expert signed a League contract, they would be bound to it. Despite that, the majority of the newcomers still joined various large forces. When an expert reached 2 fate Heavenly Fate Realm, they’d head for the Outside World. However, in order to obtain more resources, it was a must for them to be part of a larger force.[1]

Before these newcomers joined a force, they’d make sure that their potential boss had prospects. After all, once the contract was signed, its effects would always be in place, unless special circumstances occurred. If they broke their league contracts, it’d be hard for them to gain a foothold within the Divine Feathers Sect.[1]

Known Leagues: (Note: background colors denote allies)

Name Boss Faction or Family Size


Known Members Notes
? Hua Ling Little Heaven Realm 60 Previously based at the Ling Jade Deity’s Lake
Celestial Dragon Guards Long Tianming Dragonseal Long You
Yin Yin Wufeng Yin Has close ties to Gu Heng
Blood Moon Gu Heng Gu 700 He Gui
Chai Yue
Has an alliance with many other leagues which equals over 10,000 troops.
Wind Intent[2] Li Yufeng Ashen Flames 5000+
Heavenly Path Li Xingyun Ashen Flames 3000 Li Hu
Demon Gu Bei
Nie Li
Gu 6000 Lu Piao
Gu Teng
Ancient Jade (disbanded) Heng Yan (formerly) 60 joined the Demon League
Profound Note Long Yuyin Dragonseal supported by many strong experts