One of the human families in the Nether Realm city of Blackrock. They are ranked third in strength in Blackrock due to their two demigod experts. Their main focus is on uniting the human tribes so that they can expand their land in the Nether Realm. They had a fight with the Blood Demon Clan over a treasure map found on the first layer of the Nine-Layered Deathlands with many members being injured or killed.[1]

Known Family Members:

Name Family Position Notes
Luo Jian Son of Luo Xiao Is the one to first bring Nie Li to the Jade Seal Family.
Luo Xiao Patriarch
Luo Ming Legend Rank, sent as a bodyguard to protect Nie Li
2 Legend Rank Experts 1 Star Legend Rank, sent as bodyguards to protect Nie Li with Luo Ming

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