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Inscription Patterns have been around since the Snow Wind Empire Era, however only a small collection have survived the Age of Darkness in Glory City. The three most complete patterns in Glory City are:

Name Attribute Notes
Snow Wind[1] Snow Wind Manhua Variant: Name is changed to "Feng Xue Inscriptions."


Sacred Flaming[1] Sacred Flame Manhua Variant: Name is changed to "Saint Fire Inscriptions."


War Prime[1] Attributless Manhua Variant: Name is changed to "Battle Edge Inscriptions."


The other ones have very little surviving information. Each inscription pattern is made up of foundation patterns that are combined to form different effects. These combinations are named and ranked in the same matter as demon spiritualists and fighters.[1] The patterns are written using the blood of demon beasts of sufficient power.[5]

Those that study inscriptions are called Inscriptionist.[6] To become inscription masters an inscriptionist has to have spent their lives studying the history and art of creating inscriptions. At one point Ye Ziyun asks the inscription master Xue Yin about the inscription pattern that Nie Li drew for her and was told that Nie Li was at the level of an inscription master.[7]

The different types of Inscriptions are:

Name Notes
Enchanting Inscribed on armor or weapons in order to greatly enhance their combat abilities. These appear to have a lasting effect.[1]
Battle Usually inscribed on Inscription Pattern scrolls, but can be on other items. These appear to have an strong effect that must be activated.[1]
Arrays Large and complex inscription patterns that are used for powerful techniques and effect an area.[8][9]