Horned Sheep

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Donghua Episode 5

This is a 1 star bronze rank demon beast, so the materials from it have little value. They are used in the lowest part of the Holy Orchid Institute's training ground. The only things worth collecting are: the horns, fur on the neck, demon crystal, and demon spirit. They are a demon-ized creature, so their reaction speed is extremely fast and their strength is the same as two bronze fighters combined.[1]

Although they are very aggressive in nature, they are still herbivores therefore their attacks at most would cause serious injuries. They listen for an outsider to enter their territory, and then they mercilessly attack it. Nie Li, Du Ze, and Lu Piao hunted the horned sheep using a mixture of Black Pool Grass and Zoysia Grass.[2]

Silver Horn Pen
Manhua Chapter 20

Item Value

(demon spirit coin)


Used For
Pair of Horns 5 Common Silver Horn Pen[3]
Fur on Neck 3 Common
Demon Crystal 5 Common
Demon Spirit ? Rare

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