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Manhua Variant: Name is changed to "Sheng Lan Institute" or "Saint Orchid Institute."[1][2]

Holy Orchid Institute
Location Information
Domain Divine Continent
Realm Main World
Region St. Ancestral Mountain Range
Settlement Glory City

The school in Glory City that trains fighters and demon spiritualist. The annual tuition for a student is 3,000 Demon Spirit Coins.[3] Holy Orchid Institute is a boarding school, with the exception of members of the Major or Noble Families, any other students who returns home would be punished.[4] The majority of the student body (about 70%) is made up of commoners.[5]


Principal - unnamed

Vice Principle - Ye Sheng


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Apprentice Classes

There are six different apprentice classes, the most basic of which is the Fighter class. When ones skills in a certain area are advance enough they typically move to one of the other apprentice classes.[6]

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Manhua Variant: Name is changed to "Fighter Practitioner's Class." [2]

All incoming students begin in this class which introduces them to the theory and history behind cultivation. This class lasts two years, but the students are given a yearly examination test and those that have reached a soul force or strength of 100 can join the official classes.[7][8] The three students with the lowest scores on the assessment are expelled from the school.[9] Students that do not show a talent in other area stay in this class to focus on improving their strength and fighting technique.[6]

Demon Spiritualist

An introductory class for those that have reached a soul force of at least bronze rank.[6]

Inscription Pattern

An introductory class for those who have shown talent in the knowledge and production of inscription pattern[6]

Intermediate Classes

These classes are a step up from the apprentice ones.[10]

Senior Classes

For most, this would be the highest level of classes.[10]

Genius Class

This is the most advance class that is reserved for the best and brightest of talents. The class is only made up of about 50 people which are separated into competing groups.[11][12]

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Training ground

It was established by the legend rank demon spiritualist Lord Ye Mo and the principal of the school. The training ground is surrounded by towering walls and every year experts in Glory City would capture some low level demon beast and place them into it. Any Holy Orchid Institute’s student who is below silver rank can enter the ground to hunt them for beast materials and training. The horned sheep is one of the lowest ranked demon beast kept in the apprentice section of the training ground.[3]

The training ground also contains the Heavenly Sacred Border.[13]

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The amount of books in the library easily numbers a hundred thousand and 90% of them are left behind from the ancient times. There are many books that have not been translated yet.[14] On the 3rd floor there are a lot of small rooms that are meant to be used by students as reading rooms.[9]

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Martial Field

The martial field is a large open area that is used whenever a large group needs to gather or train. It was used when the students from the apprentice classes were gathered to test their strength and soul force.[15] It was later used again for the fight between Nie Li and Ye Han.[16]

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