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Manhua Chapter 153 p.2

This is a list of herbs used in the Divine Continent, many of them have applications in Alchemy.

Item Notes
Black Pool Grass[1] weak paralysis effect, used for pain relief
Zoysia Grass[1] enhances the effects of Black Pool Grass
Golden Striped Grass[2] used in the treatment of Arctic Disease
Imperial Sky Grass[2] used in the treatment of Arctic Disease
Purple Haze Grass[3] burned as a insect repellent, but has many other uses
Holy Dark Grass[4] used to strengthen one's soul force based on its age
Spirit Core Grass[5] has sixteen uses
Snow Grass[6] detoxification effects
Nine Immortal Grass[6] detoxification effects
Dragon Gall Grass[6] detoxification effects, considered violent
Solani Grass[6] detoxification effects, considered calm
Tiger Gaze Grass[7] with Purple Haze Grass can enhance ones breasts
Misty Leaf Herb[8] extremely rare, gathers a great deal of soul force
Tianfang Herb[9] relieves pain but is addictive
Draconic Tongue Herb [10] poison that paralyzes the body, eventually stopping the heart.

These are herbs mentioned after arriving in the Draconic Ruins Realm. These most likely have some amount of Heavenly Energy.

Item Notes
Scarlet Apex Herb[11] When mixed with Serpent Fruit, it forms a colorless and tasteless poison. After consuming it, the veins will gradually clog up, halting the progress of cultivation.