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Heavenly Sacred Border
Location Information
Domain Divine Continent
Realm Main World
Region St. Ancestral Mountain Range
Settlement Glory City
Building Holy Orchid Institute

This is a secret Subsidiary Realm within Holy Orchid Institute's training ground. Only geniuses under fifteen years old are allowed to enter it. If someone is able to pass the test they will become Glory City’s brightest talent. In the last several hundred years only three have passed the test, one of which was legend rank demon spiritualist Ye Mo.[1]

Manhua Chapter 115 p.1

Xiao Ning'er entered first without telling Nie Li or her family, and had not come back out after at least ten days.[2]

From his study of the Heavenly Sacred Border in the last life, Nie Li knows that a very valuable treasure is hidden inside.[3] After entering Nie Li found that his soul realm surged and expanded forcefully. Though painful this fast growth was worth several months of cultivation normally. This area also enhanced the growth of his demon spirits.[4]

He was also confronted by Ye Yan, a spirit of one of the five legend rank founders of Glory City as well as the founder of the Snow Wind family.[4] The Heavenly Sacred Border was original built by these legend rank demon spiritualists to house the uncontrollable Thunder God’s Meteorite Sword and suppress its murderous aura. Ye Yan's soul was then bound to the sword to guard it and Glory City.[5]

Manhua Chapter 111 p.1

Alternative Life

In his last life, Nie Li returned to Glory City some time after its destruction and visited the Heavenly Sacred Border, but he was unable to enter. Even still, from his extensive reading he knows some of the treasures that are inside.[2]

Note: In Chapter 49 it sounds like Nie Li entered the Sacred Heavenly Border when he returned, but this is clarified in Chapter 97. There it is stated that he visited and studied it from books but did not enter.