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A powerful and prestigious sect in this Draconic Ruins Realm allied with the Divine Feathers Sect.[1] This is currently the 63rd generation of the Heavenly Note Sect.[2] They only allow female disciples within their sect.[3] It was said that the first ancestor of the Heavenly Note Sect was a great beauty with many relations to the Ancestral God Land. Although they allowed their disciples to have contacts with the disciples of the other Sects, they forbade marriage and no one knows the reason why.[4]

The Heavenly Note Sect, along with the Skyblaze Sect, paid a visit to the Divine Feathers Sect to introduce the young members to each other.[3] During the visit they auctioned off many valuable items, including a large amount of their famous Heavenly Note Dew.[5]

The sect's holy ground, the Heavenly Cloud Domain, can only be used by those whose bloodline are compatible.[6]

Known members:

Name Position Notes
Ling Yun [1] Ambassador
Nangong Xianyin Sect Master Ye Ziyun's Master
Yan Hongye Grand Elder
? Sect Elder Xiao Ning'er and Xuan Yue's Master
Lei [2] Protector She was present during the meeting of Nie Li and Nangong Xianyin
Xiao Ning'er Disciple of one of the most powerful elders in the sect.[6] Considered a canidate for the next sect master, but uninterested in competing with Ye Ziyun.
Ye Ziyun Disciple of the current Sect Master[7], trained in the Heavenly Cloud Domain[6] Most likely the next Sect Master
Xiao Xue Disciple
Shen Ling Older Disciple
Mingyue Wushuang Top Young Genius Also called the Holy Maiden
Qin Yue Older Disciple Directed the auction
Xuan Yue [6] Older Disciple Disciple under the same elder as Xiao Ning'er
Ling Xu [8] Called as Void Fairy
Xiao Yi [4] Disciple She was with Xiao Ning'er and Xuan Yue when the Phaseless Sect and Divine Feathers Sect arrived to the Heavenly Note Sect
Xiao Yue [9] Disciple Chosen by Ye Ziyun
Ming’er [9] Disciple Chosen by Ye Ziyun
? x14 [9] Disciple Chosen by Ye Ziyun
Xiu’er[9] Disciple Chosen by Xiao Ning’er
Yuyin[9] Disciple Chosen by Xiao Ning’er
? x13[9] Disciple Chosen by Xiao Ning’er