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Heavenly God Technique

Manhua Chapter 17

Donghua Episode 13

Manhua Variant: Name is changed to "Heavenly God Tactics."[1]

One of the three cultivation techniques suitable for attributeless soul realm that Nie Li considers for himself. It is said to have the highest potential of the three.[2]

Nie Li chooses to study this one, even though it is one of the slowest and hardest to practice. The reason being that If one succeeds in practicing it, they would be able to learn cultivation techniques from all the attributes. They would also be able to take on seven different demon spirits, each with a different attribute, where as most others can only hold one.[2]

One of the benefits of his cultivation technique is its efficiency. When absorbing a Soul Assembling Pill, an ordinary person is only able to absorb a tenth of it at most. However, with the Heavenly God Cultivation Technique, Nie Li could fully absorb the pill.[3] Also, when using this cultivation technique, he is able to train both the soul force and enhance the strength of the physical body together.[4]

After reaching Legend rank and traveling to the Draconic Ruins Realm the true strength of the Heavenly God Technique started to show itself. One of the profound strengths of this cultivation technique is the way it allows one to communicate with Heaven and Earth, drastically raising ones compression of Heavenly Energy.[5]

The body refining method of the Heavenly God Technique uses the heart to refine the breath, then uses the breath to refine the body.[6]

Chapter Technique
1 The Heavenly Dao (way) shines. Heaven shrouds but cannot contain. The Great Dao envelops but cannot dispute. Know all, perhaps, perhaps not.[5]
2 The body of the formless comes from the depths of the heart, which is equally formless…[7]